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Do You Have To Have Boat Insurance In Michigan

Michigan Boat Registration Fees

Do I need Boat Insurance?

Boat registration fees depends on the type of vessel and its length. Canoe registration is $5 in the state of Michigan, and it is $5 to register a kayak as well. Michigan motorboat registration fees are listed below by length:

  • Less than 12 feet: $14
  • 12 to 16 feet: $17
  • 16 to 21 feet: $42
  • 21 to 28 feet: $115
  • 28 to 35 feet: $168
  • 35 to 42 feet: $244
  • 42 to 50 feet: $280
  • 50 feet or more: $448

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Do I Need Boat Insurance In Indiana

Boats in California are not required to be insured, however it is recommended.

Boats in Indiana are required to correctly display their registration number and validation stickers.

Registration numbers and stickers must be displayed as follows:

  • The numbers must be applied as a decal, painted or permanently affixed to each side of the boats bow .
  • The numbers must be in bold block letters, be at least 3 inches high and in a color that contrasts with the color of the boat.
  • The numbers must be separated from the letters by a 2-inch space.
  • The numbers must be a single color and be clearly legible from a distance of 100 feet.
  • The number must be read from left to right.
  • Excise tax decals must be affixed on both sides of the boat, be displayed within 3 inches from, and in line with the registration number .
  • These requirements also apply to personal watercraft .

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Whats Included In A Standard Progressive Pennsylvania Boat Insurance Policy

Do You Have to Have Insurance on a Boat?

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage may help pay for injuries you cause to other people and damage to their property. Bodily injury liability covers injuries youâre at fault for, such as if someone is hurt while on your boat or if you cause an injury while operating your vessel. Property damage liability pays for damages you cause to another personâs property, such as a boat or dock. As with any liability coverage, choose a coverage limit that best protects you and your assets. If you need more than a $500,000 liability limit, an umbrella policy can offer extra protection, typically up to $5 million.

Wreckage removal helps pay for the costs of removing the wreckage of your boat after it sinks if legally required.

Fuel spill coverage protects against the legally required costs of cleaning up a fuel spill.

Watersport coverage helps pay for injuries that others suffer while participating in water sports like skiing and wakeboarding.

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Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Most states don’t require boaters to purchase insurance for their watercraft. However, many marinas do require some form of insurance if you wish to use a slip or mooring. Additionally, your bank will require insurance if you are financing the purchase of a boat. Even if these requirements don’t apply in your situation, it’s still generally a good idea to get boat insurance.

Mi Vessels To Title & Register

The Michigan SOS requires registration for all vessels used on public waters. The only exemptions are:

  • Vessels 16 ft. long or less, powered by oars or paddles AND not used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • Rafts, surfboards, sailboards, and swim floats .
  • Canoes and kayaks that don’t have a motor AND aren’t used for rental or commercial purposes.
  • Watercraft currently registered in another state being used in Michigan on a temporary basis.

Additionally, the following types of watercraft must be titled with the MI SOS:

  • Vessels measuring 20 ft. or more in length.
  • Boats with permanent motors.

Contact the SOS if you’re unsure about whether your boat requires a title and/or registration.

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Which States Require A Boat License

According to the United States Coast Guard and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the second most common boating accident is due to inexperience. This has led to 480 boating accidents in 2016 alone.

Boating is far less regulated than operating a motor vehicle such as a car. Only a handful of states require you to have an actual boating license, including:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi

However, even though most states dont require a license, they may still have other requirements.

Brad Goldberry, Agency Producer with Farmers Insurance says, State licensing differs from state to state, but many states require some kind of personal boating license or course.

Before you head out on the water, make sure you review your states requirements. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Do I Need Boat Or Jet Ski Insurance And Other Faqs

A Complete Guide to Boat Insurance | Watercraft Coverage 101

The weathers finally heating up after a long and drawn-out winter and most everybody is in the mood to celebrate that fact. If you have a boat, chances are that means youre getting her out of storage and hitting the lake, the bay, or even the ocean. That makes this spring the perfect time to discuss boating, jet ski, and other watercraft insurance.

The most common question we hear from boaters is: Do I need boat or jet ski insurance? While you dont legally need it, you DEFINITELY SHOULD have boat insurance. Were not just saying that because Unruh Insurance is an insurance agency, but because Unruh Insurance is owned by two boaters, Kent and Curt Unruh, both of whom have comprehensive boat insurance.

Kent Unruh keeps his boat at Raystown Lake, while Curt Unruh prefers taking his boat out on the Indian River every spring and summer. This makes Unruh Insurance double-qualified to answer all of your boat insurance questions.

Find out why you need boat or jet ski insurance as well as get the answers to your boat insurance FAQs.

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Facts About Boat Trailers

  • A boat trailer should be approximately 2 feet longer than the boat you haul with it.
  • Boats weigh significantly more when fully fueled you also need to consider the weight of anything else you carry on the boat.
  • You may need a tandem-axle trailer if your boat is too heavy for a single-axle trailer.
  • Boat trailers either come painted or galvanized. Painted trailers are susceptible to corrosion from saltwater and should only be used for boats in freshwater lakes or rivers.

Indiana Boating License Fees

Getting a boat license or a certification in Indiana does not have a set price that boaters must pay. However, they may expect to pay a fee or around $30 for the boaters safety course, depending on the course provider. Therefore, prior to making a payment, individuals are recommended to contact their course provider and inquire about more information about the price they have to pay.

