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What Is The Best Brand Of Pontoon Boat To Buy

Wolverine Trailers All Pro 24 Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Tailer

What Pontoon Boat to Buy

This is a premium pontoon boat tailer that features an extra durable 5 x 2 frame made of galvanized steel. It is a tandem axle with a winch, and an extra-large ladder with a handrail for easy access to the pontoon boat. It is available in 2 x 6 vinyl covered bunks that are 8 ft in length. The wheels are galvanized and it comes with radial tires and an LED lighting system for road safety and compliance.

Your Pontoon Is A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle

Much like buying a car, finding the best pontoon boats requires a great deal of research. Weigh the pros and cons of each, decide on the features that matter the most to you, and pick a boat that best suits your needs.

Buying a vessel from any of the manufacturers listed in this guide is a safe bet. Theres a pontoon out there with your name on it. In the meantime, check out our detailed review on the best boats under $50,000.

Advantages Of Buying Your Own Pontoon Boat

Purchasing your own boat has many advantages and disadvantages as well.

One major disadvantage is cost. When you own the boat all costs fall on you. This includes maintenance, storage, fuel, upkeep, and other costs.

You will want to make sure that you will use the boat enough to offset all the costs. Owning a boat can be a major expense. This means you will want to make sure you will get enough use out of your boat to make the costs worth it.

If you buy your boat, you will also have more freedom on where you go and when you take the boat out. You will also have a sense of ownership and pride in your vessel. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of owning your own boat and putting pride in its upkeep.

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Bucks Bag High Adventure Pontoon Series

The Bucks Bag High Adventure Pontoon Series is a good middle of the road inflatable fishing pontoon boat. It also has a steel frame, with the pontoons made of PVC coated polyester with an internal vinyl air bladder. It has its own patented Line-Lock anchoring system, making anchor release and retrieval quick and easy. It is only 8 feet long and 4.5 feet wide and weighs 60 pounds, but can accommodate one person up to 350 pounds for a long day of fishing out on the lake.

Berkshire Sts Fishing Series

Pontoon Boat Buyer

The Berkshire STS fishing series is another affordable and excellent pontoon choice for the fisherman in the family. It is available from 22 to 25.7 feet long, with up to 350 hp for up to 14 people on board. There are two aft fishing chairs alongside two rod holders for convenience, as well as a 15 gallon live well/baitwell. There are also two special racks specially provided for storing fishing line. The vessel comes standard with a Humminbird Helix 5 GPS/fish finder, and a full instrument package.

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Bennington 24 R Bowrider Swingback

Being a brand thats mostly known for its commitment to details when it comes to the production of pontoon boats, Bennington continues to produce some of the industry-best pontoon boats. The 2021 24ft Bowrider is a reinvented model with more features that are perfect for several water activities, including watersport. The boat features the new V-Hull performance package that leaves you with more in-floor storage space. With the engine, there are several different options but we love the Yamaha package with 150hp. This strongly powers the boat to function more effectively. With a maximum capacity of 15, theres just enough room to take everyone on board for that family weekend getaway! The MSRP for this boat starts at $95,803 USD.

The Best Pontoons For Fishing

The process of finding the best pontoon for fishing will be made simpler if you buy from a reputable brand.

Ideally, you should buy directly from a brand, so that you can take advantage of their warranty options and feel confident about your investment.

Each brand will present buyers with contrasting characteristics, therefore, the one you choose ought to reflect your fishing wants and needs.

Below are a handful of well-known brands that offer warranty on their fishing pontoons:

  • Sylvan Offering head-turning luxury, Sylvan has been building pontoon boats since 1948. Sylvan has introduced a vast array of fishing pontoons to its range, including the Mirage Fish with lockable rod storage, the 8520 Cruise-n-Fish with a Humminbird Piranha Max4 Fish Finder and the 8522 Party Fish with depth gauge.
  • Bennington This boat brand is considered to be one of the best pontoon brands on the planet! If youre looking for the best pontoon for fishing that features fishing pedestal chairs, an in-line engine and outboard steering control, opt for the Bennington SXP Series 16 SFXP. This brand also stocks many other fishing pontoons with various floor plans in their SX Series.
  • Harris An award-winning brand, Harris Boats strives to reinvent pontoons with advanced design. The Harris Cruiser 220 accommodates 11 passengers and features a rear workstation. With its bow loungers, pedestal mount fishing seats and 115 HP motor, its ideal for angling activities.

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Premier Pontoon 220 Cast

Image from

The Premier 220 Cast-Away is an excellent choice for a pontoon boat equipped solely for fishing. It has a composite fish station located aft, as well as two fishing chairs for the ultimate comfort while waiting for that fish to bite. It has a bait prep station overtop of a built in live well centrally located on the pontoon. There are built-in rod holders and tackle trays, to keep everything conveniently located.

