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Where To Buy Boat Anchor

Boat Anchors For Sale

How to anchor your boat

Now that you know what anchor you want, here are a few tips on buying a boat anchor.

Where to find cheap boat anchors for sale

One of the great things about boat anchors is that they last forever! So there are tons of second-hand anchors for sale that work just as well and cost less than buying new. Of course, due to their weight, theyre expensive to ship so your best bet is to buy an anchor from a .

Budgeting for a complete anchor kit

There will be three major components to your ground tackle so be sure to leave room in your budget for anchoring accessories.

1) The anchor

The larger the anchor, the more expensive. The anchor itself will cost more if you have a big boat. For example, a small boat anchor, say for a 22 ft boat, might only cost you $200 but for a 50 ft boat you could pay $1,000 or more.

2) The boat anchor winch

At a certain size the anchor will become too heavy to retrieve by hand and you will need a manual or electric boat anchor winch. At the top of the line you can buy a wireless remote to conveniently raise and lower your anchor from anywhere on the boat. Anchor winches can be expensive and time-consuming to install. Whether you can get away without a boat anchor winch, will depend on the size of your anchor and your physical strength.

3) Anchor chain or line

Browse And Shop Anchors And Other Boat Products At Overton’s Online

Whichever type of boat you own or how you use it, having the right-sized anchor is essential to ensure safety and visibility during your cruise.

It’s better to have an anchor nearby than to not have one at all. If you want to pause from your water adventure to rest and do some fishing, throw one out. It’s useful to have one on hand in case of emergencies as well.

Consult A Boat Anchor Size Chart

Anchor manufacturer guidance, usually based on boat length, can be a good starting point to determine which size anchor is appropriate for your boat. If your boat is heavier than typical boats of that length, or presents more windage, you should select a larger anchor.

The same logic applies if you frequent an area with high winds. Generally, the bigger the anchor, the better, but the anchors holding power in the bottom, rather than its weight, is what really matters. Always keep your ground tackle ready to deploy at a moments notice.

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The Best Anchor For Your Boat

Buy Steel Navy Boat Anchor with Chain 24in

Given West Marines tremendous selection of anchors, which one should you choose? The short answer often is more than one type. This is because the type of bottommud, sand, coral, grass or rockas well as the size and windage of your boat have a bearing on which anchor is best. Since many of us use our boats in a variety of conditions, having a couple types of anchors on board makes sense.

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Things To Watch Out For With A Boat Anchor Winch

Make sure you pay attention to the weight capacity. In general, an electric anchor winch will have a capacity between 20lbs and 40lbs. For most boats this is more than sufficient. Its in your best interests to be cautious here. Just because the winch capacity is 35lbs doesnt mean a 35lb anchor is ideal. There can be circumstances in which extra stress is put on the winch. In those cases, a 35lb anchor could become problematic. We recommend overshooting your anchor slightly. Use a 40lb winch for a 35lb anchor. A 35lb winch for a 30lb anchor and so on. This is just a safety precaution. You dont have to do it by any means. Its also possible your winch will work just fine at capacity. But for added caution, consider tweaking your numbers slightly.

You may think you need a larger winch. This is only true if you have a larger boat. These electrical anchor winches are specifically made for small to medium boats. The kind that could reasonably be used without an anchor winch. Larger boats should already have anchor winches as part of the overall boat design. A 65 foot yacht would not need any of the winches weve listed here. It should already be well equipped with a high quality anchor winch of its own.

For these smaller boats, larger capacity winches are rarely necessary. Your anchor is likely not that large so it doesnt make sense to worry about a larger winch.

Anchoring A Boat: Step

Learning how to anchor a boat is a basic seamanship skill that every boater should master, even if you don’t anticipate anchoring very often. Understanding how to set the anchor and retrieve an anchor is criticalan anchor can hold your boat in place in a secluded cove for a few hours of swimming or an overnight stay, but it’s also an essential piece of safety gear. If your boat engine fails, a well-set anchor will keep wind or current from drifting your disabled boat onto a shoal or ashore, where it could be damaged.

Well just cover the basics here, and remember, a good seamanship guide or course will go into much more valuable detail.

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Which Style Or Category Of Anchor

Choose between the two most common anchor styles, the fluke and the plow, or if you are boating in a small boat, on protected inland waters, the inland type.

