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Boats On The Mississippi River

Can You Boat The Entire Missouri River

Boat remains stuck on Chain of Rocks in Mississippi River

Knowing that you can boat the Missouri River is great but what if you want to boat the entire river, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to boat the entire Missouri River but you would have to change boats at some point during the journey.

The upper section of the river is only deep enough for a canoe or kayak. There are also six dams that dont have a lock on the top portion of the river so you would have to carry your boat along the shore and then relaunch it once you get to the bottom of the dam.

Once you reach Sioux City you can then use a power boat for the remainder of the trip. You do have to be careful as there are many places that have sand bars or debris that could damage your boat or motors.

The time of year can be a factor as flooding on the river can introduce a lot more debris and some areas can become unnavigable or even be closed to recreational boats and barges.

Can You Boat On The Missouri River

Yes, you absolutely can boat on the Missouri River! How much of the river you can boat on is dependant on the time of year and what type of boat you have. As mentioned above, the entire Missouri River is open to boat traffic but portions of it will be too shallow to take larger boats on and only a flat bottom boat or kayak/canoe would work well.

You can boat many different sections in between the dams as well so as long as you arent trying to boat down the entire Missouri River there are many places available to take your boat out.

The time of year can also have some effect on where you can boat as well. Certain cities along the river close off river access when the river is flooding. If you are planning to travel the Missouri River during springtime be sure to check with each city along your route to make sure that the marinas etc. are open or if it is legal for you to boat through.

Can You Boat From Lake Superior To The Mississippi River

Yes, you can boat from Lake Superior to the Mississippi River. However, you must go through the Soo Locks into Lake Huron first, then through the Straits of Mackinac. After that, you can travel all the way down Lake Michigan until you reach Chicago.

Once you reach Chicago, you can reach the Illinois River, eventually leading you to the Mississippi River. Scroll up to follow the Lake Michigan instructions, which may be applicable to you.

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Can You Float Down The Mississippi River

Floating down the Mississippi as in the days of old sounds like a great idea in theory. However in real life floating the entire way down is less than ideal and would most likely be impossible with the rivers current state.

If there was a major catastrophe that caused all of the boat traffic on the river to stop then floating down the river without a motor wouldnt be a problem. With as many barges, tugboats, etc. that currently use the Mississippi for travel, free floating down the entire river would not be the best idea.

Is it possible? Yes, you could float the river, but you would have to spend all of your time hugging the shore and trying to keep your boat from getting beached by the wake of the barges.

Sightseeing Cruises On The Mississippi River From Memphis

River Boats: River Boats On The Mississippi

The classic choice is the 90-minute Memphis Sightseeing Cruise, which presents a Memphis city tour and riverboat cruise in one. Over the course of your 7- to 10-mile roundtrip journey, youll enjoy views of downtown Memphis and the riverfront, Presidents Island and the Wolf River Tributary, a mix of urban and natural scenic views. Your captain narrates the trip, sharing points of interest and historic tidbits along the way, from Mark Twains 19th-century connections to Memphis to Tom Lees heroic rescue on the river in 1925. And of course, the boat itself is full of charm, from the decorative gingerbread detailing on deck to the big red paddlewheel in back. Snacks, drinks and alcohol, as well as souvenir photos, are available for purchase on board, and the tours are family-friendly. Most days, the tours leave at 2:30 p.m., but in high season, a second tour may be added at 5:30 p.m. Check the full Memphis riverboat cruise schedule to book.

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American Queen Steamboat Company Has Two Itineraries That Combine The Upper And Lower Mississippi:

American River BBQ Challenge from Memphis to St. Louis, or reverse

This nine-day sailing only has a few sailing dates that start in May and end in September. The sailing is a BBQ competition between the culinary teams onboard, and regional barbeque masters.

Stops on this journey include Memphis, Tennessee New Madrid, Missouri Paducah, Kentucky Cape Girardeau, Missouri Chester, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Apart from BBQ sampling, guests will have a chance to visit many historic sites.

Authentic America On The Mighty Mississippi from Minneapolis, MN to New Orleans, LA, or reverse

This is the longest voyage on the Mississippi offered by American Queen Steamboat Company. Over 16 days, guests will visit Minneapolis, Minnesota Winona, Minnesota La Crosse, Wisconsin Dubuque, Iowa Bettendorf, Iowa Hannibal, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri Memphis, Tennessee Vicksburg, Mississippi Natchez, Mississippi Nottoway Plantation and New Orleans, Louisana.

Is Boating The Mississippi River Dangerous

Boating the Mississippi River can be dangerous due to strong currents, low water visibility , floating debris, and large barge wake. High water usually means faster current, and low water means youre more susceptible to hitting a rock or the river floor.

To avoid these dangers, always check the water height , always be on the lookout for floating debris, and use your navigation system to avoid shallow spots.

If you need to, you can get the Navionics app for your phone for navigation.

