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How Far Is The Bahamas From Miami By Boat

Travel Further Into The Real Authentic Bahamas

Miami to Bahamas in a Speedboat Episode 4 Howe2Live – #1 adventure series (Chub to Nassau to Exumas)

The winning advantage that the plane has over the ferry, is that you can travel so much further into the Bahamas Islands. Freeport and Bimini the 2 closests islands to South Florida and the islands most visited by the boat from Miami to Bahamas, are not the authentic Bahamas. They are not small island where you can experience the Bahmian Small Island vibe. Freeport and Bimini are major tourist travel hubs frequented by cruise ships.

Whereas the Exuma island in the Bahamas- well theyre too shallow for a cruise ship to be even able to navigate to. So a day trip to the Exumas you will certainly avoid the crowds.

But its not just avoiding crowds that flying affords its experience the unique authentic Bahmian culture and spirit which just cant be experienced in Freeport Grand Bahama. The Exumas is a slice of Bahamian culture and heart. Friendly locals and small island communities is where you will experience the authentic Bahamas.

Take Miami To Bahamas Day Trips By Plane With Bahamas Air Tours

Instead of being tricked into a Miami to Bahamas ferry package to the crowded ports of Bimini and Freeport, why not take one of our Staniel Cay day trips to the Exumas where life is a little calmer and you will get the real island vacation you deserve.

Sitting aboard our luxury aircraft with your smiling and well-rested family seated in the window seats around you, you will be glad you skipped the ferry nightmare and booked a tour which took care of you like the paying customer you are.

Dont get stuck on the boat ride from Miami to Bahamas. Book a Bahamas day trip air tour with us today!

Enjoy The Comfort Of A Flight

The Cessna Grand Caravan is a 9-seater plane, that is perfect for flying the short routes between South Florida and Bahamas. With large windows that unobscured by its high wing. And comfortable lever seats and a fully air-conditioned cabin, flying to the Bahamas is so much more comfortable than taking the Balearia Miami to Bahamas Ferry.

Stunning Views when flying over the Bahamas Islands

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Day Trip To Bahamas From Miami Via Plane

Unlike Baleària Miami to Bahamas ferry, Bahamas Air Tours values its customers and wants to treat them to an experience which will forge lasting memories with their family and loved ones.

We take it as a personal responsibility to bring back the wonder of flying. Soaring through the clouds thousands of feet in the air on commercial airliners just isnt romanticized like it used to.

Aboard our private aircraft, which every seat is a window seat with the largest aircraft viewing windows in the world, you will be afforded the opportunity to see what astronauts call the most beautiful piece of Earth from space. If that cant bring back the romance of flying, we dont know what can.

While Baleària hires a crew of part-time workers, Bahamas Air Tours hires pilots for the long-term and only the ones with many years experience in the Bahamas so they are able to educate you on destinations and cultures throughout the islands. Ask them anything and they will have an answer for you!

A Cessna private Bahamas air charter about to take off on a Bahamas day trip.

Save your time!

There are many more reasons to take a one day cruise to Bahamas through the air, but the main reason is that we save you time you wouldnt have traveling by boat from Miami to Bahamas ferry. Imagine 11-12 hours in transport and in waiting queues.

Our services and ratings on TripAdvisor speak for themselves. Take your day trip to Bahamas from Miami with us, book today.

Swimming pigs Bahamas at Pig Island .

From Bimini To Other Fishing Spots

Bimini Fast

Thanks to its location, Bimini is one of the best weekend fishing spots in the Bahamas. The ideal case is to set out early from the US on Saturday morning, have two full day fishing trips, and get back home on Sunday evening.

Realistically, you can get two amazing six-hour fishing trips on each day of the weekend and this should be enough to get you big game.

If you want to treat yourself to an extended weekend and you should Bimini is a good spot for a quick cooldown before you venture farther around the Bahamas. Other Bahamas fishing spots include Exuma, Andros Island, Grand Bahama, Long Island, and the capital, Nassau.

These places offer not only diverse fishing, but a chance to go snorkeling, diving, surfing, and taste conch! Be careful though. Conch are endangered species in the US, so dont bring it back unless you want to pay a hefty fine.

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Having The Right Boat

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an ideal boat for sailing to the Bahamas.

Type of Boat – The type of boat that you use to sail to the Bahamas must be built well enough to handle the open ocean, especially when the weather conditions are adverse. It should be large and heavy enough to safely carry you and your crew, as well as all the equipment and supplies you might need for the trip. In terms of the size of the boat, it will generally depend on what’s comfortable for you, how carefully and well you pick your sailing weather conditions, and your willingness to wait until when the weather conditions are favorable.

Cabin Accommodation – Generally, a boat that’s built for offshore fishing can be ideal for sailing to the Bahamas. Many sailors prefer boats with cabin accommodations as they’re normally ideal for your safety if you plan to stop at various marinas. Such boats are common in the Bahamas and are a great way to easily blend in with the crowd or other sailors at the marinas.

