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At Gettysburg Flag Works, we don’t just carry the boat flags you’re looking for. We also carry the hardware you’ll need to get your flag flying! We’re proud to be a one stop shopping resource for everything boat flag related.

Fly your personalized boat flag with hardware from Gettysburg Flag Works. We have multiple styles of brackets and flagpoles to choose from so that your boat flag can fly securely and look its best. You can shop our wide selection of boat flag hardware and accessories here.

Looking for some insight regarding how to properly fly a nautical flag? We’ve got that covered too! Check out our detailed resource about boat flag etiquette here for more details on when, where, and how to fly boat flags.

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In The Breeze 3685 Skull & Bones Boat Flag

Ever since I was young, Ive always wanted to ride a pirate ship to explore the vast oceans and locate treasures. Hence, when I was old enough to buy a marine vessel, I ensured to look for a suitable pirate flag for boats. A few years later, my brother saw this In the Breeze Skull & Bones Boat Flag and gave it to me as a gift as a replacement for my old one.

Upon receiving the product, I felt slightly disappointed because the fabric is thin. It looks like it will tear when the wind blows on it. Surprisingly, during my first boat trip with it, the flag stays in shape and is completely fine. I thought that its line deserves to have the In the Breeze name because of its durable polyester fabric.

On the other hand, I noticed how excellent the printed design is. It doesnt peel off, and it remains intact even after washing and drying it. However, the print is not double-sided, but you can still see the image at the back in a reverse position.

Further, the brass grommets are secured with nylon webbing, allowing them to hold the flag firmly. Another thing that I like the most about the product is its strong stain-resistance. Based on my experience, it is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Fabric is thin
  • Color may fade quickly

Seachoice 78301 Watersports Boat Flag

Seachoice is among the reputable brands producing exceptional marine accessories. Ive been using their products for over eight years now, including the Seachoice Watersports Boat Flag, and they still live up to my expectations. Its size is 12 x 18 inches, which is perfect for small boats.

It is crafted from heavy-duty nylon, making it waterproof and durable. Moreover, the fabric is fade-resistant. There are times when I use this flag up for several hours under the sun and sometimes under the rains, but it still retains its shade. I am also pleased that it remains its quality under any circumstances, even after prolonged storage periods.

The most standout feature of this product is its noticeable bright orange color. This shade always keeps my family and me safe when we are all down in the deep water. Further, it comes with a 24 inches boat flag pole and a suction cup. The rod is made of plastic, and its length adds greater visibility. The suction cup can hold its place, and it offers vertical and horizontal mounting positions.

  • Comes with a pole and suction cup
  • Included suction is unreliable
  • The flag doesnt float

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American Flag Lights With 420 Super Bright Ledskazoku Waterproof Led Flag Net Light Of The United States For Yardgarden Decoration Festival Holiday Party Decorationchristmas Decorations

  • Cool American Flag Light Effect for All Day DecorationDisplay your patriotic spirit with this unique LED flag net lights. Great for Memorial Day, Independence day, 4th of july decorations, Christmas, festival , holiday , party, ceremony, and many other celebration occasions. This American Flag decor designed can be portable,suspended, laid, flexible to use, put on tree, vine, porch roof, bedroom window, balcony, wall, bringing warm and pleasant atmosphere to your home or party.
  • Perfect Style & SizeThis USA flag lights with 420 super bright LEDs and three colors which is blue, white and red, 6.5ft*3.28ft/2m *1m High brightness LED is Cost effective, energy efficient and environmental protection and long lifetime.Clear plastic frame construction allows lights to be seen from both sides.
  • Safe to Use & Easy to InstallDecoration and cord are UL approved to ensure & maximize the safety. Its very safe during use Easy installation with simple plug, directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off.
  • Integrated Design & Better WaterproofWaterproof rank is IP44.No longer have to worry about the rainy day. perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. such as yard, garages, porch, patio, fence, lawn and garden etc
  • We guarantee that every American Flag Lights is rigorously tested before leaving the factory.

How To Clean And Care Boat Flags

Buy Sailing Flags

No matter how attractive your boat flags appear the first time you see them, they will eventually get dirty for prolonged periods, especially if you do not observe proper care and maintenance. Fortunately, cleaning boat flags is easy, but you must know your fabric well for adequate handling.

Washing Boat Flags

The best way to clean boat flags is to wash them by hand with mild detergent and water, as it is applicable for any fabric. In some cases, depending on the material, you can use bleach to remove tough stains off your boat flags. Further, running them in a washing machine on a gentle spin is possible. However, only use this method if you are sure that this manner will not deteriorate the fabric.

Drying Boat Flags

After washing them, it is also essential to keep them dry. I hang my boat flags where there is no direct sunlight because I want them to dry naturally. Moreover, I dont run them on a dryer, especially if I already washed them through a washing machine.

