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What Is The Best Pontoon Boat Cover

Best Pontoon Boat Cover

Boat Cover Fabric Comparison – Features & Benefits | National Covers

Key Points at a Glance

  • Features 600 Denier polyester for maximum durability.
  • The design is 100% waterproof but still breathable.
  • Budge makes custom-sized pontoon boat covers depending on your boat.
  • Features sewn-in straps for increased hold and ease of use.
  • Pack includes extra straps and buckles.

The Details

Although Budges pontoon boat cover is definitely one of the more expensive covers that weve come across, its by far one of the best that weve ever seen! Unlike many of the other flimsy covers on the market, this particular one is made out of ultra-thick 600 Denier marine-grade polyester. It can easily stand up to heavy rain, the weight of snowfall, and the hot summers and UV rays.

They offer multiple sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your pontoon. It also comes stock with a beautiful electric blue color that really makes it pop and accentuates the high-quality stitching.

These are the Best Pontoon Boat Covers available.

Key Points at a Glance

  • 3 Uses: Trailering, mooring, and storage.
  • Includes 6 high-quality straps as well as an elastic band to keep cover secure.
  • Made with high-quality 600 Denier polyester.
  • Includes an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The Details

The only thing we didnt like so much is the dingy grey color. If aesthetics arent important to you, though, then the Vortex Ultra 3 is a little bit cheaper than the Budge and offers almost identical quality.

Key Points at a Glance

The Details

Best Overall Pontoon Boat Cover

1. North East Harbor Heavy Duty Waterproof Gray Pontoon Cover

Our top pick as the best pontoon boat cover is North East Harbor Heavy Duty Waterproof Gray Pontoon Cover. This is our best pick because of its high features, materials and price. This heavy duty boat cover comes with a lot of options and features to be a perfectly crafted pontoon boat cover.

This cover has 5 different length 20 feet, 21 feet, 22 feet, 23 feet and 24 feet with the highest width of 8.5 feet. It is made of high quality breathable fabrics and rugged 600 Denier Polyester, thus making is UV protected and waterproof for longer times.

Trailering the cover is easy with its quicksnap strapping system, and the whole strapping can be done within 10 minutes. You can adjust the strapping to perfectly fit on your pontoon. It also comes with a storage bag for extra storage. This grey colored pontoon boat cover is the best for longtime covering for your boat and thats why it is the first position of our top 10 best pontoon boat covers.

Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover

If you are looking for a boat cover that is durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment, Seamander boat cover, which is very thick and repels water well, is one good option. It is made from 600D marine-grade woven polyester canvas with double PU back coating. On top of that, it has interlocking double stitched seams with marine-grade thread that keeps the cover intact and enhance its durability.

This boat cover has an industrial strength shock cord and ensures a tight and secure fit around your boat keeping the boat well protected even on a windy day. On top of that, the product includes 12 adjustable straps that will not only ease fitting of the cover but allows trailering.

The only drawback is that the cover is not vented for moisture to escape. This might cause mold to grow unless you take precautions and let some airflow.

You can choose from various colors and sizes. When not in use, the cover can be appropriately stored in the included mesh, anti-moisture bag.


  • Durable thick material that repels water
  • 12 adjustable straps for easy fitting and trailering


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Why Your Pontoon Boat Needs A Cover

Protection from the Elements

Even though pontoon boats are often waterproof, water may still find its way inside, be it from water splash into your boat as you ride or jumping or surfing out of a cannonball. This is the nature of boating. The degree of wetness inside should not be taken lightly.

Water may also find its way into your boat through rain and other natural events. This is even more dangerous since you are not close to control the flow. This inflow has a negative effect on your boat. For instance, if your seats and upholstery are not waterproof, water will seep in and damage them overtime. However, when you have a good boat cover, you will be able to prevent rain water from getting into your pontoon boat.

The cover also protects the boat from elements such as wind. This cover can prevent wind-borne debris and dust from getting into the interior of your boat. Elements such as flowers and leaves are also kept away from your boat if you reside in an area with trees.

Protection from the sun

A critical consideration of pontoon boat covers is UV protection. This is the quality of a boat cover to protect the boat against ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Leaving the boat exposed in extreme weather conditions such as the hot sun causes damages to your boat, such as expansion. The boats components exposed will also get sun-bleached over time. Only specific metals do not get bleached. Interiors of the pontoon boats are not typically made of metal.

Protection from Nature

Heavy Duty Waterproof Gray Pontoon Cover

The 10 Best Pontoon Boat Covers On The Market Today

The Heavy Duty Pontoon Cover from North East Harbor is a top pick for a lot of pontoon owners because it ticks all the relevant boxes: its well made, using high-quality material, offers loads of protection and is reasonably priced.

