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Must Haves For New Boat Owners

Who Will Fix It When It Breaks

What IS THIS?!!! Must Have for Boat Owners |Buying A Bass Boat 101

Who is going to do basic maintenance on the boat each spring and fall? Who will do major projects like an electronics upgrade or an engine replacement? With the boom in boat sales as a fallout of COVID, yard work and mechanics are at a premium. Before you buy the boat, its important to have a plan to both protect and improve your investment.

Hypothetically speaking, its July and there is a red-hot bite going on offshore and you have one engine down! Whos going to fix it and when? If youre connected and have good to great relationships with yards and mechanics which you have cultivated over the entire year, you have a chance of being up and running in a week. If you have no relationships and start calling around, you will be lucky if your back running in a month!

Buy the boat this winter but absolutely create a relationship with a yard or independent mechanic or both and give them some winter work! It never hurts after buying a boat to have a professional go through the entire boat and identify problems that must be addressed now as well as issues you should address at your own pace. My approach for 25 years has been to spend my maintenance money proactively in January or February, which is both cost-effective to me and also helps create a positive relationship for the future, so my call will be answered!

The Boat In Gemini Man

The trailer for the new movie Gemini Man is out. The action-thriller stars Will Smith as he battles against a clone of his younger self. Look closely and you may notice one scene with an aerial shot of Smith driving a very stylish boat that boat is the waterjet powered Hinckley 34R. Filmed in and around historic Tybee Island on Georgias coast, the movie debuts in October 2019. View The Official Movie Trailer or The Hinckley Yachts coffee table book at Amazon

Life Jackets Or Personal Flotation Devices

Many people have their own on-boat rules requiring everyone in the family to wear a life jacket at all times. This is a great rule and an awesome way to ensure that everyone onboard is staying safe. However, you should always have extra life jackets on hand so that every guest on your boat has one available.

Personal flotation devices, often called life savers, are ideal in overboard emergencies or accidents. Have one on your boat at all times in an easily accessible location.

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The Big Catch Personalized Maple Fillet Board

True fishermen serve their catch to friends and family after they fillet it. This Personalized Maple Fillet Board sets the stage beautifully for even the occasional boater or fisherman to display their protein while preparing or presenting the meal. We love the ruler detail and the fact that its made of environmental-stable material.

Top 10 Essential Tips For New Boat Owners

19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must

Ready to set sail on your new boat? Dont weigh anchor just yet.

There are over 12 million registered recreational boats in the USA. By joining them, youre entering a wider community of people who have achieved their dream.

But owning a boat comes with realities we dont often consider while were daydreaming. These realities dont have to spoil your fun, but it does pay to keep them in mind while youre getting used to things.

Thats why weve put together some tips below to help you get the most out of your new boat.

No, we dont mean like that.

So, youre splashing out on a new boat. But if youre new to the boating world, now isnt the time to buy all the exciting new accessories youve read about.

There are two good reasons for this. The first is a matter of personal investment. You could sink thousands into your new boat only to realize that boating isnt for you. Now that moneys down the drain even if you sell it on, you might not get back your expenses.

Secondly, youll be learning how to boat for a long time. To begin with, you wont even know what to do with all the things youve purchased, or have any idea why you need them. At worst, theyll distract you from learning your core lessons.

One thing you need to make sure of is that you have applied online for your boating license. Nothing would make the day on your new boat worse than a visit from the police or coast guard checking for licenses and registrations.

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Sunscreen And Lip Balm

Nobody wants severely sunburned skin after a fun-filled day on the boat. I would recommend you to keep a good quality sunscreen to protect yourself from the sunlight.

Continuous exposure can result in overly dry, irritated, and burnt skin.

Just like sunscreen, lip balm is highly essential. A full day under the sun with no protection for your lips may end up into dry, chapped lips. In some cases, people get blisters, so do not overlook the importance of a lip balm or chapstick.

What Other Boat Accessories Are On Your Wishlist For 2021

Is there other boating gear thats likely to catch your eye, the next time you find yourself meandering down the aisles of sealants, safety gear, and sailcloth? Of course there is.

We could expand this list to at least 150 accessories and barely scratch the surface of all the nautical knick-knacks wed love to have. But this list of 15 top picks is a great place to start, and whichever ones you might choose to outfit your own boat with, will surely help you cruise into the 2021 boating season with a smile.

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Solar Panel For Charging The Boats Battery

Having a solar panel like this one is one of the best things you can buy for any boat or pontoon. Batteries go flat or die when they are not used. A solar panel will keep that battery alive and ready for your next boating adventure.

To keep the battery from overcharging stick with solar chargers that have charge controllers.