There is an additional live well at the helm, as well as a sink and fish finder included. The Premier is 22.5 feet long built on two 25 foot pontoons, with an outboard capacity of 115 horse power , making this an ideal and convenient fishing platform for any angler.

Larson Escape Rt220 Cruz

Best Pontoon Boat Brands You Can Buy In 2021

The RT220 breaks the mold of ugly boxy pontoon boat design with a sleek helm and the addition of fiberglass components which allows for a sleeker and more attractive design. Its equipped with a Bimini top which is stable at full speed, along with a removable pedestal table that goes up quick when you need it but can be moved out of the way for other activities. The RT220 Cruz is one of the most attractive pontoons on the market today.

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Tips For Used Pontoon Or Tritoon Buyers:

If buying a used boat, considering who will handle your service needs is an important decision.

If doing yourself, where will you get the parts necessary?

If you are not comfortable doing all of the mechanical work, is there a service provider you can trust that has expertise working on the brand pontoon and more importantly the brand of motor?

It may seem like a small detail but in my experience considering these factors before making a buying decision will ensure a more enjoyable and longer time as a pontoon boater.

So, youve found out all the ways to save to get the most for your money on your pontoon or tri-toon, now here are some thoughts on add-ons or upgrades you may want to consider.

Options to Consider

Sylvan Mirage 8520 Lz

Can you find a pontoon boat that comes with the high-end details found on more expensive models, without breaking the bank? The Sylvan Mirage 8520 LZ proves its possible, coming in at a starting MSRP of $33,147 with a 60 HP Mercury FourStroke.

The package includes some unexpectedly high-end standard features like docking lights, a four-speaker Jensen Bluetooth stereo system, Sea Weave flooring, and a high-end Torcello steering wheel. Add some bling to make this star shine even brighter, by opting for the Babitto under-deck lighting, lighted cup holders, and underwater lights.

Visit Sylvan to learn more.

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How To Define A Pontoon Boat

A pontoon boat is a flat boat that relies on two or three metal pontoons to float. The pontoons, or tubes, are what keep the boat afloat while allowing a flat deck.

Pontoon boats are excellent recreational vehicles because their flat decks allow for lounge areas, stand up bars, tables, sun pads, and other types of deluxe accommodations.

Pontoon boats are used for pleasure boating, water sports, fishing, swimming, lounging, and other recreational activities.

Common Features Available In Pontoon Boat Models

The Top 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2020

Pontoon boats are known for their ability to hold a large number of people up to 15 people in some models. Pontoon boat seating is all about comfort. Typically pontoon boat seats run the length of both sides of the boat, making optimal use of the space. A variety of pontoon boat accessories can also be added to customize the deck layout and use of the space.

The wide open deck space of a pontoon boat makes fishing from any angle very easy. The ability to take the boat in nearly any depth of water makes it a great choice for fisherman. There are also some models designed exclusively as fishing pontoon boats or bass pontoon boats.

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The Market Leaders Of Pontoon Boats

We have researched this topic for quite a long time. After going through a lot of journals and internet tabs, we got some present market leaders of pontoon boats. This list is made from combining the statistics of different journals. Below are mentioned some top growing market holders of this very industry:

  • Polaris Industries
  • Silver Wave
  • Larson Escape
  • These companies are now leading the boat market across the globe. The statistics have been made following different indicators of market share and demand.

    Best Pontoon Boat Brands

    If you think that pontoon boats are still the same simple, box-shaped boats, floating on the lake at low speeds, you should definitely reconsider. Over the past two decades, these boats have seen a massive change in their design, facilities, and comfort level.

    Nowadays, pontoon boats are more inclined towards luxury than their original, practical models. Moreover, you will find more variety in designs and construction with the increasing number of pontoon boat brands in the market.

    These brands compete with others by making their boats faster, expansive, and more comfortable. And if they want to make them stand out, they will make sure to add the best state-of-the-art innovations.

    To help you out, I have done all the tiresome research and listed down 20 of the best pontoon boat brands here.

    Since all brands below are experienced and trustworthy, you can browse through their catalog to find the perfect pontoon boat.

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    Why Harris Cruiser Pontoons:

    One of the best manufacturers in the industry is Harris. They have been building pontoons since the 50 and are owned by Brunswick who also owns Mercury Motors.

    Because they exclusively offer the Mercury engines that are supplied by their parent company, there are some efficiencies and cost savings gained. Having to only rig boats for a singe outboard type means less inventory on hand and all boats are designed from the ground up to fit a Mercury engine.

    The 2nd reason the Harris Cruiser specifically was selected is because it is their value model. It is build along side pontoons and tritoons that are $20 to $50K more with the same level of quality but just scaled down slightly. And the same as the Lowe pontoon, these are only rated to 150HP on the tritoon models.

