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How To Register My Boat In Texas

Q: I Haven’t Registered Or Titled My Boat Before What Should I Do

Buying a boat in Texas without a title? Watch this!

A: In Massachusetts, initial registration and titling is done by filling out the department’s registration application at any of five Registration offices. The boat owner must submit proof of ownership, a bill of sale, proof of payment of Massachusetts sales tax, and the appropriate registration and/or title fees. For new boats, an original manufacturer’s statement of origin must be provided as proof of ownership. An MSO, title, or previous registration can serve as proof of ownership for used boats.

In order to complete the application, you must provide the vessel’s Hull Identification Number and the boat’s year of manufacture, make, and length. State law requires that the title application must be made and the sales tax paid within 20 days of purchasing a boat. The Division also stores information such as the engine manufacturer, serial number, and horsepower for record keeping purposes.

Your Guide To Boat Registration In Texas

Take these steps and make sure that your boat is properly and lawfully registered in the Lone Star State.

In Texas, water is simply a way of life. From rivers to coastline to ponds to lakes , its just not a Texas summer day if you dont spend some of it on a boat. But, before you pack your cooler full of snacks, stock up on your sunscreen and head out on the water, you must make sure your boat is registered and legal to take out. Follow our guide here to register your boat ASAP.

How do I know if my boat needs to be registered?

In Texas, pretty much every single boat on the water must be registered with the Texas Parks and Wildlife office. All motorized vessels regardless of length as well as all non-motorized vessels 14 feet or longer must be registered. Those vessels already documented with the US Coast Guard must also be registered to go out on the water in Texas.

No matter where you are on Texas waters, you are required to have up-to-date registration. This includes any boats and vessels that are docked or moored.

What boats are exempt?

If your vessel fits one of these categories, it does not need to be registered with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

  • Your vessel is a non-motorized canoe, kayak, punt, rowboat or rubber raft
  • Your vessel is under 14 feet in length and non-motorized
  • Your vessel is documented by the Coast Guard and used as a coastal shipping vessel
  • Your vessel exceeds 115 feet in length

How do I register my boat in the state of Texas?



Q: I Live In Another State But Sometimes Boat In Massachusetts Do I Need To Register And Title My Boat

A: Visiting boat owners who are registered in another state are allowed to boat in Massachusetts for up to 60 consecutive days without obtaining a Massachusetts registration and title. If you plan to keep the boat in Massachusetts for more than 60 consecutive days, you must obtain a Massachusetts registration and title certificate.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Boat Title In Texas


. Also know, how long does it take to register a boat in Texas?

TEXAS BOAT REGISTRATION INFORMATIONAll motorboats and all outboard motors must be titled, including sailboats 14 feet and over in length must be titled. Effective January 1, 2004, vessels documented by the U.S. Coast Guard are required to have state registration. Boat registrations are valid for a two-year period.

Secondly, how long does it take to get a new title for a boat? Make sure to get a receipt and keep it some place safe until you receive your title. Titles typically take anywhere from eight to 10 weeks to come in the mail. However, some states expedite the service and you may be able to get your title much sooner.

Herein, how do I get a title for a boat in Texas?

Texas Titles

  • To replace a lost or destroyed Texas title for a vessel/boat, submit form PWD 143M.
  • To replace a lost or destroyed Texas title for an outboard motor, submit form PWD 144M.
  • Replace Titles Online through the Texas Parks & Wildlife or Texas Online website.
  • The owner of record must apply if there is no lien.
  • How do you get a title for an outboard motor in Texas?

    Submit the following to obtain Texas title for an outboard motor:

  • Form PWD 144
  • Form PWD 504 and.
  • Out-of-state title or.
  • Affidavit of Fact PWD 314
  • Boat Registration Numbers And Stickers

    Center console for Sale in Whitney, TX

    A boat registration number is its license plate and is comprised of letters and numbers that must be displayed on the hull, near the bow, on the front third of the boat on both sides. The letters and numbers must be read from left to right and may have a minimum size . The numbers can also be painted on. A registration sticker or decal proves that your boat registration is valid for that year. The length of validity varies by state but can be from one to three years.

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    Requesting A Lien Release

    Sometimes when an owner satisfies the terms of their lien, the TPWD does not know about it and so refuses their request for a replacement title. For whatever reason, it may not have received notification of the lien’s fulfillment. In this instance, the vessel owner must add a Release a Lien Form PWD 403 when asking for a replacement title. They must also submit at least one of these documents:

    • Title with the lien holder’s signature in the lien release section.
    • Section N on the Release a Lien form completed by the lien holder and notarized.