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Does Boat Insurance Cover Passengers

Do You Have to Have Insurance on a Boat?

Boat insurance covers boat passengers as well as the owner in an accident. Passengers on the boat are covered under the liability portion of the boaters policy.

However, depending on the policy, this may or may not extend to water skiers you are pulling behind the boat. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable professional who can help evaluate your needs and risks.

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Do I Need Boat Insurance When Its In Storage

Keeping your boat insured is a good idea, especially with comprehensive coverage. Your boat insurance will still cover theft, hail damage, and other hazards while its stored. Plus, you won’t have to worry about reactivating your policy once you’re ready to get back out on the water. However, some insurers will allow you to drop some coverages if youd prefer. For example, Progressive lets you adjust certain coverages while you’re not using your boat.

Boater Safety Courses In Michigan

Michigan boat registration is the first step for drivers to legally operate a vessel. After a boater completes his or her registration, he or she may be required to complete a boater safety course. Boaters born after June 30, 1996 and most other drivers are required to complete a boater safety course in order to receive their boater education card.

Boater safety classes are offered online or in a classroom setting. Boaters must pass any final exams to complete the course and receive their boater education card. After registering a boat, drivers can find local boater safety classes through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources official website.

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Michigan Boater Safety Courses

Boating education consists of learning important information about safety standards and boating techniques in Michigan. Depending on your county of residence, you may either enroll in an online boating course or a classroom course. There are many topics that are covered in the course, and although the specifics may vary depending on the program you choose, you will typically learn about:

  • Parts of a boat.
  • Traffic laws of the waterways.
  • Anchoring.
  • Boating emergencies.

Is Boat Insurance Expensive

Boat Insurance Basics How to Get Cheap Boat Insurance with Great Coverage

As is the case with almost anything you purchase, the more research and price comparison you doâthe higher likelihood that you will find the boat insurance quote that is right for you. Here are some tips to ensure that you are getting your moneyâs worth and keeping your costs down:

  • Only buy what you need: There are lots of options out there for marine insurance and many of these policies are custom-written. Ensure that you know what you need so you can avoid paying for features that you donât require.
  • Agreed value vs. Cash value: In an agreed value policy, you are paid a pre-determined value for the vessel in the event of a total covered loss. With agreed value, the insured and insurer agree on the value of the boat upfront. Most agents would recommend this option for a new or late-model boat. As the boat continues to age, look to potentially switch to a cash value option to save on premiums.
  • Take a boater safety course: Almost all insurers offer a discount for boaters that have recently completed an approved boater safety course. Take an in-person class or get your boat safety certification online. Check with your insurance agent to see if a discount is offered for your specific policy.
  • Spend on safety gear: Insurance companies may cut you an additional discount for having extra safety features onboard your vessel. Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for any additional savings.

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Where To Secure Your Registration Or Title

You can obtain your boat registration and title from the Fish and Boat Commission. More often than not, new owners will want to use their vessel while their documents are being processed. For this reason, they can get a temporary registration from the Commission through its authorized boat registration agents.

All they need to do is to fill out and file an Application Form that is made available at the Commissions regional offices, county treasurers offices, and various marine dealers.

Are There Any Legal Requirements To Operate A Boat

A lot of people dont know this, but Pennsylvania requires persons born after 1982 to complete a brief boating safety course to be legal on the water. If you dont complete the course, you can actually get fined.

Taking the course even if you arent legally required to can actually lower your boat insurance premiums.

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What States Require Boat Insurance

As of right now, only two states have boat insurance lawsâArkansas and Utah. In Arkansas, all motorboats powered by engines of more than 50 horsepower, and all PWC, must be covered by a liability insurance policy. The policy must provide at least $50,000 of liability coverage, and it is illegal to operate the PWC without the required insurance.

In Utah, all motorboats and PWC are required to carry ownerâs or operatorâs liability insurance when operated on Utah waters. Motorboats equipped with engines less than 50 horsepower and airboats are exempt. It is illegal to operate a PWC on Utah waters without the required insurance.

Utahâs boat insurance policy requires the following minimum coverage limits per occurrence:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person.
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury if multiple people are hurt in the accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage.

There are some instances of states requiring insurance for boats used in some state parks or kept in some state-operated marinasâcheck with your state marine board or alternative governing agency to see if you are impacted.

Replacing Your Michigan Boat Registration

Do You Have Your Boat Insured For The Winter?

Boat registration replacement is vital if a driver loses or damages their current registration. This is because the registration sticker the validity of a boaters registration if a boats decals are damaged. Boat owners can request a boat registration replacement online or by visiting their local Secretary of State office and providing the boat number and other personal information to process the request.

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Boating Laws & License Requirements By State

Passing a boating safety course will give you a discount on boat insurance and will increase your water safety skills. Boat safety courses are an excellent investment of time and money, regardless of your states boating law. Each state has unique boating education requirements, and the boating rules, laws and regulations vary from state to state for obtaining a boat license or safety certification. Be sure to review the full legal requirements for your particular state.

States with mandatory boating law require safety certification for some or all boaters. Only one state requires an actual boat license. However, many prospective students are not aware of state legal terminology, and search for information about a boat license or licence, or a captain or captains license. This page is an excellent resource for boating law for all fifty states.

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