    Without all the bells and whistles and more plan options, the price is kept down while the quality is kept relatively high compared to the cheaper competitors.

    Bennington Sv Narrow Beam Cruiser

    Top 3 Newest Pontoon Boats by Manitou Pontoons | Price & Features

    If youre looking for a pontoon boat thats designed to deliver the maximum level of comfort and enjoyment on the water, then youll love the Bennington SV Narrow Beam Cruiser. It is arguably one of the best-selling luxury cruisers on the market today.

    You can get it with bass seats that allow you to swivel them for a full panoramic view of the environment around you. It is available in several different configurations that you can customize based on your preferences.

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    Which Is The Best Among All Companies

    After comprehensive research, we have found the best pontoon boats for 2019. It was tough to pick up the best company because every company has its unique features. But we have picked a few among all leading brands as follows:

  • Brunswick Corporation
  • Larson Escape
  • Manitou Pontoon Boats
  • These companies have launched some quality pontoon boats until today and still trying to develop the overall industry.

    Things To Consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat:

    Things to consider before buying a pontoon

    • The first and foremost thing you have to consider while buying a pontoon boat is your budget. You have also to arrange your finance source or use a boat loan calculator.
    • Secondly, you have to focus on the kind of lifestyle you will spend on the pontoon boat. Are you going to buy it only to relax or are you going to board it for some water sports or thrilling activities? It is important that you make your requirements clear while buying a new pontoon boat.
    • You have also to discuss the amount of speed you require with the dealer to ensure that you dont regret your purchase in future.
    • The location where you will be using the pontoon boat will also play a crucial role in the purchase.
    • You have also to select the right size based on the number of people and furniture you will be bringing on board.
    • You have to also select the pontoon depending on the number of tubes underneath the deck, as it will affect the speed.
    • You can also go for upgrades and add-ons like storing cabinets for fishing rods, bowfishing bows and other necessary stuff.

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    Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 Dlx

    The Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX is a 24 foot pontoon boat that features pontoon logs with multi-chambered construction. It is designed with two fishing chairs that can fold down when you need the space for something else, and there is a built in 9 gallon forward console aerated live well with a padded cushion. The boarding ladder features a pull out mechanism at the port so its out of the way when not in use. Its also made with flooring throughout the boat that is extremely easy to clean, an L shaped lounge with handy underseat storage and a console equipped with both drink holders and rod holders for hands free fishing convenience.

    How To Choose The Best Pontoon Boats Buyers Guide

    10 Best Pontoon Boats for 2020

    If youre a first-time pontoon buyer, youre likely confused about which one to get from all the different options available. Although it may seem overwhelming, the good news is whatever you decide to go with will likely be able to meet your specific needs. Nonetheless, here are a few things you need to know before you buy your pontoon.

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    Nrs 14′ River Cataraft

    Image from

    The NRS 14 River Cataraft is the luxury and yet ultimate sportsmans version of the basic inflatable pontoon boat. At almost 14 feet in length and weighing 72 pounds, it has a large upper frame allowing for 2-3 passengers, all the while carrying gear for those trips to that overnight campsite. The pontoons are made of heavy-duty Pennel Orca material which is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for extra durability.

    The tubes are comprised of three air chambers, allowing maximum peace of mind in any emergency situation. The Cataraft has a 10-year retail warranty, which goes a long way to ensure they stand behind their product. This is the inflatable you would raft down a river with and have no worries that it would pop on the first rapid you came across. The Cataraft is built to last, and strong enough to endure some major force in its everyday use.

    What Features Should A Pontoon Fishing Boat Have

    Pontoon boats that have been designed with fishing in mind may not necessarily look different from your typical pontoon boats at a glance, due to the fact most fishing-focused features will be subtle.

    Nevertheless, what might not look like much can actually make a significant difference in how well an angler is able to find and catch fish.

    To ease the process of actually finding the best pontoon for fishing, first gain a better understanding of the specific features you ought to be keeping an eye out for.

    A rugged fishing machine will combine various angling amenities, such as:

    • Autopilot Features A self-steering device of this kind will allow you to focus on fishing, whilst relying on the autopilot technology to steer according to preset turn patterns with optimum control. If you know how to install mechanical devices, of course you can order a system like Garmins GHC 20 Autopilot Control System and set it up yourself.

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    Venture Pontoon Trailer Tandem Axle Vpt 24

    This is ventures premium tandem axle pontoon trailer with brakes. This premium trailer is available with galvanized wheels, and tandem axle brakes. It is made with stainless steel hardware and it comes with a dual wheel tongue jack. Its designed for strength, reliability and durability. Venture is a reasonably priced brand that offers basic trailers that can be upgraded upon request.

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