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How To Get Rid Of An Old Boat

Cut The Hull Down Into Strips

The easy way to get rid of an old boat

After removing the transom, the last step is to cut across the hull and turn it into strips. There may be other types of material embedded, but the chainsaw should have no trouble since hulls would not have any metals left at this stage.

All thats left is to gather the pieces, and it should be much easier to move them now that theyve been cut into strips.

How Can You Recycle Your Boat

So far, recycling is considered the most viable option to get rid of your fiberglass boat. First, drain off all the toxic fluid and then disassemble the entire boat. After that, cut up the boat into multiple pieces. Get rid of all the parts consisting of fiberglass. For boat recycling, you can choose locations like Florida, Texas, California, etc. You can separate the deck pads, , and other good parts of the boat and can use these for your next boat.

So, dont worry about your old fiberglass boat at all. Religiously follow the steps we have mentioned above. Thus, you will not face any legal difficulty and will be able to get rid of your old boat.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Countless boats have been abandoned across the province of Ontario in backyards, storage yards, and farm fields. If left untouched, these abandoned vessels contaminate terrestrial & marine environments , impact the aesthetics of facilities & areas where they have been abandoned, and pose a safety risk to individuals that approach the vessel.

As a boat owner, you are responsible for the proper disposal of your vessel. Boating Ontario has compiled a list of businesses in the province that offer boat disposal services.

Some businesses offer full-service disposal including pick up, transport, salvage & disposal, others offer partial service including one or more of the above services.

Please contact and work directly with these organizations to make arrangements to meet your needs.

Landfills Boat Recycling & Disposal Solutions

If you have questions that are not addressed below, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll find the answer for you!

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Do Scrap Yards Or Dumps Take Boats

It is possible that your local scrap yard or dump will take the boat, but there is are a few things you should be aware of. If they can you likely have to pay a fee for disposing of it and that fee may be dependent on the size and weight of your boat. You will want to call ahead to find out if they can it. Many of these places have hazardous waste restrictions and may not be an option for you.

How Do You Recycle A Boat

How To Get Rid Of An Old Boat  India Yacht Page

If you have a boat today that youd like to recycle, heres what you should do. First, is the boat still seaworthy? If so, you can, of course, sell it. You can also attempt to donate it. Yacht World has an excellent guide to donating your old boat to charity. If your boat isnt seaworthy anymore, disposal is the best option.

Disposal options vary from location to location, so talk with your local marina to find out what options are available near you. Some areas have a boat salvage yard that will take your old ship and dismantle it, and sell off any parts in working condition. They will also take care of removing hazardous fluids and disposing of the fiberglass body.

In many cases, though, the only available option is to send a boat to a landfill. When a boat is sent to a landfill, it must first have hazardous fluids, like oil, removed. If you are unable to do this yourself, reach out to a local boat shop to see if they provide this service.

Some areas of the U.S. have boat recycling and disposal programs. California has one of the best programs in the country. The Vessel Turn-In Program allows boat owners to turn in their boat to a local agency. They will then dispose of your boat properly. While these programs are costly, they can reduce the number of abandoned boats in marinas.

Unfortunately, for most boat owners in the U.S., landfills and salvage yards are the only real options for disposing of their old vessel. That should begin to change in the coming years.

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Salvage Yards That Buy Boats And Yachts

Getting rid of a junk boat can be a headache. Many people abandon boats, because of the sheer expense to dismantle them. There are also less laws around abandon boats as compared to abandon cars. This is where selling your boat to salvage is a good option.

Before selling your boat or yacht to a place that buys junk boats, there are some things you need to know. First you should consider the cost of repairs. Get an estimate to see if the damage to repair it is worth paying for. It might be worth repairing and reselling independently.

If you decide to sell it make sure you remove all your personal belongings from the cabin and any compartments, You need to cancel the insurance and the registration and you will need the title to transfer full ownership to the scrap yard. Its important to cancel the registration yourself, some boat yards will send you an administrative bill for canceling your registration on your behalf. If you dony pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. This is what the boat junkyard near me does and they mean business.