A solar panel is no replacement for other battery chargers especially since boat batteries are so big, but it does keep the battery from dying when youre not using them.

Its Been Six Months What Are Our Boating Must Haves Now

Boating for beginners: Fenders – a MUST HAVE for all boats

When Scott and I started shopping for our boat, we were still trying to figure out what type of boat to buy. At that time, we didnt really think too much about what we had to have on the boat, other than a few basics . Since we took possession of our Bayliner Ciera 3055, Kokomo in May 2017 we have slept on the boat 27 nights or almost a full month. This has certainly given us some perspective on life living aboard a boat.

Currently our plan is to sell this boat next Spring and upgrade to a larger boat. What size you ask? We havent decided that yet. Scott and I have talked about finally selling our home and moving onto a live aboard, but thats a big jump. That boat would have to be at least 48 for us to live on it.

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A Little Care Goes A Long Way

Boat maintenance will become a chore, theres no getting around that. But like all chores, doing them often will make each job easier.

Break down your boat maintenance into easy activities and try to run them on a cycle. Taking one small action every time youre aboard means you wont have to undertake a larger job later.

For instance, if you boat in salt water, spraying down your new boat with fresh water after every outing will reduce the buildup of salt residue. Just like dusting your home, the more often you do it, the easier itll be.

Boat owners worth their salt arent afraid of a little DIY and elbow grease.

Knowing how to carry out basic maintenance and even repairs yourself will save you a lot of money in the long run. Itll also give you a stronger connection to your vessel, and youll learn to respect what it does.

This also frees you up from relying on others. Finding a spot in a professionals maintenance schedule can be tough, which is the opposite of the sense of freedom many new boat owners are looking for.

Doing your own basic repairs and maintenance also extends your range. If you want to take your new boat on a long haul trip, youll be able to do it and not worry where the nearest repair shop is.

But none of these points beats the sense of pride and accomplishment this gives you. It turns a boat into your boat which is the kind of connection you should have with something youll trust your life to.

How To: Knots Mug

This mug isnt just a hot beverage holder with some useful information, its actually a kinesthetic learning tool to practice what they teach. According to Amazon, The mug has a cleat for a handle and comes with a length of rope. As soon as you open the box, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to learn eight classic knots.

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Basic Tools For Repair Of The Boat

Keep some basic tools for the repair of the boat. Before you purchase a new boat, brush up on some pointers on how to carry out some basic repairs. It will help you if something goes wrong with the engine or any other part of the boat, saving you from any mechanical failure. This will also keep you from being stranded in the boat with no help.

The Best Gas Grill Under $300

19 Boater Gift Ideas  Must Haves for a new boat owner ...

The Weber Q1200 Series Gas Grill sits by our dock ready for a quick burger. We can easily take it to the beach too. Everywhere you look it gets top reviews. CNET gave it their top spot for Best Portable Grill for 2020. Heres why it starts easily, heats fast and has great portability. The heavy cast iron griddle can take abuse. After several years of ownership ours still looks good due to the rugged build quality and simple design. Note: If you want to hook up your own larger 20 lb. propane tank order an adapter hose. Weber Q grills are designed and manufactured in USA. If you can find a gas grill discount code or sale, this might also be the best gas grill under $200. Highly recommended.

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My Top 5 Must Haves On Board Our Catamaran

Written by Suellen Tomkins, owner of FP Helia 44 Wild Heart

Have you seen the classic John Cusack film High Fidelity? Hes a depressed record store owner who compulsively creates his top 5 lists of films, records and ex-girlfriends. Inspired by High Fidelitys list-making, Ive created my own top 5 list of must haves on our catamaran which gives us ultimate cruising freedom and comfort.

Ordering a brand new boat was thrilling. Taking delivery of our Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 straight from the factory, fitted with everything we wanted in a boat in La Rochelle, was a great experience. Once we placed the order, the exactly what options did we want on the new yacht decisions started. Although we had previously owned a monohull, we bought it second hand the previous owner had predetermined the inclusions. So, specifying factory fitted inclusions on a new catamaran was uncharted territory for us. Now the biggest challenge was balancing what we wanted within our budget. Its really tempting to tick all the optional extras boxes. Choosing between factory and aftermarket options was also tricky especially as we wanted to get sailing as soon as possible.

The KIS approach worked for us. We left La Rochelle, 13 days after arriving at the boat, delayed only by a couple of days waiting for the shipment of our personal items to come from Australia.

