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Seal Skin Boat Cover Reviews

Carver Boat Covers Are Made In The Usa

Seal Skin Boat Cover Review – non sponsored

Carver Industries is unique in that they make all their products in the U.S. Theyve been in business for over 30 years, and they have a track record of excellent workmanship. Carver has the widest selection of fabric types and colors.


Carver reinforces all seams with double stitching, and finishes all the edges for a polished look. Tie-down loops are sewn into the hem.


You can purchase a Carver boat cover made from Sunbrella in 24 colors, Sun-DURA in 11 colors, Performance PolyGuard in three colors, or Double Duck in gray.


A special coating ensures water resistance while also maintaining breathability.


Carver offers three boat cover fits to choose from:

  • Custom-fit covers are made to fit like a glove. Theyre specifically crafted for your individual boats make, model, and year. This fit is ideal for trailering, since its aerodynamic and doesnt allow anything to get under the cover. Its also excellent for storage and docking.
  • Styled-to-fit covers cost less than the custom fit covers. Although they dont offer as tight a fit, they still perform well for docking and storage in most situations.
  • Flex-fit covers are the least costly option that Carver offers. This fit is looser than the styled-to-fit, and you have six sizes to choose from.

Other Products

In addition to traditional covers, pontoon covers, specialty covers, and personal watercraft covers, Carver also makes Bimini Tops and accessories.

Msc Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Cover

To meet the needs of various sized vessels, MSC is offering 6 different sizes of boat cover starting from 14 to 24 feet long, and between 68 inches up to 102 inches beamwidth. However, the size specs given by the manufacturer might not be the exact match for your boat.

The boat cover is made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas with double PU coating for higher durability. The fabric is also mildew and UV resistant that will not shrink or stretch even after continuous use.

The cover has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles so that you can fit the cover quickly and remove without much effort. Its all about time efficiency. When the cover is not in use, it can be stored easily in the storage bag that comes with it.

The entire bottom has elastic hemming so that the cover can have a tight fit which is almost like a custom fit. The boat cover is suitable for long-term storage, mooring, and traveling. It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Adjustable straps and quick release buckle
  • UV and mildew resistant fabric


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What Is A Boat Cover

A boat cover is some clothing/sheet, which protects your boat from rain, dust, wind and many other factors, which can damage your vessel. You can use one while storing your watercraft in the winter or between sailing sessions. Having a boat cover is a secondary part of the essential items for the vessel such as , but they are still necessary to have a good time.

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I Contacted The Company Both Over The

I contacted the company both over the phone and as well over chat to ask if they had the correct size for my boat. Both times I was sent a link to the correct size that’s needed for my boat and that they have it in stock. I ordered the boat cover and after one week and 1/2 I was sent an e-mail saying that they do not have it in stock and they cannot fulfill my order. I contacted them several times requesting the status of my order. It took 12 days to respond. Obviously they returned my money however I’m now at square one looking for a boat cover after two weeks of thinking it was about to arrive.

Date of experience:October 03, 2022

Best Boat Covers: Reviews And Buying Guide For 2020


There are plenty of optional accessories you can pick out to protect your boat, but a boat cover isnt one of them. From freezing temperatures to hot and humid days, your boat goes through a lot, but a cover can protect your investment from poor weather conditions. In fact, finding the right cover can mean adding years onto the lifespan of your boat.

Unfortunately, sifting through the infinite number of options is far from easy. Theres a lot to consider, but weve done our best to make the buying process easier by reviewing the best boat covers for you.

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Why Choose A Seal Skin Cover For Your Canoe Boat

Almost every boat is designed in such a manner that it should be able to handle natures elements however, it is also true that repeated exposure to the elements can cause serious damage.

Harmful UV rays can cause the interior of your boat to fade. If you are living in areas with extreme winter conditions, then snow can have serious implications for your boat. During storms, strong winds may cause heavy objects to blow into your boat at a high speed, resulting in damages.

Our Seal Skin canoe boat covers can provide superior protection, ensuring that your investments value depreciates much more slowly.

Why You Should Trust Tripsavvy

The authors of this article have been rating, reviewing, and testing outdoor and travel products for decades. Extensive research into the product landscape of boat covers was undertaken, with input from verified customers, experts in the field, and both pro and amateur boaters. Other considerations like price, durability, and ease of use were also taken into account.

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The Five Best Boston Whaler Boat Covers Money Can Buy

Theres a reason why seasoned and beginner boaters alike choose Boston Whalers. Boston Whalers are some of the most versatile boats you can have on the water, offering both recreational and commercial options and features. Boston Whalers have also become legendary over the years because of its unsinkable hull. Theyre safe and meant to survive decades of use. Of course, that feature is helped much by how you take care of your boat. Boat care is a tedious process, but it can very much be sped up by the use of boat covers. Your Boston Whaler can last even longer with the use of one of the five best boat covers your money can buy.