Some additional safety tips to consider are:

  • Only anchor up in protected areas with little current as barge wake and current can dislodge your anchor
  • Never travel in a thunderstorm
  • There are more barges in the southern part of the Mississippi River
  • River depths can change overnight
  • Constantly watch weather forecasts as they can change quickly, especially in the southern part of the river

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Can You Boat Through The Entire Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the second largest river in North America at 2,340 mi long . Flowing through 10 different states, its one of the most fun and adventurous boating routes to travel in the US.

However, before you take your vessel out there, its important to know if you can even travel through the entire river. The answer to that is this:

Yes, you can boat through the entire Mississippi River However, if you plan on going any more north than Minneapolis, MN you will be stopped by the Upper Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. You will need to relaunch your boat north of the lock if you want to continue.

Anywhere south of the Upper Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam in Minneapolis can be navigated by boat all the way to New Orleans, LA, and out into The Gulf Of Mexico. However, many pleasure boaters take another route through the Ohio River, Cumberland River, Tenessee River, and then the Tennessee-Tombigbee River which gets you to Mobile, AL and out to the Gulf.

This route has much less commercial traffic and strong currents, making it much easier to navigate, especially for sailboaters. If you want to read more about this, search The Great Loop or click on this article here.

If youre wondering if you can get from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi river, scroll way down or .

Golden Age Of Steamboats

Barges and boats backed up along the Mississippi River due to I-40 bridge shutdown

The historical roots of the prototypical Mississippi steamboat, or Western Rivers steamboat, can be traced to designs by easterners like Oliver Evans, John Fitch, Daniel French, Robert Fulton, Nicholas Roosevelt, James Rumsey, and John Stevens. In the span of six years, the evolution of the prototypical Mississippi steamboat was well underway, as seen by the introduction of the first vessels:

Kate Adams,

The steamboat was an ideal solution for the growing country while America boomed in the age of President Andrew Jackson. In the 1810s there were 20 boats on the river by the 1830s, there were more than 1200. By the 1820s, with the Southern states joining the Union and the land converted to the cotton plantations so indicative of the Antebellum South, methods were needed to move the bales of cotton, rice, timber, tobacco, and molasses. A large portion of the population had moved west, and more farms were established. In the 1820s, steamers were fueled first by wood, then coal, which pushed barges of coal from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. Regular steamboat commerce began between Pittsburgh and Louisville.

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Dinner Brunch & Holiday Cruises On The Mississippi River From Memphis

For an upgraded experience including a meal, entertainment and extended time on the river opt for one of Memphis Riverboats dinner, brunch or themed cruises. The signature Memphis riverboat dinner cruise features Memphis-style pulled pork and all the fixings, plus a full cash bar and live music. It leaves at 7:30 p.m. and stays out for about 2 hours. But check the full reservations calendar for a variety of dinner, themed and holiday cruises that combine food, drink and entertainment with the riverboat experience: From Sunday Jazz Brunch, Easter Lunch and a Mothers Day cruise to a Fourth of July Fireworks celebration, Midnight Booze Cruise and Riverboat Queens, which hosts a full drag show on board, youll find plenty of riverboat tours to choose from whether youre looking to cruise with family or friends.

Where do I board? All cruises operated by Memphis Riverboats depart from 45 S. Riverside Dr., the historic Cobblestone Landing in downtown Memphis.

How do I book? While walk-up tickets are available as space allows , the company recommends booking in advance for weekend sightseeing tours, and always booking in advance for any dinner cruise. Memphis Riverboats’ online booking system is easy to use.

What should I wear? Dress casually for sightseeing cruises. On dinner, holiday and themed cruises, anything goes passengers dress in everything from casual attire to formal wear to get in the spirit.

Where Does The Missouri River Start And End

The Missouri River starts in Browers Spring, Montana and ends at the Mississippi River north of St. Louis. The Missouri flows 2,540 miles until it empties into the Mississippi River.

There is a debate whether the Missouri River is longer than the Mississippi River and it honestly depends on where you think the rivers start. If you search online:

Is the Missouri River longer than the Mississippi river?

You will find a variety of answers to that question. If you go to google right now it says that the Mississippi is longer than the MIssouri! But is that correct?

According to the USGS the Missouri River is 2,540 miles long while the Mississippi River is 2,340. That makes the MISSOURI RIVER the longest river in the United States! So how does the almighty Google get that wrong?

The problem is the answer changes depending on how you measure the start of the rivers but according to the United States Geological Survey the MISSOURI RIVER is longer!

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Cruising The Upper Mississippi River

Sunset over the Port of Dubuque Marina in Iowa.

Navetta on the road.

