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What Prop Fits My Boat

Other Reasons To Change

My new prop will not fit on the boat

Why else might you want to change props? If your motor over-revs from ventilating, going from a three to a four-bladed prop will often solve the problem. If you want to increase both top-end and cruising speed immediately, changing an aluminum prop for a stainless one will do the trick. And if you want to reduce vibrations going from a three to a four-blade prop will make a noticeable difference.

A dual-use boat can benefit from a propeller change, depending on the type of activity involved.

Another reason you might want to consider changing a properly sized prop is if you run a dual-use boat. If, for example, the kids want to go water skiing from your center console which is propped for the best cruising speed, but as a result is slow to get on plane you may want to swap for a prop that will provide a better hole shot, when you plan to spend the day water skiing.

In any case, whenever you buy a new boat you should plan on trying several different props to find the one that best fits your boat and your needs. If youve never played the prop-swapping game, you might discover that you can give your old boat some new life.

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How Do I Find My Current Propeller Size

The size is usually indicated on outside of the propeller hub. It is usually written like this :

  • 11 1/4 X 13

The first number is the diameter and the second number is the pitch .

Some brands use a different way to indicate the size or model.

  • 11 1/4 X 13 G
  • 48-832832A45 21P
  • 5111-093-10
  • 814629

Yamaha adds a letter to indicate the type of blade design. Mercury Mercruiser uses a number code ending with pitch size . Solas propellers use the last 4 numbers to indicate size . Volvo Penta uses a separate number system, see here for an overview table.

If you have lost your propeller in the water or it has become unreadable, please contact us for advise.

Choosing The Right Propeller For You Boat Requires Trial And Error

Often, your dealer can supply two or three props for testing when you buy a new motor for a small fee.

This is because boat design, load and the running characteristics of your vessel all play a part.

Watch our video as we chat to marine mechanic Matt Solis from Barneyss Marine Hervey Bay for some tips and considerations when choosing the right propeller for your boat.

Ryan Moody

Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden. Branching out in the late 80s to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over 2000 metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra! With attitudes changing from keep all you can towards catch and release, Ryan has decided to share his extensive knowledge and hopefully inspire people of all ages to get out from behind the computer screen/TV and into the fishing outdoors lifestyle he has spent his life perfecting.

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Choosing The Right Pitch

If you are currently satisfied with the performance of your engine, we recommend to choose the same pitch. However, if you wish to change the performance you can consider a different pitch. For example if your engine currently makes too much or too few RPM , or if you want to use your boat for a specific purpose .

A good indicator for selecting the optimal pitch is the RPM your engine makes at ´wide open throttle´ . Each engine has a prescribed ´optimal´ RPM that it should be making at wide open throttle. This differs per engine but often it is between 4500 and 6000. You can check your manual, or check this RPM Range Chart for the most common engines.

If currently your RPM is too high, you may consider a larger pitch that will improve your top speed. If the RPM is too low, the engine is not reaching its full potential because of a too large pitch. In this case choosing a smaller pitch can result in better acceleration and higher top speed .

If youre changing pitch on a recreational boat, remember that each inch of pitch translates to a difference of approximately 200 to 300 rpm. Lowering the pitch will increase rpm and choosing a larger pitch will reduce the rpm. For example, going from a 23 pitch to a 21 pitch will increase engine rpm by about 400 to 600. For smaller horsepower engines this difference is usually bigger: one pitch can already make such a difference.

NEW: for direct advice on the optimum pitch!

Materials Used To Make Propellers:

250 SHO
Aluminum Propellers
  • 2 or more times the price of aluminum
  • 4 times more durable aluminum
  • Stiffer blades
3 Blade Propellers
  • Good for general purpose use
  • Slower to plane
  • Generally faster with higher top end speed
  • Available in many sizes
  • Better holding power in rough seas
  • Faster to plane the boat & keeps the boat on a plane at lower speed
  • Quicker acceleration with lower top end
  • Fewer sizes available

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Bass Bay & Flat Boats


An ultra-high-performance ventless design and single-inch pitches allow you to fine-tune the performance of Yamahas four-stroke V MAX SHO.

