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Can I Donate My Boat To Charity

How To Donate Your Boat To Help Veterans

If I donate my car to charity how much tax deduction can I take?

Charitable boat donations are a great way to unload your used boat. Many of us enjoy our boats when we first purchase them, but then situations change and costs climb, making boat ownership more of a nuisance than initially thought. Whether its the insurance, repairs, storage costs or just lack of time that has you considering parting with your boat, rest assured that Yellow Ribbon Vehicles can make the boat donation process easy.

And, because Yellow Ribbon Vehicles is a 501 charitable organization, boat donations are tax deductible on itemized tax returns. Our goal is to maximize the value of your donated boat when it is sold or auctioned by our professionals, so your philanthropic giving helps our Veterans in the biggest way possible. Yellow Ribbon is dedicated to helping United States Veterans with:

Emergency financial assistance, especially when Vets are reintegrating after being deployed.

Financial coaching/counseling, either one-on-one or group, to help Vets responsibly manage their finances after serving. This is particularly helpful when a soldiers family situation may have changed during deployment .

Housing assistance and education to make the home buying process easier and reduce the nearly 40,000 homeless Vets in the U.S. as of 2017.

Employment assistance and training to help find and retain employment.

Wondering how to donate your boat? We make the boat donation process easy for you:

And, we can accept any condition:

Donate Your Boat To Goodwill

Most people know that you can donate a vehicle to Goodwill, but did you know that Goodwill also accepts boat donations? Goodwills vehicle donation program includes several types of vehicles such as cars, boats, campers, RVs motorcycles, scooters, riding mowers and even electronic wheelchairs. If you are interested in donating your boat, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Titles: The laws vary by state for which boats need titles and which dont, but when you are donating a boat it is important to make sure you have a title if your state requires that your boat have a title.
  • Trailers: Most boats, especially larger boats, will need to have a trailer before they can be donated. The reason for this is that it is very difficult for Goodwill to arrange pickups for large boats without trailers. It is also difficult Goodwill to sell boats without trailers.
  • Condition of Boat: Sometimes old boats are difficult to sell so it is important the boat be in fair to good condition in order to cover the costs associated with towing the vehicle.

Once the boat is picked up, Goodwill will have the boat inspected and may make some minor repairs and enhancements to the boat before it is sold in an auction. Once the boat is sold in the auction, Goodwill will notify you of the selling price of the boat and give you the tax documentation you will need to take a deduction for the fair market value up to $500 or the final selling price, whichever is greater.

Help A Local Child Through The Wheels For Wishes Boat Donation Program

We do more than just car donation. That old boat sitting in your yard can help make life better for a local child. You can save money on insuring a boat that hardly ever gets used and help local children’s charities at the same time. Put that boat to good use by donating it to charity!

Donate your boat to Wheels For Wishes for a hassle-free process that provides you with great benefits. Not only does our boat donation help a local child, but you will also be eligible for an itemized charitable tax deduction on your federal tax return. If you have questions, our vehicle donation FAQs can help explain the process, or call your tax advisor for more information on how to fully deduct your charitable boat donation. We make donating your boat so easy, and we’ll take care of all the work for you. Wheels For Wishes picks the boat up and handles all the details.

We make sure the funds from your boat donation go to a good cause. When you donate a boat, it’s a whole lot easier than putting an expensive ad in the paper, taking repeated phone calls, showing your boat off to multiple people, and haggling over the sales price. We pick up the boat free of charge to you and use the proceeds to benefit local children’s charities. Donate a boat today to make a difference in the life of a local child who has a critical illness or is facing long hospital stays!

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Simple And Professional Car And Boat Donations

When you submit your car donation to one of our experienced and helpful operators on the phone, or fill out our online form,you are provided with a reference number that will allow you to keeptrack of your vehicle donation throughout the entire process. You canalso view the status of your donation online using your reference number.

What Our Donors Say

Donate my boat to charity

Excellent job! I decided to donate my Boston Whaler through your organization because you answered every question I had! Honestly you could not have made donating my boat any easier! Thanks again and God bless! Marti – NJ

After trying to sell our boat for months, I asked a few friends at the marina if they had any ideas because I was moving in 2 weeks and the boat was not coming with us. An accountant friend suggested donating to you and within 3 days the boat was gone. Thanks!

Thank you for the professionalism your organization displayed throughout the entire donation process. My Scarab and both Waverunners were picked up in 2 trips and everything went according to plan. Tax deduction was actually more than I expected.

