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Boat And Jet Ski Trailer

Double Jet Ski Trailer Dimensions

NorthTool Ironton Jet Ski Trailer Review and LED Lighting Tip! ~ DIY

How wide is a double jet ski trailer?

The average double jet ski trailers are 98-102 inches long. It can be tricky if you want to store a double jet ski trailer in a single garage, since the width of both is nearly the same, around 100 inches!

How long is a double jet ski trailer?

A double jet ski trailer is around 170-230 inches long. One of the shortest double jet ski trailers is the PWT2212G from Com-Fab, as this model is just 167 inches long. The longest jet ski double trailers are usually equipped with storage boxes and racks, and can reach 230 inches length.

How much does a double jet ski trailer weigh?

A double jet trailer weighs around 300-550 pounds depending on its material and features. The lightest double jet ski trailers are the aluminum models, as they weigh as low as 300-350 pounds. On the other end of the spectrum, the steel double jet ski trailers weigh 450-550 pounds.

How much weight can a double jet ski trailer hold?

A double jet ski trailer can hold around 1,200-2,500 pounds depending on the model. To stay safe and legal, always calculate your jet skis curb weight, and dont forget to add the weight of the accessories you may add to your trailer!

Can you haul one jet ski on a double trailer?

Faqs About Pwc Trailers

How much does a single jet ski trailer cost?

A single jet ski costs around $700-1,500 depending on the material and manufacturer. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. The cheapest single jet ski trailers are the painted steel models, which are unfortunately prone to rust. The galvanized trailers are a better choice, while the best jet ski trailers are made of aluminum.

How much does a double jet ski trailer cost?

Double jet ski trailers cost from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the make and the model. The cheapest double jet ski trailers are the galvanized models, while the most expensive are made of aluminum.

When you buy a jet ski does it come with a trailer?

Do trailers come with jet ski? This is a typical question when it comes to purchasing a new jet ski. Contrary to popular belief, jet skis dont come with trailers so it means an additional cost for you beyond the purchase price!

Does a Sea-Doo come with a trailer?

No, unfortunately Sea-Doo-s arrive without trailer. But the good news is that you can choose, for an additional charge, from different Sea-Doo Move Trailers, which are all good quality aluminum trailers!

Can you rent jet ski trailers?

Apart from these companies, there are several others who offer jet ski trailer rental services directly, such as the ones mentioned below:

What size is a jet ski trailer?

What size hitch ball do I need for a jet ski trailer?

How do you replace the bunks on a jet ski trailer?

You can see the process here:

Double Jet Ski Trailers

This trailer allows you to store and tow two PWCs at the same time. Whats more, you can launch two crafts at once as they are both located on the trailer side by side.

The double jet ski trailer makes things hassle-free and is also cost-efficient as compared to using two single trailers. But, on the other hand, as this trailer takes up more space, it does not fit into a regular garage. Its also one of the first-time buyer mistakes!

Buyers purchase a double trailer and then later realize that it does not fit through the garage door. In fact, the width of a typical single garage door and a double trailer is quite similar as both are about 100.

So, before you end up purchasing a double jet ski trailer, make sure that it fits into your garage. Do check the dimensions of the garage door before you set off to buy one.

If you want to store a double trailer in a regular garage or even in a double garage beside your car, then you may need to move them to a dolly. Now, it is not the most convenient way to store the jet skis, but if space is an issue then it is the only way to do so.

You will find that the way from the dolly to the trailer is much easier, however the other direction could be much more tricky!

Another important thing to know about double jet ski trailers is that they weight more, and because of this many of their models are available with brakes. But, it also means that you would require a larger tow vehicle for it.

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Aluminum Jet Ski Trailer

When it comes to single boat trailers, the aluminum jet ski trailer is one of the best options for small boats. The jet ski trailer is a sturdy and versatile trailer with a load capacity of 1,400 lbs. This model comes with all the accessories you need: a torsion axle system, LED lights, stainless steel hardware and 1,400 lbs. GVWR. We invite you to take a look at this single axle trailer star.

