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How Much Are Floating Boat Docks

Benefits Of Floating Boat Docks Vs Other Docks


Docks are either fixed or removable. Floating docks are one type of removable structure, though they are often intended for long-term use. Other types of removable docks include piling docks and pipe docks. Piling docks contain wooden beams pilings that attach to the ground beneath the water and the dock using special hardware. Hoops or rollers enable the dock to move with the water while keeping it stationary. Though they move with the water, they cant adjust to rising or lowering levels, making them susceptible to damage and less adaptable to different environments. Pipe docks are similar, except they use aluminum framing and removable docking pieces. They are ideal for shallow water, but they can freeze and break in the winter. They are also vulnerable to currents and tides and prone to submersion.

The two primary types of permanent docks are crib and suspension. Crib docks are made out of rock-filled wooden cribs that are installed underneath the docking surface. They are very stable, but often cause environmental damage and are restricted in many areas. They are also very costly to erect. On the other hand, suspension docks use cables to hang over the top of the water, which renders them fairly harmless to the environment but they are often just as expensive and challenging to install. The dock itself can be made of either metal or wood, and due to the nature of the suspension system, you cannot take it down during severe weather.

How Does A Floating Dock Work

If youre a boat owner or oversee a marina or public boating space, you know that the right dock can transform your property, boost your resale value and create a welcoming space for people to board and exit their vessels. Docks also provide a natural gathering space for entertaining and lounging. Fortunately, you have several docking options available to you. Floating docks are the ideal solution because they are adaptable, durable and easy to maintain compared to other docking types. With modern innovation, they are also sleeker and more attractive than ever before, making them a great addition to any private or public property.

Lets review what exactly a floating dock is, how it works and how it compares to other common docks. Then, learn more about how to choose the right floating dock for your property.

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How Much Does A Floating Dock Cost

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A traditional dock will have legs that are secured into the bottom of the water, and this is done by burying the legs or by dropping them into cinder blocks that settle on the floor of the water. A floating dock, however, is built in the same way as a traditional dock, but without the legs. Instead, there are pontoons or large hollow cylinders that float, attached to the bottom. In order for the floating dock to be steady, the pontoons need to be large enough and placed correctly. The floating dock will also need to be attached to something to keep it from floating away. This could be done by using cables to connect to the floor of the water, to the shore or to a nearby pier.

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The Cost To Build A Boat Dock

The costs associated with dock construction are extremely variable. Prefabricated or assembled docks can be as cheap as $1,000 while high-quality permanent docks can cost between $50,000 and $75,000, depending on the difficulty of installation, water depth, climate, and other factors. Selecting the type of dock to construct on a lakefront home may be the biggest decision homeowners make during this process. Ultimately, this is what will determine the total project cost.

Float Docks Enhance Your Lifestyle

Floating Boat Docks

Get creative and extend your outdoor living to your dock. Serve your friends at your outdoor bar or curl up on your hammock with a good book in the shade of your covered patio. BBQs and firepits, outdoor showers and basketball hoops, your imagination knows no bounds with Float Docks. We add enhancements to create the lifestyle you deserve.

I was curious about concrete docks and wanted a new dock that would withstand weather conditions, boat waves plus have great stability. I ordered a comprehensive interlocking layout from Dock Floats and John and his crew provided over-the-top service to accommodate our needs. Highly recommend them for superb customer service providing concrete docks easy to maintain, looks great and provides a great base to house my boat, water accessories and deck furniture.I now live on my dock and love it!

John and the team at Float Docks are exceptional, sparing no detail and working with us every step of the way to ensure that our dock was perfect. The canopy over our boat slip means that we spend less time covering and uncovering our boat and more time enjoying it! Now that our dock is finished, its obvious that with Float Docks, youre getting so much more than a dock, youre getting a lifestyle.

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Confidence In Choosing Accudock

The AccuDock team of dock dealers diligently works toward providing each customer with the highest quality product and an enjoyable customer experience. The superior engineering, design and construction of our docks for sale provide years of worry free enjoyment. Attention to detail and customer service is given to each and every project, whether its a world class rowing dock, a commercial work float or a floating boat dock for your home. ADA compliant floating docks are also available including ADA kayak launches, canoe launches, transfer platforms, ADA Gangway Systems, ADA scaffold systems and more. AccuDock always ensures the highest degree of safety is being provided during installation.

The Industry’s Most Decking Options

Your dock system should reflect your style thats why we offer an industry-leading 9 premium, low-maintenance decking options. From luxurious woodgrain aluminum decking to our exclusive Vertex decking or the more conservative Tan painted aluminum, ShoreMaster offers decking options with superior aesthetics and the easiest ownership.