The most popular type of anchor is the fluke anchor, also called the Lightweight or Danforth, which includes the West Marine Traditional and Performance2 anchors and is often the only anchor on many smaller boats. Light and easy to weigh, it stows flat and holds well in mud or sand. Its excellent holding power-to-weight ratio means you can use a lighter anchor compared to other types, but it doesnt hold well in grassy or rocky surfaces. Its flukes and stock are more prone to foul on rocks or the anchor rode.

Plow and Scoop anchorsthe single point style represented by the Manson Supreme, Rocna, CQR, Delta and Clawhave the best all-around holding ability in varying bottom conditions. They generally reset themselves easily if the wind or current changes direction. The newest scoop designs, like the Manson and Rocna anchors, include round roll bars that self-right the anchor, automatically turning it right side up.

Plow/scoop anchors hold more effectively in grass, mud and sand. They do not have projecting flukes that foul easily, but their shape makes stowing them more awkward . Heavier powerboats and cruising sailboats often use plows as primary anchors.

Delta is a modern plow-style anchor thats popular in boats with bow rollers.

Where To Buy Drift Boat Anchor Near Sacramento

How To Anchor A Bay Boat (Top Anchoring Mistakes & Tips)

Im curious if there is somewhere to buy a drift boat anchor near Sac. Im thinking a 25-30lb would be good for my 12.5 inflatable.Thanks

Check with the two fly shops and then Fisherman’s Warehouse, West Marine and Sportsman’s Warehouse?

Bill Kiene Contact me for any reason……..______________________________________


The last time I needed one the only shop that had stock was The Fly Shop in Redding. Ordered and had the next day.


Thanks for the info. I didnt see any locally on website, but I will make some calls.


I saw somebody in Hayward has a 30# with rope for sale on Craigslist. Not exactly in Sacto, but not as far as Redding either. Not affiliated in any way with the seller, just thought I’d throw it out there. Anyway, here’s the link.Last time I bought one was from a guy in Anderson that made them at his house. I’ll forward his contact info if I find it.

Last edited by Randy B 06-04-2020 at 08:26 AM.


If youre still looking Im pretty sure I have one Ill sell ya. 50.00

Get to whats reel


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The 7 Best Electric Boat Anchor Winches For 2022

by Ian Fortey Updated on January 4, 2022. In Boats

Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

Not every boater thinks of getting an electric anchor winch at first. If you are serious about boating, it really is a must have item. Whether you like to fish on your bass boat or just relax at sea, a winch can be a lifesaver. Manual hauling of your anchor is something any boater gets sick of really fast.

Choosing the best electric anchor winch involves a few factors. You need to make sure it will work for your size boat and anchor. Its also important to choose a saltwater winch if youre at sea rather than inland. The last thing you want is a freshwater winch in the ocean. Lets take a look at some of the best electric anchor winches on the market. These should be more than adequate for any kind of boat you may have.

The Minn Kota Pontoon Deckhand is hands down one of the best electric anchor winches. This winch is rated for a 40lb anchor. That means you want to scale back to at least 35lbs. Lower is fine as well. Remember, the reason for this is to ensure your winch lasts as long as it can. Pushing a winch to capacity, like with a 40lb anchor, is going to cause it to burn out too soon. Always go at least 5 or 10lbs less than recommended.

Ranking The Best Boat Anchors On The Market

by Joe Appleton Updated on May 12, 2020. In Reviews

Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

Your boat anchor is one of the most important tools you can have aboardand overboard too! These special objects are specially designed to sink to the ocean floor, find purchase, and keep your vessel held tightly in place. Anchors are there to stop your boat from drifting away, as the current, tide, and wind try to push and pull it on its way.

Anchors can be dropped when youve located a prime fishing spot, or when youve decided to take a break and have a spot of lunch, or over a dive site. Stronger anchors can be dropped at nightfall, to keep you locked in place while you sleep, or to keep your boat in place for permanent mooring.

They can be used in freshwater rivers and lakes, as well as in the ocean, and these anchors have to deal with tricky river, lake, and sea beds which come in an enormous variety of conditions. Sand, mud, rock, and weed beds all require different anchor types to ensure the best hold.

With so much to think about, its no wonder that shopping for a new boat anchor can be an overwhelming experience. To make life a little easier, weve put together a list of some of the best boat anchors currently available, with a handy buying guide to help you make an informed decision when youre shopping around.

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How To Anchor A Boat

Successfully setting an anchor has a lot to do with communication between the person steering and the person deploying the anchor at the bow. Because of the noise of the engine and wind, we use a system of hand signals to communicate as we set the anchor. Some crews like to use walkie-talkies. Our anchoring system for setting a boat anchor is:

  • Bowman drops the anchor in an appropriate location , while drifting backwards slowly
  • Helmsman places marker on GPS and Ipad anchor alarm
  • Bowman lets out 3:1 scope
  • Helmsman reverses slowly until anchor sets
  • Helmsman increases RPM to 1800 and hold for five to ten seconds
  • Bowman lets out remainder of rode, depending on the anchorage and weather conditions.