Boat Flag Maintenance

If you want to prolong your boat flags life, try to keep the following reminders in mind:

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Pinata Christmas Flag 3×5 Double Sided Large Merry Christmas House Flags For Outside Christmas Flag With Grommets Winter Christmas Flag For Outdoor Yard Decorations Holiday Banner

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high quality 100D polyester. Double stitched all around the edge and banner header assembly reinforced double brass grommets to ensure the durability of this christmas flag 3×5 double sided.
  • DURABLE: This 3×5 christmas flag is built from two layers of lightweight Polyester. The dye has been processed for UV fade resistance to protect vibrancy of colors in sunlight. Truly suitable for outdoor use.
  • FLY IN BREEZE: Let this christmas flag for outside 3×5 proudly flying in your home or garden. The lightweight design allows it to fly in mild breeze. Outdoor use in super windy areas is not recommended.
  • TRULY DOUBLE SIDED: Design is double sided with the image printed and visible from both sides and text also reads correctly from both sides. Package contains one christmas flag 3×5 outdoor.
  • WIDE APPLYTION: Hanging this christmas flag 3×5 outdoor double sided to show your love of christmas, and celebrate holiday. Let’s make your home stand out with our beautiful christmas flags.

Whats A Courtesy Flag And When Do I Fly That

Courtesy flags are flown when you are in a foreign nations waters.

It also comes into play when you have someone from a foreign country on your vessel.

You can only fly a courtesy flag if certain conditions are met:

  • Only after authorities from the country have granted you clearance.
  • After you remove your yellow Q flag.
  • If you have a flag that is in the proper condition.
  • If you fly a courtesy flag, do so at the boats starboard spreader.
  • If there is more than one mast, then it must be flown off the starboard spreader of the forward most mast.

If you do fly a ratty old flag, you could be fined for being disrespectful!

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Proudly Serving North America For Over 50 Years

Flags Unlimited Corporation has been committed to the production of flags and banners since 1966. Since then we have grown into the company we are today and now serve all over Canada and the United States. We make over one million Canada flags every year. Not only Canada flags though flags for every and all occasions. Flags for businesses, cottages, boats, festivals, hikers, parades and teams. Flags for clubs, cars, stadiums, adventure seekers and wedding goers. Our diverse customer base means we’ve done just about everything.

But consider this WE’RE MORE THAN JUST FLAGS. We’re more like fabric printing specialists. Flags Unlimited offers a wide range of custom products like tents, feather banners, backdrops, fencing, stage scrim and tablecloths. We understand this stuff better than anyone. So think of us next time you have an idea. We would love to see your vision come to life.


Our most popular product. Totally customizable. Totally affordable. This is the most dynamic and useful marketing tool you can own.

Get noticed with our DDII.

Taylor Made 8430 Us Boat Flag

How Should I Flag my Boat?

Taylor Made products are known to possess unparalleled standards when it comes to . Hence, Ive always trusted the same brand for many years. Among their most sought-after products is the Taylor Made 8430 U.S. Boat Flag.

It is constructed from lightweight nylon fabric, making it ideal for boats to wear on all weather and occasions. I say it is durable because my very first flag of this kind lasted for almost four years, which is why I always buy the same thing and stick to the same brand.

My honest first impression of this flag is so-so because I thought it would be like other flags that are easily worn off. However, I was wrong this product is built to last as its fabric has exceptional fade and mildew resistance. Even when I forgot to clean it or it was left idle on the elements for prolonged periods, I didnt see mildews or molds built on it. Although it is fade-resistant, colors may still change over time. Mine started to slightly discolor after two and a half years, which I think is understandable.

Furthermore, the stripes stitches, top and bottom hems, and even the embroidered stars are of premium-quality. Its flyend is secured with four-needle seams, allowing the entire flag to hold its form and wave perfectly on-board. Needless to say that the brass grommets are sturdy.

  • Color may change over time
  • Noticeable manufacturers logo at the back

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The Meanings Of Boat Flags

If youve ever been down to your local dock, youve probably seen all the boat flags hanging from the flagpoles of each boat. Whats the point? Heres a hint: theyre not just for decoration.

Instead, most of the boat flags you see are actually nautical flags a system of flags used to convey messages from ship to ship or ship to shore. Each flag has a different meaning, and they can be used alone or in a group for even more different meanings.

What About International Signal Flags

There is a system of internationally recognized numerical and alphabetical pennants and flags known as the International Code of Signals.

This helps communicate when youre out in the open water.

The messages these flags send can be about navigation or even safety.

Signals can be sent by:

  • Flag hoist
  • Signal lamp
  • Radiotelephony
  • Radiotelegraphy

There are so many different communication methods because it is important when the crews safety is concernedespecially when youre in open water.