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What Is The Difference Between A Dock A Pier And A Wharf

The short answer is size.

Wharves tend to be very large, sized for commercial shipping, in fact, and are often solid in design, acting as a breakwater.

Piers can range in size from a structure large enough to accommodate a cruise ship to a platform sized for a familys motorboat. They can be fixed fast to pylons or can be designed to rise and fall with the tide but almost always allow water to flow freely.

In its singular form, the word dock is usually used to refer to a smaller platform designed to serve a moderately sized boat, which is to say anything from a small pontoon boat to a yacht, but not an ocean liner.

If someone says the docks, plural, note that they may well mean a huge network of slips, anchorages and so forth.

Bonus: Inflatable Floating Docks

Floating Dock Video: Per Sqaure Foot of Costs of Floating Docks

An inflatable dock is usually designed for recreationas in, you use it as the object of recreation, not as a boarding platform for a recreational boating excursion.

These large platforms, often called floating islands, are rarely stable enough for safe use as boat boarding or disembarking structure.

There are only a few exceptions to this rule, like the E Style Inflatable Air Floating Dock . This can be used as a relatively durable seasonal dock for small vessels like jet skis and the like.

It can also be affixed to a larger boat to keep any smaller crafts you may own attached at the dock.

Whereas a traditional floating dock is connected to land with a fixed gangplank, inflatable floating docks usually use just a simple anchor, if anything. That means they dont really provide a place for a boat to be secured, which is the primary point of the dock.

And of course, being inflatable, theyre not durable or permanent.

That said, an inflatable dock can be used in conjunction with a boat, either floated away from the vessel as a swimmers or fishermens platform, or to help people get out of the water and onto the boat.

The key is that it shouldnt be thought of as the primary spot for the boat to tie up. Anything that can potentially deflate and sink is just not a safe or permanent docking solution.

Ready to float on?

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Wood Floating Dock Systems

Wood floating dock systems are an affordable option for all. You can build your own floating dock with one of our Floating Dock Kits. Dock Accents is also a floating dock builder for local customers who wish to have a floating dock built for them.

Our Floating Dock Kit includes: foam-filled dock floats, HD dock hardware and fasteners for installation Material list, floating dock plans and specs to build a wood floating dock.

You will also need at least 2 pilings or pipes not connected to your boat dock or pier to secure your floating dock. All hardware is hot dipped galvanized commercial grade 1/4 thick. .

Call us at today and we can assist you in planning your floating dock project and customizing your boat dock with a great selection of dock accessories dock bumper, cleats, dock ladders, dock benches, etc.

Floating Docks and Dock Kits are shipped from Virginia throughout contingent U.S. Call For a Shipping Quote @ .

Learn How to Build a Floating Dock yourself with our Step by Step instructions.

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Covered Boat Dock Prices

Some docks used year-round may benefit from having a covered section to keep the sun and rain off the boat. Typically, covered docks can be built of the same materials as the rest of the dock, although aluminum docks usually have a stretched canvas top. Expect to add $12,000 to the project for a wooden covered dock.

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How To Choose Between A Floating Dock Or Stationary Dock

You finally got that boat you’ve always wanted. You can take it out on the lake whenever you feel like it!

But how are you going to get it in the water? Looks like you’re in need of a dock!

So, what kind of dock is best for you? Should you go with a floating dock or a stationary dock?

Both kinds of docks have their pros and cons, and the one you choose should fit your needs. What do you plan to use the dock for? What’s the water like where you want to install the dock?

We’ll help you sort through these questions and make the best decision possible. Keep reading to learn the difference between floating and stationary docks, and how to decide which type is best for you.

Float Docks Are Environmentally Friendly

Boat Lifts &  Floating Docks

Floating docks have minimal to no obstruction to the underwater environment and the concrete provides a haven for the growth of marine life and organisms. They contain no chemical preservative treatments, unlike wood, and act as a breakwater to protect your watercraft and shoreline from water condition damage.

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The Best Types Of Floating Docks

Any floating dock that is large enough for your boat and stable enough for the people and gear on top of it is serving its purpose.

There isnt one type of material thats inherently better or worse for constructing a floating dock. The different materials simply offer different qualities.

The three most common floating dock materials are plastic, aluminum and wood, so well go through these types of docks here.

