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Can You Sell Your Freedom Boat Club Membership

Intro To Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club Member Stories

Freedom Boat Club is one of the most well-known boat clubs on the market. While it started in Florida, it now has over 275 locations throughout the US, Canada, and France.

Members can use their memberships at each of the locations, which is excellent for those who want to travel. Membership rates vary between sites, but the startup fee is usually around $5,000. The good news is you only pay this once, so its best to keep your membership as long as possible in order to get the best value for your investment. Regular monthly dues usually fall between $200-$800, depending on the location of your home marina.

Aside from a great boat club experience, Freedom Boat Club members also benefit from complementary safety courses. Licensed captains also provide unlimited one-on-one training, so you know how to handle any situation on the water.

Freedom Boat Club maintains a high boat-to-member ratio at each marina and provides a variety of vessels to choose from. The boats available at each marina vary but include the most popular models, from bowriders to center consoles, and more.

Can I Take Boats Outside Of The United States

Most boat clubs are not going to allow you to venture outside of United States waters with their boats. This would severely limit the number of ships they have available to rent out to other members if you are gone for days or weeks at a time on an international journey. It would not be practical for them to allow you to take the boats out for such long periods.

Major boat clubs like Freedom Boat Club do have international locations in other countries.

If you are granted access to their reciprocal boat program, you can reserve their boats worldwide, including European and Canadian locations.

Keep in mind that there are unique rules that apply to use club boats in international waters. For example, you may be required to have a boating permit that has been translated into the local dialect. Many states do not require this type of licensing, so it may be a rather tricky document to obtain.

You may also be asked to prove that you are competent enough to drive a boat in foreign waters. As an international boater, you would be required to maintain specific paperwork and comply with their local legislation.

Do some homework on the requirements you may be asked about before heading out on a trip like this.

Intro To Carefree Boat Club

Carefree Boat Club offers many of the same benefits as Freedom Boat Club, although there are some differences. Carefree Boat Club has over 100 different locations in the US, Canada, The Caribbean, and even Southeast Asia. While this is less than half of Freedom Boat Clubs locations, there is more variety. Its perfect for a boater who wants to travel the globe and have access to a boat wherever they go.

Carefree Boat Club also has high boat-to-membership ratios at each location, so you can always get a rental, even on the busiest days. It also provides on-the-water instruction for its members, so you are an expert in boating safely.

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Boat Club Memberships: Why Should You Join

You may not feel completely ready to choose a boat even after shopping around and using our Boat Finder tool, you might need to wait to pull the trigger because of economic factors, or maybe you just think easing your way into the boating lifestyle is a smart movewhatever the reason, boat clubs offer an excellent alternative to buying a new boat. In fact, boat clubs have experienced soaring popularity since they first began showing up a few decades ago.

Boat club costs are significantly less than purchasing a boat outright, boat club membership often comes with additional perks like boating education classes, on-the-water training, insurance coverage, and/or social events, and there are boat clubs near me, near you, and near just about everyone else who lives anywhere close to a popular waterway. In fact, there are hundreds of locations across the nation from several different providers and whichever you choose to be your boat club, endless boating opportunities for you and your family probably lay right around the corner.

Follow along as one family explores what a boat club membership is all about in their local area.

Freedom Boat Club Holds Grand Opening For New Location In Norfolk

Freedom Boat Club Tampa Bay Freedom Boat Club

NORFOLK, Va. Another boat club has opened in Hampton Roads.

The popularity of boat-renting has soared in the area lately, especially during the pandemic.

10 On Your Side attended the grand opening of the Freedom Boat Clubs second location at East Beach in Norfolk.

Members pay a monthly fee to use the companys boats without the hassle and expense of maintenance that comes with ownership.

Operators must take classes and get licensed.

The owner told 10 On Your Side its a great way to enjoy the water.

It brings the ability for people to get out on the water, in a more economical way. Instead of buying owning and maintaining a boat, you can join the boat club, and then you dont have any of the hassles of boat ownership. Storage maintenance and personal property tax. So it reaches more of an audience, said Captain Andy Sutter.

The grand opening is also a sign of the ever-growing East Beach neighborhood in Norfolk.

Developers continue to build new homes because of the high demand in the area.

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Boatyard Freedom Boat Club Membership

2017 BoatYard Freedom Boat Club Membership Freedom Boat Club Membership for sale in Florida panhandle. Boats are available 365 days a year with no black dates with this membership at a monthly cost of $317. Your can have up to 4 bookings on a rolling calendar in the system at any giving time. The …

Our Members Bill Of Rights

We operate according to an established Members Bill of Rights, which is given to all new members, and clearly communicates what you should expect as a member of Freedom Boat Club.

