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Can I Register My Boat Online In Florida

How Do I Title My Boat In The State Of Florida

Boating Basics: How to Register your Boat

When titling your boat in Florida, youll need:

  • Correct titling fee
  • The following documents, depending on your vessel:
  • New vessel: Manufacturers Certificate of Origin or its equivalent statement of builder. If the vessel is purchased in a state that does not require an MCO, the proof of ownership is an executed dealers bill of sale. The proof of ownership must include a complete description of the vessel.
  • Used vessel currently titled in FL: Florida title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.
  • Used vessel currently titled out of state: Out-of-state title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.
  • Used vessel from a state that does not require title: Current registration from that state and a bill of sale from the current registrant. Bill of sale must include a complete description of the vessel.

Requirements For Boater Registration In Florida

The process for registering a boat has numerous requirements. Boaters must complete a new boat registration application and submit it to a license plate office or a local county tax collector. During the vessel registration process, applicants must also submit proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, a manufacturers statement of origin, a contract from the builder or a federal marine document.

Additionally, decals and the registration certificate are only available after a vessel is titled. Boat owners must title and register all vessels within 30 days, with proof of purchase onboard throughout this period.

Can Someone Of Any Age Operate A Boat

No, there are age restrictions in effect for operating a boat. Restrictions designed to protect the safety of children, prohibit operators under the age of 16 from operating pleasure craft above specified horsepower limits:

  • Children under the age of 12 may not operate a pleasure craft with more than 7.5 kW without adult supervision.
  • Children between 12 years and 16 years of age may not operate a pleasure craft with more than 30 kW without adult supervision.
  • Only persons 16 years of age or older can operate a personal watercraft, regardless of supervision.

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Will I Need To Take A Boater Safety Education Course

In Florida, every boat operator born on or after January 1st, 1988, must carry a Boating Safety Education ID card to legally operate a boat with a motor of 10 horsepower or above. Operators must also carry a photo ID.

Do you need one? We think everyone needs to be well-versed in boating safety and thats where BOATsmart! comes in. As a program officially recognized by the US Coast Guard and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, our course is sure to have you educated, knowledgeable and safe on the water.

Easy Steps To Register Your Inflatable Sport Boat Dinghy

Can I Register My Boat Online In Nh

#1. HIN # on Sport Boat. Your Sport Boats unique HIN plate, Hull Identification Number, is attached to transom and will be 12 digits long starting with ASTSB###x###.

#2. Manufacture Certificate of Origin MCO . Make sure to fill out the MCO completely with black pen prior to taking it to the DMV for registration.

#3. Bill of Sale Sales receipt showing you purchased the boat. This confirms that you paid for the Sport Boat and paid taxes, if required to.

#3.a. If you purchased a Sport Boat from a vendor, the sales receipt or invoice from that vendor verifying the purchase will work as your bill of sale. You can also request a copy of your bill of sale directly from Inflatable Sport Boats by contacting us.

#4. Boaters 101 form

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Do I Need A Captain License For My Yacht

Who Needs a Captain’s License? In short anyone who wants to get paid to drive a boat needs a captain’s license. The U.S. Coast Guard requires the operator of a vessel carrying passengers-for-hire to have a boat captain’s license. This legal barrier-to-entry is a significant advantage to those who do have a license.

Can I Register My Boat In Florida If I Don’t Live There


Registration documents are issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and can be obtained by submitting an application and fee to your local Tax Collector’s Office. The fees vary depending on boat length. Additionally: Boats must be registered within 30 days of purchase.

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Boats 15m Or More In Length

If your boat is 15m or more in length applications for new registration, transfer of ownership or change of boat details must be endorsed by Maritime Safety Queensland before the registration can be processed by Transport and Main Roads. Email your completed Queensland regulated ship registration application to for endorsement, or take the application to a transport and motoring customer service centre or, if you live in a rural area, a QGAP office, Magistrates Court or local police station that provides registration services.

How To Register A Boat In Florida With No Title

How to Register a Kayak in FLORIDA easy

What to do if you want to sell a boat but dont have the title

In the state of Florida, you must register your boat with a title in most instances. A purchaser of a new or used vessel has 30 days in which to do this. Failure, according to the Florida motor vehicles and tag/titles department is a 2nd degree misdemeanor. Does this mean that if you do not have a title that you cannot operate the vessel legally or sell your vessel? Not necessarily. There are exemptions from titling as well as some methods for gaining a title for registration. Here is what you need to know if you need to know how to register a boat in Florida with No title.

Are there exemptions from Titling a boat in Florida?

