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How To Deter Seagulls From Boat

The Use Of Seagull Deterrents

How to Prevent Birds From Pooping on your Sailboat

The use of deterrents is one of the best ways to keep seagulls at bay. These tools come in different forms with the sole purpose of frightening these birds or causing discomfort.

Deterrents could range from animals or birds of prey to the color red as well as electric zappers among others.

Well be looking at the different deterrents you can use to take back control of your surroundings and property. With these, seagulls can only be looked or observed from afar.

Problems You May Experience

Gulls during their nesting season are the noisiest and the most aggressive birds. While these seabirds historically pose gull control problems in the coastal regions, more seagulls are now moving into built-up locations to nest.

Bird mess, excessive noise, bird fouling, insect infestations, and damage to properties are the main reasons gulls are considered to be a bird pest. Gulls are often feared by tourists because these birds can carry diseases, parasites, and germs including E.Coli, Salmonella.

Seagulls waste can carry fungal infections and Psittacosis. So, how to keep seagulls away?

Britenway Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape

Another quirky way to keep those seagulls at bay would be scare tape. Just like the other reflective choices on the list, this tape touts disco-ball level shine that most birds tend to dislike.

Whats nice about tape is that you can tie it virtually anywhere on your boat, and it even improves your visibility in certain conditions. The ultra strong and sturdy tape was developed with the outdoors in mind, so you wont have to think about the stuff deteriorating over time.

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How Do You Clean After Birds

Cleaning bird droppings off of boats and docks requires certain products to safely clean up and protect surfaces from damage at the same time. Many dropping removers or cleaners are nontoxic and biodegradable, making them harmless to humans and other animals.

These removers effectively and safely dissolve bird droppings on wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, and other surfaces. In addition to cleaning, you can use a deodorizer to get rid of any foul smells caused by bird droppings. Most can be sprayed on fabrics as well as hard surfaces.

Pwsdisplay Yard Open 24

Dead Seagull Bird Deterrent Decoy

Red Tag

PWSs display area is always open for you to examine at your leisure. All displays available for sale have a numbered, red tag on them. Want more information on something you saw in our yard? Please reference that number when you inquire.

PWS provides estimates by email to make the process faster, safer, and paperless.

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They Carry Loads Of Disease

Theyre not called rats of the air for nothing. When seagulls arent pestering boat owners at the dock, theyre scavenging through garbage cans and other unsanitary areas. Theyre hunters by nature, but they dont really mind grabbing a scavenging opportunity whenever they can, especially if it guarantees a full stomach.

Unfortunately, that means that when a gull lands on your boat, its probably been to some pretty questionable places first. And it doesnt even matter if youve got kids or older adults on board – no one should be exposed to the kind of germs and microbes that seagulls bring.

Theyre filthy and unsanitary, and they can make your boat a breeding ground for bacteria. The same goes for the waste they so generously leave behind. And because theyre there for the food, you can expect any food or drink they come into contact with to become absolutely unsafe for consumption.

Seagull Control Has The Expertise To Keep Seagulls Away Permanently

Seagull Control Systems® has extensive experience delivering the most effective seagull deterrent solutions for your seagull problem. Eliminating seagull infestations is our only business. For over a decade our seagull deterrent solutions have permanently ended seagull infestations all across North America. We earn our A+ Better Business Bureau rating every day with seagull deterrent solutions that never fail to get rid of gullspermanently.

Flat and peaked roofs, docks and piers, solid waste facilities, solar panel arraysyou name it and weve solved a seagull problem, We have never failed to get rid of seagull infestations.

Keep seagulls off roofs keep seagulls off boats keep seagulls off docks keep seagulls away. Get rid of seagulls- permanently.

We know how to transform an environment where seagulls feel safe and comfortable into a location they fear and avoid.

  • We only use seagull deterrent methods that work permanently.
  • We never use nets, traps, or other methods that can harm seagulls or other wildlife.
  • Seagull deterrents are our only businesswe are experts in this specialized bird control area.

Pest control/Wildlife abatement operatorswe can partner with you as your seagull deterrent experts, your back office, delivering solutions for you to solve your clients seagull problems. Click Industrial/Commercial and give us a call to discuss how we can help eliminated seagull infestations.

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How To Keep Seagulls Away

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How To Get Rid Of Seagulls On The Roof

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!

Seagulls look for places to hide and nest and there is no better area better suited for this than the roof. When it comes to figuring out how to scare off seagulls from your roof, the best method is to figure out methods that will keep seagull populations away from the roof.

A good seagull deterrent to consider using for your roof is bird netting or parallel wires. These two methods need little upkeep on your part and can work around the clock to keep the birds firmly off of your roof.

If you are wondering how to scare seagulls from roof structures, decoy kites require less installation, but you have to make sure the birds do not become used to the sight of the decoy kite.