Pro Series

This stainless-steel series provides high performance for single-outboard boats requiring bow lift.

Talon SS4

Stronger hole-shot than comparable 3-blade propellers. Excellent on mid-range powered flats boats or for applications requiring high engine mounting heights. Fits F70 to VF115, T50/T60 K series gearcases. Standard Shift Dampener System .

Solas Propeller Installation Instructions

  • Place the original thrust washer on propeller shaft just as it came off. The taper on the thrust washer should mate properly with the taper on the propeller shaft.
  • Grease the propeller shaft.
  • Slide the propeller assembly onto the propeller shaft.
  • Install spacer or washer if required. Consult your engine/drive manual.
  • Install the tab washer if required. Consult your engine/drive manual.
  • Install the shaft nut. Consult your engine/drive manual for proper torque.
  • Install the cotter pin or bend locking tabs so the propeller shaft nut will not loosen. Consult your engine/drive manual. Picture may not be exact to your application. Please consult your owners manual
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    It Has Too Much Pitch

    When researching propeller sizes, youll notice two numbers associated with each one. The first is its diameter and the second is its pitch.

    In boating, prop pitch refers to the distance that your propeller moves through the water in one full revolution.

    For instance, say your propeller has a pitch of 18 inches. This means it should move 18 inches every time it rotates through a solid medium.

    The only difference? Water is, of course, a liquid medium.

    As such, expect some slippage to occur. In fact, this range of motion is necessary to move your boat along. While this adjustment is fine, it shouldnt be extreme.

    If you find that your boat has way too much pitch, it might be difficult for it to come onto a plane. In laymens terms, this means its hard to accelerate.

    Its akin to leaving a stoplight with your car stuck in third gear. Youre working harder at lower speeds and stressing the rest of the boat mechanics.

    Ask a mechanic to adjust your propeller pitch and see if that solves the issue. Often, thats the only change necessary. Or, you could also try changing from a three-blade propeller to a four-blade one. Sometimes, that extra blade can improve acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

    Pros & Cons Of A 4 Or 3 Blade Prop

    How to choose right prop for your boat and motor

    For us, if we go from a three blade to a four-blade without changing the diameter or pitch of the prop, we will lose top-end speed. What we will gain, however, is our hole shot .

    Meaning we will be out of the water and cruising much quicker thanks to the extra blade generating a better grip from the prop to the water.

    With the extra grip also comes better control and handling of our craft. Understanding these simple concepts is the crucial base foundation for us to begin the propping procedure to get the correct prop for your boat.

    At the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you and what you are looking to get from your boat. Would you rather have a better hole shot or top-end speed?

    Its your call! Personally, running larger boats close to the 30-foot range or higher calls for a 4 blade as its best for the size and weight of the boat. That extra blade really makes a notable difference in getting the boat out of the water and controlling it at higher speeds!

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    Boat Propellers Shop Online With Get A Prop

    With over 40 years of propulsion experience Getaprop an American-owned company supplies and designs, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum boat propellers for worldwide shipment. Getaprop is known for providing durable, high performance, specialty boat props for almost all boat/motor applications and offer more propeller types than any other manufacturer in the world.

    What To Consider When Choosing The Right Boat Props

    Selecting the right boat propeller is an essential factor in maximizing your boats performance. Determining the correct size and style of boat prop will keep the engine operating within its recommended rpm range and allow it to apply its maximum horsepower to the water. There are several things to consider when choosing the right boat props.

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    Mercury Max Black Boat Propeller


    Another mercury model that offers top performance, this propeller comes with a design that features a bigger diameter combined with a small pitch. Much like its other Mercury cousins, this unit features the standard model of three blades and created with premium aluminum. Finally, it also sports a hub system trademarked by Mercury and is highly-rated in online shops.

