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Where Can I Register My Boat In Nc

Where Do I Register My Boat

Boating Basics: How to Register your Boat

A good place to start is right here on Discover Boatingjust visit our Boat Registration page, which allows you to start the registration process online. In most states, you can also register a boat with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases it may be with the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Licensing, or the Department of Natural Resources . A boat can be officially registered in only one state.

North Carolina Boat Registration Fees

If you are asking, How much does it cost to register a boat in North Carolina? you should know that the fees are highly variable. Fees are calculated with consideration of various factors, including the vessels length, whether it is titled in NC or not, the length of the registration period and how it was purchased. There are also different cost factors set for vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Boat registration fees in North Carolina begin at $35 for a vessel less than 14 in length with a non-title registration period of one year. The highest current boat registration cost in NC is $190, for a new vessel over 26 that is titled and registered for three years. The fee to obtain duplicate registration cards or decals is $8. You may call the NCWRC at 628-3773 or email Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to ask about the specific registration fees for your vessel.

Can I Keep My Existing Boat Registration Numbers If They Expire

Once a boat registration has expired, the numbers may be reassigned. Generally if the boat registration expired within the last calendar year, it is likely that the numbers have not been reassigned. The longer a boat goes unregistered, the more likely it is that the numbers will be reassigned and no longer available for the previous customers use.

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How To Get A Title For A Boat With A Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale is essential when you are buying a boat or watercraft. This document provides proof of purchase and includes important warranties.

Buying a boat means plenty of fun ahead. But before you can enjoy getting out on the water, you need to be sure the sale is handled legally. To do that, you will need a bill of sale from the seller. A bill of sale legally transfers ownership and also can provide important warranties about the boat itself.

How Do I Obtain A Duplicate Boat Registration

North Carolina Boat Registration Requirements

A duplicate registration card with duplicate decals can be requested ONLINE following the procedures for boat registration, by MAIL, or by TELEPHONE at 1-800-366-2661. Duplicate Registration cards and decals are purchased / printed together. The registration cannot be expired. The cost is $1.00 plus an $8.00 service charge if done online, $10.00 service charge by phone, or $10 service change by mail using the boat registration application. If you choose to do this online, go through the screens as if you are registering your boat, and you will get to a choice to purchase a duplicate registration.

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Registration Must Be Onboard While Operating

You must have a valid registration card on the vessel before your watercraft may legally be operated on public waters. The three-year registration card is the official document of registration for your watercraft and once ithas been issued, it must be carried aboard the watercraft while in use. If you purchased a used watercraft with valid, current registration, you may operate the vessel for 30 days from the date of purchase provided you carrya dated bill of sale and the former owners valid registration card.

How To Register A Boat

So you’ve finally purchased the boat of your dreams. Now, what’s the next step? A good place to start is with boat registration. Registering a boat is required by lawmuch like with a carand the rules and guidelines for how this process is done and what kind of watercraft must be registered are dictated by the state in which the vessel will regularly operate .

Here’s the basic steps to follow when registering a boat:

  • Research the boat registration requirements in your state.
  • Complete a registration formeither online, through the mail, or in person.
  • Provide proof of ownershipincluding a title and/or bill of sale.
  • Pay the registration fee, which varies by state and the size of the vessel.
  • Be conscious of the expiration date and apply for renewal.
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    Can I Be Denied A Title

    In certain cases youre title and registration may be put on hold if youre experiencing issues in these areas:

    • Bad debt
    • Inspection
    • Insurance

    As always please consult your DMV for any more questions you may have when titling and registering your trailers in North Carolina. Keep in mind this is not a full list of all the things you may need to know and information is continuously updating through our business and state.

    If you have an existing trailer that you purchased elsewhere and you want to now register your trailer in North Carolina, or you are looking to find out where your title is, you will need to contact NC DMV or call their head office in Raleigh at . When you call, your trailer’s registration card will have your title number to reference in locating your title that is still in process.

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    Hull Number Correction Information


    The U.S. Coast Guard has mandated that all registered vessels in the State of Tennessee provide a properly formatted Hull Identification Number to TWRA.

    The Hull Identification Number is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies a boat and is formatted according to US Coast Guard standards. The HIN is similar to the VIN on a car. Vessels manufactured or imported before 1973 are EXEMPT because they often do not have a HIN. All boats manufactured or imported after 1972, must have a HIN, and this HIN must be identified during the boat registration process. HIN numbers are typically located:

    • On sport and fishing boats, they can be found on the back right outside corner.
    • On pontoons, they can be found on the right side of the frame above the pontoon, but below the deck.
    • On personal watercraft, they can be found under the seat as well as on the lip of the footrest.