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Icover Trailerable Boat Cover

Seal Skin Boat Covers – Best 100% Waterproof Boat Cover | 10 Year Warranty

If you are looking for a boat cover that can be used not only for storage but for mooring and traveling, the iCover towable cover is one you should consider. It is made of marine-grade fabric with PU coating. The light gray is rated 300D, and the dark gray is rated 600D. Both options are durable and waterproof, UV and mildew-resistant as well as tear-resistant.

The cover is vented on both sides to allow air circulation which is useful for preventing mold growth. To avoid water pooling on the cover, the manufacturer offers a support pole which will be an additional purchase.

To have a secure and tight-fitting, the cover has a heavy-duty elastic cord sewn around the hemline. It also has adjustable straps and buckles for easy installation and quick release.

At this point, the manufacturer doesnt offer any warranty on the cover which some might consider as a drawback.


  • Durable marine grade 600D fabric
  • Rear air vents on both sides
  • Suitable for mooring as well as trailering


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Shoretex Focuses On Customer Service

Shoretex Products began in 1989 as ShoreMaster Fabric Products, a small marine canvas company that focused on boat lift canopy covers. From there, the company expanded to offer a variety of marine products. In 2015, they changed their name to Shoretex Products but maintained their focus on marine fabric products. In 2016, the company was sold to long-term employees Sharon Heifort and Bill Kasper, who have worked for the company since 1991. Shortex prides itself on its family feel and its customer service.


Double-stitched seams and reinforced vinyl in stress-prone areas provide durability. Heavy-duty web tie-down loops and D-rings help secure the covers. All edges are finished.


Shoretex offers a variety of materials. You can choose from Sunburst fabric in 11 colors, Prism fabric in 11 colors, Weathermax fabric in 12 colors, Travel Tuff fabric in two colors, or MasterDuck in gray.


Some fabrics are breathable, while others are mold and mildew resistant.


Shoretex makes two fits:

  • Custom-fit covers are measured and cut exactly to your boats specifications. They offer a glove-like fit that will stand up to trailering, docking, and storing. This fit is comparable to Carvers custom-fit covers and Westlands exact-fit covers.
  • Semi-custom covers are available in a variety of sizes for 32 types of boats and provide a medium-loose fit. Theyre similar to Carvers styled-to-fit option.

Other Products

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Why Choose A Seal Skin Cover For Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats offer luxury that many other models cant, and as an owner, you have to do what you can to keep it protected. The interior of the boat may fade because of harmful rays from the sun. Pontoon boats are designed in such a way that they should be able to handle natures elements however, constant exposure to the elements can cause a lot of damage.

Heavy objects may blow into your pontoon during storms and damage some parts. Falling branches, bird droppings, heavy rains, and so on can affect the value of your boat. Snow can also badly affect your pontoon boat if you are living in areas with harsh winter conditions. Our Seal Skin pontoon covers can protect your investment and ensure that you can enjoy it for years to come.

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Seal Skin: A Trustworthy Brand

A pontoon boat is vulnerable to damages even when shielded by a cover if that cover doesnt provide adequate protection. Our covers are made in different sizes to suit every kind of boat.

At Seal Skin, we offer high-quality pontoon boat covers with a guaranteed fit and excellent value. You can also get the most out of your investment whenever you decide to sell it, because our expertly designed covers will protect it from harmful elements and keep the interior in good condition.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase because we greatly value our customers trust.

Seal Skin Best Covers Ever

Seal Skin® SS

Good morning Seal Skin. Just a note of thanks. Your product came in and I am extremely satisfied with it. Your product keeps my 32 year old mini truck pristine. Your can use my pictures and testimony. This is by far the best cover I have bought in last 30 years. I would give it the highest rating possible and better yet I ordered the wrong size and without hitch your customer service team directed me on how to return it to you. They sent me the right size without any issues. You guys rock..

Date of experience:October 12, 2022

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Why Should I Select Seal Skin For My Center Console Boat Cover

We know center console boats are extremely popular, particularly for fishing and duck hunting. But center console boats are always harder to cover at the end of the season because the styles vary so greatly. You may have a deeper hull or a fairly flat craft.

Some center consoles are made of aluminum. Other consoles are fiberglass, but the size of the hull and the boat itself can vary widely. Finding a custom designed center console boat cover has been hard and often cost-prohibitive. Until now.

Seal Skin offers a market-leading center console boat cover that is durable, waterproof, and fits snugly. Further, our console boat covers are affordable when compared to many of the options youll find today.

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Does your current boat cover offer all this?

