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Ft Lauderdale Fishing Party Boats

When To Go Party Boat Fishing In Fort Lauderdale

The Flamingo Fishing Boat!!! Fort Lauderdale!! Kingfish Mackerel!! Amazing

This part of Floridas east coast is a year-round fishery. As long as the weather is good, youll always be able to get out on the water and catch something. So if youre wondering when you should take that fishing trip, the most correct answer would probably be as soon as you can.

With this in mind, most species are subject to regulations, so your targets will vary over the course of a season. The Grouper season, for example, is closed between and the end of . However, winter and early spring are great if youre aiming to catch a Sailfish.

The peak season starts around May and lasts until the end of . This is when youll have the chance to reel in all kinds of bottom fish, as well as the likes of King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and more. Summer is also when the Red Snapper season opens, making it the best time to visit if youre eager to put these fish in the cooler.

Of course, therell still be plenty of deep-dwelling fish to reel in even after summer passes. Youll also see Mahi Mahi bite during fall. Finally, as the waters cool down and rolls in, itll be Sailfish season once again.

Fort Lauderdale Pontoon Bass Fishing

Everglades Pontoon Boat Fishing Charters & Tours invites you to experience a fun day of fishing or cruising in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, just minutes from the beaches and shopping. This fishing charter is made for pleasure and relaxation, great for families, young children, small groups, and people with disabilities. The captains who operate this Pontoon are local fishing experts experienced in these types of tours.

The adventure takes you and your group of friends and families on an unforgettable ride on the calm waters of Everglades Holiday Park in west Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Pontoon fishing charters are a great way to experience the local South Florida fishing and sightseeing in the legendary Florida Everglades. The Everglades in South Florida hosts various shallow-water fish, none more popular than the trophy Florida largemouth bass, Black Crappie, Bluegill, peacock bass, and more. Its also known for its abundance of wildlife such as the Florida Alligator, Birds, and more.

Revolutionizing The Way People Have Fun On The Water

“I chartered a boat as a surprise for my girlfriend’s birthday and everyone loved it. I had first reserved a boat for Miami because Fort Lauderdale was all booked. Luckily, a spot opened up and Mike told me right away. I snatched up the open spot right away. Everything the day of worked perfectly. We were able to fit extra coolers on board with plenty of food and drinks. I’ll be reserving one of these again for an evening tour.”

“Colin was amazing! This was a group of girls who were wild with twerking over the side of the boat and he was so professional. We had an amazing time. Floaties, blue tooth speaker, and a cooler with ice were provided. My girls packed food and lunch. We went to several locations including a sandbar and private beach where he was our photographer. Everyone had an amazing time . If we come back I would totally do this again!”

“Fantastic experience from start to finish. I spent a lot of time researching party boat option. This was by far the best. From connecting with company initially, to planning my person event, to taking us out on the water, this company did a fantastic job to make us feel welcome, excited and…tipsy. There is a cooler on board with ice and waters, bring your own beverages and snacks. The captain will bring you to beaches, bars and swimmy options.”

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What Is A Party Boat

A party boat is typically a larger vessel that accommodates a large number of anglers. There are many benefits to fishing on a party boat. First and foremost, the boats are much more accessible than private charters. They are typically docked in a central location, making them easy to find. They also offer lower prices than private charters, making them an affordable option for budget-minded anglers.

But the best part of fishing on a party boat is the opportunity to catch new species of fish! Fort Lauderdale party boats typically head out to local reefs that are home to a number of species including amberjack, barracuda, and a variety of snapper and grouper.

Flamingo Deep Sea Fishing

Fish Ponds Hawaii: Party Boat Fishing Fort Lauderdale

Fish cant hide from the Flamingo, a 65-foot U.S. Coast Guard licensed fishing vessel. This family-operated boat features great deep sea drift fishing options. Sailing from the Bahia Mar Yacht Center on Fort Lauderdale Beach, the Flamingo is just minutes from the inlet and a hop, skip, and jump away from the open waters! You can purchase drinks and snacks onboard. Beers are $3, a can of soda is $1, and snacks are 2 for $1.

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Benefits Of Pontoon Charters

Overall, pontoon fishing charters are the best way to experience incredible Florida fishing in a much more relaxing and comfortable way. This fishing trip is the perfect combination of relaxing and exciting, providing the ultimate Florida outdoor experience.

A pontoon boat is large enough to fit a group but small enough to cruise the calm Fort Lauderdale waters with fishing success.

Fishing Quality From A Pontoon Boat

While pontoon fishing in Fort Lauderdale, you will have the same high probability of success as if you were in a bass or flats boat. In fact, the number of fish caught on pontoon fishing charters is often higher because of the ability to have more rods out at once. The boat is the perfect size and shape to have many people fishing around it. Your captain knows all the best spots, so everyone has a shot at catching fish regardless of which side of the boat you are on.

The Best Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Sandwiched between Miami and Palm Springs along the east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a great place in the state to charter a fishing boat. From the Seven Isles area to the city beyond, the swampy coastline has been carved neatly so that practically every home has a road leading to the front door and a channel of water leading to the back. Most fishing charters depart from around Las Olas Beach or from the various moorings near the E Las Olas Boulevard.