We highly encourage you to read it for yourself. for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Freedom Boat Club. We hope you found this article helpful! Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and to treat our members in the same manner as we would want to be treated.

Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989, and is the oldest and largest boat club in the world. With more than 15,000 members and a 93% annual retention rate, we strive to provide superior boating experiences for our members, helping to create memories to last a lifetime!

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Freedom Boat Club Membership

  • Ad id:2210204819255515
  • Price:$2,000.00

Freedom Boat Club concierge membership for sale. The concierge package is the premium offering allowing access to larger fishing and recreational boats. Your membership can be adjusted in December if you would like a lesser package. The regular buy-in is $5000 to $6500 depending on the package. Please email for additional information.

How Many Times Can I Use A Boat

Freedom Boat Club Member Story Jay Cramer, FL

Your usage is unlimited.

You can make four reservations in advance using our proprietary online reservation system. Those reservations roll: as soon as you use one, you can book another.

You can also call your dock of choice at any time to check on availability. If theres a boat in the dock that has either returned for the day, or is unreserved, its yours!

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Should I Join Boat Club

Joining a boat club will mean no more maintenance or seasonal headaches with your boat, no more slip fees, and no more driving a trailer around. So if your boat is already paid for, then joining a boat club may be an extra monthly cost the money you get from selling it may only pay for a few years membership.

What Is Not Include In The Freedom Boat Club Membership Fee

There are many perks for becoming a Freedom Boat Club member. However, there is one thing that is not covered by any Freedom Boat Club plan. It is the fuel.

Freedom Boat clubs make use of fuel flow meters. When you check out from the dock, a fuel flow meter is initiated. This will then be reviewed upon return to determine the amount of fuel consumed. This means that FBC only charges you for the fuel used during your outing.

Several Freedom Boat Club franchises also offer optional programs. These programs may include special insurance coverage. They can also include towing provisions.

At the dock, someone will assist you with boarding, check-in, dock departure, and returns. Freedom Boat Club has a dedicated professional dock staff for all members. They will also assist you when it comes to loading and unloading your gear.

Members can tip them for their service. While tipping is fully done at the members discretion, FBC nonetheless encourages members to tip them.

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Can You Share Your Boat Club Membership

Some boat clubs do allow you to split the initial membership with a family member or friend for a shared membership plan. This can be a good way to cut the costs involved with joining a boat club.

Check with your boat clubs administration to see if this option is available at your club.

While most boat clubs wont allow you to share your membership directly, they will allow you to bring family and friends aboard whenever you reserve a boat.

Is A Boat Club Like A Country Club

Freedom Boat Club Grand Opening in Detroit @ Sindbad

A boat club operates in a similar fashion to a country club: for a monthly fee, members have reserved access to a fleet of boats on local lakes and some other destinations as well. So what are the differences between boat ownership and boat club membership, and how do you decide which option is better for you?

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Does Freedom Boat Club Have Sailboats

Did you know that in North America, Freedom Boat Club sports a robust fleet of more than 1,500 boats? One of the best things about being a member of Freedom Boat Club is the opportunity to enjoy that fleet through reciprocal access. Some of our southern locations also offer wakeboard boats, sailboats and kayaks.

How Do You Join A Boat Club

To join a boat club you must pay an initial membership fee and fill out your clubs paperwork. Today, most boat clubs use an online registration and reservation system. Your boat clubs administration will be able to walk you through the steps required to join their club.

Be sure to carefully read the terms of your agreement with the boat club, as these terms often contain important information about how the clubs reservation system works and any restrictions on the use of club boats

Many boat clubs require that new members go through training before taking boats out on the water.

Often, you are given the option between individual and group training. Group training can serve as a way to introduce yourself to fellow boat club members.

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Being Safe On The Water

Although there are not a whole lot of requirements to become a member, Lee said they train all members with a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain before allowing use of the boats.

Jordan said he is glad the club makes people take safety training before they are allowed on the boat.

Taking a boater safety course is huge, it just helps, thats what I love about Freedom Boat Club, they make you do a training, so I know how to operate a boat, Jordan said.

With a number of recent drownings in the area, Jordan said its important for people to wear life jackets, to not drink and make sure you know what you are doing when using a boat.

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Where Can You Use Your Freedom Boat Club Membership Reciprocal Access Means Everywhere

Freedom Boat Club Video President and CEO

Freedom Boat Club

Thanks for your inquiry!

