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Repair Transom On Aluminum Boat

How To Repair Aluminum Boat

Aluminum Boat Transom Replacement – Replace your small boat transom!

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Found a leak in your aluminum boat? Dont call for boat servicing yet! Aluminum has a low molecular density, which makes it pliable and easy to repair. With a few tools and a thorough guide, you can fix it by yourself.

In this article, we will show you how to repair aluminum boat when there are holes, tears, corrosion, and electrolysis. Dont let a leak ruin your fun on the water. Quickly gather what you need and get to work!

Boat Transom Prevention Tips

Here are a few helpful tips to protect your transom from harsh or abusive environments:

  • Get a floating boat-lift to dry-dock your boat when you have the budget. The more time your aluminum boat is off the water when not in use, the better it is for the transom.
  • Use paint and coatings designed for use with aluminum surfaces. Anodes or base plates should not have paint or coats to prevent cracks or scratches that weaken the transom.
  • Follow other recommended practices from boat owners, including the care and maintenance of aluminum boats.

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How To Fix A Rotted Transom On Your Boat Boatlife

How to Fix a Rotted Transom on Your Boat BoatLIFE Your boat transomor the flat section that forms the square-shaped sternis one But, if you can repair and strengthen the wood with dry rot in its early

Your boat transomor the flat section that forms the square-shaped sternis one of the most critical areas you need to maintain. And, if you have a wooden transom, then you know that you always need to inspect for rot to make sure that everythings in top shape. To help you with this task, weve put

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Tag Archives: Transom Epoxyworks

Tag Archives: transom Epoxyworks I chose to reinforce the fiberglass transom with 12 oz. fiberglass. Ten years ago, I replaced the plywood transom in my 16 aluminum fishing boat.

Heres how we recently repaired a rotted Chris-Craft transom. The boat* had rotted stringers, transom, cockpit sole, and other problems common in fiberglass boats. Ill explain the process we used for replacing the transom to provide some direction on tackling similar projects. Continue reading

What Is A Transom Saver And Do I Need One Boat Safe

Transom Repair

What is a Transom Saver And Do I Need One? Boat Safe Aluminum boats are also more fragile than those made of reinforced fiberglass. Therefore, a transom saver is crucial if you want to avoid

Quite a number of boat owners trailer their boats without giving a thought to a transom saver. Some for lack of knowledge and others because they believe in the strength of their transom. Maybe they have those heavily reinforced fiberglass transoms.

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How To Reinforce A Transom On An Aluminum Boat10/2022

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Determining If The Wood Is Rotting

Many boat owners recommend that when your boat is out of the water and in dry dock, you should knock on the wood to get a sense of how it sounds. If you get a hollow sound, thats the sign that you could be facing rotting wood. Another suggestion is to use a moisture meter that will indicate moisture levels in the wood.

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Fix Leaking Rivets With The 650

Finding the leaks

The first step is to find the leak. This is fairly easyjust fill the inside with water up to the waterline. To reduce the possibility of destruction or distortion, I tilted the boat and only filled one end at a time since filling the boat up entirely might have done more damage to the seams.

On each boat I repaired, I found many rivets that merely seeped water. However, I also found at least one that poured a constant stream. These bigger leaks were the main cause of water inside the craft during normal use. One boat actually carried a bilge pump to help keep up with the bailing. I circled any leaking rivet or seam with a black marker.

Making the repair

With the leaks identified and marked, here are the techniques used for the repair. Flip the boat over for easier access to the bottom and prepare the surface for bonding. For the seams, clean out any debris that might still be stuck inside. On the rivets, I used a wire brush in a circular motion to abrade the surface. A wire brush attachment on a cordless drill made the job even easier. Once everything is clean and well scuffed, gather the needed materials: a handheld propane torch, a heat gun, an 804 Syringe, paper towels, and G/flex 650 Epoxy.

Testing the results

Assemble The New Reinforcement Transom

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair – Step by Step Tutorial for Aluminum Boats & Jon Boats.

Now, you can assemble the transom strengthening component to its allocated location by following the guiding holes marked in the first step. Compress the reinforcement part then begin bolting it with rivets or stainless lock nuts.

Fasten all of the bolts and leave the reinforcement secured for a week so it can completely solidify. Examine it frequently to detect any hair-like gaps while utilizing polycarbonate, fiberglass or PVC, as well as plyboards for additional sealant coatings. Finally, tidy up all of the leftover areas.

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Roughing Up The Boundaries & Finishing Up

The edge of the fiberglass needs to be roughened up which was detached with a palm sander. Apply another coat of epoxy over the previous one to fill the void. Before that, you should remove the exterior fiberglass skin.

You can take the help of a wooden screw to combine the fiberglass with the plywood. With the drill machine, make proper holes over plywoods.