    If you are unable to locate the HIN number in any of these locations, photos of these areas of the vessel will be required.

    Customers with an invalid HIN may renew their boats but within the next three years, our system may decline these renewals and any new owner applications in order to comply with the Agencys Coast Guard deadline.

    It is imperative to correct these numbers in the system before that deadline.

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    Nc Boats To Title & Register

    The NC WRC requires the following types of boats to be titled:

    • Motorized boats.
    • Sailboats 14 feet or more in length.
    • Personal watercraft .

    Vessels requiring registration with the WRC include:

    • Watercraft powered by a motor .
    • Any boat registered in another state being used in North Carolina for more than 90 days.
    • Vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard used in NC for more than 90 days.
    • Sailboats measuring more than 14 feet.

    Boats that are exempt from the WRC’s registration requirements include:

    • Rowboats, canoes, and rafts powered only by oars or paddles.
    • Ship lifeboats, if only used for emergency purposes.
    • Any type of boat used only on a private pond.
    • Any boat registered in another state OR documented with the U.S. Coast Guard and not kept in North Carolina for more than 90 consecutive days.

    Still unsure about whether your vessel needs titling and/or registration? Call the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at 628-3773.

    I Am Absolutely Unable To Get Proof Of Ownership Documents To Support My Georgia Boat Registration What Are My Options

    Boat owners should use every effort to obtain the required supporting documents for boat registration to avoid costs to themselves and the state. If all options have been exhausted, an Affidavit of Vessel Ownership may be provided by the applicant. Completing the affidavit requires procedures and documents to show attempted contact with the owner of record for the vessel, and depending on the value of the vessel, may require a bond. If required, the affidavit process should be initiated immediately upon vessel registration.

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    Expiration And Renewal Of Registration

    Registrations are valid for three years. Renewal notices are mailed to the last known address of all watercraft owners approximately 45 days before expiration. The most common reason owners do not receive a renewal notice is because their address has changed within the three years and DGIF was not notified. If a renewal notice was not received, the registration may be renewed by checking the Renew Registration box at the top of the application to register and title a watercraft, then completing the application. A shorter is also available on this website.

    What’s Included In A Boat Bill Of Sale

    Can I Register My Boat Online In Texas

    A watercraft bill of sale is like a fleshed-out receipt. A receipt or invoice contains just the basics: purchase price, brief description, and date of sale.

    Do not confuse a bill of sale with a notice of sale. A notice of sale is a document used in real property to give notice of default proceedings.

    A vessel bill of sale provides proof of the sale of a boat that is more detailed than a receipt. It includes the following information:

    • Names and addresses of buyer and seller
    • Date of sale
    • Purchase price
    • Detailed description of the boat or watercraft including make, model, year, color, condition, and hull identification number
    • Information on what is being sold along with the boat or watercraft, such as the trailer, life jackets, cover, etc.
    • Information about any warranties the seller is making about the boat
    • Signatures of the seller and buyer
    • Signature by a notary, if required by your state

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    My Registration Expired And Now Im Told The Registration Numbers On My Boat Arent Available And Must Be Changed Why

    When boat registration numbers expire, they become available to be reused. We do this because of the limited quantity of numbers available. While the odds favor that an expired registration number wont be quickly selected by the computer once it expires, it is available upon expiration and if reassigned is no longer available to the previous registrant. We suggest maintaining boat registrations rather than letting them expire. An expired registration incurs an additional $10 late fee at renewal.

    With The Online Vessel Registration System You Can:

    • View/Manage Your Current Vessel Registration Records and Check the Status of Pending Vessel Applications.
    • Renew Existing Registrations in Your Name Online Using a Debit / Credit Card .
    • Upload Your completed Application for Boat Certificate of Number certified by a TN County Clerk or TN boat dealer to complete your first-time registration.
    • Submit & Pay for Your Application Online .

    Renewing a registration that does not involve a change of ownership

    Renewals can be done online. You may also renew instantly by going to any business that sells TWRA hunting and fishing licenses or any of the TWRA Regional Offices in Jackson, Nashville, Crossville, or Morristown. You must have the boat registration TN number and the license agent will ask for your last name, date of birth, and last 4 of your SSN. You will receive a temporary registration which will allow you to operate your boat until your new decals and registration card arrive by mail, in about 2 weeks.

    Auto Renew for Vessels

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    How To Get Title For A Boat With A Bill Of Sale

    Once the sale is complete, the buyer must apply for legal title with the state agency that handles boat registration. It might be the department of motor vehicles or the game and wildlife agency or another agency.

    Check your state’s website to determine where you need to register the boat. Each state will have its own requirements about forms and fees, but, in general, you will be able to use your bill of sale as proof of purchase to obtain the title from the state. You may need to register the trailer separately, so be sure to check the rules for trailers as well.