This was a new kind of boating for us. Weâd owned a 52-foot Viking Sport Cruiser luxurious, spacious, powerful and used Bramasole to travel the East Coast of the U.S., completing the Great Loop in 2007. But living in landlocked Colorado, yearning for the water, we realized that a smaller boat would allow us more freedom to travel to different destinations. Forget the expense and time it took to reach Bramasole in Florida. Weâd just hitch the new boat and trailer to our Ford F-350 pickup and take off. Navetta is Italian for âlittle ship,â an apt name for our reliable 27-foot Monterey cruiser. Though half the size of Bramasole, Navetta proved to be a cozy nest for our adventures.

The journey began with a 14-hour road trip from Denver, Colorado, to Dubuque, Iowa, a historic town thatâs recently been transformed into one of the Midwestâs most modern cities. Our goal was to follow the Mississippi from Dubuque as far north as possible to Minneapolis, then return downriver. From Dubuque to Minneapolis, weâd travel 275 nautical miles and go through Locks 11 to 1, plus the two Anthony Falls locks, a manageable distance for our time frame, and one that put us in the heart of Twainâs favorite stretch of the river.

Though Its Been More Than 200 Years Since The Founding Of Memphis And The Golden Age Of Steamboats On The Mississippi River There Are Ways To Channel The Yesteryear Experience Today From 90

New Orleans Riverboat Rides on the Mississippi River

Memphis identity is reflected in the Mississippi River. If you picture that identity through the lens of history, youll conjure images of paddlewheel steamboats rolling along the river, carrying passengers entertained by on-board musicians and views of the Mighty Mississippi itself, plus cities like Memphis growing up alongside it.

Today, even with just a couple of hours, you can get the riverboat experience. Memphis Riverboats operates sightseeing, dinner and themed cruises daily March through October on Saturdays and Sundays in November and on select dates December through February, including Christmas, New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day Dinner & Music Cruises.

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World War Ii Lst Construction

The Second World War put huge demands on shipping. Every floating vessel, retired or old, was put to work and the Gulf Coast was turned into a large industrial works region, including shipbuilding, steelmaking, forestry, and landing craft construction. Prairie boats were moved down the river for re-staging in New Orleans, with the Higgins boat having a significant impact on shipping.

Is The Missouri River Toxic

While the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween costumes disappear after October 31st, the very real and very scary problems facing the Missouri River are not going anywhere. Agricultural runoff, irresponsible development, and industrial waste are all contributing to a river that is filled with toxic chemicals.

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Can You Float The Missouri River

The Missouri River does a lot of meandering and flows into a variety of lakes in the upper portions which makes simply drifting down the river a VERY slow process. Can it be done? Yes, it certainly can but I personally wouldnt recommend just floating.

Many people canoe or kayak the Upper MIssouri as there are many areas where you can go for 100-150 miles without encountering rough water. That meandering section or lakes would be difficult to float down but with amazing scenery it is excellent to paddle down.

Floating is possible on the lower Missouri River as the current will normally run 3-5mph but there is a lot of barge and large boat traffic so floating that section is an option but avoiding those large boats while simply floating would be difficult to do.

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Where Does The Mississippi River Start In Wisconsin

How to go through a lock on the Mississippi River small boat

The Mississippi River runs through or along 10 states, from Minnesota to Louisiana, and is used to define portions of these states borders, with Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi along the east side of the river, and Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas along its west side.

Also, how wide is the Mississippi River in Wisconsin? Along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, the river and its floodplain are between 1 and 3 miles wide.

In this way, where does the Mississippi River start?

Lake Itasca

Which city has the most Mississippi Riverfront?

CityPopulation1Memphis, TN646,8892Minneapolis, MN382,5783New Orleans, LA343,8294St. Louis, MO319,294

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How To Get A Job On A Riverboat

Posted: Jan 11, 2010 · Mississippi River Cruise, Nile River Cruise, Volga River Cruise. Mississippi River Cruises may include the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and they are an excellent way to explore the Old South and Wilderness Rivers while listening to jazz and dining on Cajun cuisine. Depending on the cruise itinerary you choose, Mississippi riverboats may also

Things To Know Before Traveling The Mississippi River

There are many things you should know before your Mississippi River adventure before you go, some of which are quite strange. So here is a list of the things you will need to know:

  • Make sure your boat is following USCG guidelines.
  • Always anchor in areas protected from current and barge waves
  • River depth can change overnight
  • There are lots of floating trees and other debris to watch out for
  • Dont tie your boat to a tree
  • Lots of great BBQ spots, especially in St. Louis and Memphis
  • Most people you will meet are incredibly nice and willing to help if you get in a sticky situation
  • There are lots of sandbars to have fun at

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Can You Sail A Boat Up The Mississippi

You can sail a boat up the Mississippi River, but its not recommended! Unlike the slow and steady river, the Mississippi is a fast and powerful river! Because of its long length, the Mississippi River has a strong current. This current is so strong, and its faster than some rapids!

Thats why its better to go with the current than try to conquer it. If youre a skilled sailor, you might be able to pull it off. Just make sure that you have a life preserver, a life vest, an anchor, a boat repair kit, and more!

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