Pwc And Pwc/boat Combination Trailers

Boat/jet ski trailer

Whether you require a two-PWC trailer, a six-PWC trailer or a trailer that can carry all of your PWCs and another boat, Loadmaster will examine your cargo and all manufacturers requirements in order to construct the specific frame and bunking configurations required to transport your crafts for any length of distance. Why bring more than one tow vehicle on vacation just to get your toys to the lake? Let us combine your boats on one trailer to save you time, money and headache! We can even design a flatbed platform in the front to tie down a 4-wheel, snow mobile or any other items you want to travel with you!

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Jet Skis With Trailer Boats For Sale

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Length –

Posted Over 1 Month

2009 Sea-Doo RXT 215 Supercharge 3 Passenger 2004 GTX Wakeboard Edition 3 Passenger 2010 Doulbe Jet ski Trailer Ski and Trailer in Great Condition!! All Maintance Kept Up and Skis Flushed After Every Use.

Length 11′

Posted Over 1 Month

Length 23

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Length 22

Posted 1 Month Ago

With Click& boat The Fun Of Jet

With peer-to-peer jet-ski rentals, you cannot only rediscover this exciting hobby, but also avoid rips-off like: USD 150.00 for 1 hour. Renting on Click& Boat allows you to get a lower price, a great quality, and to enjoy an entire day jet-skiing. You will have time to climb on this powerful engine, have fun with your friends, and even use the jet-ski to visit beautiful beaches nearby. With Click& Boat, you get all the advantages of a regular rental, without its disadvantages With peer-to-peer jet ski rental, you may even develop a great relationship with the owner, and very easily rent from them again. We have jet skis in Riding a jet ski may be an activity popular to adventure-seekers, but it can be enjoyed by anyone: families, friends, curious minds, ocean lovers, and even newbies.

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Aluminum Jet Ski Trailers Vs Steel Trailers

When it comes to materials, you can choose between steel and aluminum jet ski trailers.

The majority of experts agree that aluminum is better than steel. If you wish to know why and learn more about the materials, it is vital to mention first that steel trailers are available in two different versions, namely galvanized and painted.

Place Jet Ski Trailers

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit – 610-Lb. Load Capacity

This model is rarely seen on the roads but you can find 3 place jet ski trailers in the market. Some manufacturers even offer larger trailers for towing 4 or even 6 jet skis at the same time.

As you guessed it, these huge models are not for residential purposes. Instead, they are perfect for rental services, dealers or mobile jet ski repair shops since it is more economical to move many jet skis using just one trailer at the same time.

Larger PWC trailers can be manufactured based on your needs

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Ease Of Loading And Launching

Your awesome PWC trailer design will allow your crafts to be driven on and off the trailer. This requires a specific arrangement of frame construction, bow stop/winch stands, as well as the proper bunking which are all unique to each trailer. We will also take care to ensure that the PWCs closest to the front of the trailer can get to the proper water depth so that they can simply float off the trailer when required, which may necessitate a tongue extension. Want to make the trailer shorter? If so, we can mount the skis sideways on the trailer if needed, however this arrangement makes it very challenging to power your ski on the trailer, not to mention that its pretty tricky to have a winch stand. Our sales reps will work with you individually to design every angle of the trailer to suit your boating lifestyle!

*new* Marlon Small Boat / Watercraft Trailer 12500lb Cap Led Lighting Galvanized $1899

*NEW* MARLON Single PWC / Watercraft trailer Tire Size: 4.80 x 12, Carrying Capacity: 1250 lbs, Approximate Weight 229 lbs, Overall Width: 60″, Overall Length: 13′ 5″, Width between fenders: 46″, 2″ coupler, Adjustable carpeted bunks, Galvanized Metal Fenders, Grease-Able Bearing system, Leaf spring suspension with Galvanized Axle, Full LED lighting!Will fit 10′ Small boats!*2 Week Lead Time* Galvanized $1899 Spare Wheel, Galvanized Rim $119Swivel Tongue Jack w/wheel add $69Spare tire Carrier $69

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Buying A Boat Or Watercraft Trailer

Trailering your boat can save you money and allow you to discover new water for boating, fishing or play. With a boat trailer you can store your watercraft at home, take care of maintenance and avoid any third-party storage, transportation, or maintenance fees.