Speed of the Boat – Another important thing to consider when choosing an ideal boat for sailing to the Bahamas is speed. A boat that’s able to notch up to 25 knots can take a couple of hours to sail from your departure point is South Florida to the western islands of the Bahamas. Such a boat can take just about a day to sail from Florida to Nassau or Marsh Harbor .

What To Do In The Bahamas

There is something for everyone in the Bahamas. You can get Water sports, including snorkelling, parasailing, and jet skiing, to name a few, which are popular choices of activity and easy to organize in Freeport, New Wisdom. Nature lovers can enjoy tracks with completely varied terrain from jungles to caves.

There are even replacements for beach lovers wanting to avoid the beautiful yet often busy beaches of Grand Bahama. You look like some delightful swimming pig. It looks like some pictures now: A colony of wild pigs lives on Big Major Cay Island. They are interesting swimming companions and one of the top things to do in the Bahamas.

Some people believe that they survived a shipwreck while others think that they were left there by pirates who intended them to be a future meal but never came back.

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Reasons To Take The Plane Instead Of The Boat From Miami To Bahamas

The boat from Miami to Bahamas has now been surpassed by the quick and comfortable flights to Bahamas from Bahamas Air Tours. Flying to the Bahamas from Florida is now the go-to method of transportation for visitors wishing to discover the stunning Bahamas islands.

Forget taking the Miami to Bahamas Ferry from Fort Lauderdale, instead book onto the Bahamas Air Tours island hopping flight service. A premium experience from the experts in VIP Bahamian travel. Discover the Authentic Bahamas in the 700 Bahamas Out Islands the real Bahamian small islands experience. Dont waste your time with the boat from Miami to Bahamas islands, Bimini or Freeport, when greater adventures await in the Exuma islands.

Fly from Miami to the Exuma Cays a spectacular collection of 365 tropical islands only reachable by plane from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. With daily services by plane, this is now the best way to travel from Florida to Exuma and trumps taking the boat from Miami to Bahamas.

Take the plane instead of the Miami to Bahamas Ferry

There are many reasons why you should consider flying to Bahamas, but here are the 7 top reasons to avoid the Miami to Bahamas Ferry and take the plane instead!

Book Your Florida To Swimming Pigs Bahamas Air Charter Today

Fast Boating from Miami to Bahamas, Nortech 340 Sport Triple Verado

To conclude, the boat trip from Miami to Bahamas is one you can miss. Though it is advertised as a luxurious day trip , the reality is you would be much better suited aboard a plane where you know you will get the comfort and quality time with the swimming pigs that you deserve! So take the Plane instead on a Miami to Bahamas Day Trip and experience the authentic Bahamas!

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How Far Is Cuba From Bahamas By Boat

Most people do not realize that Nassau is a looong way from Havana, 225 miles as the crow flies, and likely 300+ miles by boat. A ferry would take several days to make this journey and few would be willing to travel that long, especially since approximately 1/3 of the trip would be in the open ocean.

Discover The Magic Of A Bahamas Day Trip From Miami

Miami is fabulous, but the Bahamas are exponentially greater. A day trip to Bahamas from Miami will encompass everything Miami has to offer and more. Consider island hopping the cays of the Out Islands a stretch of 120 miles of tropical outer reef islands. You can relax on white and pink sand beaches that stretch for miles. Miami day trips open the world of tropical islands that are virtually untouched there are small residential populations and even smaller groups of tourists that venture to these fantastic islands. Like Miami, the Bahamas are infused with history, culture, art, music, and cuisine.

A day trip to Bahamas from Miami will open up encounters with exotic wildlife such as swimming pigs, iguanas, and flamingos. Discover marine life including Green turtles, stingrays, and Nurse Sharks. There are very few places in the world to experience swimming pigs. This excursion is a fun, memorable experience. The pigs are waiting for you to arrive with fruits and veggies to treat them. They are friendly and will swim right up to you with their soft little grunts. You wont find swimming pigs in Miami! A quick hop to Green Turtle Cay and you can join an excursion to snorkel with the Green Turtles. These large green, yellow and brown shelled reptiles glide through the water. They too are looking for treats of fresh squid. Encountering the Green Turtles is a fabulous eco-tour of which you will want to experience.

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Sailing From Florida To Bahamas Sailing From Miami To Bahamas

Home » Sailing destinations & Sailing routes » Caribbean sailing routes & Caribbean sailing destinations » Bahamas » Sailing from Florida to Bahamas, Sailing from Miami to Bahamas

Sailing the Bahamas is one of the best experiences that someone could imagine, but there are some important things you need to know about before you sail away to this dreamy destination. Check out our tricks and tips below:

Can I Travel With My Pets By Ferry To Bahamas

Bimini Snorkeling Adventure for the Whole Family

At the moment, only dogs are allowed to board on the Baleària Caribbean fast ferry. You can travel with your dog by ferry to Bahamas considering the following rules. Always remember that, when you make your reservation, you must also make the reservation for your pet and obtain the boarding card since, otherwise, they will not be able to travel. Your dog/s must travel in its own kennel or pet carrier or in the kennels supplied and equipped by Baleària Caribbean on the ship.

