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Sample Bill Of Sale For Boat

Presenting The Boat To Buyers

Boat Bill Of Sale Form Sample

Depending on the location of the boat, it can be a challenge to show to potential buyers. For example, if your boat is on a mooring, it will be harder for potential buyers to see its exterior as you will need to skiff people to and from the boat every time someone wants to take a look. The best possible option is to have your boat stationed to a dock for easy access, this way buyers can get a true sense of what its like to be on your boat in the water.

If docking is not a viable option, the next best and cheapest way of viewing is to park your boat on land. Either placed in a trailer or positioned on a stand.

How Do I Make A Boat Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale can be made by following the instructions above. But another alternative is to use templates. Bill of Sale templates has prewritten content that written professionally to ensure the seamless transfer of personal property from party to another. Whats more fascinating with templates is that they are editable if the content does not sit well with you.

Stage : Find A Purchaser

Choose whether to sell secretly or monetarily:

You might wish to enlist an agent or seller to assist with selling your boat, particularly assuming its a greater expense watercraft.

Selling your boat secretly allows you to deal with the interaction yourself while killing expenses and commission costs, however, it very well may additional time-consume.

To find out about the market worth of your boat, you can utilize a cost checker instrument or look for neighbourhood postings of a comparable make and model. Remember that variables like condition, age, and request can incredibly influence market esteem.

Settle on an asking cost and the most minimal deal youll consider before you list.

List your boat on the web:

A few sites assist private boat merchants with arriving at purchasers. Consider making different postings across locales like Boat Trader, The Hull Truth, and Craigslist to contact a more extensive crowd. For very good quality and speciality boats like yachts and boats, additionally, attempt YachtWorld.

Notwithstanding a few clear photographs of your boat, you ought to give a definite depiction of the condition and elements of the vessel and any going with engine, trailer, or adornments.

Ensure you remember the accompanying data for your post:

  • Make, model, and year
  • Fixes or upgrades
  • Terms of the deal

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How Much Would It Usually Cost To Make A Boat Bill Of Sale

The fees associated with finding and hiring your average lawyer to make a Boat Bill of Sale might total anywhere between two hundred and one thousand dollars, depending on where you are located and how complex the issue may be. Different from many other sites that you may come across, Rocket Lawyer offers more than Bill of Sale templates. If you ever need assistance from a lawyer, your Premium membership offers up to a 40% discount when you hire an attorney.

Free Boat Bill Of Sale Form

Free Bill Of Sale For Boatvessel Free Forms &  Templates Boat Sale And ...

Use our Boat Bill of Sale to record the sale of a boat and protect both buyer and seller.

A Boat Bill of Sale is a legal document that records the sale of a boat between two parties a seller and a buyer. In exchange for a certain amount of money, the seller agrees to transfer ownership of a boat to the buyer. A Boat Bill of Sale serves as an official record that a boat was sold on a certain date for a certain price.

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Boat Bill Of Sale Templates

The boat bill of sale form you need depends on whats included in the sale, and how your boat is registered or documented.

Bill of Sale for a Boat

Use a simple boat bill of sale template if youre selling a motorless boat or a boat with an internal motor.

Examples include canoes, sailboats, houseboats, and jet skis.

  • Date and location of the sale
  • Signatures of the buyer and seller
  • In some states, a Boat Bill of Sale needs to be notarized for the document to be legally binding.

If the sale includes a warranty, document it on the Boat Bill of Sale. Private sales of boats typically dont offer warranties and are sold as-is, meaning the buyer agrees to purchase the vessel in its current condition.

How To Buy And Sell A Boat

When buying a boat, one must:

  • Consider what the boat is to be used on either protected or offshore waters
  • Know the type of boat is best for the type of weather usually experienced in the buyers area
  • Understand the type of motor that the boat requires to understand the kind of performance it will bring
  • Knowing your overall budget to help you decide which boat best suits you

When selling a boat:

  • Know how much to price your boat for. Look up different ads or newspaper classifieds to boats similar to yours, or talk to dealers to help you understand how much your boat should go for.
  • Know where and when to sell it. You may decide to sell it yourself, or have a yacht broker help you during complex boat negotiations.
  • Prep your boat to make sure it looks presentable to the buyer. A buyer would not want to purchase a damaged and dirty watercraft, so make sure to clean it before showcasing the boat to potential clients.

