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How To Paint Aluminum Boat

Painting Primer Across The Whole Boat

How to Paint an Aluminum Boat

Once the stripe coat has dried you can begin painting the hull with your chosen primer. If using a brush or roller, make sure you are painting in long strokes along the length of the boat and not up and down the side of the hull.

Handy Hint: Long continuous strokes will result in a much more uniform surface.

Make sure to coat the hull as evenly as possible. Avoid applying too much primer as this can result in dripping and an orange peel effect. If you will be using a spray gun, make sure you do not overspray.

Let the primer dry in a well-ventilated area for the curing time recommended by the primer manufacturer.

Ideally you should let the boat dry, so it doesnt get exposed to rain water.

Should I Paint The Bottom Of My Aluminum Boat

Absolutely. In fact, you might even want to consider taking it up a notch. Boat owners usually stop at the aluminum boat barrier coat that protects against corrosion.

But you do have the option to add a layer or two of anti-fouling paint that essentially prevents marine wildlife like barnacles from clinging to the underside of your boat. This goes on top of the aluminum boat paint layers.

How To Paint Aluminum

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Painting on metal is similar to painting on any other surface. The key difference is how you prepare the surface for painting. Once you clean, sand, and prime aluminum, you can paint it just like you would plastic or wood. The overall process is simple, but it can be time-consuming because you must wait for each layer to dry and cure. The results are worth the effort, however!

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Sea Hawk Ah7033gl Aluma Hawk Boat Paint

I can say that this is one of the most appropriate paints for aluminum boats. Theres a lot to gain from its quick-dry formula. My Jon boat that got painted with this product crashed onto the boat ramp. When I checked for some scrapes or scratches, there was none to my surprise.

You can rely on this paint whether you apply it on parts that are above or below the waterline. Just as every owner desires, the aluminum boat is protected from corrosion by its coating. I love the green color as it gives a sleek and neat appeal.

The paint has been on my boat for more than a year now. It stays in a nice appearance as long as you keep it clean, and protection doesnt cease as time goes by. Some bumps and small accidents cant easily damage Jon boats and aluminum boats with this applied.

Straightforward application is what I appreciate the most about the products that I use. Lucky me, this paint has this attribute. It immediately sticks on bare aluminum, and theres no need to use a primer.

Its fine to thin it out as the paint is thick, and doing so wont affect its performance. You would still achieve a wonderful result. Ive tried using a brush and a spray, and they both work well. Quick-drying is always consistent.

  • Some fumes during application
  • Eats through plastic

Find The Right Place To Work


Paint stripping is a messy job to remove paint from a boat, and you cant just do it anywhere. It is not practical to do it in your home and make the place cluttered. Besides, since paint is a chemical compound, its dust particles arent very safe for the people around.

So choose a place where there are not many people around, and you have plenty of space and ventilation.

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How To Paint An Aluminum Jon Boat Yourself

The steps below will take you through the process of taking your Jon boat from junk status to looking brand new in a very short space of time. I will explain how you can remove the old paint, how to prepare the surface, what primer to use and how many final coats needed for a robust and stunning looking paint job.

You will need:

What Are The Options For Painting A Jon Boat

Your choice of paint or coating for your Jon boat will depend on the fabrication material the boat is made of.

Aluminum, wood, and fiberglass Jon boats all differ in their overall maintenance requirements as well as in the preparation for painting and the painting methods employed on each.

Traditionally each different construction material required specific paint types and coatings that were specifically formulated for that material and many boat owners still use those paints today. However, there are special paints now available that can be used on all construction materials.

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How To Remove Paint From Aluminum Boat: Step By Step

Owning a boat is one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, with time much of its paint will get chipped and rusty, and youll have no other way but to repaint it because a boat with chipped paint doesnt please anyone.

No matter what reason youre painting the boat, you have to put some prep work to get rid of the old flaky paint first. And if it is your first time, you must be wondering how to remove paint from aluminum boat.

Well, to be honest, the whole stripping job can be tough, messy, and time-consuming, but if you follow the instructions we provide below, things will get pretty easy, we promise.


  • Final words
  • How To Paint Your Jon Boat

    How to camo paint an aluminum boat.

    One of the simplest ways of remedying and revitalizing your boats appearance is to renew it with a good lick of paint. This will also prolong the life of your boat. If you are not a serial boat owner you may not be familiar with the steps involved. However, with the right method set out before you the task need not be arduous. In this article lets run through all the basics for bringing your Jon boat paintwork up to scratch.

