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Where To Sell Your Boat

Want To Sell Your Boat

How to Sell your Boat for the Highest Price

Looking to sell your boat? Boulder Boats will buy your boat! Boulder Boats is always looking for quality pre-owned boats to stock our fast-moving inventory. Used boats are in high demand and values continue to stay strong. If you are looking to sell your boat or are interested in consignment, then Boulder Boats is your broker of choice. If you have a well-kept boat that is no older than 15 years and not a sailboat we’d love to buy your boat .

What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell My Boat

You will need the title, registration and any relevant Coast Guard documentation for your boat. Also, make sure you have title and registration documentation for any associated trailers. A bill of sale is typically used to document the transaction and includes things such as hull or vessel identification number, description of the boat, purchase price and transaction date. If a licensed broker is involved, there is typically additional paperwork that serves to protect the buyers and sellers involved in the transaction. Other paperwork you should have includes insurance documentation, maintenance and service records and any warranty information.

What Should I Expect

  • Expect to sign a Listing Agreement which includes:
  • Selling Price Your broker will research what comparable boats are for sale and evaluate what price similar boats have been sold for to advise you at what price the vessel should be offered. That selling price will appear on your Agreement.
  • Timeframe The agreement gives your Broker a minimum of 6 months to exclusively represent your boat.
  • Commission In exchange for marketing, representing, and processing all documents necessary to complete the sale of your boat, we collect a commission of 10% of the selling price or a minimum of $7,000, whichever is greater. Nothing is due until we sell your boat.
  • Expect to provide your Broker with a copy of your drivers license, title, registration card and Certificate of Documentation . Having this on hand will make the paperwork process quick and simple when your boat sells.
  • Expect your Broker to familiarize them self with your boat, take pictures and/or video to build your listing.

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Top Boat Photography And Selling Tip

If there is something that doesnt look good, but that you know people will see, dont run from it, in fact, highlight it. People are skeptical of you and are trying their best to find problems:

Beat Them To it!

If the buyer finds a problem, its perceived to be that they found a reason to ask for money off . However, if you present the issue upfront, there is more of an assumption that this issue must already be factored into your price which is exactly how you should frame it.

This needs to be repaired which is why I am only asking X. If were good I would be asking for more money.

Embed Checkout Page In Site & Sell Boats Online

How To: Selling Your Boat Privately

Primarily, just copy the embedding link of the plan given in the box and embed the checkout page on your WordPress site or anywhere you want.

Edit the Page & Paste the Copied Link

Subsequently, after copying the link, all you need to do is paste it in the text area of the editor.

Save & Publish the Checkout Page

Following the previous step, just paste the code and then tap on the Publish button. Voila! Your checkout page is embedded.

Check out the Final Look of your Checkout Page on WordPress Site

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Clean It Properly Before Showing It To Buyers

Nobody wants a smelly boat. You want to keep any junk off the boat.

Hire professional detailers to clean, buff and wax everything to a bright luster.

Another reason to hire a detailer is that its always difficult to identify dirty places on your own boat.

But a detailer knows where to look because they are more objective while cleaning.

Its important that the vessel smells nice. Do a thorough cleaning and ensure there are no stray leftovers from parties.

You want as much free space on the boat as possible so clean and declutter it to make the vessel spacious in the eyes of potential buyers.

Dont forget to drain and clean the head. The bilge should also be clean and scrub all walking areas. Apply air fresheners or deodorants to places like the head and parts that can be moldy.

Who Did You Purchase The Boat From And How Long Have You Had It

Where the boat came from and how long it has been in your care is very important. Buyers like to know the history of a boat, and knowing how hard it has been driven and in what conditions will wear down on the value of the boat.

For example, a retired couple who take the boat out once in a while will have a more valuable boat, as it has less wear-and-tear. A family of six who goes out every weekend, and spills or break things will decrease that value if the stains and damages show up.

Make sure you consider the wear-and-tear of your boat before you decide on a price you want to make sure your price is reasonable, for you and the buyer!

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Documents Youll Need To Make The Sale

Before you make the sale, youll need all your official documents and paperwork. Theres no easier way to turn a buyer off your boat than having to make multiple trips solely for paperwork. Make sure you have these documents on hand when making the sale:

  • Bill of sale
  • Maintenance records
  • Trailer title and registration

Make sure you have the original copies of all documents. This will help speed up the sale process and give the buyer confidence that everything about your boat is above board. If you have any questions about the exact rules and regulations in your state, check with your local DMV office before selling your boat.