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Boat Donation Statement Of Significant Intervening Use

Once you have decided that Community Boating Center is a good fit for your boat donation, there is some official paperwork that needs to be completed by law. In particular, IRS form 1098-C Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes will be completed by CBC. One copy will be sent to the IRS, you will receive a copy, and CBC will retain a copy for our files. Please note that your tax identification number is required for this form.

This form is fairly straightforward, however one item is particularly important in order for you to receive the full market value of your donation as a tax deduction as allowed by law The significant intervening use clause. Community Boating Center will certify, via IRS form 1098-C, that it intends to use vs. immediately sell the boat for profit. This distinction is important to the IRS and to your rights as a donor to see that the boat is used as you intended and to maximize your donation value as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Community Boating will fill out the appropriate line items on IRS form 1098-C as follows:

Why Give Your Yacht To Cal Maritime

California State University Maritime Academy’s mission of education, research, and training is focused on the maritime industry. Vessel donations are enormously important to supporting our students and programs.

Your donation will be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Professional Maritime Training

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Fair Market Value Exception

If the charity uses the boat for its mission, you can deduct the fair market value of the boat instead. For example, if the charity promotes marine safety and uses your donated boat to do safety demonstrations, you can could deduct the fair market value of the boat. Similarly, if the charity gives or sells the boat to a needy individual at below-market value as part of its mission, you can deduct the fair market value. For example, if the charity sells boats to needy families at far below fair market value so that they can get around in an island community, you could deduct the fair market value.

Car Donation Pickup In All 50 States

What if I can’t find my title or registration to donate my vehicle?

Welcome to Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and trusted vehicle donation centers in America. By utilizing Donation Line to donate cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles and even donate jet skis and snowmobiles, tens of thousands of donors like you have supported hundreds charities including the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Animal Welfare Association and Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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Giving You The Power Of Choice

Supporting charitable organizations is a valued and respected part of our Canadian society. We are drawn to specific charities and causes for personal reasons, and Donate a Car Canada gives you the power of choice in making your generous donation. With many charities to choose from, you can feel satisfied in knowing that you are contributing to the charity that is closest to your heart.

If you wish to donate your vehicle to a registered charity that is not on our list, simply add your request during your vehicle submission process.

We will contact the charity and make them aware of their pending vehicle donation. Please note that you will need to select an alternative organization in the event that your requested charity does not wish to participate in the vehicle donation program.

Exceptions If The Charity Uses The Boat

If you donate a boat to the charity and the charity actually uses the boat rather than selling it, then different rules apply. In that case, including if the charity passes the boat on to a needy person for free or significantly below cost as part of its mission, you can generally deduct the fair market value at the time the boat was donated.

The charity will still give you a Form 1098-C before you file taxes, and the form will indicate that the charity is using the boat or has given it to a needy person. This exception doesn’t apply if the boat is sold at auction.

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Selling Vs Donating: What Are The Advantages

  • Save money and dont let those fees add up! The donation process is easy and completed in a few days. Cutting those insurance, storage, maintenance, and repair costs!

  • Prevent depreciation! Boats that have been on the market for more than 45 days begin to lose value.

  • Our experienced staff will handle the title transfer and all the paperwork required to provide you with a receipt record of your charitable donation to use on your tax return.

  • Dont Worry About Pick-up and Towing, as long as you have a proper working trailer to safely tow the boat, our staff will arrive to pick up your boat donation at a scheduled time that is convenient for you!

    Please disclose any knowledge of past due storage on your vessel or if the condition of the boat prevents it from being transported. Storage yards and marinas often have regulations about the types and conditions of boats which can be stored. On items of significant value, we can also assist the donor with moving and storage costs.

  • The WaterFront Center is a reputable charity organization that will you can trust to convert your boat into funds that will support our wide variety of education and recreation programs.

  • You qualify for the maximum tax duction for your contribution when you donate to an IRS Certified 501 organization, like The WaterFront Center, that will make significant intervening use of the vessel, allowing you to take the full fair market value of the boat and equipment as a deduction when filing your tax returns.

Metro Kidz Peru And Gilgal Bangalore Are Boat Angel Sponsored

Boat Donation Frequently Asked Questions

children’s ministries that reach children in the poorest areas of Lima and Bangalore. In Bangalore, Gilgal Children’s Church provides housing and education to over 165 orphaned and abandoned children. We sponsor programs which bring teachings, morals and messages from the Bible. Many of the outreaches feature shows that are performed and include choreography, games, puppets, dramas, and clowns helping us engage children and keep their attention as they are taught and given memory verses from the Word of God. Hundreds of children are reached weekly at three main services in Lima, and in India children…

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Tax Deductibility Of Your Gift

The California Maritime Academy Foundation is a tax-deductible charity as described in the Internal Revenue Code under section 501-C-3 . All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please contact your tax advisor for more information on how to fully deduct your charitable vessel donation.

