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How Much Does An Electric Boat Lift Cost

Can I Leave Boat Lift In Water During Winter

Sunstream Float Lift in Action

Leaving your boat lift in the water could result in damage from freezing conditions, especially if you live in an area where ice movement is common. A wheel kit from ShoreMaster can make boat lift removal as easy as rolling it out of the water, and your boat lift can easily sit on those wheels or its pads.

Mr Lifter Jet Ski Lift

Mr. Lifter Jet Ski Lift rotates 360 degrees offering convenient and safe storage of your personal watercraft.

The advantages of storing your watercraft over the top of your dock are preventing chipping and flaking of the hull from exposure to water, being able to store it out of the way, and the ability to launch and dock with ease.

Cleaning is a breeze and you can cover it or leave it uncovered if you choose.

The Mr. Lifter comes ready-to-assemble with everything you need for a professional and flawless installation. The UHMW polyethylene bearings provide effortless operation and are whisper quiet. The wood jet ski lift bunks are pressure treated and can be adjusted to fit a variety of watercraft sizes.

You can choose a manual clutch/brake winch or one with an electric winch. Electric jet ski lifts are always the best choice if youre looking for a more effortless launching solution.

Get more for your money with this adjustable, rotating jet ski lift. Its the strongest lift on the market and comes at an affordable price, sometimes less than competitors. The Mr. Lifter has been in the industry for 20+ years.

The galvanized metal frame of the jet ski lift can hold more weight than other comparable aluminum models. The latest upgraded model has been recently designed for the newest jet skis!

Electric Outboard Motor For Boat: Final Thoughts

With the unbeatable advantages like quietness, clean, exhaust-free, and the lower overall cost with a few years of use, electric outboard motors are gaining more popularity over time.

You will see more and more electric outboard motors for sailboats, kayak, canoe, and dinghy boats on sale and in use for the upcoming years, especially with the push of the government.

If youre interested but not sure what type and size of electric outboard motor suits you best, leave us a message on the comments and well try our best to help you find the best pick.

If you are looking for an electric outboard motor in the UK, US, NZ, Canada, Australia, or any other regions worldwide, and want a quick delivery, you may check out the local dealers and order directly from them with solid support if there is an issue coming up.

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Pile Mounted Boat Lifts

Pile mounted boat lifts are designed to be mounted on your docks existing pilings or on dedicated pilings you have driven in to support the lift.

This is sometimes a confusing topic depending on your geographic norms. While the coastal areas usually use treated round wood pilings some other areas use square wood poles, concrete pilings or even steel . These 4-piling lifts can be used on any of these but in come cases need a special bracket, which usually is no extra cost. If you are unsure, please just give us a call and we will be glad to help!

Hp Electric Outboard Motor: Epropulsion Spirit 10 Plus

Boat Lift Cost

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and portable electric outboard motor for the dinghy, inflatable and fishing boats, sailboats, and tenders, the Spirit 1.0 Plus is your best choice.

This electric outboard motor with a built-in battery provides 3 hp equivalent horsepower and can go up to 22 miles at 4.5 mph, or keep running all day long at trolling speed.


  • 1276Wh capacity for 4-hour economical speed runtime
  • Floating battery, youll never lose it if it drops into the water
  • 180W solar charging for extra charging
  • Lightweight
  • Folding tiller, easy to pack and carry the motor
  • Digital display, youll always know the battery level, remaining runtime, etc
  • 3 hours full recharge with quick charger
  • Designed for freshwater and saltwater

As an electric outboard motor for saltwater and freshwater, the Spirit is durable and efficient to be used in the lake, marine, and simply any kind of environment.

Check out how the Spirit performs in the water on this genuine electric outboard motor review:

For advanced hydrogeneration capacity, check out the Spirit 1.0 Evo. You will love it on sailing.

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Average Boat Prices: 15 Helpful Examples

All boats are different, so average boat prices can be hard to define. Ill do my best to demonstrate all of your options and the prices associated with them!

The number of different boat categories seems to be never-ending, and the differences between different categories can often be very subtle.

Here are some of the larger categories that youre likely to encounter when searching for a boat:

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Boat Lift

If youre trying to decide if a boat lift is the best solution for storing your vessel, then youre likely trying to determine how much it will cost. Theres no simple or single answer, as a wide range of factors contribute to determining the cost of a lift system. The type, size, and configuration of the lift are among the most significant factors. Typically, the larger your vessel, the more the lift will cost.

There are many other factors that affect the cost of a boat lift as well. For example, there are numerous models available, with entry-level lifts offering greater affordability than more advanced systems with extra features. Youll also have add-on options, such as remote control units, that impact price. Another major factor is how much additional construction is needed to install the lift system. If you own a dock, you will need a set of 4 pilings dedicated for the lift, and this will spare you the cost of having to build the dock from scratch.