The Day You Complete The Sale Of Your Boat


On the big day itself, remember to ask for a deposit. It can also be a good idea to check that the buyer is solvent and creditworthy through their bank . To avoid disappointments or frauds and scams, etc., make sure you have already met the potential buyer prior to the sale . Do not accept payments in cash or via Western Union: try to ensure you get paid via bank transfer or cheque if at all possible .

A quick summary of the steps to take to achieve a quick sale of your boat:

Dont be reluctant to get professional help with any or all of these steps if required.

  • Present your boat in its best light
  • Set a fair selling price
  • Stipulate a safe and secure payment method

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How To Advertise A Boat For Sale

With the boat fully prepped and an asking price in mind, its time to start generating some leads. In this day and age most people advertise their boat on a number of different internet sites that offer classifieds. Some are free, some are not, and all offer unpredictable results. You may also want to advertise in a local paper or boating magazine. And dont neglect the tried and true tactic of simply hanging a For Sale sign on the boat and placing it in a high-visibility area near a busy road or marina.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Used Boat

Typically, the higher the price, the longer it takes. Figure 8-12 weeks as a baseline. Time of year can also be a factor. There are typically more consumers looking to buy boats in the spring, summer and fall months, but during those times, there is also typically an elevated number of boat listings on the market. That said, your best bet is to list your boat on a website with an audience of potential boat buyers like Boat Trader or

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Which Boat Broker Should You Use

If a brokerage sounds like a good route for you then its time to think about which one to use.

You will need a brokerage which:

  • Can sell your boat fast The longer its sitting around, the more its costing you. Sell now to maximise the value of your sale.
  • Operates in your area The brokerage will need to be selling in your area to conduct viewings.
  • Has a no sale no fee policy They should only take a penny from you after they have sold your boat.
  • Doesnt lock you in Some brokers have policies about where else you can list your boat. Dont tie yourself down, keep your options open and make sure your broker isnt so restrictive.
  • Takes the photos and creates the advert They are professionals, with professional equipment, and experience in creating the perfect ad for your boat. Make sure you make them work for their money.
  • Has a wide reach If they only advertise in one small shop in one marina, your boat will never sell. Yacht brokerages should advertise your yacht far and wide to bring in the right buyer sooner.

At Ardent Training, our preferred yacht brokerage is Boatshed. They are the modern, forward-thinking yacht brokerage and tick all of our boxes. Boatshed has the largest reach of any yacht brokerage we know of, meaning your yacht will sell in half the time and you are more likely to get your asking price. Not only is their platform fantastic, but their service is excellent too, providing a personalised experience for every buyer and seller.

Using A Professional To Sell Your Boat

How to safely sell your boat online

Not got time to manage the process yourself, or dont want to have to travel to the boat to show people round? Then sell your boat through a professional yacht-broker or a boatyard. This does come at a cost , but it could enable you to get your boat sold quickly.

Using a yacht broker or a boatyard to sell your boat will give your ad significant added exposure and visibility, as it will be placed on specialist fee-charging websites targeted directly at potential buyers. You can also be kept informed about each step of the process, thereby avoiding any unpleasant surprises. And finally, the broker or boatyard will manage the viewings on your behalf.

They will also take care of getting your boat back in tip-top condition if necessary , and provide storage for it while its waiting to be sold. Selling through a professional also gives you the opportunity to offer a warranty to potential buyers . If you like, Band of Boats can help you sell your boat.

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Showing Your Boat To Potential Buyers

Once youve started seeing interest in your boat, its time to arrange for your potential buyers to come and see the boat and take it on a sea trial. Be prepared to answer lengthy lists of questions from potential buyers during the initial contact period.

When you first show the boat to potential buyers, you should always be upfront and honest about your boat. Your buyers will want to thoroughly inspect the boat and see what its like out on the water. Allow them the opportunity to take a good look at your boat.

If theyd like to go out on a sea trial after the initial viewing, take them out on the water and put your boat through its paces. Do your best to showcase your boats strong points, like a good hole shot or smooth turning. Ideally, youll want to perform the sea trial during calm conditions, but dont be afraid to go out into rough waters if your boat can handle it.

Be wary with buyers who seem to be looking at your boat solely for a joyride out on the water or something to do. Serious buyers will come prepared with questions and will be willing to talk price. Do your best to weed out the less serious leads before you start showing the boat and taking potential buyers out on the water.