Boatangel Proudly Sponsor Soccer Camp Sunday School Outreaches

“Thank you for your recent sponsorship of our associate in Uganda andEritrea. Our outreach in the southern part of Ethiopia has much unrest. Teamsare coming to visit our eight sites. We are now able to print the SundaySchool books in Swahili, Tigrinya, French and English. We recently send ourSunday School books to the DRC.”

— Dr Hizkias Fako

“Thank you for your sponsorship of the Spanish Sunday School books, They arebeing distributed in RED zone, dumps, volcano shelters and villages in therural areas in Guatamala they are using them to teach and reinforce Spanish.”

— Charles Stock

“A soccer field was dedicated in the village area of Marangania, Mozambique.Thank you for your help in soccer supplies and Donkey Ollie. The Gospel hasmade the whole area come alive with joy and many, many conversions toChristianity. Thank you for your vision and gifts.”

— Alan Lindsey, Director of Development Iris Ministries

“Thank you for the Bulgarian and Romanian translations of Donkey OlliSunday School Books. I am enclosing photos of all the children that receivedthe books. It brought great joy.”

— Iliya and Rumi, Global Celebration

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Why Goodwill Car Donations

Theres a multitude of good reasons for choosing to donate your boat to Goodwill Car Donations. Not only will you receive a top tax deduction when you donate to us, but youll also be enjoying perks that are sure to put a smile on your face. Here are some of them:

  • Experience a stress-free donation process.
  • Free towing whenever and wherever you prefer.
  • No more paperwork for you well take care of everything from start to finish.
  • Stop wasting your time advertising and looking for a buyer.
  • No need to spend money to make your boat appear sellable.
  • Say goodbye to costly insurance, maintenance, storage, and repairs.
  • Partner with one of the nations highly respected charitable organizations.
  • Be proud of yourself for being able to help transform lives in your community.

Total Medical Operations And Training

Goodwill Car Donation – Where can i donate my car for a tax deduction

Boat Angel’s sponsorship of Mercy Ships, Compassion and World Vision has provided operations, training and needed medicine for thousands. Our participation in these worthy programs have been entirely funded through the sale of boats on our charity boat sales website. We are thankful for the opportunity to help those who have no medical care. Please consider the poor when it comes time to dispose of your used boat or jet ski.

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Fast Friendly And Professional

We know that transferring a boat is a difficult process. Wehave years of experience and have successfully processedthousands of donations. Because of the generosity of our manyboat donors we have been able to fund our children’s outreachesworldwide! Please fill out our Online Form or Call Us at800-227-2643. Along with our Donation Package we will also sendyou a sample of one of our many children’s programs. Thank you,the Boat Angel Team.

Our Mission Is To Do What Is Right Not What Is Profitable

Yes, we like to do things a bit differently. Instead of billboards we offer housing assistance. Instead of a radio jingle we provide free computers for furthering the education of our youth. Instead of costly internet ads we offer meals to those unable to provide food for their families. We minister to these needs in faith and with a firm commitment to Do What is Right, Not what is profitable. Your boat donations have helped us touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable organizations worldwide. Boat Donations really help!

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Examples Of Desired Boats & Equipment

The WaterFront Center is seeking a variety of boat donations for significant intervening use in our sailing and marine science programs. This designation makes donors eligible to take the maximum fair market value of the boat and equipment as a deduction when filing their tax returns.

Examples of boats that could fill the needs of our programs include:

  • Cruising or racing sailboats for our youth sailing teams

  • Day sailors for our instructional sailing programs

  • Small Powerboats for use as coach/safety boats

The Advantages Of Boat Donation

Boat, Car, Jet Ski transfers and donations are easy in ...

Thank you for considering donating your boat! Your generous gift will help provide children and adults with marine educational opportunities, such as boat building, sail training, marine sciences, fisheries science and environmental studies.

A charitable tax deduction is a distinct advantage for boat owners attempting to sell their boats for several reasons.

  • Boats on the market for more than 45 days begin to lose value.
  • The expenses of storage, maintenance, insurance, brokerage fees and possible expensive repairs continue when a boat is listed for sale. Upon donation, all costs to the donor cease and immediately become the responsibility of Block Island Maritime Funding .
  • In some cases, the return on a charitable contribution of a boat can be close to the actual selling price, particularly in a weak market.
  • Boat donors have the option of selecting from a number of our client charities to which they can allocate the proceeds of their boat donation.

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