Sport fishing from Fort Lauderdale can be done both on private charters or, more popularly for economic reasons, as part of a shared fishing charter. The common duration of a charter trip is around four hours, although anything up to eight hours is not unheard of either. Naturally, private charters are pricier but are much better options for those looking to catch specific fish or who want the privacy and undivided attention of your guide and captain. Here are five of the best Fort Lauderdale fishing charters.

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What To Expect When Fishing On A Party Boat

Party boats are designed to take big groups of people, whether on a fishing trip, a booze cruise, or any other kind of water activity. These boats are way bigger than your typical center console, averaging over 50 feet in length. Because of this, theyre generally capable of taking anywhere from 20 to 50 anglers fishing.

Fishing trips on this type of boat are normally shared. This means youll be booking a spot on the boat and sharing the adventure with other fellow anglers. If your group is large enough, youll usually have the option to book out the whole vessel. However, this only pays off if youre planning a corporate outing or a similarly large event.

Aboard party boats, you can expect to find plenty of shade and seating. Most of the time, these vessels will feature plenty of amenities, including toilets, enclosed lounges, and even a bar where you can buy drinks and snacks. Also, youll usually either be provided with the fishing gear, or youll get the option to rent it on board.

Four and six hour fishing trips are the most popular options when it comes to party boat fishing in Fort Lauderdale. These will give you enough time to reel in some fish and have fun before moving on with your day. However, youll also see some charters offering longer shared trips, which will give you more time to chase after offshore trophies.

Fort Lauderdale Shared Fishing Charters

Fort Lauderdale Party Boat! Night Fishing For Snapper’s!! JP Vlog Life

Another affordable option to do some fishing Fort Lauderdale is via a “shared” charter. This is a typical charter boat that allows anglers to buy individual spots.

Similar to a party boat, you will be fishing with individuals or groups outside of your own, but these boats typically accommodate up to six anglers, making for a more personalized experience. You’ll also have more time to speak directly with the captain, who can provide some valuable knowledge on techniques and the local area.

Although priced a bit higher than a party boat ticket, shared trips are still more affordable than a private charter if you’re just a single rider, or a group of 2-3. They do not typically have the same level of availability party boats do, and may not be available on very short notice. Check out Fort Lauderdale shared charters here.

Whether you decide to fish on a party boat, a shared trip, or a private charter, one thing is for sure there’s no wrong way to experience the amazing fishing that this area has to offer!

  • 18ft Bay Boat
  • 16ft Drift Boat
  • 26ft Sport Fisherman

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Ft Lauderdale Fishing & Tours In Fl

A place known for the beautiful beaches it has, the cultural legacy, happening events, Las Olas shopping , and whatnot. Lauderdale Fishing in particular has become a preferred place of pursuing passion and watersports to the tourists.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing is the new talk of the town in South Florida these days. The variety it offers, the courtesy in dealing with customers, the professionalism, and the way they serve, make them the most suited holiday destination for the fun-loving folks!!

Visit the Lauderdale Fishing team to know what and how they can serve the purpose to ensure fun-filled memoirs!!

A World of Options in Ft Lauderdale

Options are endless with Lauderdale Fishing. We make sure to make anything and everything accessible to your fun world, be it saltwater or freshwater fishing points. This is the benchmark of Fort Lauderdale Fishing to serve you, from the heart.

Ample of lakes, canal systems, deep waters, and the proximity to the Gulf Stream wish to wave you a big Hiiii.., Fort Lauderdale make it happen for your trip!!

This destination and the hosts, Lauderdale Fishing are the best options for the first-timers as well as seasoned anglers across all seasons!!

More Details

Experience the Freshwater like Never Before

Types Of Adventures Available

The boat charter at the Fort Lauderdale Fishing ensures you multiple options to dive in, depending upon the adventure needs you possess. Among all the options, Inshore Fishing charters are the most preferred option for the majority of visitors.

Some of the Private Fishing Charters offer you the best options to look upon. A fishing charter is something you too can share, where you can join other groups as well.

Drift Fishing Charters are turned out to be the most cost-effective option for tourists that serve thrice daily with a size of 60 people.