Of course if you plan on sailing onto your anchor there are a few extra steps.

Sometimes You May Not Get An Appropriate Anchor

Buy Steel Navy Boat Anchor with Chain 72in

You may not get an appropriate anchor that works well in the bottoms where you boat. Like, you may get a fluke anchor for a grass bottom or a gravel bottom. Like most of the companies will only give fluke anchors along with the boat.

But, no need to worry about this much. In general, most of the companies or brands will give appropriate anchors for your boat. But, some companies might not give an appropriate anchor for your boat. So, be careful and know the appropriate anchor that works well in the bottom where you boat prior to avoid all of that.

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Where Will You Use It

Before you invest in an anchor, you should do some research into the underwater topography of your favorite boating and fishing areas. Not all anchors are created equal! Some are designed to be used in very specific conditions, and even the most versatile products designed as all rounders can fail.

Grapnels will work great on rocky sea beds. Flukes are really handy in the mud. Plows are very useful in the sand. Unfortunately, flukes and plows arent much good in rocky environments, and grapnels can fail to get a hold in flat, sandy situations. Claw anchors are decent in most conditions, but theyre not particularly well-suited to any either. Familiarize yourself with your local conditions, and focus your search on an appropriate anchor type for the best results.

Ship Models By Era & Vessel Type

Cast Your Anchor

There are about 20 wooden model ship kit manufacturers throughout the world. It can be challenging to determine whose kit will suit the model ship builder the best because of all the variables involved. The idea is to match up the kit manufacturer with the needs and wants of the builder so at the end of the day, the ship model builder has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. This is our current 2020 stocking list. Cast Your Anchor is unique with respect to our desire to fully service all ship modellers. See our Rating of Ship Model Kit Manufacturers in Ship Model Articles & Videos for additional kits we make available to you. The list includes Bluejacket Shipcrafters, Caldercraft by Jotika, Constructo, Dumas, Dusek, Krick, Mamoli by Dusek, Master Korabel.
The Bluenose was a fishing and racing schooner built in 1921 in Nova Scotia, Canada. She was a celebrated racing ship and hard-working fishing vessel. Under the command of Angus Walters during the 1930s, Bluenose became the provincial icon for Nova Scotia and an important Canadian symbol. Her image is etched on the Canadian Dime to this day. Following a celebrated racing career, she served as a working vessel until she was shipwrecked in 1946. Cast Your Anchor is your Bluenose ship model specialist!

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Where To Buy Screw/helical Anchor/mooring

1) how heavy, exactly, should the heavy chain be? i see “as big as you can”, but a more solid # would be nice. this boat will be moored on the potomac, which is generally fairly serene but can get rough. i’m only leaving it in the water when i’m there, so i should know if something real severe is on its way in.2) how do i attach the pennant to the mooring, and to my boat? as in, what knots/securing devices should form the loops in either end of the rope? looks like i can use some nylon-reinforced pvc for a chafe guard to attach to the chain shackle, and presumably to the chain hook/clip or whatever that i attach to the bow eye.


Slide Anchor Box Anchor For Boats Offshore Small

Installing a Power Pole Micro Anchor
  • Gives you more control over the placement of your boat, regardless of water conditions
  • Toss anchor overboard, and it will set within 1 foot of its landing
  • To retrieve, pull the line to bring the boat over the anchor
  • Stainless steel stabilizing arm folds compactly into the included ventilated storage bag
  • For boats 18 to 30 feet

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Your Automatic Boat Anchor Choice

When you are looking for best boat anchor, it all depends on the kind of anchoring you are planning to do. Anchor for cruising are usually larger claw or plow that can hold your boat to a wide range of bottoms, there are the work boat and kedging anchors that can be used on different commercial vessels. If you chose this boat part for any reason, you need to ensure that it is of the best quality before you finalize the purchase.

New or used boat anchors for sale are great for day use, but this also depends on the size of the boat you are using. A specialty automatic boat anchors for sale or a backup anchor can be used as well. The anchors rode is what connects the boat to the bottom and keeps it afloat. The anchoring rode can be a high test, BBB, or an anchor chain that is proof coil galvanized. In many cases, a rope rode with a chain is often used for purposes of anchoring.

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