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Party Boat Fishing Jacksonville Fl

Jacksonville Fl Fishing: The Complete Guide

Offshore Bottom Fishing on the Majesty party boat in Jacksonville, FL

Fishing in Jacksonville FL will give you a chance to battle some of the most exciting species in the country. Located at the mouth of the mighty St. Johns River and facing out onto the Atlantic Ocean, this northeastern Florida town has both salt and fresh water running through its veins. The opportunities start the moment you get near the water, so always be ready!

This is a fishery thats made up of countless productive fishing spots. With rivers, inlets, offshore wrecks, and so much more just about every type of maritime feature can be found in these parts. This article will help you get familiar with some of the top local target species, popular spots, and different ways you can go about getting to the fish.

When To Visit Jacksonville

Having such a rich and diverse inshore fishery, in addition to direct ocean access, means that Jacksonville never lacks available targets. You only need to be mindful of dates if youre after a specific species or if youre looking to take part in a local tournament. Below are some of Jacksonvilles biggest events.

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I am a seasoned fisherman and have been on a lot of party boats on both the west and east coast as well as in Mexico. This was the best time I’ve ever had on one!! What can I say, the captain Alice was a class act and she has a heart of gold. Her attentiveness to the kids on the boat was spot on. She helped not only the kids but the older folks on the boat and she was very knowledgeable about every aspect of her job as a captain!! The deckhands Josh and Crystal helped out everybody that was on board and they hustled around that deck as fast as they could to try and please everyone. This is a class act outfit and I will not hesitate to go out again when I’m in the area. Thank you, Captain and mates, for a great weekend of fishing in Key Largo!

My husband booked this awesome fishing trip. We were first timers but we did well. The staff was awesome and friendly. Doug went around making sure everything went smoothly while sailing and fishing. The staff would bring around whatever people caught while fishing to show to others. We even got lucky and saw a shark!! What an experience. My daughter and my two boys loved this 4-hour trip. GREAT CHOICE!

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Directions From The North

Head south on I-95 and take exit 362A for I-295 South . Cross the bridge and stay in the right lane until you can exit onto the Southside connector, followed by Merrill Road. Stay straight on this road eventually, it will become McCormick Road, and then Mount Pleasant and the Wonderwood connector. Cross the bridge, and then make a left on A1A. Follow A1A for 2 miles we are at the same dock as Safe Harbor Seafood Market.


St Augustine Fishing Charters

Offshore Bottom Fishing on the Majesty party boat in Jacksonville, FL ...

With the crew of Jodie Lynn Charters, its not just another day of charter fishing in St. Augustine, this is our living & passion. Whether its your first time offshore fishing, family or customer outings, when you fish with Jodie Lynn Charters, we go the distance to give you an excellent charter fishing experience. All businesses, women and children are always welcome!

Featured articles of Capt. Robert Johnsons 30+ yr. Career based on his fishing experiences and expert techniques include articles in SaltLife — Mahi-Mahi trolling & bottom fishing for Snapper & Grouper and Sport Fishing magazine—Seminars on bottom fishing Learn from the Pros. Local speaking engagements include: Northeast FL Marlin Association, Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club & Ancient City Game Fish Association.

Capt. Robert Johnson’s 30+ year career began in 1979 as a First Mate on the party boats in St. Augustine and he’s been fishing waters off NE FL ever since. He and his wife, Jodie Lynn have been a Mom & Pop business since 1990.

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An Exciting Way To Experience Jacksonville Fl Fishing

Whether you’re a family seeking memorable moments, novice angler looking for something fun to do or an experienced fisherman in need of a safe and experienced boat charter, Fish Whisperer Charters has you covered. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, our fully insured & U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain will ensure your fishing charter meets or exceeds your expectations. Our charters also extend beyond fishing, so review our page, pick one or a hybrid and give us a call to get it started!

Offshore Party Boat Fishing In Florida

Party boats allow novice and experienced anglers alike affordable offshore fishing options.

Do you want to catch fish but dont know how to get started? You can take some of the guesswork out of Americas favorite outdoors sport by hopping on board a party boat” and heading offshore with dozens of equally eager anglers.

Florida has hundreds of party boats docked from Pensacola to Key West, just waiting to take you, your friends and family on the fishing trip of a lifetime. These large, open fishing boats can take more than 50 anglers fishing at one time.

A trip on one of these offshore vessels costs a fraction of what a private charter costs, making them an ideal outlet for someone who wants to enjoy the blue water experience without spending a lot of green.

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Directions From The West

From downtown Jacksonville, take I-10 West to I-95 North. Exit onto Union Street and follow it to Atlantic Boulevard. Follow it past an Olive Garden on your right and a mall on the left, then take a left onto Monument road. Make a right onto McCormick Road. Follow it until it becomes Mt. Pleasant and then the Wonderwood connector. Cross the bridge, and then make a left on A1A. Follow A1A for 2 miles we are at the same dock as the Safe Harbor Seafood Market.

