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What Is The Best Boat Seat Pedestal

What Are Boat Seats Made Of

Boat Pedestal Seat Fix – Stronger Than Ever!

Most boat seats are made of vinyl, an extremely durable material that remains in good shape even when exposed to water for too long. Of course, its waterproof. Its also capable of defying the wear and tear of frequent use. Due to its antimicrobial chemical contents, its resistant to mold and mildew as well.

In addition, it has breathable linings. This implies that it can release moisture. Just ignore the myth that says its not breathable in summer. Instead, put your trust on the vinyl seat cover that can withstand all seasons.

What Is The Difference Between Boat Seats And Boat Chairs

The difference between these two things is the installation method. Boat chairs are portable and you dont exactly install them. You work on mounting boat seats, so its just reasonable that youre secure when you move around it or when your hands are on the steering wheel. Youll find foldable boat chairs that can be easily carried around when camping and fishing.

Boat Seats Vs Boat Chairs

Believe it or not, these two are quite different. Boat seats have to be mounted down on your boat, meaning that they arent portable, so you cant take them out once they have been installed. On the other hand, if you decide to shop for one of the best boat chairs currently available, you will be able to use it in various situations.

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What Is A Boat Seat Pedestal

A boat seat pedestal is a fixed structure that attaches directly to the floor that normally has three main parts the base, post, and mount. The base is the portion that touches and screws to the floor. The post, meanwhile, is what holds the two parts together. The mount connects the seat to the post.

There is an option to rotate the seat. Attach a swivel mount and the seat can rotate up to 360 degrees. You can also add a slide, which will let the seat move forward and backward or left and right.

One of the main differences from a conventional boat seat is that it is fixed in its position. It uses screws to connect to the base. In regular seats, you are free to move it around, depending on where you want to use it on your boat.

With a high-quality pedestal on your boat, theres no need to worry about harsh waves. Your seat will stay in a fixed position since the base is attached directly to the ground. Aside from your safety and comfort, it also prevents motion sickness.

Types Of Boat Seat Pedestals

Boat Seat Pedestal, Black, 13

Looking for a boat seat pedestal is an overwhelming task. The options are plenty, but you should never decide in haste. Among others, you should know the different types available, including those well talk about below.

  • Class A Pedestal: This means that it is practical for every speed. I recommend this since it is more versatile. Even if your boat is running fast, the seat will remain stable. It will make a nice choice for buckets or helm seats.
  • Class B Pedestal: If you have a low-speed boat, then this is what you should choose. It is designed to handle speeds lower than 5 mph. It is used for fishing seats or any other seat not meant to be used while the boat is underway.

Class A pedestals are further classified into two Class AD and AP. If you want a pedestal for the driver or helm position, Class AD is best. It also meets the strictest requirements set by the American Boat & Yacht Council. The latter requires a positive-lock swivel and should withstand a force of up to 150 foot-pounds of torque. Additionally, it should have fore/aft and vertical adjustments.

Class AP, on the other hand, is for the passenger. Some of the requirements include a swivel locking mechanism that can handle up to 30 foot-pounds of torque and a locking mechanism for every movement axis.

Use the pedestal based on the recommendations of the manufacturer. For instance, if it is for a passenger seat, do not use it in the driver or helm seat.

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How Do You Mount A Pedestal Boat Seat

Here are the basic steps when mounting a pedestal boat seat:

Step 1. Put the seat in its right position. Make marks on the surface based on the bolt holes found on the pedestals base. Once done, you have to put the pedestal aside

Step 2. Puncture an inch pit on the surface to mount bolts. A marine-grade epoxy resin can fill the pits that you made. You have to let it dry for a few days before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3. The pits are in the middle of the epoxy patch after they were given enough time to form. They should be 50% bigger than the bolts that are at the bottom of the seat.

Step 4. Next, you have to put adhesive on the deck and the resin-filled pits that are covered by the bottom base.

Step 5. You have to even out the sealant that you applied on the underneath section of the bottom base. So, you can place the pedestal in its right position. Fix the bolts onto the affixing bolt holes situated in the bottom base.

Step 6. Then, you can start tightening the affixing bolts on the deck to secure the seats position. The marine-grade adhesive should give the seat a day to settle.

Step 7. Before you turn on your boat, twist all the bolts.

Xgear Deluxe Low Back Boat Seat

I was seeking new boat seats for my bass boat when I came across these low back boat seats that fit perfectly! Both the driver and passengers seats are mounted through the backrest. This arrangement allows the bottom part to be lifted. Thereby, an angle was created for comfort. No wonder its one of the ideal fishing seats in the market.

I think it has a hardy seat cover as it can withstand the sun, different kinds of weather, and years of heavy use. The paddings seem too firm during installation but when I started using these heavy duty boat seats, I realized its the firmness that provides maximum comfort. To solidify its durability, theres an injection molded plastic frame with aluminum hinges.