    After the owner submits the form and the accompanying information and fees to TPWD headquarters or their county tax assessor-collector office, the agency will mail the replacement title to them. This will take about 21 days to process. The owner can request an expedited replacement title for an extra fee.

    Purchasing Used Vessels And Outboard Motors

    Do not purchase a used vessel/boat or outboard motor without receiving an original title along with a signed bill of sale from the person listed on the title or from their legally documented representative.

    If a legal representative signs the title or bill of sale for the recorded owner, you must obtain a copy of the documentation authorizing the legal representative to act on behalf of the owner.

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    What Kind Of Boat Need To Be Registered In Massachusetts

    Boat Registration Learn about boat registration, titling and renewing your registration. State law requires any motor-powered boat, or boat operated on a Massachusetts public waterway, to be registered. This includes motorized fishing boats, canoes and sailboats with motors, and jet skis or wet bikes.

    Where Do I Register My Boat

    The Boating Guy – Do I need to register my boat?

    A good place to start is right here on Discover Boatingjust visit our Boat Registration page, which allows you to start the registration process online. In most states, you can also register a boat with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases it may be with the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Licensing, or the Department of Natural Resources . A boat can be officially registered in only one state.

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    Boat Is Registered In Georgia

    Seller should give the buyer a signed and detailed bill of sale and the Georgia boat registration card. The bill of sale must contain sufficient information to identify the boat, such as hull identification number, year, make, model, Georgia boat registration number, etc.

    Buyer should obtain the detailed bill of sale and the sellers registration card. If the seller is not the owner of record on the Georgia registration card, the seller should also give the buyer copies of bills of sale that form a chain back to the owner of record to show the boat was legally transferred by the owner of record to each subsequent owner if these bills of sale are available.

    The previous owners registration card should be retained by the buyer until their registration card is receivedafter their registration card is received we suggest the previous owners registration card be destroyed.

    Most Georgia registered boats have an eTitle in the state registration system. If a Georgia paper title for the vessel exists, it must be transferred and given to the buyer.

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    Where Do You Put The Tx Number On A Boat

    The TX number must be painted on, or otherwise attached to, each side of the forward half of the vessel, in such position as to provide easy identification. The TX number must read from left to right, be in BLOCK characters of good proportion not less than three inches in height and be of a color that contrasts with the background.

    Vessel/boat Title Requirements In Texas

    2002 Flats Cat 17 in Houston, TX

    The state requires the following vessels and outboard motors to have a title:

    • Motorized vessels of any length, including sailboats with auxiliary engines.
    • All nonmotorized vessels that are 14 feet long or longer.
    • All internal combustion outboard motors, including those that are gasoline, diesel or propane-powered.
    • Boat trailers must also have a title and registration.

    An owner can replace a lost title online unless it has a lien. Only the lien holder can hold the title of a vessel until the fulfillment of the debt occurs.

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    Q: What Should I Do If I Am Buying Or Selling A Boat

    A: In order to execute a boat transaction, the following items are necessary:

    • Bill of sale
    • 12-character serial number pencil tracing
    • Proof of payment of Massachusetts’ sales tax
    • A completed application
    • Appropriate fees
    • Title from seller if applicable

    Massachusetts sales tax is now payable online. For more information visit the Department of Revenue website or call 392-6089.

    In addition to the previous requirements, if the boat is 14 feet or greater in length and uses a motor either temporarily or permanently, or if it is designed for use with a motor, the certificate of title must be signed over from the seller to the buyer. The buyer then presents this information and documentation to the Massachusetts Environmental Police Registration Bureau to obtain a new registration card and certificate of title.

    Is It Worth Trying

    This is a question that comes up often, and one which can not be easily answered. Whether or not it is worth attempting to register a boat without first obtaining a title is a question very specific to your own situation.

    Depending upon the reason there is no title available the recourse can vary greatly and it may simply come down to whether or not you have the time and money to address the possible scenarios.

    If you have the ability to contact the last owner and obtain a duplicate it is a matter of a few day, maybe a week, until you are on the water. On the other hand, if you are buying a deal that is too good to be true, without paperwork or even a name/address for the last owner, chances are there is a problem. The more complex the problem the more likelihood it will not end in your favor.