Fishing Seasons And Regulations


In the interest of preserving the populations of some of the areas most popular catches, not all fish can be harvested year-round. Permit fishing is closed April through July, while Hogfish is off-limits May through October. Grouper species are also protected and cant be targeted from January through April.

Rules on bag limits and minimum harvesting sizes for various targets are also enforced. However, since these tend to change each season, its best to get informed about them on official websites before getting on the water. If youre joining a licensed captain, you can count on them to provide you with the necessary information.

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Directions From The South

Start by making your way to I-95 North and then take exit 337 for I-295 North towards Jacksonville Beach . Continue north until you see Monument Road take the exit and then make a right. After approximately 3 miles, make a right onto McCormick Road. Follow it until it becomes Mt. Pleasant and then the Wonderwood connector. Cross the bridge, then make a left on A1A. Follow A1A for 2 miles we are at the same dock as Safe Harbor Seafood Market.

A Fishing Trip To Remember

Since 1996, Capt. Dave has been working as a full-time fishing guide for the residents and visitors of Jacksonville. With thousands of customers over those years, Capt. Dave developed the motto: no long boat rides. Why? Because he realized that he and his guests both had one thing in commonthey love to go on fishing trips to fish, not to ride in a boat. All fishing charters are a maximum of 4 people. See Daves rates page for more information.

Departing from the Mayport Boat Rampor the Sisters Creek Boat Rampyou will begin your trip on the Jettywolf. This is Capt. Daves 26-foot, all-welded commercial aluminum boat. It received its name thanks to Daves amount of time at the Mayport JettiesA.K.A. the St. Johns River Inlet to the Atlantic Ocean.

The mile-long Jetties feature giant granite boulders stacked in a pyramid shape on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the St. Johns River. This large, man-made structure dominates the area and has become the home to all kinds of diverse fish species throughout the years.

Depending on the season and weather conditions, your fishing charter will take you to the river, the inlet, coastal ocean waters, offshore and nearshore reefs, and anywhere else that promises to offer good bites. Most of the time, a long boat ride is simply not necessary to have a fun day of fishing.

Its really simple. Lines in the water are what catch fish! Capt. Dave

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Y Boat Fishing In Florida:

Party Boat fishing in Florida is the most economical way to fish- and is perfect for large parties and families! iOutdoors Party Boats are everywhere along Floridas Gulf and Atlantic coast in nearly every port. Wherever you are located- we have a Party Boat for you!

No level of experience is necessary to fish on a Party Boat our crew prides themselves on being willing and able to help you with your fishing needs. Party boats have snack bars, bathrooms, and sitting space to step out of the sun and elements! You will be comfortable 100% of the time!

On iOutdoors Party Boats, you can expect to catch: Amberjack, Sharks, Cobia, Snapper, Grouper and many more. These large, stable boats offer a perfect day on the waters for fishing, eating, enjoying and most of all, FUN!

Sailors Choice Party Boat

ALL BOAT PLANS: Party Boat Fishing Charters Jacksonville Fl

COVID 19 UPDATES In accordance with CDC and Monroe county guidelines we are operating at 50% capacity and increased sanitation procedures. This also includes maintaining 6ft. between other anglers that are outside your household and please remember to bring your mask and to wear a mask when moving around the vessel and coming within 6ft. of anyone outside your household.Prices have been increased $10.00 per person as we navigate the new normal. We have reduced our minimum required per trip for 12 to 10.We are excited to get everyone back out fishing, see you soon.

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About All Tackle Fishing Charters

Captain Alton Robey is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain and a Jacksonville native, raised fishing in the St. Johns River and adjacent waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With a lifetime of fishing in the Jacksonville area and over 20 years experience as a guide, a great time fishing is guaranteed. All Tackle Charters offers many options to cover whatever kind of fishing you may be interested in. We offer offshore charters, combination inshore and coastal, and fishing in the St. Johns River. In the river you can catch a multitude of species including but not limited to, redfish, trout, flounder, drum, and sheepshead.

Coastal trips offer species like cobia, tripletail, king mackerel, tarpon, sharks, and jack crevalle. Offshore bottom fishing and trolling are available. Some species caught are grouper, snapper, triggerfish, amberjacks, mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and more. Not sure what you want to fish for? Just looking for a great time? Then leave the details up to your Captain. All Tackle Charters is kid friendly and can cater to all skill levels and ages. Everyone is welcome. You can get to know your Captain and view recent catches on All Tackle Charters Facebook page.

Redfish And Black Drum

The staple of all inshore fisheries in the region, Redfish are popular both amongst novices and seasoned anglers. Explore the flats around Jacksonville for a shot at tailing Reds, or visit the rich backcountry and inshore honey holes. The variety of adventures that allow you to target Redfish make them a great choice for anglers looking for an intro to Jacksonville fishing.