How to know what kind of boat trailer to buy?

Major things to consider when shopping for a boat trailer are the size of your boat and where you intend to use the watercraft. Salt and fresh water have different effects on trailers as do sites with deep ramps.

  • Boat trailers for sale will have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. To determine if the GVWR is sufficient for your boat, calculate the combined weight of your boat, engine, fuel, water, batteries, and gear. Add another 15-20% as a safety buffer.
  • Boat trailers are available with single or multiple axles. For most boats under 20 feet, a single axle is sufficient. Single axles are easier to maneuver and less costly to maintain, but multiple axles can provide more stability on the road.
  • Frames for boat trailers are made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum is lighter than steel and the best choice for boating in saltwater. Some steel frames are galvanized, which can cut down on rusting. Painted steel is also less likely to rust.

Are there particular concerns with purchasing a used boat trailer?

  • 1.75 inch axle diameter = 1 ton weight capacity
  • 2.375 inch axle diameter = 3500 pounds weight capacity
  • 3 inch axle diameter = 5200 to 7000 pounds weight capacity

Single Jet Ski Trailers

BST410AY Alloy Jet Ski Trailer or 12

One of the most common types of trailers is the single jet ski trailer. It is able to accommodate one jet ski at a time. So, if you only own one craft, then it is the type of trailer that you would need.

This type of trailer tends to be rather small and arrives with a single axle. A great thing about the single jet ski trailer is the fact that it is easy to move around and can be stored in the garage. This type of model can even be towed by smaller cars.

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Hd Tandem Axle Trailers With Brakes

For boats 25 to 32 feet and up to 10,500 -12,500 lbs depending on model selected.

Aluminum 8 I beams, aluminum cross members, stainless steel hardware, submergible led tail lights, Torsion axles and stainless Kodiak brakes on all axles/wheels, 16 wheels and heavy duty 8 lug hubs, heavy duty Timken bearings. Requires a 2 5/16 ball.

Quad Axle Aka Quadzilla

For boats 37 to 44 foot up to 28,000 lbs and shaft driven yachts.Aluminum 10 I beams, aluminum cross members, stainless steel hardware, submersible led tail lights, Torsion axles and stainless Kodiak electric brakes on all axles/wheels. Timken bearings and hubs. Requires a 2 5/16 ball.


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*new* Karavan Single Long Frame Pwc / Watercraft Trailer Galvanized $

*NEW* Karavan Single PWC / Watercraft trailer Long Frame, Tire Size: 4.80 x 12B, Carrying Capacity: 1250 lbs, Approximate Weight 250 lbs, Overall Width: 60″, Overall Length: 14′ 3″, Width between fenders: 46″, Adjustable carpeted bunks, Sure lube Bearing system, Galvanized Torsion axle suspension, Upgrade 2 piece winch post, Full LED Lighting, Will fit 10′-12′ Small boats, 2″ Coupler, 4 Prong electrical hook up.*OUT of STOCK* Galvanized $ Spare Tire, Galvanized Rim $119Swivel Tongue Jack w/wheel add $69Spare tire Carrier $59

The Best Pwc Trailers In 2021

Home Made Jon Boat Trailer [Made from an old Jet Ski trailer]

You can find several good quality jet ski trailers on the market. To make the choice easier for you, we have collected all the available models from the main manufacturers in the chart below. This way, you can browse and compare the models to find out which is the best PWC trailer for you!

If youd like you can sort the rows by clicking on the header. Curious about a specific model?Click the model name to find additional specifications and pictures.