Im 220 lbs and this is capable of carrying my weight. It just shows how well-made it is being foldable and with incredible back stop. Tie-down straps that are not attached to the seat are also available. You can use them to secure the seat when folded.

  • Comes with tie-down straps to secure folded seats and mounting hardware
  • Some modifications are needed when your boats pedestal has a different bolt pattern

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How Do I Cover Boat Seats

First, you have to remove the existing cover and set it aside. You need to make a template for the new vinyl cover that you will install. After cutting it, you can put the foam padding and seat base. Youll need a carpet stapler in the next step. Pull the vinyl tightly by leaning, and once its in the proper place, staple it. Do it at every end to make neat and nice covers.

Seats Common On Runabouts And Cruisers

Jon Boat Pedestal Seat Install on Hatch Lid {Jon Boat To Bass Boat Conversion} Lowe 1448

Here we also have two main types:

Bolster Seats

These are perfect for captains or passengers chairs. They are mostly used on runabouts and fish n ski boats. As the bolster flips up to provide standing stability, these offer extra comfort.

Back to Back Seats

Basically, these are two seats on one base that connect at the back. They are mounted directly to the floor and have storage underneath.

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Tempress Probax Orthopedic Folding High Back Boat Seat

My rigorous search for fishing seats ended when I found this product. Im not getting any younger so I need more than back support. I need something that can also please my shoulders, neck, and knees. Since this is designed through the expertise of spinal surgeons for lumbar support, I can get long-term upper body and back support, which most seats cant provide.

I dont have to suffer backaches or sore back as I can be in the right posture when sitting on it. Thanks to its high back and cushioned bottom, the battle and struggle of having discomfort when finishing has come to an end. Due to these advantages, nothing can stall me from fishing the whole day. Despite repetitive fishing motions and choppy water, I can sit still on it.

This boat is composed of UV-resistant materials, a heavy-duty marine vinyl cover, and a rugged polypropylene seat shell. These parts allow me to sit for a long period without falling apart. I can rely on it as it exceeds the standards of ABYC H-31 for boat seat structure, design, and way of installation.

  • Provides long-term upper body and back support
  • With a high back and a cushioned bottom for prevention of backaches or sore back
  • Can sit still despite repetitive fishing motions and choppy water
  • Made of UV-resistant, marine-grade, and heavy-duty materials
  • Exceeds the standards of ABYC H-31
  • Easy installation that suits various locations
  • Difficulty in finding and pushing the button to open this seat

Msc Folding Boat Seat With Swivel

The MSC Folding Boat Seat with Swivel is a comfortable compression foam chair that doesnt get hot in the sun or slippery during rainy weather. So you can sit in the boat for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Its dimensions are 19.75 in height x 15.75 in width x 14.75 in depth. Its foam thickness is 3.5 while the hinge thickness is 2 mm. It is heavier than other boat seats but has a maximum weight capacity of approximately 400 lbs. It is available in various colors to match your boat.

MSC has definitely made a name for itself as a global maker and seller of boat seats and other boat parts and accessories. It provides very comfortable, durable, and great value boat seats.

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How Do You Mount A Boat Seat Pedestal In An Aluminum Boat

Mounting the pedestal of the boat seat in an aluminum boat depends a lot on the type of aluminum boat you have.

Most aluminum boats use a stringers system. In these boats, there is a hard bottom. You will have to drill holes into the boat for the pedestal to attach to. Rivets won’t be enough, you will probably want a backing plate as well.

The pedestals will often have holes already drilled in them, but you may have to drill a few holes depending on how much is already there.

The pedestals mount to the bottom of the boat seat with bolts that you attach to predrilled holes on the seat pedestal.

Check with your boat manufacturer before doing any of this to make sure your boat doesn’t lose any functionality or safety.

Leader Accessories Captains Bucket Seat

Wise® 2 3/8"  Fixed Seat Pedestal

Developed and manufactured by Leader Accessories, this captains seat offers a luxurious design which makes it a great focal point to every boat. With this boat seats unique craftsmanship, you will definitely enjoy an ultra-comfortable boat ride every time.

What I like most about this captain seat is its ergonomic design which provides optimum support to users. It also features a premium marine-grade vinyl which restrains natural damaging factors. Similarly, this seat also comes with a high-density foam stuffing which remains firm and intact for long standing service.

I also love that this chair comes with a high-impact spinning molded seat frame which allows lateral movements. Lastly, this boat seat is also easy to install on any standard mounting bolt systems.

  • The weight limit is only up to 250 pounds.