Boaters use nautical signal flags in several different ways:

  • With each spelling out a letter of a message
  • With a flag symbolizing a specific message
  • In a yacht or dinghy race, with each flag flying as code

Some boaters use signal flags to dress their ships for holidays by hoisting the national ensign at the stern staff first.

A rainbow of flags can then be arranged, reaching from the waterline forward to the aft, from the bowsprit end .

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Why Are There So Many Boat Flags

Flags are flown for multiple reasons but remember that when youre out at sea, this is the easiest way to recognize other boats.

Its like the license plate on a car. Different countries have different license plates.

Within each country, different states or provinces can also have different license plates.

Then, you can have symbols that signify clubs or organizations on your license plate in each state.

This is a way you can express yourself on your vessel.

Nautical Flags For Identification

Custom Boat Flags

Today, nearly every vessel on the seas flies the flag identifying their country of origin. We offer 4 different sizes of nautical American Flags, all of which are constructed from durable nylon with embroidered stars and sewn stripes for maximum durability on the high seas. The sizes available are 12in x 18in, 16in x 24in, and 20in x 30 which are unique sizes specifically tailored towards display on boats.

The U.S. Yacht Ensign is a variation of the American Flag which is used in lieu of the traditional American Flag on yachts that are only traveling with U.S. waters. At one time, this flag was required of yachts and other “pleasure-craft”, however, at this time the flag is only used to pay homage to the tradition.

The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard display a U.S. Jack flag on the bow of their vessels in addition to the US Flag which is displayed at the rear of the vessel. The US Jack Flags are only displayed when the boats are anchored or moored. Once the vessel begins its journey, the U.S. Jack is lowered so that only the American Flag is displayed at the rear of the boat.

The First Navy Jack is an identifying flag that was used historically by the U.S. Navy on vessels that were moored or anchored. This flag was used from 1975 to 1976 and from 2002 to 2019, however as of 2019, the U.S. Navy now uses the U.S. Jack, except on historical vessels. The First Navy Jack is still displayed by some to pay homage to its history.


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Wholesale Blank Flags And Banners

Though we do not offer wholesale pricing for our blank flags, in quantity orders some of our pricing may approach wholesale cost. If you’re looking for wholesale blank flags, be sure to shop our options!

Have questions about pricing or want a quote for what you’re looking for? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we’d be happy to help.

Shapes And Types Are Important

Nautical flags mostly take the forms of squares, though youll also see pendants, which are triangular with a flat tip. Youll additionally see whats called substitutes , which are triangles. Since this is a flags 101 article, well focus on the squares and pendants. Theyre the ones youre more likely to see in common boating situations.

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What Is An Ensign Flag And When Do I Use It

An ensign is a flag from the nation from which the boater originates.

They are slightly different from their national flags. Ensign flags used to be restricted to documented vessels only.

Now it is common courtesy to fly the national flag on all types of recreational boats.

It is proper etiquette to only fly ensign flags from 0800 to sunset unless youre in a boat race outside those hours. It is also important to take this flag down before leaving your boat if it is unmanned at sunset.

If you take your boat into international waters, you should fly your national flag. These days ensign flags are flown off of the stern.

If you do this, make sure it is on a staff-pole and that the pole is long and angled.

If you offset it to one side , itll fly clear of the engines exhaust.

This will also keep it clear from the rigging.

What Is A Burgee Flag And When Do I Use That

UGA Sailing: Racing Flags

A burgee flag is a small flag with the skippers sailing organization or yacht club on it.

It follows the skipper from boat to boat. These are flown day and night.

Traditionally, sailing vessels hoisted these flags on a pigstick at the top of the highest mast. Because of instruments that are often at the top of the mast, it is more common to hoist a burgee on a spreader halyard.

Of course, this is the modern way to fly it.

The starboard rigging is known as a place of honor . Thats why you fly the host countrys flag there when visiting a foreign port.

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What Size Is A Boat Flag

Boat flags generally come in different sizes depending on their types. For ensigns, available sizes range from 12 X 18 to 48 X 72, while other flags sizes vary from 10 X 15 to 30 X 48. Fortunately, all these sizes are out in the local and international market. Thus, buying any flag within this range is quick and simple.

What Size Are Boat Flags

Generally, boat flags come in different sizes, depending on the type of boat that you have.

For aesthetic purposes, most flags are roughly 1 per foot of the length of your boat.

Also, the staff should be twice the length of the height of your flag.

For example, if you have a powerboat that is 33 long, you should have flags that are 24 x 36 on a staff that is 48.

This is the recommended proportion of ensign flags. Burgee and private signals are approximately half that size. For the same powerboat example above, you might get burgee and private signal flags, which are 12 x 18.

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