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Scs Wind Powered Seagull Deterrent

It is an excellent spinning visual deterrent that is effectively used to prevent seagulls from landing on boats as well as on chimneys, cars and other surfaces about 8 ft square or less.

Price: From $55 to $70

Where to buy: at

How it works: The product features reflective predator eyes to scare gulls from coming near the treated area.

Varieties: The kit comes in 4 varieties depending on the area you are protecting.

Why Seagulls Pose A Big Problem

Aside from the physical harm and unaesthetic presence of gulls in your area, they also bring in tons of health problems.

According to Elizabeth Wheeler Alm, a microbiologist at Central Michigan University, seagulls can bring bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella in some beaches. Others would even bring Campylobacter and Cryptosporidium.

E. coli and salmonella can cause severe and bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Meanwhile, Campylobacter can wreak various foodborne diseases.

All of these pose a direct threat to beaches and surrounding establishments. Aside from that, it can also compromise the living conditions of coastal residents.

Also, seagulls arent shy when they are hungry. They will not think twice to dive into a kid holding an ice cream cone. Moreover, seagulls tend to go back to their nesting place year after year. With this, the infestation becomes an endless cycle. You should know how to get rid of seagulls right away.

Here are more possible threats that seagulls pose to coastal areas:

*Nesting sites and the droppings of seagulls attract a variety of bugs, insects, and beetles. So aside from the seagull infestation, youll also have to deal with another pest problem.

*Seagull droppings contain strong acids that can corrode boats and damage the exterior of establishments.

*The lingering presence of seagulls will damage roofs due to dislodged tiles and debris that are stuck on the drains.

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How To Get Rid Of Seagulls On Boats

Boats are tricky when it comes to a seagull population. Your boat is constantly moving if its during the season when you take it out often, therefore, it can be difficult to keep gulls from it and any possible food sources that may be attracting the gulls.

Bird gels will likely be your best bet in this scenario. Gels are not bulky and obvious and can stick to surfaces that may deter the birds from landing on surfaces that have the gel.

You can apply the gel all across the surface of the boat and once the gulls become stuck in the gel and have to wrestle free from it, they wont want to go through the trouble of having to do this every time they decide to land on your boat.

Are Seagulls Always Coming Back To Your Pier

Dead Seagull Bird Deterrent Decoy

If the answer is yes they found a source of food nearby.

Seagulls Returning for food

Seagulls are territorial and aggressive when it comes to food. Under no circumstances should you feed them. They will return time and time again. They are like a friend who wanted to stay for just a day or two and never left. The difference is they are not your friend.

Remind your visitors not to feed them. Once a seagull finds a source of food, other seagulls will appear.

Dont leave food containers outside after your parties. Seagulls will return if you do.

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Secret To Keeping Seagulls Off Your Boat Canopy & Covers

  • Post author:John Allen
  • Post last modified:August 3, 2021

Disclaimer: As an affiliate I may earn a commission on any qualifying purchases, including those from, at no extra cost to you read more.

Seagulls are the enemy of all the worlds boat owners. I personally dislike them and have previously joked with my wife about shooting these flying rodents.

Stopping birds from pooping all over the chairs, canvas, canopy, and covers of your boat seems to be an ongoing battle. And if you own a boat lift, chances are that theyve also made this their new home, leaving their mess all over the place.

But its not just the pooping damage to your boat and the irritating stains. The disease is often transmitted by seagulls and can be a health concern. Think of the places where you see them when theyre not on your ship.

They can be seen pecking in bins and around garbage dumps, searching whatever scraps they can. This means that they carry all the nastiness with them when it comes to the seagulls sitting on your ships.

Seagulls, too, are clever, far more than we credit them for. If they find a place they like, particularly if theres food nearby, then theyll hang around, and then theyll call in more reinforcements!

And if that place is your boat, then you not only risk the damage you need to clean up but also put your health at risk as the disease can spread.

How To Keep Birds Off Your Boat

Seabird droppings are one of the less pleasant aspects of boat ownership, but its something every sailor has to deal with. Gulls love the high-up perches provided by your mast and spreaders, where they can gather en masse to rest and eat. Unfortunately for your poor boat, this means that everything they leave behind poop, fish entrails and more can wind up encrusted on your boats paintwork, deck, and canvas.

Returning to your boat and finding it smeared with droppings doesnt just mean hours of cleaning it may even cause lasting damage to the canvas and bodywork of your vessel. Seabird droppings are notoriously difficult to clean off and, if left awhile, can eventually bleach textiles, leaving unsightly white stains.

Mess aside, seabird poop has also been found to harbor large numbers of potentially dangerous bacteria, such as E.coli. With all the risks and inconveniences associated with gull droppings, the best way to protect your boat is to make sure birds dont land there in the first place.

Deterring seagulls is easier than you might think, and the methods of doing so are often low maintenance and easy to implement. But which methods and devices are most effective for keeping birds off your boat?