    Need To Register A Boat With No Paperwork

    Boat Registration Requirements 1.6.1

    acdc96 said:I need to register a 1966 Lone Star Del Ray 15′ boat I am buying from my neighbor. The boat has not been registered for at least 20 years. My neighbor has no paperwork on it. His brother in law bought it from his neighbor but never transferred the paperwork to the brother. Both previous owners are currently deceased.How do I registser the boat?I live in CT.It’s a 66 so it does not require a HIN #,Claim the boat as a rowboat that has never been registered?Claim it as a gift?

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    How Do I Contact My Boat Manufacturer To Get A Hull Identification Number

    A HIN is required for boats manufactured after November 1, 1972. If the HIN is unavailable and unknown, the boat owner must first contact the boat manufacturer to obtain a replacement HIN. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains a list of boat manufacturers and contact information at .

    If the manufacturer is out of business or will not assist the boat owner, a DNR HIN Inspection is necessary. DNR will assign a HIN number during the inspection process and the boat owner is responsible for permanently affixing the HIN to the boat.

    How To Access Boat Title Services In North Carolina

    The State of North Carolina makes boat title services easily accessible via Wildlife Service Agents. You will discover that many stores have contracted with the states government to make boat titles and registrations available during routine business hours.

    You can also get boat title services in North Carolina through the mail and in-person at the North Carolina Wildlife Office.

    What is an NC Wildlife Service Agent?

    An NC Wildlife Service Agent is an independent agent of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. These agents represent the state of North Carolina and provide a variety of services, including hunting and fishing licenses and boat titles and registrations.

    How can I find a local North Carolina Wildlife Service Agent?

    You can visit this page to search for a NC Wildlife Service Agent near you.

    How do I submit my form to NC Boat Title Services?

    You can complete an NC Vessel Registration & Title Application and mail it, along with your supporting documentation and fees to:

    North Carolina Wildlife Resources CommissionTransaction ManagementRaleigh, NC 27699-1700

    Can I get boat title services directly from the NC Government?

    Yes. You can access walk-in NC boat title services at NCSU Centennial Campus, NCWRC Headquarters, 1751 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC

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    Hull Identification Number Inspection

    A Hull Identification Number Inspection is necessary when boat owners do not have a Hull Identification Number from the Manufacturer on any vessel built after 1972. HIN Inspections are also required for any Homemade vessel. HIN Inspections are handled through the Law Enforcement Division.

    North Carolina Boat Insurance

    2019 Southbay Pontoon Boat Lettering from Barbara R, PA ...

    Various boat insurance rates in North Carolina can provide security to boaters, although the law does not require boat owners to have coverage. A lending company may require that you purchase a policy if you have a lien on your boat.

    Boat insurance quotes in North Carolina are readily available online or by phone through many providers. You may be able to bundle insurance policies through some providers, as some may offer boat coverage, home insurance policies and/or auto insurance.

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    Renewing Your North Carolina Boat Registration

    If you are wondering how to renew your boat registration in North Carolina, you should know that you will be able to renew boat registration online in NC a unique renewal number contained in your renewal notice. Simply log on to the NCWRCs Automated License and Vessel Information Network and follow the prompts.

    You may also obtain boat registration renewal in NC over the phone by calling 628-3773 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Just have your registration card handy and be prepared to pay the fees by credit card. If desired, you can also apply for your renewal in person at your local WRC office. Like the car registration renewal process, the state will send a renewal reminder notice well in advance of the expiration date of your vessel registration.

    Do I Need To Title And Register My Trailer

    The short answer is yes. Trailers should be titled and registered in a similar manner as a car in the state of North Carolina. Not titling your trailer in North Carolina leaves you exposed to penalties. People moving to NC coming from a state that doesnt require trailer title and registration should still contact the NC DMV.

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    Display Of Registration Numbers

    The number issued to your watercraft appears on the registration and is to be displayed on each side of the forward half of the vessel in block letters, at least 3 inches in height, and contrasting in color with hull or background. They may be painted or attached to the watercraft, must read from left to right, and must always be legible.

    A space or hyphen must separate both the VA abbreviation and the letter suffix from the numerals.

    Example: VA 4696 AF or VA-4696-AF

    On vessels so configured that a number on the hull or superstructure would not be easily visible or the number would not remain securely attached , the number may be painted on or the number and decal attached to a backing plate that is attached to the forward half of the vessel so that the number is visible from each side of the vessel.

    If the watercraft already has Virginia registration numbers , in most instances those same numbers will be reassigned to the new owner. The Virginia registration number assigned to a watercraft should never be removed from the watercraft unless DGIF assigns new numbers to the vessel.

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