Before you call a boat junk yard you should know the value of your vessel even if its wrecked. You can use the Kelly Blue Book for Boats to assess it. Knowing the value will help you negotiate a reasonable price for the boat. Its imperative that you are honest in describing the vessel and what is wrong with it. You may be asked to provide pictures and proof.

Advantage Buying Spare Boat Parts

The best reason to buy used parts is because you can save a lot of money if you have to make repairs. Many used parts are still in great condition since scrap yards need to operate under state government regulations. This gives you some assurance that the used parts you are purchasing are over decent quality.

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Take It To A Landfill

Unfortunately for most of the United States, the best and most common way of getting rid of a fiberglass boat would be to take it to a landfill. But they wont take it off of your hands just like that. Theyre interested in just the fiberglass part, so anything that isnt will have to be stripped away.

That entails getting rid of any hazardous fluids taken out. That also means youd have to remove all of its other parts like the engine, motor, and basically anything else that isnt made of fiberglass. Unless your local landfill has the capacity to process those as well, you might have to look into finding a suitable disposal method for those extra parts.

There are some people and organizations that will buy electronics taken from your boat at a very low cost. You can also check local boat shops that might be able to use them, since theyre almost always the only ones willing to buy these components off of boat owners hands.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Boat Fuel

Getting Rid Of Old Screw Holes In Fiberglass

Going through the frustrating process of dealing with bad marine fuel? Be it diesel or gas, youll want to know how to start fresh and completely eliminate the problem. Bad fuels can come from water , debris , algae or varnish build-up as fuel ages.

The first signs of contamination can be seen in your fuel filter. Keeping the filter clean goes a long way to keeping your engine running right. I recommend an in-line fuel filter placed before the fuel pump. This will keep the pump from wearing out due to the contaminants. If you suspect water contamination, sound the tank for more water . You may want to invest in a water-separation filter like a Racor filter if you have persistent condensation problems. Whatever the cause of the problem, a thorough flushing of the fuel tank, a change in filters, and the proper disposal of old bad fuel is the only way to get a fresh start.

This large quantity of bad fuels and oils led directly to our advice to individual owners on how to deal with their boats old materials:

We at Boat Trader are committed to the movement for cleaner oceans & so have produced an eco-friendly boating guide so you can understand how to manage your impact on the environment as youre enjoying time on the water.

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How Boat Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

Most boat scrap yards operate on a local levelmeaning they dont have national chains. These boat junkyards buy boats from people who feel they are too damaged or in some cases they just no longer want the boat. Some boats are in fine condition while others may be beyond repair or the owner just felt the repair cost wasnt worth the money. Maybe the vessel has simply reached its end of life.

In some cases the boat salvage yard will pick up the boat on a trailer, but owners also can drop off the boat to the scrap yard. In addition to boats some yards also will take jet skis, wave runners, sea doos and other personal watercraft vehicles. There are also salvage yards dedicated completely to Yachts, sailboats, or smaller vessels like pontoon boats.

A boat salvage yard in some instances will purchase a boat from an insurance company. When an insurance company replaces a boat in a total loss claim or has salvage charges it is responsible for the one that no longer works or perhaps has sunk and needed to re raised. This makes for a great relationship between the insurance company and the boat scrap yard. The scrap yard gets a good price on the boat, which they can sell the the used parts off of and the insurance company recoups some of the money from the claim.

Boat Removal In Florida

We offer a comprehensive junk boat removal and boat disposal service. AAA Rousse Junk Boat Removal service division will handle everything for you from start to finish quickly on a derelict commercial boat, cabin cruiser, sailboat or any large boat. In some cases a boat project you never finished, we can manage it for you. AAA Rousse has been doing old boat removal for 15 years. Trust a professional to dispose of your vessel. Selling a property with an abandoned boat? Illegally dumped boats, boats in your marina or on the water. No matter where your vessel is, we come to get it and dispose of it. We have fast response times. Our boat Captain and mechanics are the best in the business.

Whether its still in the water or on your boat dock, we can retrieve and cut it up if we have to. From old powerboats in Fort Lauderdale, commercial fishing boats in West Palm Beach and the entire Central and South Florida area including Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Orlando, and the East Coast and West Coast of Florida, call the experienced AAA Rousse boat removal team for a free quote. Be careful of liabilities with start-up and small junk companies. Let AAA Rousse Boat Removal Division take care of your boat removal needs from start to finish. We offer same-day quotes and work with several locations across the entire state. We are located near you.