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Seagull Stopper Standard Bird Deterrent For Canopies

Unless youve got the time and motivation to keep cleaning your boat lift canopy, then you might want to consider installing the Seagull Stopper. This clever design uses magnetic attachments that make installation just that much easier.

The framework sits on your canopy and creates a barrier between the birds and the canopy material itself. And how exactly does it work? Well, seagulls have webbed feet. The the frames sleek tubes make it impossible for them to rest or perch on your canopy so theyll have to look for a new place to hang out.

How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat

Got Seagulls? Best Seagull Deterrents

Categories: Tips

Just as the Florida Gators vs.the Florida State Seminoles is one of the biggest rivalries in all of college sports, boaters and seagulls have been at odds for centuries. As a boat owner, youre probably very familiar with this process.

  • Seagull lands on your boat
  • Seagull does what seagulls do
  • You curse the seagulls
  • You spend your Saturday scrubbing or washing your boat, canopy, or cover
  • More seriously, seagulls can and do carry bacteria like Campylobacter, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. By keeping seagulls away from your vessel, you reduce the demands of cleaning and the possibility of waste on your boat, which will help keep you and your passengers from getting ill.

    Seagulls are and likely always will be a part of , but there are things you can do to deter seagulls from landing on your boat. With a few proactive measures, you can keep your boat cleaner and save yourself some significant work along the way.

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    Seagull SweepOne affordable, effective way to keep seagulls off your boat is with a Seagull Sweep. This is effective through moving rods that prevent seagulls from landing for more than a few seconds, and likely not at all. These spin automatically with the wind and are proven to be effective.

    Reflective TapeReflective tape has shown to be effective against seagulls landing. There are products made specifically for this purpose, but any reflective tape may be worth a try.

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    How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat Lift & Canopy

    Static boat lifts are commonly used as great places for seagulls to hang around, cause a nuisance, and generally stink the place out with their crap.

    Heres just a couple of ways you can stay one step ahead of these annoying critters.

    #3: Gulls Away

    If you have a boat lift with a canopy on top of it, then my recommended anti-seagull deterrent would be a product called Gulls Away .

    Its renowned as being one of the easiest and most effective ways in which you can keep seagulls off your boat lift, as well as their poop!

    The great thing I like about it is that to the naked eye its not that noticeable so wont take anything away from how good your boat lift looks.

    It can work with boat lifts such as Daka, Hewitt, Newmans, Pier Pleasure, RGC, Shoremaster, and many others.

    Its dead simple to assemble, as you can see from the diagram below.

    The Gulls Away product is simple to install and provides a quick and easy boat bird deterrent.

    You fix the rods below the boat lift roof frame, and then pull the transparent fishing wires over the top.

    The diagonal patterns discourage and deter birds from landing on the boat lift canopy so should be the answer to your prayers.

    #4: Spikes & Nets

    For a very cheap solution simply mimic what you see happening on land.

    Youve probably seen store owners place spikes and netting above shop doors and signage to stop birds sitting and pooping on customers.

    You can take exactly the same approach on a boat lift, marina, or dock.

    How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat Canopy

    #2: Bird B Gone Spider Device

    This device also involves no wiring and no power, is wind operated and looks like a spider. But the legs are thin enough that its not that noticeable most of the time.

    The spider legs bounce around in the wind creating a fantastic seagull deterrent go take a .

    Its great way to keep seagulls off your boat canopy, covers, or could even fit it on top of a boat lift too if you wish.

    Ive personally not tried this device, but the Amazon reviews are very impressive, and Ive seen loads of boat owners using these successfully.

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    S For Keeping Seagulls Away From Boats & Marinas

    The above seagull deterrents are specifically designed for boats, boat canopies, and boat lifts. Either one or a combination of a couple of solutions should work for you.

    However, whilst researching this guide I also stumbled across a variety of other methods that people are using to scare away seagulls and birds on a far larger scale.

    I thought it would be a little fun just to list a few other anti-bird deterrents and methods that I found online, some of which might not be particularly helpful on a boat, marina, or dock.

    Here are some methods you can try out to help keep keep seagulls away from marinas and docks.

    Some are low cost solutions which you can set-up with very cheap items, others require more advanced expertise.

    #1: Sheepdogs

    This is more of a solution for people who own or manage marinas and docks where berth or slip holders are experiencing seagull pooping and infestation problems.

    Believe it or not, recent research has shown that by patrolling with a sheepdog you can reduce the number of seagulls by up to 99%.

    And theres even a best time of day to do it.

    Its worth mentioning that the intention here isnt for the dog to kill the seagulls, but instead to scare them away. Seagulls will see the dog as a predator and steer well clear.

    #2: Hawks or Falcons

    This is another great way to rid a marina or dock of birds and seagulls.

    But it requires someone with expertise in raptor bird handling.

    This guy just saw the hawk approaching and his days are numbered.


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