Setting Expectations I Want To Sell My Boat But How Much Is My Boat Worth

Before we get started, lets get real about how much your boat is worth. There is no point in lying to yourself about its value, we all love our boat and are happy to look at it through rose-tinted glasses, but setting the price too high will only result in delays, expense, and disappointment. There isnt an easy tool that will value your boat for you , you need to be more objective and realistic about the process. What are your boats flaws and what are its advantages? What could you do to make it more appealing and more valuable to potential buyers? How does it stack up against other options on the market? Your boat is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it!

To get this right, you must take a data-driven approach and do some research. Get on to some brokerage websites and look for similar vessels and their prices. They should be similar in make, model, size, age, location, and condition! All these factors will affect the sale price. They should also be recent listings as the market for second-hand yachts fluctuates significantly. This is a big ask, and you arent likely to find an exact match, but do your best and see what your boat is really worth.

To get this right, I would recommend jumping on a major brokerage website such as Boatshed. Get onto their website and make your way to the buying section where you can search for boats by all the criteria listed above.

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Working With Boat Brokers And Dealers

If you understand how to sell your boat, but you really dont want to invest all the necessary time and effort, you can always enlist the help of a professional boat broker or dealer. Or, you could simply trade in your boat if youre buying a new one from a dealer who accepts trades. Both options are easier than selling a boat yourself, but there are some pitfalls to either approach. Brokers will take a cut of the proceeds, and you rarely get anything like top dollar on a trade-in. To learn more about these options, be sure to read Trade-In or Sell Your Boat.

What Information Do I Need To List My Boat For Sale Online

Top 10 Tips for selling your boat

That means at a minimum you should ensure there are no typos, spelling or grammatical errors. As we in the journalism business like to say, If you couldnt be bothered to spell things correctly, people are going to wonder what else you got wrong. People will stop reading a sloppy news story. With a clunky classified boat listing, they might just move on to another ad.

Provide as much detail as possible within the allotted space on the website where youre listing your boat. Use exact builder specifications for the boats dimensions, including length , beam, draft and gross weight. Provide bullet points to highlight improvements, optional upgrades and aftermarket equipmentsuch as additional seating, electronics and navigational systems. Dont forget to include model numbers and brand names for any equipment onboard as well as details on the boats electrical system. Overall, make it easy to read and digest.

Include details about every feature on your boat including upgrades and equipment.

Also, for buyer and seller peace of mind, consider a Boat History Report for your vessel. For a while, buyers purchased the reports , but now sellers are providing the reports upfront too. You can purchase a report at, a nationwide database that details boat histories by hull identification number . The site has roughly 100 million boat registration records on file. Obtaining a boat history report as a seller is another way to ensure a quick sale of your boat!

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How Do I Sell My Boat Quickly

Selling the boat quickly almost entirely comes down to pricing the boat right. While its common for sellers to be overly optimistic with respect to what they can and should receive for their boat, sellers that are realistic about market conditions and the value of the boat are most likely to sell the boat quickly. Using a broker tends to result in a faster sale as well.

Focus On The Cleanest Areas

To create that wow effect, capture the cleanest places on the boat. You want buyers to see it and start thinking of how to make it their own.

Highlighting the best parts gives prospective buyers the impression that you took great care of your boat.

If the aesthetics are excellent, they will expect the engine and other systems to be in top shape.

Take Pictures in Good Lighting Conditions

The best pictures are shot when the lighting is perfect. So even if you are planning to sell your boat offseason, wait for that perfect time when the photographer can capture the vessel in rich detail.

When people see pictures of your boat sparkling in the sun, they automatically envision themselves piloting it or having a party on the deck.

So help them visualize owning the boat and it will be easier to sell. Plus, premium-quality pictures propel you above the competition that used poor quality photos.

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Selling Your Boat: How To Get Top Dollar And A Quick Sale

Posted Date: 11/06/2019

Selling your boat can be a big decision that boat owners inevitably encounter. Typically boat owners decide between trading in the boat , listing your boat on your own or listing your boat with a broker.

Selling your boat is not a trivial process, and as such, you want to ensure you take the appropriate steps to give yourself the best opportunity for a quick and successful transaction. Listing your boat without getting your boat ready or understanding the market dynamics can lead to your boat sitting on the market for an extended period of time. If this occurs, it can have a negative impact on the sale price and result in a frustrating experience.

It is possible to quickly and smoothly sell your boat for maximum value. Here are some tips and guidelines to consider when selling your boat.

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