There are exemptions for titling. These exemptions are that the boat is non-motorized and less than 16 feet long. If it has an outboard motor, even a singular low HP it must be titled. If the vessel is owned by the U.S. Government or if the vessel is Federally documented it does not need a title. A boat which is deemed as Amphibious by the DHSMV and have a vehicle title do not need a boat title. Any boat which is used only for demonstration, testing, or sales promotional purposes by a dealer or manufacturer does not need a title.

The only other exemptions are vessels issued a valid registration certificate and numbers by other states and vessels which are used exclusively on private lakes and ponds.

What if the boat is from out of state?

What about lifeboats?

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How To Register An Untitled Trailer In Florida

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles determines the types of vehicles that need registration and titles, including trailers. Some trailers do not need a title if they are under a specific weight requirement, but all will require registration. The fee for registering a trailer in the Sunshine State depends on its weight. The process of registering a trailer is relatively easy, even if it does not have a title.

How Do I Get A Hull Identification Number

  • Boat owners should use every effort to determine if a boat has an existing HIN or resolve problems with a HIN for use in the registration process.
  • A HIN is required for boats manufactured after November 1, 1972. If the HIN is unavailable and unknown, the boat owner must first contact the boat manufacturer to obtain a replacement HIN .
  • If the HIN is known but the plate is missing or the HIN not inscribed on the boat, the boat owner is responsible for permanently affixing the HIN to the boat.
  • If the HIN is an improper format, the applicant will be asked to electronically upload or send a picture or pencil tracing of the HIN to DNR for verification and further instruction.
  • If the manufacturer is out of business or will not assist the boat owner, a DNR HIN Inspection is necessary. DNR will assign a HIN number after the inspection process and the boat owner is responsible for permanently affixing the HIN to the boat. Information on arranging an inspection can be found at .

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Which Boat Is Right For You

There is much to consider in determining the right boat for you and your family. What kind of boating are you interested in? Do you want to use it for day-tripping or long-term cruising? How many people does it need to accommodate? How much do you want to invest?

Our partners at Discover Boating Canada have an in-depth boat selector toolthat can help you make the right choice.

Registering And Titling A Vessel In Florida For The First Time

aluminum boat with 50hp motor for Sale in Miami, FL

A vessel that is registered with another state may be used in Florida for no more than 90 days.

An out-of-state vessel owner who does not plan to become a permanent Florida resident but plans to operate a currently registered vessel in Florida waters for more than 90 days must obtain a temporary registration from the Tax Collectors office.

Not all states require a vessel to be titled, however, Florida does require a title.

To permanently register a vessel in Florida, you must present the following information:

  • Current registration for the state where the vessel is registered.
  • Title Document for the state where the vessel is titled .
  • Proof of Sales Tax will be credited if vessel was purchased less than 6 months prior to registration.

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Fee Reduction Qualifications Documentation And Processing Transactions

To qualify for reduced registration fees at the time of registration, a recreational vessel owner must provide documentation that the vessel is equipped with an EPIRB, or documentation that the vessel owner owns a PLB.

  • All EPIRBs and PLBs must be registered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration . This should be done immediately after purchase. See Exhibits A and B for sample EPIRB and PLB registration forms to be submitted to NOAA.
  • All EPIRBs and PLBs must be manufactured by a company approved to manufacture beacons by the International Cospas-Sarsat Programme. This information will be shown on the registration letter.
  • After initial registration or renewal with NOAA, the recreational vessel owner will receive a proof of registration letter. This letter will include the additional proof necessary for beacon registration and a recreational vessel fee reduction. Additionally, the recreational vessel owner will receive a decal from NOAA by postal mail to affix to the beacon so it is clearly visible. See Exhibit C for a sample decal. Additional proof for an EPIRB or a PLB must include:
  • The name of the beacon owner.
  • The expiration date for the beacons registration.
  • The unique identifier number for the beacon. This is a 15-digit number, which is programmed into a 406 MHz beacon by a manufacturer or installer. The UIN is part of the message transmitted by the beacon when activated. The UIN is also referred to as the Beacon ID in NOAAs Registration Database.
  • Applying For Vessel Title For In

    A vessel not exempt from titling must be titled at the same time it is registered. To issue a Florida Certificate of Title for a new or used vessel purchased in or outside of Florida, the owner of the vessel must bring the appropriate titling fee and the following documents into a tax collector or license plate agent office:

    New vessel Manufacturers Certificate of Origin or its equivalent statement of builder, or if the vessel is purchased in a state that does not require an MCO, the proof of ownership is an executed dealers bill of sale. The proof of ownership must include a complete description of the vessel, including manufacturers name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length.