    If you have the correct materials for your type of Jon boat, the principles for painting it are the same whether you plan to paint metal, wood or fiberglass. Check out the article outlining the best paint to use for a Jon boat based on its construction material.

    Here are some quick tips for getting that desired great finish on your Jon boat.

    Preparation is everything

    The better you clean, prepare and carry out repairs to your boat before painting, the better the finished result will be. Rushing the prep will lead to costly mistakes that may mean your boat is not properly protected and you may need to redo the entire process again within a matter months. Do it right the first time and you will save yourself a lot of time and a lot of frustration.

    Once the boat is cleaned and prepared for painting dont skimp on the primer. Primed surfaces are even, hide joints and defects and hold the paint better, meaning your paint color will be more vivid and require fewer coats overall. And, it will last longer.

    Brush vs roller vs spray painting

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    How Much Will It Cost

    The overall cost depends greatly on the materials and tools you already have. It also depends on the paint you choose. We went with spray paint cans for convenience, ease of use and the low cost.

    There are plenty of aluminum boat specific paints on the market like Aluma Hawk, Total Boat and Duralux Marine paint. We did not like the limited color choices and the cost of these paints. A single gallon of paint costs about $40 to $80. It adds up fast with a primer and two or more colors of paint.

    I also had my doubts about applying paint to the boat with a brush or roller without leaving unsightly brush marks. A smooth paint job with liquid paint would require a spray gun and air compressor. That adds significant costs and complexity to the project.

    Spray paint simplified the process and cut the costs. The result was a reasonably smooth application for about $80 of paint for the inside and outside of the boat. It would be even cheaper if youre only painting the outside.

    With the paint and all other preparation materials, the total cost of painting an aluminum boat is around $150 to $200 depending on the size.

    Use The Right Products

    It can be hard to choose the right paint or primer since there are so many on the market. Just read the labels and maybe even ask the manufacturer to make sure the paint you’re getting is the right stuff for your boat. You can even ask your question in boating forums to find out what other boat experts have to say.

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    How To Get Your Own Aluminum Boat Paint And Brake

    The aluminum boat coatings used on most boats today have a distinctive metallic appearance.

    The metal is often sprayed onto aluminum foil or aluminum boat heads and used to help it glide on the water.

    Aluminum foil is usually applied with an airbrush to produce a clear coating.

    The foil coatings on aluminum boats are the same as those on most other boats, and many boat owners swear by them.

    Aluminum brake paint is also known as aluminum brake oil.

    Aluminum foil hats and aluminum wire are also known to have a metallic appearance, but the metal is not sprayed on the head and is applied directly to the boat.

    Some aluminum boats have aluminum brakes.

    Alaskan aluminum is often used to make the brake pads for boats that use a high-strength aluminum composite.

    It is also used for the hulls of many boats that have a rigid structure.

    But some boats have no brakes.

    Aluminum boat paint is often applied to the aluminum boat head with an acrylic spray.

    The aluminum foil coat on the boat head is used to create a clear coat.

    Aluminium foil is applied with a spray gun.

    Aluminized aluminum is an industrial metal that is often made from a variety of materials.

    The most common metal used in aluminized coatings is aluminum.

    Aluminized Aluminum is the most commonly used type of aluminum in the world.

    Alcoholic beverages are also often made of aluminum.

    Aluminum is used as a paint and finish additive in alcoholic beverages.

    The color of aluminize aluminum paint is typically reddish or blueish.

    Calculate How Much Paint Is Needed

    Sea Hawk Aluminum Boat Paint

    Next you will want to determine how much paint you will need.

    You can do this by calculating how many square feet the surface is by assuming your boat is a rectangular box. For example, take the widest, highest and longest measurements of your boat and draw a rectangular box. You can then calculate the surface area.

    Equation: Area = Width x Length

    You will want to add a factor of 20% on top of that to account for any errors you may have made. This may seem a bit wasteful, but it is much better to end up with excess paint that to run out mid-coat.

    Keep track of how much you use. This means that next time you can be more efficient with the quantity required when you paint your aluminum Jon boat again in the future.

    There will usually be a datasheet with the paint that will tell you roughly how much you will you need. In my experience it will usually a gallon per square foot figure or similar on the can.

    These numbers are only for ideal conditions I always end up using quite a bit more, so woud suggest you buy more you actually calculate needed.

    Handy Hint:If you are painting your aluminum Jon boat with a spray gun, you will use less paint than if you were using a paint brush and rollers.