    Notable Features You Need To Know About:

    • Premium aluminum material

    What Fishermen Are Saying

    My new prop will not fit on the boat

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    Affordura Boat Cover Support Poles 65in With 4 Straps And Water Bag Boat Cover Poles Adjustable With Base Boat Canvas Pole

    • Warranty and package- 1 year warranty offered by Affordura boat cover supports. The package contains 1x 26.7-65in boat support pole, 4x straps, 1x plastic caps, 2x water bag, 1x storing bag for organization, out of the way when not in use.
    • Patent design- Comes with the water bag to help stabilize the cover support system. Tips- Put the water bag filled with water up to 11lbs in the base, which helps keep the boat tarp poles stable and upright. The 4 straps are very long and provide ample length for adjustments, just secure it on the slits of the top disk to keep up right.
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    What Material Is Best

    Most outboards and IOs are originally sold with aluminum props, which are inexpensive and repairable. Inboards use three- and four-bladed props of bronze, or a nickel-bronze-aluminum alloy. Replacement props for IO or outboard boats are available in aluminum or stainless steel. These materials compare as follows:

    Aluminum is the most common, least expensive material. Suitable for most outboard and sterndrive applications.

    Stainless steel offers a performance advantage over aluminum due to stiffer, thinner blades and more advanced designs. Best choice at speeds over 50mph, or if your boat is running over oyster beds or sandbars regularly. Stainless costs more but is five times more durable than aluminum. Stainless props can be repaired, at a higher cost, to like-new condition, while repaired aluminum will suffer from metal fatigue and a loss of strength.

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    Do Propellers Need Maintenance

    Its best to check your propeller for any damage regularly. Keep it in a dry place and well away from the water even if its corrosion-resistant. Thats all you really need to do. You can also wipe away any accumulated grime if youve been in particularly murky waters. If you notice some damage, immediately have it replaced or repaired because it could end up damaging your boat at a worst-case scenario

    Outboard And Inboard Boat Props

    Choose the right propeller for your boat

    With a reputation for quality, performance and innovation, Getaprop proudly offers one of the largest selections of Stainless-Steel Outboard Boat Propellers in the industry, as well as, Inboard Boat Propellers from Michigan Wheel, Hung-Shen and CNC Machined VEEM Conquest Propellers.

    Launched in 1982, Volvo Penta showed the marine industry that twin counter-rotating propellers could produce unparalleled thrust, straight and true tracking along with faster acceleration a completely new boating experience. The duoprop sterndrive boat propellers are designed to form a vital part of the driveline, providing highly efficient and predictable handling, together with excellent onboard comfort and fuel efficiency. Volvo Penta duoprops are designed, tested and manufactured together to ensure not only a high-top speed, but the best overall performance all this while securing the service life of your drive. If your in need of a particular tool to remove your Propeller or Duoprops, we offer a complete line-up of OEM Volvo Penta Tools and all related Propeller Attaching Hardware.

    We also stock various prop pullers, including Inboard prop pullers.

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    Boat Propeller Review Conclusion

    After youve taken all of the mentioned aspects into consideration, you now have a clearer picture of what constitutes a good boat propeller. After making your decision and locking in on a purchase, you can fully enjoy the open waters without having to worry about a low-quality unit putting a damper in your boating experience.

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    Does My Boat Have The Wrong Size Prop

    If the boat is over-propped the engine will not reach maximum rpm and the boat will underperform. Equally, if a boat is under-propped and the engine easily reaches or exceeds maximum rpm, the propeller needs more bite to get the boat to maximum performance level.

    With outdrives, adjusting the pitch of the prop is often the only option, as the maximum diameter propeller is often already installed. Increasing the pitch will decrease the revs and vice-versa. If the engine revs seem OK with the current prop, but you want better acceleration, it is often possible to reduce the diameter and increase the pitch by roughly the same amount to give added acceleration without losing the top-end speed.

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    • Great Feature This supportpole can support any area under your boat cover,prevent deris and water build-up, helps maintain the lifetime of your boat.
    • Material This boat cover support pole is made from durable ABS material. However, If there is always strong wind or heavy rain in your area, we highly suggest you to choose our aluminum pole for stronger pretection.
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