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*new* Karavan Single Pwc / Watercraft Trailer Galvanized $

*NEW* Karavan Single PWC / Watercraft trailer, Dropped cross-members for easy loading, Carrying Capacity: 1250 lbs, Approximate Weight 229 lbs, Overall Width: 60″, Overall Length: 12′ 5″, Width between fenders: 46″, Tire Size: 4.80 x 12B, Galvanized rims, 2″ coupler, Adjustable carpeted bunks, Sure lube Bearing system, Galvanized axle, Leaf spring suspension, Full LED lighting. Will fit 10′ Small boats*OUT of STOCK* Galvanized $ Spare Tire, Galvanized Rim $119Swivel Tongue Jack w/wheel add $69Spare tire Carrier $69

*new* Ez Loader Double Watercraft Trailer 2100 Lb Capacity Galvanized $3799

*NEW* EZ Loader Double Watercraft Trailer, 13″ Wheels, 2100lb Carrying Capacity, 85″ Between Fenders, 99″ Overall Width, 16′ Overall Length, 480lb Curb Weight, Galvanized Torsion Axle suspension, Sealed Hubs, Dual 2 piece Adjustable Winch posts, Fully adjustable bunks, Polymer Fenders, 2″ hitch coupler, 4 prong electrical, Tongue Jack optional.IN STOCK *2 Available* Galvanized $3799 Plus $5 Tire levy per tire Cash price, Add 2% for Credit card purchase. Price subject to BC Tire levy and 12% tax.Swivel Tongue Jack w/wheel add $69Spare wheel Galvanized Rim $169Tire Carrier $59

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How Much Is A Jet Ski Trailer The Best Pwc Trailers In 2021

Jet Ski trailer is the most vital accessory which one needs when you purchase a new watercraft .

You might actually question whether you need a trailer in the first place or not. The answer to this question is a simple no.

If you are wondering how you can store a jet ski, then the good news is that there are a few ways to do so and in some cases you do not even need a trailer! For instance, one can easily keep their craft in a marina or in their waterfront home. The jet ski can be kept at a floating dock or jet ski lift.

A trailer is a must-have if you have to tow the craft regularly or even occasionally and lets not forget those jet ski trailer parts and accessories which every owner should have.

Most first time buyers believe that when they buy a new jet ski, it would arrive with a trailer, under the same price. However, this is far from truth. Most likely it will be an extra cost to you.

You must keep in mind that the factory trailer is not always the best option. It is important to note that you dont have to purchase it directly from the dealership as you can buy it from other sources too.

There are plenty of jet ski trailer manufacturers in the market. Choosing the right PWC trailer manufacturer is not an easy task. Trailers are made using different materials, and are available in various sizes, capacities and have many unique features.

This is why buyers should do their research before they buy one.

Discover jet ski trailers

How Much Is A Jet Ski Trailer

BST410AY Alloy Jet Ski Trailer or 12

A new jet ski trailer can cost $700-$9,000 depending on the size and the model. Single jet ski trailers cost around $700-$1,500, while you should expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000 for a new double jet ski trailer. The costs of the largest 3-4 place jet ski trailers vary widely, but in general, the prices start from $5,000 up to $9,000.

Dont forget, youll more than likely have to pay for tag and tax on the trailer too, depending on your state!

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Tandem Axle Trailers With Brakes

For boats 19 to 25 feet and up to 6,000 lbs.Excellent for jet drive and Shaft driven boats.Aluminum I beams, aluminum cross members, stainless steel hardware, submergible led tail lights, Torsion axles and stainless Kodiak brakes on all axles/wheels. Heavy duty Timken bearings and hubs. Requires a 2 5/16 ball.

How Much Is A Used Jet Ski Trailer

How Much is a Used Jet Ski Trailer? As a rule of thumb, a used jet ski trailer costs about half as much as a new one. It means a used single jet ski costs around $350-$750, while you have to pay $1,000-$1,500 for a used double jet ski trailer. Finally, the price depends on many factors like trailer material and its condition.

Speaking of used models, it is highly recommended that you choose an aluminum trailer. When it comes to painted and galvanized trailers, it might be questionable how they had been handled and maintained.

You can find many used jet ski trailers on Craigslist, eBay, or PWC Trader.

But if you are not 100% sure that the trailer is in good shape, it is not worth the risk and you should buy a new one. Before you buy, make sure to take advantage of this useful guide for buying a used jet ski trailer.

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