Again a coat of epoxy needs to apply to the fiberglass skin of the transom.

Put some weightless mist, for sticking to the edges of the woods. To paint the transom use acrylic paint. Also, dont miss a gel coat when the paint is dry.

Let the get coat set and install it in the void. It will take around 48 hours.

You might face some water leaking from transom holes. That indicates some parts of the transom need to be replaced. If you face such a situation, just follow the process accordingly to reinforce the transom.

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Transom Replacement In Aluminum Boat

Deepwaters said:The transom was rotted out on my 1987 Sea Nymph Fishing Machine, so I decided to replace it myself because the boat repair shop was scheduling three weeks out. I have pulled the 40Hp motor and removed the old transom, and will use it for a template. When I got the old transom out, it was in much worse shape than I anticipated. I need to have a 1.5 inch thick transom, so I plan to use two pieces of 3/4 inch plywood sandwiched together. A guy at a boat repair shop that I talked to said that he uses 7-ply pressure treated wood, and simply screws them together with stainless screws, and drops it in the aluminum skin. I’ve read about problems with corrosion with PT plywood and aluminum. Does anyone have experiance with using PT plywood for aluminum boat transoms?The alternative would be to use marine plywood and epoxy the outside to waterproof it before dropping it in. Using PT plywood sounds good because it is less prone to rot. Any advice would be appreciated.DW

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Fixation Of Plywood Reinforcing

For filling in the transom void under the fiberglass we will use the marine plywoods. Use a palm sander to coarse up the ends. Use a double coat of epoxy to both inside and out of the plywood as well as the void. You can use a dye roller to apply it properly.

At the places where plywoods will be installed, apply a thick coat of epoxy. Apply the epoxy coat both at the edges and the lowermost of the hull. The first cut of plywood should be placed against the back of your splash properly.

Make sure there is no extra epoxy dripping out of the edges.

I Need To Stiffen The Transom Of My Small Aluminum Tinboatsnet

Marine Repair Shop

I need to stiffen the transom of my small aluminum TinBoats.net laminate two sheets of 3/4 exterior grade plywood together. cut the desired shape out with your power tools. preserve and paint accordingly.

I broke the transom gussets last year when I was jumping some waves having some fun. I dont plan on doing this ever again but I want to stiffen the snot out of the transom. I have some 5/8 oak bolted to the transom but that doesnt cut it.

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How To Reinforce A Boat Transom

An aluminum jon boat with a wood transom that needs replacement means possibilities, such as making the transom taller to accommodate a long-shaft outboard. Whatever your choices, the end result needs to fit well, be properly finished and securely attached to the aluminum hull. Whether the wood transom on your aluminum jon boat is damaged or deteriorating, replacing it takes only some wood, the right tools, the right kind of caulk and paint or other surface sealant.

Items you will need

  • Right angle brackets, 1/2-inch bolt holes

  • Half-sheet, 3/4-inch marine plywood

Aluminum Boat Repair Kit With West System G/flex Epoxy

Aluminum Boat Repair Kit with WEST SYSTEM G/flex Epoxy Visit Epoxyworks.com for more information on repairing aluminum boats including patching holes, sealing leaky rivets, replacing transoms, attaching gear,

Visit Epoxyworks.com for more information on repairing aluminum boats including patching holes, sealing leaky rivets, replacing transoms, attaching gear, replacing floors and more.

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Cutting It Out From The Back

If you have done it this way already you will disagree with what I am about to write and probably do a pffff easy for them to say type comment to yourself. I have left this to second last so that hopefully it is the last point that sticks in your mind, however it is probably the most important point of them all!

Cutting your transom out from the back of your boat opposed to from the inside leaving the outer skin intact, is one of the most touch and go repairs I feel you can do. When a transom is put into a boat, no matter what brand or size, it is completed from the inside.

The gelcoat is laid in the mould, then backed up with the laminate then let cure. The transom is then made outside the boat separately, whether it be a one-piece transom or multiple substrates laminated together to form one. Once the transom structure has been made it is then laminated into the boat from the inside and usually clamped off using large U-shaped clamps. Once cured a lamination is the placed over the front face of the transom and all stringers etc butt up against this to begin forming the structure of the hull. The front face laminate usually only goes across the face of the transom and back onto the inside of the hull approx 150-200 mm. This then sandwiches the transom between the 2 laminates and in theory you glass up and over the top section of the transom and finish it neatly on the back side.