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    Surface Preparation And Sanding Down

    Once you have determined how much paint is needed you can begin preparing the surface. For speed I use an orbital sander with an 80-grit sand paper to remove the paint.

    Use an orbital sander if you want to save hours of time

    I then use a paint scraper to remove stubborn pieces of paint inside grooves or edges you cant get to with the sander.

    An orbital sander and paint scraper combination still wont be able to reach everywhere so some areas will need to be hand sanded.

    Wrap some sand pear around a piece of wood to take some strain off your fingers and to give you a sharp corner to reach into crevices.

    Handy Hint: Spend a lot of time doing this part. The more of the old paint you can remove the better as the best result is achieved if the surface is bare aluminum. Areas that are not completely cleaned will result in paint peeling after painting.

    Use a rag soaked in acetone and wipe down the hull of the boat to remove any last stubborn paint. This will also clean away any grease or oil on the hulls surface.

    After sanding is complete, wash the boat to wash away any dust. If any oil or grease is left, it will mean the paint wont stick properly to the aluminum and will create small little spots on your surface called fish eyes. Make sure you wipe the entire hull down in a well-ventilated area and use rubber gloves.

    Tuffcoat Ut 100 Black Gallon Non

    The product made my decades of maintaining boats handy with its non-skid paint features. This Tuff Coat model makes applications more easy especially, if youre unsure on how to paint an aluminum boat.

    Its thickness is what I liked most, plus its non-skid and highly rubberized composition for simpler mixing using drill mixers. Providing great pleasure except that some of its materials may slip when applied incorrectly on aluminum surfaces. Overall, I like using the paint to coat the interiors of aluminum and fishing boats floors.

    It works best as well on the front decks bass setup, the pontoon deck, as well as their wooden parts. I assure you will certainly get the hard coat result no matter where you use this non-skid coating paint. I also dont mind bringing my boat under the sun since it can resist UV radiation.

    • The formula is thick, rubberized, and non-slip when used properly.
    • Contains no harmful components that is safe to apply in a variety of boats
    • A long-lasting, strong finish that is chemically resistant and protected from UV rays
    • Simple to clean, mix and apply on a variety of surfaces
    • There are many different hues to choose from its available color variation
    • Has thickness needing drill-mixing tools for effective blending of the paint formula.

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    Paint Rollers Or Brushes

    You’re going to need something to apply both the primer and the paint. A paint brush or roller should be a cost-effective way to apply paint. But if you want an even coat and effortless application, you could try a paint sprayer tool.

    We highly recommend the Pro Grade Paint Brushes, Bates Paint Roller + Tray or the YATTICH Paint Sprayer for large areas.

    Give It A Good Cleaning

    Painting an Aluminum Boat with spray paint & primer | Smokercraft Restoration.

    To get rid of any leftover dust or dirt, use a mild soap and warm water to wash your boat. If youve waxed your boat in the past, you should use a dewaxing solvent during this process.

    Do you have stains on your boar and worried theyll show through the paint job?

    Light stains probably wont affect the color of the paint. For darker or larger stains, though, try mixing 50% warm water with 50% distilled vinegar. Spread the solution over the stain, let it sit for a minute or two, and wipe it away.

    Give your boat a quick rinse when youre done then let it dry completely before moving onto the next step.

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    More Jon Boat Painting Tips

    Since publishing this guide on how to paint an aluminum boat yourself, I received a few questions via social media. Here are those questions with my responses.

    What type of primer must be used on aluminum?

    I was asked the question do you need special primer for aluminum?

    For Jon boats and any aluminum boat, you should select a primer that is designed to be used over aluminum oxide.

    These are typically either a zinc phosphate primer or a zinc chromate primer. They work by etching into the surface of the aluminum creating a solid bond.

    How many coats of paint are required?

    Ideally two coats are required for the main coat. This allow for a thick paint film which will result in a good surface finish.

    You will then need to add a gel or clear coat over the top of your colored paint choice as this will help protect your paint from UV damage and small scratches.

    How to paint an aluminum boat camo

    I have never painted a aluminum boat in camo colors. But I did find a really great video online which goes into short and sweet steps outlining the process.

    Watch the video below, using the guide in conjunction with my steps above.

    How to paint an aluminum Jon boat

    Youve probably guessed by now, but the guide I wrote above on how to paint an aluminum boat yourself was developed from painting my own Jon boat down the years.

    Just follows steps 1 through to 8 and youre done!

    What kind of paint do you use on an aluminum boat?

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