The cover is made using a breathable polyester and is 600D. It is both UV resistant and waterproof and will protect your boat from wind, rain, and sunshine. Its available in five different sizes and will fit pontoons that measure 20 feet, 21 feet, 22 feet, 23 feet as well as 24 feet long.

Trailering is easy, and the quick-snap system means it can be covered in under 10 minutes. The strapping is also adjustable, and it comes with its own storage bag for safekeeping. If youre on a budget, but still want quality, this is the perfect cover for you.

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Secure Your Pontoon Boat And Marine Accessories Using A Cover

A pontoon boat tarp can be an efficient means of making sure your water vehicle and any gear you store inside it is kept safe from the elements or tampering. You can check out eBay to find a selection of low-priced pontoon boat covers in various configurations to suit your needs. Once you get to know a bit about the features of these items, you’ll be able to find the right pontoon covers for you.

Features of pontoon boat covers

The pontoon covers for sale on eBay have various design elements that might make them a convenient or useful option for your needs. Most of the boat covers you find will use some form of stiff polyester fabric as a basic component. Here are just a few of the features you can get with this kind of boat tarp:

  • Anti-tearing – The fabric in pontoon boat tarps is intended to be tough and resistant to tears or cuts. It is designed to stay whole and in place during strong winds or hard rains.
  • UV protection – Direct sunlight for long periods can cause the surface of your boat to oxidize or appear hazy. You can mitigate this issue by covering your vehicle with a tarp that includes UV protection.
  • Dustproof – You can find pontoon boat covers with snaps that should create a seal to protect your boat from dust and debris when you store it.

Choosing fastener options for boat coversShould you check out preowned boat tarps?

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pontoon Boat Cover

As you can see, there are too many pontoon boat covers on the market currently. Thus, it is crucial for you to know the main factors when selecting the right pontoon boat cover to protect your boat. Here are the things that you have to keep in mind before the purchase.

  • Type of Fabric

The covers that are suitable for most pontoon boats are made of nylon and polyester. Using the latter is to protect against UV rays and other hazardous elements that can damage the boats structure.

Other incredible materials are Oxford fabric, canvas, or cotton lining. Some of them have a double PU coating designed for enhancing the protective layer. Once you know the material, you can tell if the pontoon cover will last or not. Proper maintenance is another thing that you have to be concerned about. You have to clean the cover when the storage period is over.

  • The Seal

The covers edges should be sewn to ensure that a single particle cant get past the cover. This feature is a must for a water-resistant cover. Also, it offers additional enforcement for possible wear and tear.

  • The Line or Cord

There are pontoon covers with heavy-duty elastic cord, which is quite unbreakable. It also helps to distribute the load of a pontoon evenly. You may find some covers with stretchy cord as well and they are usually on the budget side.

  • Protection from Mold and Mildew

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Make Sure The Cover Is Waterproof

Do not get a boat cover that is merely water resistant because that will not be good enough. Instead, you need to get a boat cover that is fully waterproof.

A water resistant cover means that it will only resist water for so long, and eventually water and moisture will seep through the cover and damage your boat. If anything, buying a water resistant cover means you would additionally need to place a tarp over the boat, so why even get the water resistant cover in the first place?

Even though true waterproof boat covers will cost more money, they are definitely worth the extra monetary investment.

Bennington Sv Narrow Beam Cruiser

What Makes a Good Boat Cover?

If youre looking for a pontoon boat thats designed to deliver the maximum level of comfort and enjoyment on the water, then youll love the Bennington SV Narrow Beam Cruiser. It is arguably one of the best-selling luxury cruisers on the market today.

You can get it with bass seats that allow you to swivel them for a full panoramic view of the environment around you. It is available in several different configurations that you can customize based on your preferences.

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Csr 4333785051 Pontoon Boat Cover Support System

Outdoor storage of vessels is a challenge because of some elements and weather changes. A responsible pontoon owner should collect the necessary items to build a protective structure. You must know that a boat cover may not be sufficient to keep up with the weight of water, snow, and ice. So, the need to have a cover support system cant be ignored.

While I was looking for support systems in the market, I didnt have a lot of ideas on what to buy. I opted for this as it has a universal two-system that contains two sets of poles and straps.

Each set of the pole is composed of two pieces and that gives you a total of four poles. They are adjustable from 40 inches to 70 inches. I also got 4 pieces of straps and each of them has a length of 20 feet. It may seem complicated because there are tons of things but assembly is easy with its simple design. I snapped the straps on the rear tow hooks with no trouble. There is also an instruction manual included in the package.

  • Not for high winds

Pontoon Boat Covers: Which Is Best For You

Its mid July and its hot outside. Your days revolve around getting the family out on the water and enjoying your pontoon boat until the sun starts to set. Youve got the boat gear dialed in so that everyone is happy while on board.

The cooler is adequately packed and you have taken a boaters safety course. You know that a pontoon boat is the best choice for your family after researching all the different types of boats available on the market today. With all of this preparation, boating with your family is an enjoyable experience.