Replacing The Old Rivets With Carriage Bolts

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair “Part 1” Transom Needs Plywood Replaced

Choose a drill bit that matches the diameter of you carriage bolts and start drilling holes through the transom in the places where the old rivets were. As you finish each hole make sure it’s big enough for the bolt to pass through, remove the bolt and fill the hole with the 3M 5200 sealant. First put a washer on the bolt and push it through the freshly drilled and 5200 sealed hole. On the other end put another washer, lock washer and then bolt. Before pushing the bolts all the way through, apply a copious amount of 5200 to the areas when the washer will meet with the boat. Repeat this step with all holes left from drilling out the old rivets. Tighten the bots down as tight as possible using a normal ratchet or wrench. Give the 5200 sealant 48-72 hours to cure. Note: The great thing about the 3M 5200 sealant is that it cures up fairly hard, but still has enough elasticity to flex when the boat itself flexes during normal operation.

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Install The Sacrificial Anode

Electrolysis is almost unavoidable on aluminum boats, but an anode will sacrifice itself to the process. It gives up its electrons and weakens over time to protect other parts of your boat.

So, inspect the anode on your aluminum vessel. It is often located on the trim tabs or shafts. If your anode is in bad condition, replace it. If your boat doesnt have an anode, install one.

It Must Be A Complete Replacement And No Partials Allowed For Safety Resultsno Patches Partials Any Wood Left Behind Could Cause A Failure Wood Will Continue To Rot And Cannot Hold Up The Seacast

Call & Email photos to us as we help customers how to repair their boat with the ONLY PERMANENT MATERIAL and FREE TECH SUPPORT…read ALL below.Tech Support Hours M-T 9-2 EST -email us photos [email protected] and/or call 386-428-4722.

Our Seacast is the strongest and only one for Pemanent results.

Seacast Facts

Seacast is almost 3 times the strength of a marine plywood transom.

Seacast is Green! it has 35% recycled FRP which gives it it’s secret strength.

Seacast is .03 pounds lighter than a marine plywood transom, which will not alter the balance of your boat.

Seacast does not crack, creep, rot or freeze at any temperature.

Seacast is unmatched in impact resistance.

Seacast floats and does NOT absorb water.

Seacast is drillable & tappable like wood after pouring or self tapping if PVA mold release is applied prior to pouring.

***PLEASE Download our FREE MANUAL to read the Instructions & Rules for a safe repair. You may need spacers, pre-cut capping fiberglass, correct Polyester Resin, tools and more. ***NEVER USE HARMONICS AFTER POURING- USE ONLY A RUBBER HAMMER.

Aluminum boats..order our Aluminum Adhesive Bonder and fiberglass to close Rivet holes & U-Channels prior to pouring!

Order online or give us a call ! We are the only company that offers instructions for every stage of your replacementfrom start to finish for over 40 years.

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Light Aluminum Boat: Reinforce Whole Transom Boating Forum

Light aluminum boat: reinforce whole transom? Boating Forum I was recently given a 1995 14 Sears Gamefisher boat. I removed the rotten plywood on the transom. When I replace it, can I just copy the

I was recently given a 1995 14 Sears Gamefisher boat. I removed the rotten plywood on the transom. When I replace it, can I just copy the small trapezoidal shape which covers just the motor clamp area, or should I reinforce the transom with wood that covers the whole transom?

Damaged Transom & Repair


When there is damage or rot in the transom, be prepared for it to spread quickly. If the rot goes untreated, it will easily spread to the stringers and floors. If the transom, floor and stringers all go bad, then you can unfortunately say that all of the most important safety elements of your boat have been compromised and it must all be repaired. At Anchor Marine Repair, we have experience repairing and restoring all different types of boats and transom sizes. We will examine your boat and determine the amount of damage that is present. We will show you the damage, what needs to be repaired and inform you of any hurdles that may occur in getting to the area that is in need of repair. Our skilled technicians will get your boat looking bright and brand new once again no matter what type of structural damage may have occurred.

For a free estimate or consultation concerning your transom repair, give us a call today. Contact Anchor Marine Repair today at 763-972-3540 or send us an email at [email protected].

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Understanding The Purpose Of Your Boat

Understand your plans for your aluminum watercraft in advance so you can examine, repair, or reinforce a dependable transom arrangement. Boat transoms play an important function in reinforcing the structure of a vessels stern, which you should be aware of.

Evaluate the function of the boat, as well as the appropriate materials, gears, and gadgets for your transom restoration kit. Knowing your boats purposes contributes to safety and extended boat travel time. Hence, its essential to provide your vessels stern with a sturdy beam that can withstand external forces, intense weather, and turbulent waves.

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Google Sites

ALUMINUM BOAT TRANSOM REPAIR Google Sites Aluminum Boat Transom Repair : Alfason Repair. A horizontal beam reinforcing the stern of a vessel. In naval architecture, a transom is the surface that

In naval architecture, a transom is the surface that forms the stern of a vessel. Transoms may be flat or curved and they may be vertical, raked forward , or raked aft.

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