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

  • When you book through us, you will always pay thelowest price available.
  • Our crews win tournaments and hold world records. They’re also friendly and reliable.
  • Check price, availability, and reserve through our secure website.
  • Trip Lengths: 4, 6, 8 hour trips. Morning trips start at 8am. Afternoon trips start at 1pm.
  • Maximum Passengers: 6
  • Boat Info: Air Conditioning, Bathroom
  • Included: Boat, crew, licenses, bait, ice, soft drinks
  • Not Included: 15-20% Crew Gratuity, Live Bait at cost if needed, you may bring your own food and drink
  • Common Fish: Sailfish, Swordfish, Sharks, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and more…

Expert Opinion:Why Choose This One:Approximate Driving Times:

  • Trip Lengths: 4, 6, 8 hour trips
  • Maximum Passengers: 6
  • Boat Info: Air Conditioned Cabin, Clean bathroom
  • Included: Boat, crew, licenses, bait, ice
  • Not Included: Live Bait, 15-20% gratuity
  • Common Fish: Sailfish, Swordfish, Sharks, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and more…

Expert Opinion:Why Choose This One:Approximate Driving Times:

Lady Helen Fishing Charters

Fish Ponds Hawaii: Party Boat Fishing Fort Lauderdale

Conveniently docked only minutes from the Intracoastal Waterway and a short ride away from the deep-sea fishing hotspots of Fort Lauderdale, the Lady Helen is a great selection of Fort Lauderdale fishing party boats. Anglers of all experiences can enjoy a half- or full-day voyage on the water. Live bait kite fishing is a favorite option on the outside edge of the Third Reef, whereas offshore trolling baits are employed during longer trips. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and a pack of beer for this party boat escapade!

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Charter Fishing In Fort Lauderdale

One of the most attractive aspects of fishing in Fort Lauderdale is the short amount of time it takes to get to the rich fishing grounds. Most of our charters go about 15-20 miles offshore in Fort Lauderdale. There are three main fishing techniques that maximize the fishing experience in Fort Lauderdale. The fishing charters use a combination of trolling, live bait drifting or kite fishing and bottom fishing to target different species of fish native to Fort Lauderdales clear blue waters. Throughout the year our Fort Lauderdale captains are targeting: tuna, mahi, wahoo, sailfish, grouper, snapper, cobia, mackerel, sharks and more. Typical fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale range from 4 to 8 hours but can be customized to any length time. Our Fort Lauderdale fishing captains have impressive tournament and fishing resumes.

The boats we use in Fort Lauderdale range from smaller boats, which target tarpon and snook in Port Everglades and the surrounding canals to larger sportfishing boats that can carry 6 anglers comfortably offshore. We also have the most luxurious fishing boats and yachts for corporate and vip clients.

All of our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters are located a short distance from the following hotels: W Fort Lauderdale, Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach, Riverside Hotel, The Atlantic Hotel and Spa, Fort Lauderdale Marriot Harbour Beach, Pelican Grand Beach Resort and Bahia Mar.

Y Boat Fishing In Fort Lauderdale: A Handy Guide

Home to over 100 marinas and the largest yacht fleet in the world, Fort Lauderdale is all about living it up on the water. There are numerous ways to experience the Venice of America. For anglers, party boat fishing in Fort Lauderdale is a sure-fire way to meet people, have fun, and reel in some prized catch.

Why hop on a party boat? Well, its an affordable way to fish these waters for those going solo or in a small group. This part of Florida offers some of the finest angling on the East Coast. On a shared charter, youll get to experience it in all its glory without stretching your budget.

So if youd like to learn more about how all this works and what you can expect while party boat fishing in Fort Lauderdale, stick with us. Well cover the species you can catch, when to go, and how to prepare for your trip. When youre ready, read on!

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Ft Lauderdale Fishing Trips

Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Since 1969

You also get a great time fishing in Ft. Lauderdale with Hooked Up. Were not one of those stuffy Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters where the mate and captain are stuck on themselves and barely talk to you. We want you to party, relax, or whatever you like to do. Our job is to make your time on Hooked Up the most enjoyable you can have in Ft Lauderdale fishing. You dont have to be a seasoned angler either. We will show you and your guests/family how to work the sport fishing equipment. So there is no intimidation factor. We love helping people get into the sport of fishing! Let me also tell you I will assist you with locating hotels, restaurants, bars or whatever youre interested in. I know the South Florida area, since Ive lived here all my life. I can make sure you dont go to the overpriced tourist traps. I will be your Fort Lauderdale connection! Located at the Hilton Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Boca Raton is only a 30 minute drive and so is Miami. Our fishing charter is accessible and definitely worth the drive to Fort Lauderdale.

Update: We Are Fishing And Catching 7 Days A Week Crisp Clean Fresh Open Ocean Breezes For Your Party Of 6 Or Fewer Our Always Immaculate Boats Are Obviously Even More So Now As We Continue To Provide A Safe And Fun Environmentfor Up

Let’s Walk the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – YOUR CHOICE!


We provide you with an immaculate air conditioned boat, professional service, Fort Lauderdale fishings most courteous & qualified crew, and Florida fishing licenses included. Superior food and beverages upon request everything needed to make your Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing trip memorable.


We have over 70 years combined fishing experience in the waters off south Florida. We like to share our species-specific articles and techniques with you for catching King Mackerel, Tilefish, Amberjack, Wahoo, Swordfish, Shark, Sailfish and more.


Check out our fishing photo gallery to see how we entertain anglers of any and all experience levels. We pursue every species of fish native to Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas on typical fishing charters. We also offer specialty day or night Fort Lauderdale fishing trips for Swordfish and adventure fishing trips to the Bahamas, Bimini, Florida Keys, Nassau and Walkers Cay.

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