Theres one part, however, that can take a perfect weekend on the water and make it a not so fun experience: covering the boat at the end of the day can be frustrating and suck all the fun out of your boating excursion.

So, how do you ensure that the cover your pontoon has is the most efficient and easiest for you to put on after a long hot day on the water? Im going to give you the breakdown of cover choices in hopes that you find a route that doesnt have you dreading Sunday evening.

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Different Boat Cover Materials

There are various fabrics that pontoon boat covers are made of. However, the most common materials are vinyl, acrylic, mesh, and canvas.

  • Vinyl the most popular fabric, very durable and flexible. This durability makes vinyl covers long-lasting, and its texture is excellent dirt repellant.
  • Acrylic a laminate material that is fully waterproof and fire-resistant. This laminated feature makes acrylic antibacterial and impact-proof. It might not be as good as Vinyl, but it makes for an excellent choice.
  • Mesh although not as good as the other two materials, the mesh is still popular because it can enhance your boats appearance due to various designer looks. It is not fully waterproof, but it is water-resistant and quick drying.
  • Canvas natural textile made from the cotton base. Its tight weave makes this a robust and waterproof material. However, the canvas is one of the heaviest materials, and you may not like that.

Now that you have answered the main questions and know which materials work best for your situation let us look at some boat covers individually.

North East Harbor 96 Pontoon Cover

Best Fishing Pontoon Boat

Sufficiently waterproof, this product excels in keeping pontoon boats dry. Made with a durable 600D polyester material, its build quality excels and beats many competing models.

Aside from being completely waterproof, this pontoon boat cover has been sunray treated for optimal longevity. With this trait, it holds well against long-term exposure to the suns harsh UV rays.

However, the color faded from a cool gray to a questionable lavender from continuous UV exposure. Despite this change in appearance, it continued to be an excellent performer in whisking water and sunlight away.

Furthermore, the accessories that come with the pack make this kit a great choice for trailering. The straps held well onto the cover and watercraft. These components are also easy to tie down as they did not require too much of my valuable time to lock them in place.

As for its compatibility, its fairly adequate, considering that this cover can fit relatively all pontoons with lengths from 17 to 19 ft. Further, the fabric is quite breathable as mold and mildew did not grow in my boat after a heavy downpour.

  • The color began fading after continuous sunlight exposure
  • Material feels thin

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Windstorm Pontoon Boat Covers

WindStorm pontoon boat covers are our best-selling boat cover for its unbeatable quality at a great price. If you enjoy the durability of Sunbrella, you will love the solution-dyed Marinex marine grade fabric on WindStorm covers. Marinex offers an advanced UV and mildew resistant coating for an attractive cover that will outlast and outperform many other covers on the market. WindStorm is the best fitting, longest lasting, semi-custom boat cover on the market today.

The Best Pontoon Boat Covers In 2021

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Even though we invested in a covered boat slip at our local marina, it didnt take long to discover that the pontoon boat cover is a MUST HAVE! Spider poop! Yep, you heard me. Spider poop is the bane of a pontoon boat lovers existence. If youve ever ridden on a pontoon boat and noticed a lot of little black dots all over the seats, thats Spider POOP!! Yuck! You know where spider poop comes from? SPIDERS!! Yikes! Trust me when I tell you, you want to cover your pontoon boat! Heres our picks of some of the best pontoon boat covers to consider to keep the spiders, their poop, and any other creepy crawlies out of your pontoon boat!

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Silver Shark Pontoon Cover

Price: $199.99

The Silver Shark Pontoon Cover is made of 300 denier polyester material. It is one of the better affordable pontoon covers on the market today. Its an entry level cover that features breathable fabric that stops the development of mildew, musty odors, and mold. Its designed with a buckle system and a top and bottom strap to ensure a snug and secure fit to your boat for trailering. The cover is 100% waterproof and it is resistant to UV rays. The shock cord system allows you to achieve a snug and secure fit with both top and bottom strapping for additional security. This product comes with a storage bag and a 3 year warranty.

Review #: Yescom Pontoon Boat Cover

On My Dock: How To Buy The Best Mooring Cover for Your Boat

This pontoon boat cover with snaps by Yescom is a novel product, with a quick-release buckle system that far outweighs most traditional fastenings. Its very durable, very easy to use and an excellent option for those looking for the perfect blend of convenience and quality.

  • It features a PU coating, making it extremely water resistant, and highly durable.
  • Its treated to protect boats from moisture, mildew and harmful UV rays.
  • It was built with the user in mind, and features an easy to use buckle/strap system, in addition to an elasticated hem that will easily stretch over boats.

What We Dont Love:

  • Its difficult to fault this product, it features all the qualities of an excellent boat cover, and doesnt disappoint in any particular respect.

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