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How To Measure Boat For Cover

Choosing The Right Boat Cover

Measuring for a boat cover

You have a number of options when you want to cover your boat. You can have a custom tarp designed for you. It can be quite expensive to have this done, often many thousands of dollars. You can also make your own boat cover. There are some handy guides online that explain the process. With only a handful of materials and a minimal investment, you can have a good quality boat cover. In a pinch, even a large tarp will get the job done for you. How you cover your boat is not as important as making sure you do cover your boat.

Whatever you choose has to be large enough to cover the boat with material to spare. You also need a way to properly secure it. Theres no sense trying to cover your boat with a tarp thats not up to the job.

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Msc Heavy Duty 600d Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

Made of marine grade polyester canvas with double PU Coating. This heavy duty boat cover designed for both long-term storage, mooring and highway travel. And the fabric will not shrink or stretch in daily use. MSC Trailerable Boat Cover shows more features in cover details and function performance: Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles and elastic cord sewn into entire bottom hem provides a tight and custom fit. 600D heavy duty marine grade polyester canvas gives more durability and water resistance A canvas storage bag keeps the cover and straps in a tidy spot when no in use.


Model A – Length:14′-16′ Beam width: up to 68″

Model B – Length:14′-16′ Beam width: up to 90″ and aluminum bass boats with beam width to 90â)

Model C – Length:16′-18.5′ Beam width: up to 94″

Model D – Length:17′-19′ Beam width: up to 96″ with beam width to 96â)

Model F – Length19′-20′ Beam Width: up to 96″ with beam width to 96â)

Model E – Length:20′-22′ Beam width: up to 100″ with beam width to 100â)

Model H – Length:23′-24′ Beam width: up to 102″ with beam width to 102â)

Model I – Length 24′-26′ Beam Width: up to 108″ with beam width to 108â)

Assembling Your Bimini Top

3 Bow Tops

Step 1. Identify the hook shaped, long, medium, andshort metal side bow sections. Using the long side bowside sections, and one of the center cross bow sections,assemble the side bow and center bow parts as shown,aligning the pre-drilled holes. Use the 1/2, no. 8 screws toconnect the bow parts securely.Repeat this procedure for the medium and short bows,aligning the pre-drilled holes and securing them with1/2, no. 8 screws.Caution: If screw heads become burred, cover heads withduct tape or file down screw heads to avoid damage tocanvas.

Step 2. Spread the Bimini Top canvas out on a flat, cleanarea with the bottom side up. Sewn-in label indicates thebottom, or inside, and the back of the top.

Step 3. With the bows assembled, insert the medium bowassembly through the sleeve at the front of top. Notethe position of the single pre-drilled holes on the bow frame.Insert the short bow assembly through the small sleevein the center of the top and the long bow assembly throughthe sleeve at the back of the top .Again, note the position of the single pre-drilled holes on thelong bow frame.

Step 5. Pass looped end of each hold down strap overeach end of the long and medium bows. Use a no. 8, 1/2screw to fasten strap to bow frame at each pre-drilledhole position as shown. Position strap over hole and insertscrew, with finish washer, through center of strap and intopre-drilled hole.

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Importance Of The Beam:

i. Transport laws legally, a vessel whose width surpasses 8.6 feet is categorized as oversized, and when transporting it by road, you typically have to get a permit.ii. Insurance the wider the boat, the more limited the insurance policy for not just the boat but also the vehicle youre using to transport the boat.

In the event of an accident, you might be required to produce an oversized vessel permit to get compensated.

Collectively, the 3 dimensions are used in determining the shape of the boat, as well as the following factors:ii. The performance the vessels ability to perform depends on the ratio of the length to the beam, among other aspects. The larger the ratio, the higher the speed, as the boat faces less resistance from the waves.ii. Capacity the capacity is calculated by multiplying the length by the beam, that is, by finding the surface area. A larger surface area allows you to load more weight onto the vessel.

What Size Fender Do I Need For My Boat And Other Fender Facts

How to Measure a Boat Cover Size

A fender is a padded or inflatable cushion, which stops a boat from bumping into another boat, or a mooring or a dock, or anything else.

They work by absorbing shock on impact, which prevents the hull from being damaged. Heres what else you should know.