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Some Have Organized Rows While Others

While some boat salvage yards are a mess, many have the yard well organized which makes finding used boat parts much easier. In addition you may also want to ask if they have an online inventory of their boats by brand, type, and year. This can help you find the parts you need much faster. The boat junk yard will be able to tell you exactly where a specific boat is located on the lot and possibly if it has the part you are looking for. In most boat yards, like yacht junk yards the boats are arranged side by side.

Many yards have parts just thrown in other boats, like the one below. If you are looking for a part, you can sometimes check the boat next to it to see if it was thrown in.

How To Dispose Of An Old Boat

How To Get Rid Of An Old Boat  India Yacht Page

The above suggestions are just two ways to get rid of an old boat. If neither one is a good option, then try these:

  • Look up vocational schools in your area. Trade schools sometimes welcome these very items for instruction purposes. You might be able to golf load that old marine craft and see it given new life.
  • . Marine salvage yards are an ideal place to dispose of an old boat because many take them without care of their condition. The water crafts are sold piecemeal to boat owners and marinas needing specific parts.
  • Get rid of it one part at a time. You can sell equipment on the vessel separately and then deal with the rest. If it is a wood hall, you can cut it up and dispose of it in sections. You can also repurpose parts, such as a wood hall, which can be transformed into a composting bin or flower or vegetable bed.
  • Haul away the water craft. Tow the vessel to your local dump. Be sure to call ahead first to learn about the disposal procedure, and, the cost. You might have to take it apart and junk parts separately.
  • . Speaking of junk that’s also an option. Phone a junk garbage service and find out if you can have it dismantled and hauled away.

One thing you shouldn’t do is to scuttle it in a nearby body of water. You’re taking too big a chance to find yourself in trouble with the U.S. Coast Guard and/or the E.P.A.

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How To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

Boats, like anything else, have a lifespan that will one day run out. If your boat has run out its lifespan, this likely means that the boat is not worth the cost of upkeep, storage, and has a low monetary value.

At this point, you would consider junking your boat.

There are options that are available to you when you are in the process of junking an old boat. These options will depend on location and the age and condition of your boat.

How We Dispose Of Boats

Properly disposing of a boat is important. Some people will do terrible things just to get rid of a boat such as sinking it in a lake or river, throwing it in the woods, or trying to burn it! The only proper way to dispose of a fiberglass boat is to take it to the landfill to be safely and responsibly disposed of.

We salvage as much as we can off the boat such as the engine and trailer frame for scrap metal. This keeps as much out of the landfills as possible. These engines & trailer frames will then be reused in other boats, to keep them from getting junked as well. This is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of old boats.

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Option : Give It Away

The final option to make your old boat disappear is to give it away to someone on Facebook or Craigslist.

There are mechanically-inclined people who will take your old boat off your hands for absolutely free! Even if it has a blown motor or damaged hull, they will take it and fix it. Other times, these individuals will strip the boat for parts.

One downside to this is many of these people want the title to the boat, so they can resell it. In addition, the trailer will need to be in roadworthy shape so they can tow the boat home.

A major risk to giving your boat away without transferring the title is if they strip the boat of valuables and dump the hull somewhere. Technically it is still your boat, so you will be responsible for getting rid of it still.

They Will Cut It Up And Part Out The Engine With Its Parts

Remove Oxidation From Your Boat

Then take off all of the other parts that are valuable to them to sell off.

This is something that you could do as well if you would like to. Take off all of the metal, rod holders, cleats, T-top, bow rail and everything else that is aluminum or metal and a recycling place will pay you for it.

Then you could also try and sell these items as well. That is if you would like to take a long time to get rid of the boat. Sure, you will get more money out of it, but it will take a lot longer to get rid of.

You will still then be left with the hull that has to make it to the dump, one way or another. You can pay someone to haul it off or you can load it up yourself and take it to the dump. That is if you have the trailer, truck and time to do all of this.

The scrappers will take it for free usually because they get the value out of being able to part out the boat and engine. Otherwise, there is no incentive for them if you have removed all of the valuable items.

Then you will be stuck paying them money!

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