    Used vessel currently titled in FL Florida title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.

    Used vessel currently titled out of state Out-of-state title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.

    Used vessel from a state that does not require title Current registration from that state and a bill of sale from the current registrant. Bill of sale must include complete description of the vessel including manufacturers name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length.

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    Registration Renewal For Florida Trailers

    Florida law requires the renewal of a trailer’s tags and registration before expiration. A trailer’s registration and tags will expire on different dates, which the state determines according to the type of trailer it is and who owns it:

    • For trailers with individual owners, the registration expiration date is the birthday of the first owner on the registration.
    • For businesses, the expiration date is June 30.
    • Semi-trailers have an expiration date of December 31.

    An owner must present the previous registration or renewal notice, if they have one, to renew a trailer’s registration. Owners can process their registration and plate renewal online, by mail or at a county tax collector’s service center or tag agency. A person who does not renew their registration by the due date may face a traffic citation if law enforcement stops them while operating the trailer. If the trailer’s registration has been expired for more than six months , the owner faces a second-degree misdemeanor charge.

    Boats You Must Register In Idaho

    Renewing a Single Motorboat Registration in the Boat Oregon Store

    The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation requires all vessels with ANY type of motor to be registered.

    Boats exemptfrom registration include:

    • Sailboards.
    • Vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard.
    • Vessels currently registered in another state but being used on Idahos waterways for 60 consecutive days or less.

    If youre unsure about whether you need to register your vessel, call IDPRs registration department at 922-6743.

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    Registration Renewal Notices In Florida

    The state does not notify vehicle owners that a vehicle’s registration or plates will expire. Therefore, not receiving a notice does not excuse someone from failing to renew their registration or plates.

    However, a tax collector’s office may provide renewal notices as a courtesy to residents of a particular county. These usually go out in the mail approximately three weeks before the renewal date is due. The notice will also include materials that trailer owners need to renew their registration easily.

    Exemptions From Registration And Titling In Florida

    Florida boat registration is not a requirement for all vessels. Registration is dependent on the type of vessel, its use and its owner. For instance, is not necessary to register a canoe in Florida. The other types of vessels exempt from registration in FL include:

    • Vessels with boat registration numbers from other states, so long as these boats are not operated/stored in Florida waters for a period longer than 90 days.
    • Vessels used solely as lifeboats for a ship.
    • Boats owned by the United States government.
    • Vessels used only on private ponds and lakes.
    • Vessels that are not motor-powered and are less than 16 long.
    • All kayaks, canoes, rowing sculls and racing shells that are not motor-powered.

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    Registering A Homemade Trailer

    To register a homemade trailer under 2,000 pounds that does not have a registration, the new owner must provide a bill of sale stating the year of its creation and weight. If the weight is unknown, the previous owner must provide a weight slip. Florida’s computer system will generate a Trailer Identification Number during the registration transaction. If a homemade trailer under 2,000 pounds has a current registration from an owner in Florida, its new owner must provide a bill of sale listing the Trailer Identification Number or the trailer’s license plate number or the previous owner’s registration.

    If the homemade trailer is over 2,000 pounds and has a current registration from the previous owner, the new owner must provide its title and a bill of sale when registering it. If it did not have a Florida title, a compliance examiner will inspect it and assign it a Trailer Identification Number.

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    It’s A Big Country But When It Comes To Boating Each State Or Territory Sets Its Own Requirements Here’s What You Need To Know About ‘reciprocity’

    If you plan to skipper your boat outside the state in which you reside, check state and local boating requirements to ensure you’re on the right side of the law.

    You’ve tested your trailer lights, packed the fishing rods, checked all the boat’s mechanical and safety gear, inspected the life jackets, and downloaded the local charts. Just when you go to check the last item off your prevacation checklist, a question dawns on you, “Can I even use the boat legally in the state I’mheading to?”

    If you’ve ever boated out of state, you may already know that the answer depends on many factors including the state you’re visiting, your age, your boating education, vessel type, engine size, whether you rent or own the boat, how long you’re staying, and if you want to engage in towed watersports.

    First things first your boating education certification is not a license, which can be suspended or revoked. It allows you to operate certain watercraft in the waters of the state it was issued by. But many states practice “reciprocity,” meaning a valid certification in one state is accepted in another state . But if you’re certified to operate a boat in Florida, can you throttle up in California? Or Connecticut?

    It’s important to know that not all the available courses meet the state’s educational requirements or are NASBLA-approved.

    Lastly, the reciprocity period allowed for operating on an out-of-state boating card varies from state to state and can range anywhere from zero to 90 days.

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