Dogs will be charged as an additional passenger. Please check the ferry Booking enging to confirm rates in any moment. Dogs under 6 months are not allowed to travel. While dogs are on the boat, they must be in their own pet carriers or restrained with a harness and leash, and never in the passenger seat. Owners will also be asked to ensure that their dog does not disturb other passengers.

During the crossing: The dog would need a kennel and a muzzle during the trip. Small dogs During the voyage, they will be on the deck or in the place indicated by the crew. Large dogs must travel in a kennel. The kennels are installed on the deck of the ferry, properly ventilated and located in a suitable place, protected from the rain and cold. Only “service dogs” can remain in the passenger area during the trip. While on board, outside of the kennel, all dogs must be restrained with a harness and a leash.

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Real Reviews Of Boat From Miami To Bahamas

Here are a few of the comments left on Baleàrias TripAdvisor page: Customers say do not use this company! They say their experience was an absolute mess and the company took them on a trip to nowhere. To add on top of all of this, their experience was unpunctual, disorganized, there was bad communication, and the Baleària staff was just plain unhelpful on the Miami to Bahamas ferry.

We encourage you to check the rest of the reviews if you dont believe us. The ferry Miami Bahamas just isnt worth your time or money.

Book Bahamas Tours With No Cancellations Fee

If you have decided the Bahamas is the perfect place for you to unwind, choose from our variety of expertly guided day trip to the Bahamas for exciting experiences below and above the water. Book our Bahamas economy premium class ferry ticket to the Bahamas islands at competitive prices today!

Step off the mainland and onto a high speed ferry that will whisk you away from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini in just 2 hours

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Why Are Miami To Bahamas Day Trips All The Rage

Many of these are calm or even deserted. Imagine relaxing on beautiful white or pink beaches.

These islands still have very remote and quiet corners. The rich historical and cultural background of the Bahamas makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Travellers are enclosed by the unique art, music, and cuisine that results from the islands colourful past. Fascinating wildlife, both on land and in the waters and ridges, boast of the archipelagos healthy biodiversity. In short, the Bahamas more or less have it all.Miami is undoubtedly a sparkling, vibrant, and cultural gem of Americas Southern states. It is a fantastic holiday destination.

Booking a Miami to Bahamas day trip will bring an entirely new measurement to your vacation experience. Thats why now these one or two-day trips are a hot new trend.

Looking for a weekenders bags? You may like to read our review about travel bags.

Do You Need Passport For Bahamas

Bimini Crossing How To | Florida to Bahamas by Boat | Center Console Boat | Ft. Lauderdale | Miami

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. U.S. travelers coming for tourism will not need a visa for travel up to 90 days. All other travelers will need a visa and/or work permit.

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Going From Florida To The Bahamas For Fishing

The Bahamas has some of the best fishing in the entire world. The Bahamian islands are mostly surrounded by shallow water and flats, which are the perfect place for coral reefs to develop and fish to congregate.

In deeper waters, you can catch Marlin, Wahoo, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, and Tuna. On shallower reefs, you can expect a number of different species of snapper, grouper, and other small to mid-size eating fish.

On the flats, you can find Bonefish, which are renowned as some of the best sport fish in the world. Many people make the trip from Florida to the Bahamas primarily for the fishing.

Fishing is good all the way across for deep water species, and you can begin catching Snapper and Grouper as soon as you reach shallow waters.

The islands of Grand Bahama, which are the ones most people reach when they first leave Florida, are extremely rich in all sorts of fish.

Despite being the first landing place, these islands appear to be far from overfished.

Is It Safe To Travel From Florida To The Bahamas By Boat

Going from Florida to the Bahamas by boat takes you through the open ocean. This is likely the main concern anglers have when they plan their trip. The conditions at sea can change rapidly and the Gulf Stream be a headache, especially if youre aboard a smaller size boat. Youll need a strong and stable boat to face the wind and the current.

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What Else To Do In The Bahamas

Visit the Sapona Shipwreck

Do you love history? The Sapona Shipwreck in Bimini is a great place to combine snorkelling or diving with a bit of history.

According to Wikipedia, the Sapona was a cargo steamer that was destroyed by a hurricane back in 1926. To date, the wreck is still visible in Bimini and is a great attraction for snorkelers and scuba divers. It is also a great place to see diverse marine life.

Do you want to video-explore the shipwreck before heading there? Check out the video below for a tour of the Sapona Shipwreck.

Give the Fountain of Youth a Try

How would you like to leave Bimini looking and feeling younger? Whether you believe in the mythical fountain of youth or not, the locals of Bimini can swear by it. This is a several thousand year old well that rests on limestone.

The Healing hole, as the locals call it, is said to restore youth if you drink its water or swim in it. If you are feeling optimistic enough to try, you can find the Healing Hole on the shoreline of North Bimini.

Explore the Bimini Museum

Visiting the Bimini Museum is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the rich history of the island.

You can check out pictures, stories, and artifacts that are significant to Bimini. Also, you can explore the memorabilia of notable guests of the island. A good example is the famous American journalist Ernest Hemingway. Also, look out for souvenirs from Martin Luther King Jr. and the former New York Congressman, Adam Clayton Powel.

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