Enjoying a turquoise blue cave at our Menorcan anchorage with our SUP}

Seafoam Colored Stainless Steel Colster

Keep your drinks cool and secure with this stainless steel colster that comes with a double wall vacuum insulator to ensure your drinks stay the way you want them and a reliable gasket to secure the drink even during a rough ride.

Very high-quality Duracoat color that is weather resistant and durable. Ideal for most standard bottle sizes and cans. Check prices

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Two Tough Marine Bean Bags

What are the best marine bean bags? There are two solid choices and the benefits are worth it. Bean bags on the boat are lifesavers on the way to fishing grounds, back savers on a choppy day and kid savers when they get restless or overtired. They offer comfort, shock absorption and a fun place to relax. Marine-specific bean bags are tough too they repel water, have double-stitched seams and integrated grab handles . Our fishing guide friends have had their sets for over 4 years and they get used a lot. E-SeaRiders and Ocean Tamers are the best, both are made in Florida. Our favorites are the teardrop style which give better back and neck support. A great boating gift and money well spent.

West Marine Three Layer Water Carpet

Boating for beginners: Boat tension springs for mooring – A must have!!

What could be more relaxing than unrolling one of these floating foam mats, and lounging next to the boat? The Three Layer Water Carpet comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can support up to six adults and 900 pounds.

Theyre outfitted with grommets so you can tie them off next to the boat and enjoy care-free fun afloat, and webbed cinch straps makes it easy to roll them back up and stow them away at the end of the day.

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Fishing Rod Holder And Other Fishing Equipment

In addition to a depth and fish finder, you can also get fishing equipment for your boat.

A fishing rod holder can help you fish without having to hold the fishing rod constantly.

These can be fixed right to your boat. This helps them with their security and holding ability.

When you invest in this, make sure that you do not go too cheap or lose your fishing rod.

Other fishing equipment can include:

  • Nets,
  • Additional coolers,
  • And everything you might fix to the end of your line.

Fishing on a boat is a great way to catch fish that arent reachable close to shore or on the side of a river.

Can You Afford The Worst

Unless you are buying a new boat with a warranty, you have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

You just brought the boat home after getting a great deal on it. Yourself and your family are excited for the first trip and the first season with it, and look forward to a series of planned and budgeted expenses. On your second trip, a disaster happens. The boat wont start, the engine loses power, you start sinking. No joke. I have heard all these stories from boat owners, self-included.

In 1985 I proudly launched my first boat, a very used 15-foot whaler I had bought from a dealer for a whopping $5,000 dollars. I knew nothing about boat ownership, nothing about outboard engines, nothing about what could go wrong.

Fast forward to a foggy June day on Joppa Flats at the mouth of the Merrimack River. My wife and I were fishingor I was fishing and she was enjoying a day on the water. The engine was off, I had a great drift along the flats as the tide dropped. Im pretty sure I caught a couple of stripers. I went to start the engine, nothing. No click, no radio, no power. A dead battery. A good Samaritan jumped me, but now I couldnt get the engine to catch. Choke in, choke outit wouldnt start.

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The Amazing New Gopro Hero

No other action camera matches The New GoPro Hero 9 Black. The new front display screen now lets you see whats being recorded. This amazing camera has it all full HD 5k video, 30% more battery life, 20 megapixel still photos, Hypersmooth 3.0 stabilization , superwide mode, Time warp function, 8x slow-mo with tap, activity presets PLUS a removable protective lens. When youre done recording edit directly in the excellent GoPro app. For boaters, this camera is waterproof right out of the box, no case needed, however, we do recommend this Floating Handgrip. Grab a 128BG memory card and youre ready to shoot! Highly recommended.

Must Have Boat Accessories Saftey Kit List

16+ Must Have Boat Accessories

Just place these items in a dry storage box and keep them on the boat. Some of these items actually have multi uses.

The trash bags work great for trash of course, but also for storing wet clothing.

The duct tape and zip ties can be used to make a makeshift changing room with towels.

The knife is for . well.. you always need a knife when on a boat. Enough said.

The goggles are for the off chance youll need to go underwater to check on something. Its a rare thing to happen, but youll thank me in the future.

For the flashlight, its important you dont buy one that operates on batteries. Lets be honest with ourselves and just assume we will never check the batteries on it until we really need it. So just buy the hand crank flashlights.

Go out and buy the cheapest or go to Goodwill and get some basic t-shirts and gym shorts. You never know when someone will need spare clothes and youll be a hero. Just go with big sizes to make sure everyone can be covered.

The flares and VHF radio is more for people who go in the ocean. If youre on the lake a regular tow service is all you really need. If you do get a VHF radio make sure to keep it close and easy to access. Also, make sure to keep the battery charged or just buy the radios that mount to the boat itself.

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