In the event that you decide to buy or sell a boat, always be sure to make use of any of our Free Bill of Sale Sample Forms to help you issue one for a boat during any transaction. You may also go through our other General Bill of Sale Forms to help you create other bill of sales for other properties.

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How Much Is Your Boat Worth

This will most likely be the most difficult part of the process. Most owners know, more or less, the value of their boat. In the chance you do not know the value, using www.nadaguides.com can give you a general range of what to look for. Otherwise, a sellers best bet is to look up what the exact make, model, and year of the boat is selling for in your market.

Have It Acknowledged By The Notary Public

Why you need a Bill of Sale for your Boat

In the last section of the , including an acknowledgment, stating that the identities of parties match their identification ID or documents presented and that they have executed the instrument in their authorized capacity. It should have the name of the notary public, his or her signature, and date signed.

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Watercraft Bill Of Sale


A watercraft bill of sale form is useful for people who did like to own this vehicle for their personal or professional use. The form gives the details of the transfer of ownership to the buyer. Any omission in the details can be subject to questionable matter. Hence providing all the details will be mandatory unless specific instruction given.

What Should Be Included On A Boat Purchase Agreement

A boat bill of sale should include:

  • The name, address and contact information for the buyer
  • The name, address and contact information for the seller
  • A description of the boatbrand, model, year of manufacture, length, Hull Identification Number
  • State registration number.

The HIN should be permanently marked on the boat transom to port. If the boat is powered by an outboard motor, it should be listed separately with its serial number.

If a trailer is being sold with the boat, it is also listed separately with its Vehicle Identification Number . The agreement should list a separate sale price for the boat, outboard motor and trailer. The agreement should also list any accessories or equipment being sold with the boat, such as electronics, trolling motor, spare props, with serial numbers if available. If you are selling the boat, items that are not included in the sale can be listed as excluded on the purchase agreement.

The boat purchase agreement can be executed before the sale is final, usually with a deposit, with contingencies, which could include securing financing or that the boat passes a mechanical inspection, , or sea trial. If issues crop up, such as a repair that should be made, those terms can be negotiated and spelled out in a new agreement, or the buyer can walk away with a refunded deposit.

Using a formal boat purchase agreement protects both the buyer and seller and goes a long way toward avoiding misunderstanding between the parties.

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Clean The Boat And Take Pictures

It would help if you took the time to clean your boat before selling it. Also, you should take the time to fix any repairs and touch up any spots that need it. As a result, you will have a greater chance of attracting more buyers and increasing the price of your boat.

The value of your boat online will increase if there are several photos. Your prospects want to see various angles of the boat. When selling your boat, take several high-quality photographs that show the boats features.

Is Anything Else Required After Drafting A Boat Bill Of Sale

Free Printable Boat Bill Of Sale Form (GENERIC)

When you are finished making this Bill of Sale using Rocket Lawyer, you’ll have the ability to get to it in your account anytime, anywhere. Feel free to try any of the following actions with your document: making edits, downloading it as a Word document or PDF file, and signing it with RocketSign®. Attached alongside each Boat Bill of Sale Form, there also will be a set of tips for what comes next with regard to finalizing your document.

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Who Keeps The Bill Of Sale

When a boat bill of sale is signed, both the buyer and the seller should receive a copy of the completed document. They should then be kept by both parties for a period of up to one year, in case any disputes arise from the transaction. This will also help the new owner properly register the vessel with their state government.

Contact hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 10pm ET

How To Get A Title For A Boat With A Bill Of Sale

Once a transaction has been completed, the boat bill of sale can be used by the new owner in order to register and get a title for the vessel. To do so, the buyer must visit the stateâs agency for registering watercraft. This service is usually provided by the DMV or the Game and Wildlife Agency, depending on the state in question.

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Fill In The Boat Motor And Trailer Details

Fill out the boat details on the bill of sale, including year, make, model, HIN , dimensions, etc. You can usually find your boats HIN on the right side of the transom .

Include outboard motor information like serial number, model, and horsepower, which can be found on a plate attached to the motor.

You can find trailer details like the VIN and weight on a sticker or plaque, usually attached to the frame.

You can use the notes section of your Boat Bill of Sale form to mention additional details about the condition of these components.

Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For My Boat Bill Of Sale

Printable Blank Bill of sale

Making a Boat Bill of Sale is usually simple, but you may still need legal advice. It can vary depending on whom you approach, but sometimes an attorney won’t even accept requests to review a document that they did not author. An easier approach would be to request help from attorney services at Rocket Lawyer. With a Premium membership, you have the ability to request guidance from an attorney with relevant experience or pose additional questions related to your Bill of Sale. Rocket Lawyer is here to help.