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Wise Classic Stripe High Back Boat Seat

Wise always offer a variety of colors in any model to match your boat or to bring more color to your boat. Wise Classic Stripe is no exception. You can choose from at least a dozen options. It has a high back-23.25-inch high so that you can have excellent back support.

The seat is filled with high compressed foam padding and high impact plastic molded seat frame both of which are supported by aluminum hinges. This not only makes the seat comfortable but sturdy too.

The cover is treated for mildew and resists UV rays. They are made from marine grade 28 ounces vinyl and can tackle harsh weather conditions. Also, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on upholstery.

The seat will not come on your way while towing as the seat can be kept folded with the strap on the back of the seat. Mounting will be easy as the product comes with mounting hardware.


Oceansouth Shock Absorbing Adjustable Waverider Pedestals

Lets face it, the ocean is not always calm. There will be some times that you, as a boat owner will encounter large waves or even rough seas during your boat ride. However, what if I tell you that there are tracker boat seat pedestals that are made for this situation? This is what this boat seat pedestal from Oceanrider is good at.

To be able to have a smooth ride even if the seas are rough, this product comes with a gas-powered height adjustable feature. The height adjustment setting will enable the pedestal to somehow normalize and absorb the shock felt by the user. This will let the pedestal assist you with a smooth sailing ride even if there are large waves in the ocean.

Another factor that impressed me the most is the shaft which is constructed with aluminum anodized polished. This feature will make this part of the pedestal corrosion-free while making the shaft sturdy and durable. Furthermore, the base is also coated with aluminum which means it is also corrosion resistant and can withstand the harsh ocean environment.

The only issue I have with this product is its price. Compare to its competitors, the price is way much higher but this should be understandable with the different features it offers.

  • The gas-powered height adjustment feature
  • A little bit pricey compares to its competitors

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Wise 8wd707 Deluxe Lounge Seat

If youve been wanting to replace your worn out boat seats but youre having a hard time finding the perfect boat seating options, the Wise 8WD707 Deluxe lounge Seat is one you need to check out.

What I like about this boat seat is its style. It is a back-to-back boat seat making it perfect for lounging. It truly brings out a classic, sophisticated look for all types of boats. Additionally, I also love that this boat seat comes in various color selections.

In terms of craftsmanship, this seat features an injection-molded plastic seat frame which is guaranteed sturdy and dependable. This seat also includes a high-compression foam padding and a marine-grade vinyl as the cover.

Lastly, these seats are foldable for easy storage or to give more space. Since the seats can be lifted, you can use the underneath compartment as storage. This boat seat is truly versatile.

  • The maximum weight limit for each seat is only 250 pounds.

Boat Seat Pedestals Mounts And Bases

AirWave Boat Seat Pedestal

Boat seats are an important part of any boat, whether it be a smaller fishing boat or a luxurious yacht. Boat seats provide comfort and support during boat outings and provide a place for your passengers to relax while out for a day on the water.

When talking about boat seats, it is important to note that it is not just the boat seat attached to your decking. These boat seats are attached with boat seat pedestals along with boat seat mounts. Wholesale Marine has a vast inventory of seat parts and accessories including boat seat bases and mounts from leading seat manufacturers including Wise, Swivl Eze, Garelick, and Springfield Marine. Pedestal and mounts attach to your seats to help provide a more comfortable ride.

For fishermen, these pedestals can be even more important. Fishermen need a wider range of motion on their boats for casting and moving around to reel in that big catch. Fishing boat seat pedestals also take on more wear and tear from the constant up and down motion.

If you need to upgrade your fishing seat bases, check out Wholesale Marine. We carry a variety of different types from the lock and pin series to the wedge series. Each pedestal is made for added comfort and maneuverability. They are durable and constructed with anodized aluminum, steel frames, and stainless steel springs that can withstand years of use.

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Tempress 54907 Navistyle High

There are numerous high back boat seats out there but Im thankful that I chose this one. It has lumbar support that brings more than exceptional comfort. I can sit higher with my back straight to reduce fatigue. I weigh 220 pounds and it doesnt budge even though I sit on it for several hours.

It also excels in terms of durability. Luring fish on boat seats is a fantasy but what this one can commit is long-term service. Its firm with marine-grade vinyl and a high-impact plastic frame. Im glad that it has resistance against UV, stain, and abrasion as its inevitable that my boat is exposed to sunlight and harsh conditions. Despite continuous use, I can testify that it hasnt succumbed to outdoor elements.

Apart from its attractive appearance, I like how I can fold it and lock it down. Hence, it wont get in my way when not needed. But the release mechanism is not for everyone to handle. Its a button-type lever that is almost similar to a pivot point. If not careful, it can pinch you. It only happened to me when I did it the first time. You only have to get used to it so you wont get hurt. Learning the right way is easy peasy anyway.

  • Need to learn the release mechanism to avoid getting hurt

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