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    Tips To Make It Easier

    While it is true that many obstacles encountered when attempting to register a jon boat without a title can be overcome they all cost you more than expected. This cost may be in the form of additional fees or it may be in terms of time needed to complete the process.

    In either case it is best to avoid the potential problems to be begin with, and mitigate known problems as much as possible, at the time of purchase. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Know the local requirements know what the rules are before you go shopping for your new jon boat. This will allow you to shop with confidence, know what any additional fees may be and what paperwork is required. This is the easiest way to avoid potential problems.
  • Always get a bill of sale. While it does not matter is this is a professionally prepared document or written on the back of a napkin with red crayon it should always contain your name, the name of the seller, a description of the boat , the date and price paid. Do not forget to also get sellers signature.
  • Ask for paperwork at time of purchase. If there is missing paperwork discuss this with the seller, come to an agreement as to how it will be resolved and document this on the bill of sale. If boat is sold as is without necessary paperwork and you do not address this at the time of sale you may face difficulty to do so later. This is when knowing what will be required for registration comes in very handy.
  • Bill Of Sale For Boat


    A Bill of Sale for a boat must have adequate information to positively link the BOS to the boat, similar to the example WRD BOS.

    Owners of Georgia registered boats must notify the Department, in writing, of sale or transfer, theft or recovery, or destruction or abandonment of a boat within 15 days.

    The following should be on the BOS:

    • GA or Other State Registration Number
    • HIN #
    • Hull Material
    • Sellers and Buyers Signature

    It is a judgment call whether WRD believes the BOS received is adequate to link the vessel to the BOS in a reasonably sufficient manner, or whether other documents such as a transferred title, a manufacturers statement of origin, or other information supports the submitted BOS. A BOS does not have to be witnessed OR notarized, although this is acceptable.

    If it is determined that a BOS is not available at all or is not adequate, the customer should obtain an adequate BOS. If a BOS cannot be obtained, the Affidavit of Vessel Ownership process may be completed.

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    Q: What Should I Do If I Lose My Registration Or Title

    A: If your registration or title certificate is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, you can apply for a duplicate. Just fill out the proper form and mail to the nearest registration office along with a check for the appropriate fee.Please note: Customers are allowed only 3 duplicate decals during a registration cycle.

    The Vessel Must Display The Boat Number And Expiration Decal As Stated Below

    Both port and starboard sides of the bow must display the registration number.

    Registration number must read from left to right on both port and starboard sides of the bow.

    Number must be in at least three inch high BLOCK letters.

    Color of numbers must contrast with the background.

    The letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or by a hyphen. example: TX 3004 GG or TX-3004-GG.

    Both sides of the bow must not display any other numbers.

    The boat expiration decal must be three inches behind and in line with the number .

    To register your boat/watercraft for the state of Texas or to read more about Texas Boat Numbers Registration Decal Display Laws, you can visit the boating and water safety section of Texas Parks and Wildlife website using this link.

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    Q: What If My Registration Has Expired

    A: You can renew online at, by mail or visit one of our registration offices.

    When registering in person, bring a copy of your old registration . You will be required to complete an application. Please bring with you a check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please include on your check the applicable registration number for our reference. Your registration will be brought up to date to reflect a two year boat, snowmobile or Off-Highway Vehicle registration. OHV/Snowmobile registrations for non-residents will reflect a one year registration. Please note: If your registration has been expired for 48 months or longer, you will not be able to renew it online. Please visit one of our registration offices to process your renewal.

    Do You Have To Register Your Boat With The Coast Guard

    2008 Prokat 2660 CC in Port O

    This includes motorized fishing boats, canoes and sailboats with motors, and jet skis or wet bikes. You do not need to register non-motorized boats or if the U.S. Coast Guard has issued you documented registration. If your vessel is used only for a city, county, state, or federal agency, you can register it for no fee.

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    Q: What If I Am In A Boating Accident Or My Boat Is Stolen

    A: The operator of a vessel is required to submit a written report to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, Boating and Recreational Vehicle Safety Bureau whenever an accident results in: The death of a person. The disappearance of a person under circumstances which suggest any possibility of death or injury. Any injury requiring medical attention. Property damage exceeding $500.

    Accidents resulting in death or serious injury must be reported within 48 hours. Other accident reports must be submitted within five days

    If a boat is lost, stolen, abandoned, or destroyed, the owner must notify the Massachusetts Environmental Police in writing within 15 days.

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