Another way to think about the price of installing a boat lift is the cost savings and hassle it can save you over time. Not only will a lift system prevent you from having to rent space at a boatyard, it will protect your vessel from saltwater corrosion, organism growth, and other sources of damage all of which can be costly to repair.

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Who Are The Best Boat Lift Manufacturers

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a lift is the manufacturer. After all, a boat lift is only as trustworthy as the company that produced it.

At Captain Rods, we only work with the most trustworthy manufacturers on the market. The three we trust the most are MAX, Summit Marine, and Golden Boat Lifts.

We will explain why we trust each of these brands below.

MAX Lifts

MAX Lifts are designed for maximum protection for any type of watercraft. These cable lifts make it easy to lift your boat, jet ski, or other vessels out of the water and keep it safe from harm.

MAX also offers a complete range of configurations, including bunk options, catwalks, motor stops, guide-ons, electric drive motors, solar power, canopy systems, and more.

Summit Marine Lifts

Summit Marine Lifts are one of the most popular and dependable hydraulic boat lifts in the world. They utilize a hydraulic engine and provide safe power, simple assembly, and total portability. Plus, they are competitively priced, so you always know youre getting a decent deal.

Golden Hydraulic Lifts

We proudly offer Golden Boat Lifts Tornado lift, which is a durable model ideal for the cold climate here in the Midwest. The innovative lift boasts a unique multi-bunk system allowing it to support boats of any size. It also features a device called an Air Bellow, which prevents marine growth from forming on the haul of a boat.

Boat Lift Prices To Suit Nearly Any Budget Available From Deco Boat Lifts

How to Install a Boat Lift:DIY

When it comes to comparing boat lift prices, few companies can match DECO Boat Lifts in offering options that can fit in a range of budgets and ensuring each lift is packed with the best features in its class. Since 1959, we have built lifts for vessels ranging from small PWCs and flats boats to pontoon boats and yachts, all in a range of docking conditions. This experience has helped us to not only develop innovative boat lift systems, but also to develop a number of product lines to suit many different price points.

Our entry-level Maxi boat lifts are ideal for boaters looking to provide reliable protection for their vessels without breaking the bank. Each features a durable, marine-grade aluminum I-beam cradles with carpeted, full-length bunk boards, and stainless steel hardware that can endure a marine environment. We can also provide beamless versions of our Maxi lifts and Maxi boat elevators, allowing for easy installation in virtually any docking location.

For more information on DECO boat lift prices, contact us today. Were ready to work with clients nationwide in need of exceptional boat lift systems.

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Boat Lift Maintenance Tips

A boat lift will not only protect your boat for the water, but it can make departures and docking so much easier as well as convenient. Of course, if you want this lift to be convenient and efficient, you are going to need to maintain that lift.

Regular maintenance will minimize the chances of breakdowns and costly repairs, but unfortunately, this wont make the maintenance process any easier.

Rinsing your lift off with fresh water after every use will help prevent corrosion build-up, which is an extremely common problem with these devices because they are constantly exposed to water. Another good tip to help prevent corrosion build-up is to limit the amount of time that your lift spends in the water. Saltwater can be disastrous to your galvanized cables and lifting mechanisms.Not only this but lubricating your lift cables with penetrating oil during normal operation can help reduce corrosion build up as well wear and tear due to friction. As far as your cable and metal components go that should be about all you need to do, but that isnt anywhere near the end of your maintenance duties.

Vertical Screw Drive Boat Lift Technology A Definitive Leap Forward

FLOEs VSD technology lowers and raises your boat or pontoon in about one-half the time of most other powered boat lifts. Its the most energy-efficient vertical boat lift in the world. The drive train is whisper quiet with no clicking winch gears or pinging cable.

The low-maintenance electric motor spins the screw so the ball nut travels back and forth as it pulls the lifting cable. The industrial strength ball-screw is rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 lbs. No need to everreplace a worn winch cable with a VSD boat lift!

Quickly raise and lower your boat with the push of a button using FLOEs Wired Remote. The 30-foot cord makes it convenient to position anywhere on the boat lift and has a key switch so you can turn off your lift when you are not at the lake.

Add an optional Wireless Remote to operate your boat lift from a 300-yard radius. Other options include a Flood Light system that plugs into the wireless system and a Solar Charging Panel so youll never have dead batteries.

Inside Width with Single Vertical Guides 103.5Inside Width with Double Vertical Guides 107Inside Width with Horizontal Guides 103.5Inside Width with Perfect Park Guides 107Drive Options 24-volt DC VSDBunk Options Boat and Pontoon Cradle Pads, Full-Length Boat Bunks, Full-Length Pontoon Bunks or Pontoon Bunks/Guide-InsCanopy Sizes 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 or 34Guide-In Options Pro-Park, Perfect Park, or Motor Stop

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The Types Of Boat Lifts


A cantilever boat lift will have few moving parts and the load is fully supported by the frame. Most will be made of a corrosion resistant aluminum, assuring low maintenance and no rust. This type of boat lift will be your cheapest option and can be the easiest to move around.