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Do I Need A Bill Of Sale For My Boat

In a number of states having a valid bill of sale for a boat is an essential step to registering your vessel. However, even in jurisdictions where this isnât the case, it is still worthwhile to complete your transaction using this kind of sales slip.

The bill of sale also gives the boat buyer and seller a number of protections. First of all, as the details of the craft and the sale are included in the signed document, it allows both parties to contest a fraudulent transaction.

It also provides clear evidence that the ownership of the boat has been transferred so that no disputes can arise over who is responsible for the vessel.

Protection For Both Parties

The bill of sale protects both the buyer and seller in the event something happens after the sale is completed.

For example, the bill of sale states the seller owns the boat and has the right to sell it. If somebody were to come forward three months after the sale and claim he was the rightful owner, the seller would be required to defend the buyer against any action brought by the third-party against the buyer.

If the boat has outstanding tickets associated with it, the bill of sale allows the buyer to prove he did not own the boat on the date or dates the tickets were incurred and is therefore not responsible for paying for them.

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Complete The Bill Of Sale

The bill of sale can be completed by either party, although it is customarily filled out by the seller since they are more familiar with the boat being sold. A bill of sale form can be obtained by either:

  • Completing an attorney-drafted bill of sale through eSign or
  • Using our free state-specific bill of sale.
  • Regardless of the option the seller chooses, the following information will need to be entered into the form:

  • Names of the buyer and seller.
  • Date of the sale.
  • Total amount paid for the boat and, if applicable, the trailer/motor.
  • The signatures of the buyer and seller.
  • Notarization is optional, although suggested.

    The original bill of sale should be provided to the buyer after money changes hands. A copy can be made for additional parties if desired.

    How To Write A Bill Of Sale For Your Boat

    Free Printable Boat Bill Of Sale Form (GENERIC)

    If you have been wondering what it takes to create a bill of sale you can find instructions here. A bill of sale is a document that is used in the transfers of sale from a boat owner to its new buyer. It is an important document that serves the purpose of providing proof of the buyers ownership. If the vessel in question is registered under the Canadian register of vessels or the Small Vessel Registry you may simply use the Form 6 Bill of Sale and fill in the applicable fields on this form. However, if your vessel is licenced under the Pleasure Craft Licence system you will have to create a Bill of Sale or find a template that contains all applicable information. Creating a proficient bill of sale involves answering a few questions like: what is the price of your boat? What model of the boat are you selling? Who is the person that is buying the boat? Who is the person that is selling the boat? Youll be providing a bill of sale to a licensing agency or to or the Canadian Coast Guard but it depends on which agency you boat is registered with.

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    What Was Sold

    Depending on what was sold to the buyer, one or all of the checkboxes should be marked. For example, if the buyer is purchasing a boat without an engine, only the first box should be selected. However, if the boat includes a trailer and two engines, all checkboxes should be marked.

    If Boat was checked, enter the following information:

  • Make
  • What Is An As

    Simply put, an âas-isâ boat bill of sale records a transaction where no warranties are made on the vessel being purchased. This means that the seller has agreed to purchase the boat as it currently appears or is described and has no recourse for legal action should the craft encounter any faults or technical issues after it has been received.

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    Canadian Boat Bill Of Sale Form


    If buyers are interested in a vessel, they must use this form. This is for transfer of ownership of vessels in Canada under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. Any false information in such forms will directly lead to an offence under the mentioned act. A witnessesâ signature is also required and a copy of the forms must be sent to the Vessel Registry Office situated in Canada.

    Estimate Your Boats Worth

    Boat Bill of Sale – GUIDE

    For a seller, determining the value of the boat can be difficult. As a result, there is a chance that the boats value wont be as high as you expect.

    For an idea of what the boat is worth, you can use thewebsite nadaguides. It is also possible for you to Google the exact model, year, and model number of the boat you are selling to determine its price.

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    What Is A Boat Bill Of Sale

    A Boat Bill of Sale is a document that legally transfers the ownership of a boat or other watercraft from a seller to a buyer.

    You need a Bill of Sale form when buying or selling a boat because it outlines the terms of the sale, prevents disputes, and serves as proof of ownership for the buyer so they can register their new boat.

    If the boat has an accompanying trailer, you can record the sale of multiple items on a single bill of sale or an accompanying trailer bill of sale form.

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