Best Overall: Msc Heavy Duty 600d Waterproof Boat Cover

Taylor Made has been crafting boat covers for more than 110 years and has perfected the ability to build covers that are engineered to go on and off quickly, last for years, and protect your boat. They offer three marine-grade mildew-resistant polyester fabric options , and they serge stitch the seams during the construction process, using five threads that are never exposed to the damaging impacts of the sun. The hem around the bottom of the cover uses a two-needle stitching process with a 0.31-inch-diameter rope, so you can tighten the boat around the hull, a secure fit thats further assured thanks to two-inch webbing straps with quick-release buckles and optional tie-down straps. And they dont just work off your boats make and model they work with you to take your whole boating set-up into account so that youre guaranteed custom coverage.

Straps: Varies | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: Varies

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Why Trust Seal Skin Were Reliable

Our smartly designed covers are made in different sizes to suit every kind of boat and will provide superior protection from destructive elements. Our covers will also keep the interior in good condition, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment whenever you decide to sell it.

Seal Skin offers high-quality canoe boat covers with a guaranteed fit and excellent value, and we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase because we greatly value our customers trust.

Sealskin Covers Are Horrible

How to Install a Boat Cover | Seal Skin Covers

Sealskin covers are horrible. I bought one in May. First, it was too big for my boat. I kept it because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it. Second, It was poorly made. The seams were not sewn well and the straps were difficult to use. Finally, the cover split down the middle after the first heavy rain. The poles that they sell to hold the cover up in the middle are a joke. They failed and the water gathered in the middle and split the cover down the middle. The carpet got soaking wet and mildewed. I wanted to get a refund, but instead, they want me to pay an additional $35.00 to get a new crappy cover sent to me. They refuse to send me a refund in spite of the poor quality of their product. Avoid this company at all costs.

Date of experience:September 06, 2022

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Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover

If you are looking for a boat cover that is durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment, Seamander boat cover, which is very thick and repels water well, is one good option. It is made from 600D marine-grade woven polyester canvas with double PU back coating. On top of that, it has interlocking double stitched seams with marine-grade thread that keeps the cover intact and enhance its durability.

This boat cover has an industrial strength shock cord and ensures a tight and secure fit around your boat keeping the boat well protected even on a windy day. On top of that, the product includes 12 adjustable straps that will not only ease fitting of the cover but allows trailering.

The only drawback is that the cover is not vented for moisture to escape. This might cause mold to grow unless you take precautions and let some airflow.

You can choose from various colors and sizes. When not in use, the cover can be appropriately stored in the included mesh, anti-moisture bag.


  • Durable thick material that repels water
  • 12 adjustable straps for easy fitting and trailering


How A Seal Skin Canoe Boat Cover Can Protect Your Boat

An adequate cover can save you a lot of time, money, and work that goes into restoring your boat. We sell top-quality canoe boat covers that will:

  • Protect your boat against extreme weather conditions.An effective boat cover will not only keep rainwater out but will also address humidity, thereby preventing the growth of mold. It can also shield your boat effectively from harmful UV rays and prevent the interior from fading. A high-quality Seal Skin canoe boat cover can protect your investment against extreme weather conditions and other damaging elements like brushes, trees, and so on.
  • Ensure a snug fit.A boat cover with an imperfect fitting can cause damage to your boat. A universal cover tends to be overly large, which can cause various problems. It can be easily blown away during strong winds, and sizable gaps allow animals to enter your boat. Animal droppings can affect the paint and finish if it is not cleaned quickly. At Seal Skin, we offer semi-custom-fit boat covers that provide a snug fit. The minimal gaps ensure that no animals can get in, and it also leaves breathable space to allow water vapor to escape, which can otherwise lead to mold, mildew, and rot.
  • Prevent theft.Covered boats provide a higher level of privacy as casual observers will not be able to see what is inside your boat. A covered boat also makes it difficult for thieves to access your valuables as they cant see what accessories have been stored in the boat.

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The Product I Ordered Fit Very Poorly

The product I ordered fit very poorly, not covering the bottom 2 feet of the exposed surfaces of my car. Right after ordering the cover, my car was in the shop being repaired and I did not open the package from you and check the fit until a few days past the 30-day warranty. Your company refused to offer any assistance in making good on the warranty. I tried three times through customer service, including sending photos of the poor fit. I will not recommend your company or use your services again.

Date of experience:August 29, 2022

Why Choose Seal Skin


Seal Skins waterproof car, boat, and motorsport covers are designed with one idea in mind: Protecting the external surface of your investment. The benefits of this product are what keeps our customers coming back every time they purchase a new car, boat, cycle, snowmobile, or other human conveyance. What sets our product apart from a plain old car or boat cover?

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