We will be sending you all the details about local plans, discounts & local partnerships. In the meantime, check out the local reviews, events and frequently asked questions for your local club.

Where would you like to boat?

We love that question reciprocal access is one of the most popular benefits of being a Freedom Boat Club member!

If youve researched Freedom Boat Club, you know that we have 20,000+ members nationwide, along with 200+ corporate and franchise-owned clubs in 31+ states and Canada. When you invest in a year-round membership program, you not only have unlimited access to the boats in your local club fleet, but you also enjoy the opportunity to boat anywhere a Freedom Boat Club operates!

For example, maybe you join the club in your home port of Naples, FL. Youre planning a vacation to visit friends or family in Boston, or San Diego, maybe Charleston, or Annapolis, or Chicago. Reserve online and book a boat trip in any of those cities you might be visiting!

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Learn More About Boating And Socialize

Even if you want to buy your own boat in the near future, you still need to learn how to operate one. All boat clubs today offer boating lessons. You will learn the rules of boating, how to steer, and everything you need to know about boat stewardship.

After learning how to boat, you can go ahead and rent or buy your boat and steer it. There is so much you need to learn and a boat club can teach you that and allow you to start boating without the high initial investment.

How Much Do Boat Clubs Cost

The cost of joining a boating club varies based on your location and the type of boats a club keeps in its fleet. Many boat clubs require an initial membership fee that typically ranges between $1,000 to $5,000. The monthly fee for a boat club can range anywhere between $150 to $500.

Despite the high initial cost of joining a boat club, many people find boat clubs a cost-effective way to enjoy boating when compared to the cost of purchasing your own boat.

Boat clubs often provide a wide variety of benefits to members at no extra cost, such as training and access to the dock. The cost of insurance, maintenance, and slip fees are also paid by the club owners.

The only additional cost for club members is the cost of fuel.

Each boat club will use a different fee structure, and some may allow you to pay part of the initial fee over time with additional monthly fees. Some boat clubs offer different levels of membership each with their own perks. You should consult with each boat club in your area to get a good idea of the standard fees charged in your area.

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In A Pandemic Pinch Tampa Bay Boat Club Changes How Members Get Vessels

Membership has its privileges. In the case of Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay, its salty, nautical, Gulf breezy privileges.

Paying a few thousand dollars to join and a few hundred more in monthly dues, club members can use pontoon, deck, ski and fishing boats to island-hop Tarpon Springs, scallop Crystal River and fish Tierra Verde. With reciprocal privileges at clubs across the country, its a sort of seafaring timeshare.

They give me the keys, I take a boat out, I hand the keys back, said Carmen DeFelice, an Apollo Beach retiree who can cruise the Hillsborough River or go for a nice dock-and-dine lunch with his wife.

Freedom Boat Club, with more than 30,000 members across the country, boasts a ratio of one boat for every ten members, according to its website. The Tampa Bay chapter has 7,000 memberships and nearly 700 vessels.

But with the coronavirus came complications, followed by business decisions that did not make all its local members happy.

In January, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that U.S. boat sales hit a 13-year high in 2020, with people wanting to get outside, socially distance and beat back pandemic stress. Historically high sales are expected to continue this year with manufacturers filling a backlog of orders, the report said.

Under the old system, a member was allotted four boat reservations at a time up to six months in advance.

While some were philosophical about the change, others were less so.

What About Boat Safety Rules

Looking for Adventure? Explore Tampa Bay with Freedom Boat ...

New to boating? It may feel overwhelming to consider all of the safety rules you must learn before you can be released onto the open water. Boating safety is one aspect of sailing that you can never overlook or underestimate. Should an emergency come up, you will be glad that you knew just what to do!

Fortunately, many of the most popular boat clubs offer some form of training for new skippers.For most of these locations, safety training is a mandatory part of your membership. You will not be permitted to reserve a boat until you have completed the necessary safety training.

Some clubs have members of the United States Coast Guard on hand to train their members and do official walk-throughs of their boats.

Freedom Boat Club offers both classroom training and on-the-water classes to get you up to speed quickly. Their courses cover basic safety and operation of the different types of boats included in their fleet.

Carefree Boat Club offers similar training. You start by reading their training manual and follow-up with a hands-on class that covers the same concepts.

Both clubs give you numerous opportunities to ask questions and see the demonstrations in person before being asked to perform them on your own. If you finish both training sessions and still feel like you need more assistance, dont be hesitant to ask for more help.

Every boat club would instead take the time to teach you how to sail safely rather than risk injury to you or the boat.

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