An elevator boat lift will be side mounted to a seawall or dock, often resembling the same functionality of a forklift. Made of either a galvanized steel or aluminum, these lifts can lift up to 16,000 pounds.


Designed to hold medium to larger boats, a hydraulic boat lift will combine strength and the quality of marine grade aluminum to hold weights up to 10,000 pounds.


This type of lift can carry loads ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. This lift can easily be moved due to its lightweight designed and will commonly be electric powered, making it very easy to control.

Estimated Costs Of A Boat Lift

Pontoon Boat Lift Prices: How Much Do Pontoon Lifts Cost ...

Since many boat lifts use different technologies to actually lift the boat out of the water, they are priced differently depending on the type. Below is a basic breakdown of how much you can expect to pay for each type in new condition.

Keep in mind that these are just estimates for either 5,000 pound or 10,000 pound capacity boat lift for based on online prices. This is just meant to give you a basic ballpark estimate of the product itself, and doesnt include labor costs or extras.

Whenever the capacity is increased, so will the price. Some lifts arent designed for heavier boats over about $5,000 pounds, so take that into consideration as well.

  • 10,000 lb. capacity Elevator Lift: $10,000
  • 10,000 lb. capacity 4-post Conventional Lift: $5,000
  • 10,000 lb. capacity Hydraulic Lift: $10,000
  • 5,000 lb. capacity Cantilever Lift: $3,500
  • 5,000 lb. capacity Floating Lift: $7,000

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Boat Lifts : How Much They Cost And Types To Consider

If youre considering installing a boat lift, there are a few different options to go with that can make launching your boat so much easier. While it is an investment, its well worth it based on my experience.

If youre tired of tying up to your pier or dock a boat lift is something that will save your knees, and the hassles of hauling a boat trailer around all the time.

What lift you should choose really depends on what type of boat you have and several other factors.

In this blog post, Ill break down what to know about the different types of boat lifts out there, break down some pros and cons, and follow up with an estimated cost of each type.

What Different Boat Lifts Are Used For

Lets take a look at the different types of lifts, and what they are generally used for.

  • Cantilever: This type of lift is supported solely by the frame, and has very few moving parts. The lift is typically made out of aluminum that is resistant to corrosion. This lift is the cheapest version available and is the easiest to move around.
  • Vertical: This type of lift is lightweight and usually powered by electricity. It is easy to control and be moved easily if needed. It can cold between 1000 and 10000 pounds.
  • Hydraulic: This type of lift is made of marine-grade aluminum and is strong enough to hold weights up to 10000 pounds. Medium to large boats is usually lifted with this version of lift.
  • Elevator: This type of lift has adhered to the side of a seawall or dock. It can be made with steel or aluminum and can lift up to 16000 pounds.

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Pontoon Boat Lift: Sea Legs Vs Pontoon Lifts

Its true – the water is a pontoon boats natural habitat, but that doesnt mean it has to sit there every minute of every day. Theres a reason why most boat owners suffer the tedious process of towing their pontoon out of the marina and its because extended exposure to water speeds up the process of corrosion and damage.

Now, maybe you recognize the need to take your boat out of the water, but you just dont have the patience to tow it every single time. If thats the case, then you might want to consider investing in a pontoon boat lift. Designed to literally lift your pontoon out of the water, these ingenious machines ease process of boat maintenance and storage.

Reasons To Go For Electric Outboard Motors

Building home Lift installation cost, electric required and weight capacity information

Are electric outboard motors any good?

The benefit of electric outboard motors is obvious to anglers and almost overwhelming to those who are looking for a premium boating experience.

Check out the top 4 reasons why hundreds of thousands of people go for electric outboards.

  • Silent. You will hear virtually nothing on board. There will be no disturbing noise to spook the fish. Its only you and nature.
  • Clean. There will be no greasy dirt to stain your hands, clothes, deck, and trunk during use and transportation if you get an electric outboard motor for the boat.
  • Less Maintenance. Thanks to direct-drive technology, the electric outboard motor has less moving parts, reducing the time and cost of regular maintenance.
  • Exhaust-free. There are no fuel or exhaust smells, so it protects the health of you and the families.

With more regions and lakes banning the use of combustion motors, electric outboard motors have become the only option for some anglers and boating enthusiasts. It is a new trend and could be the future of boating.

Electric outboard motors could also work as a secondary engine . A lot of users also find it helpful in emergencies if the main motor breaks.

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How Does A Pontoon Boat Lift Work

Despite there being many different types of boats lifts, and I listed those further back up the page, the majority of them will work in pretty much the same way.

You drive the pontoon onto the lift bunk boards underneath the water. The boards are attached to a cradle on a motorized system. Once in place, you can press a button and the cradle will lift up .

Getting your pontoon back onto the water is simple too. You press the button to lower the lift and are done once the boat has started to float freely in the water. You can see an example of some pontoon boat lifts in action in the video below.

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