If youre targeting Redfish, theres a high likelihood youll also run into Black Drum. These species go together like peanut butter and jelly! Being slightly more forgiving to novices than their red cousins, Black Drum are a great alternative target on inshore trips. Considering their large size and delicious taste, its easy to see why theyre so popular.

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Tips For Party Boat Fishing

Party boats have some major advantages: You have more room to move around, you can bring the whole family and you can take a break from the fishing to relax in an air-conditioned suite.

For anglers without a lot of experience or time to research whats biting, a day on a party boat is an excellent option. The captain and crew make all the hard decisions, such as where and when to fish, so all you have to do is sit back and reel em in. When it comes to price and convenience, party boats just cant be beat.

They are a great way to get offshore, far from the land, where you may see dolphins, sea turtles and other wildlife. Because youre fishing in deep water, you never know what you might catch.

Here are some tips for party boat fishing that will help make your experience even better. Guests aboard party boats will have to share the rail with other anglers. Some spots may be better than others, but a good captain will position the boat so everybody has a chance at the catch.

Count on catching a variety of species including snapper and grouper. If you are lucky, they will all be keepers and youll have some fillets for dinner. Half the fun of party boat fishing is expecting the unexpected. Party boat fishermen have caught amberjack, kingfish and even the occasional sailfish.

If You Go:

Palm Fish Camp Restaurant

Charter Boat Fishing in Jacksonville, Florida

Casual waterfront dining serving freshly caught seafood, cocktails, and beer. Palm Fish Camp buys seafood straight from the local boats in town and operates its own commercial boat to ensure quality and freshness. Its a great way to really eat local if you love seafood.

Address: 6359 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226

Phone: 240-1872

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Florida Boating Safety Education Identification Card

Yes, You Need a Boater Education Card if You:

  • Were born after 1/1/88
  • Failed to complete an approved boating safety course in Florida
  • Operate a 10+ horsepower boat
  • Operate in state or federal waters
  • Did not complete an approved boating safety course out of state
  • Are not accompanied by a person who is 18+ years old with a Boating Safety Education Identification Card
  • Are not accompanied by a person who was born before 1/1/88

You DONT Need a Boater Education Card If You:

  • Were born before 1/1/88

Intracoastal Waterway In Jacksonville

Scenic waterways through the northeast Florida region surrounded by marshes and wetlands full of birds, dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife. The waterways stretch for over 1,200 miles and are made up of rivers, creeks, sounds, bays, and man-made canals. GetMyBoat lets you explore the waterways via boat, kayak, jet ski, or paddleboard.

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So What Are You Waiting For Lets Go Fishing Lets Go Fishing

Jodie Lynn Charters is a year round operation. The beautiful, mild temperatures in Northeast FL lure the saltwater fish to the Blue Waters offshore St. Augustine. The experience will be well remembered. Can’t go on a trip yourself, but want to send a loved one on the fishing trip of a lifetime? Looking for the perfect gift? Jodie Lynn Charters’ Gift Certificates are perfect!

Deep Sea Fishing In Jacksonville

Deep Sea Fishing on a Charter Boat Jacksonville, Fl

Passionate anglers on the lookout for their next prized catch will thoroughly enjoy Jacksonville and its productive bluewater fishery. The whole First Coast is an anglers treasure trove, and Jax is easily one of its most popular angling destinations. If youre not sure where to begin, the deep sea fishing charters Jacksonville, Florida boasts are at your disposal.

While a lot of finesse goes into deep sea fishing and harnessing its full potential, the first choice you need to make is what kind of fish youd like to target. Bottom species are on the to-catch list whether youre fishing 15 or 50 miles offshore, the only thing that differs is their size. Amberjack, Triggerfish, Grouper, and Snapper live and feed around offshore reefs, each more fun to catch than the last.

If trolling is more your game, youre in for a treat. The King Mackerel action is on point, and then youve got Mahi Mahi, big Barracuda, Wahoo, and other pelagic superstars. Head to the Gulf Stream, some 60 miles from land, and youll be in the realm of prized catches. Were talking Sailfish, Tuna, and Marlin.

Youll easily find a professional fishing guide in the marinas scattered all over the city. Morningstar Marina, Clapboard Creek Marina, and Palm Cove Marina are all hubs of seasoned captains and anglers alike. All thats missing is you!


What anglers said about Deep Sea Fishing in Jacksonville

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What To Bring

You will be exposed to the elements for many hours, so select clothing that is cool and covers as much skin as possible. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are essential. Have a bag to keep all of your lose items in. You are not on the boat alone, so keep your items in one, localized spot. You can bring your own food and drinks, or purchase something on the boat. Cash in small bills tends to be helpful. If you are planning on taking your catch home, you may want to keep a cooler in your car to use for safe and easy transport. Sea Sickness Policy:

Please note that Party Boat Charters do not turn around for passengers who become sea sick. There is nothing more miserable than feeling ill on the water. Prevention is imperative! Drink lots of fluids , take sea sickness medication before launch, and make sure you have had something to eat.

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