Environmentally Friendly Docks For Sale

AccuDock floating docks are made of HDPE flat sheets that fully encapsulate EPS foam. EPS is premium virgin material and does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or formaldehyde which are harmful to the earths ozone. EPS also does not produce contaminating that pollute the water. Premium HDPE creates no harmful emissions during production and also does not leak any toxic chemicals into the water. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, AccuDock also recycles all scrap aluminum and plastic.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating DocksCALL OR EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION

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The Jetslide A Revolution In Boat Lifts

Our standard floating boat lift system, the Jetslide, assures better stability as well as an excellent weight distribution for your watercraft.Our basic boat lift system will give you the freedom to walk around your boat for maintenance or other activities.

The V-shaped entrance point, next to the waterline, cushions impacts and facilitates docking and boarding. This allows the craft to float further onto the lift.

Cons Of Floating Docks

Floating Aluminum Dock

If you don’t like to sway with the water, this definitely isn’t the choice for you. You’ll want to go with something more stable, like a stationary dock.

Floating docks last around 20 to 30 years, but that’s less time than a stationary dock will last. Stationary docks usually last around 25 to 35 years.

Due to their floating nature, you won’t want a floating dock if you’re building in an area with high water traffic. Each time a boat comes by your dock will rock with the water. And floating docks are noisy too, so you’d have to get used to the sound of clanking chains whenever the water moves a lot.

Floating docks present a problem during low tide. Since they float on the water, they’ll get closer and closer to the ground as water levels decrease. This can potentially result in damage to your floating devices.

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The Most Important Floating Boat Dock Features To Consider

Each of the floating boat lifts we carry has a standard set of features that you will appreciate. The following are just a few of the many reasons why you need a boat lift as part of your watercraft storage system solution.

  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Durable high-density polyethylene construction
  • Patented modular and changeable configurations
  • Non-skid surface

Some Considerations When Choosing A Dock

Homeowners should take into account the regulations regarding dock construction in their area. These will influence the type of dock that can be built. The climate will be another factor. In areas where lakes freeze in the winter, some types, including pipe docks, may not work very well and would be prone to damage. Flooding can also be an issue. Another consideration is the depth of the water. Deep water may necessitate the use of piling docks or suspension docks instead of crib docks. Budget plays a role as well. Many homeowners may not wish to spend the amount necessary to build a suspension or crib dock.

A dock can add value and enjoyment to waterside properties and lakefronts, allowing for easy access to the water for boating and fishing. Building a dock is a big project, but homeowners shouldnât be daunted.

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Pros Of Stationary Docks

Due to their construction, stationary docks are more protected than floating docks. They remain the same despite currents or tides. And in general, they’ll last longer than floating docks.

Stationary docks are perfect for areas with lots of watercraft activity. They remain secure even through lots of water movement, making it easy for you to get into your watercraft.

Because of their stability, stationary docks are great if you’re looking for a gathering place for family and/or friends. And if you don’t like to feel the swaying of the water when you’re relaxing, this is the way to go.

They’re also great in shallow waters, where floating docks are not. You don’t run the risk of floats getting punctured if the water level drops too low.

And, if you’re new to docking your boat, you may have an easier time with a dock that doesn’t move.

The Easiest Way To Customize Your Dock

Floating Boat Docks

Our InfinityTrack accessory system provides the easiest way to accessorize and customize your dock system to make it work for you. Premium furniture, steps, ladders, bumpers and much more can all be added to your system with no drilling, no holes, and no hassles. You wont find an easier system anywhere.

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What Is A Floating Dock

A floating dock floats on top of the water instead of being bolted or otherwise attached to the surface beneath it. As the water moves and levels fluctuate, so does the dock. Modular floating docks are available in both individual sections and complete configurations. Floating dock sections vary in size and shape, and you can use them to create your own unique layout. Pre-made floating dock configurations are designed to accommodate certain features or accessories, like kayak and canoe launches, slides and swimming platforms, and personal watercraft ports. Depending on the company you work with, you can also choose from additional add-ons to enhance your floating dock further, like storage space, safety railings, tie-up cleats, bumpers, and edging.

Floating docks are highly adaptable and suitable for a range of applications, including:

Its Shape And Dimensions

Every property and budget is different. When you choose your floating dock, you must account for the specific needs of the waterfront land where youre installing it, as well as what youre going to use the dock for once its finished. For instance, if you plan to dock several PWCs or multiple canoes, you need a configuration that can accommodate them. For homes with several boats or public access spaces, you need a design that safely leaves enough room for easy entry and exit.

EZ Dock floating dock configurations are available in the following shapes:

  • F-shape
  • U-shape
  • Rectangular

You can also choose configurations with ports and features already built into them, or opt for individual sections to make different size and shapes to fit the requirements of the space youre working with. Section options include corner gussets, half hex pieces, low profile docks and rectangular pieces.

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