There are different kinds of fenders

There are many different kinds of fenders, so weve listed some of the more popular ones:

  • Cylindrical fender these tend to have an eye on both ends . It hangs down vertically, with a rope, which is secured by a bowline knot through one of the eyes .
  • Round fender a soft vinyl fender often used on larger boats that have flared bows, and where the dock is a great distance away. Fishing boats and other commercial vessels often use them.
  • Centre rope cylindrical fender this fender can hang down vertically or it can be positioned horizontally. It has a hole in the centre, which is threaded through with a rope.
  • Flat fenders are foam buffers typically used on smaller vessels. Simply secure the flat fender to the gunwales, and it will protect your boat from impact.

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About Center Console Boats

Center console boats are one todays most popular styles. They are a type of single-decked open hull boat where the helm is placed in the center. Center console boats can be used for a range of activities from fishing to watersports to relaxing on the water. Some center console boats have cabins which are usually located in the bow and hold small sleeping berths. Most center console boats have open deck space or seating in the bow which makes it incredibly versatile and comfortable.

Size: 18 65 feet

Boston Whaler – Carolina Skiff – Regulator – Grady-White – Pursuit – Hydra Sports – Sea Pro

What About Swim Platforms

If you have an integrated swim platform, that will affect the measurements of your boat. You should include this when measuring the length of your boat. To be thorough, you can measure the boat from tip to stern, and then add the length of a swim platform as well. Swim platforms typically add a couple of feet.

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Just Because Its In Storage Doesnt Mean Its Safe

Boat covers should remain on your boat at all times when it is not in use. While it may seem okay to store your boat in a garage or driveway with no cover, it is doing far more harm than good. A cover serves an important purpose for keeping out everything from mold and mildew to small and large animals and debris from spoiling your interior.

A Beginners Guide To Measure A Boat Faq

Boat Covers: How to Measure Your Boat

Q1. How do you measure the beam of a boat?

The beam is just another word for the width of the boat, and to measure it, you just go for the widest point on the boat.

Q2. What is the draught of a boat?

Also known as the draft, the draught refers to the vertical distance between the waterline and the lower part of the boats hull it incorporates the hulls thickness.

This measurement is used in determining the minimum depth of water that the boat can safely sail in.

Q3. How is the length of the boat measured?

Youre supposed to measure along the centerline, from the outer part of the hull aft to the outer part to the hull forward, without measuring any attachments like trolling motors and swim platforms.

The length of the boat is very important when determining the appropriate length of the anchor chain.

Guide to Measure a Boat Final Thoughts

Its essential that you take the right measurements and report them to the hauling company for transportation purposes.

These measurements are also pretty handy for making your plans, like calculating the amount of anchor chain to use and deciding on the transport routes to use or avoid.

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Choosing The Right Size

For many boaters, a heavy duty tarp is all that is required for covering a boat. Reliable, high-quality tarps come in a variety of sizes. This makes it convenient for boaters no matter what size boat you have. You can buy good quality blue tarps for reasonable prices, even on Amazon.com. They range in size from as small as 8 X 10 and some can be as large as 30 x 40. These would be effective in covering smaller boats. In terms of larger boats, it is not difficult to combine tarps to cover a larger area. Compare this to a custom boat cover which may cost you thousands of dollars. This investment is less than $100. You could definitely consider it worth your time and money. They can work as winter covers in many places.

How To Measure Your Boat

Measuring Tips: Whenfitting a cover to your boat, use a non-stretching tape to be sure youhave accurate dimensions. A steel tape measure works best. If your boat’son a trailer, simply lay the tape on the ground directly under the boat.Then “eyeball” the measurement or plumb straight down from the boat.

Finding the Centerline Length: Measure from thetip of the bow to the center on the stern. Add the length of any extensions such as bow pulpits ortransom brackets to the centerline dimension.

Finding the Beam Width: Measure the widest pointof your boat, including the rub-rail. An easy way to visualize how a propermeasurement should be done is to imagine your boat is placed sideways in a vise. If you wereto clamp the vise down on the boat, the measurement would be taken at thepoints where the jaws of the vise would first come in contact with the sides boat.

Note:Semi-Custom Fit Covers can be adjustedto fit the beam and centerline plus or minus 4 inches. This feature allows you a bit of”forgiveness” if your boat has any unusual items attached.

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How To Measure Boat For Bimini Top

To measure your boat for a Bimini Top, you should use the main mounting point as the point of reference. From here you can determine the length, width and height. The width is calculated by measuring from side to side, whereas the length and height will be down to personal preference.

In this image, the red dot is the mounting point. Your Bimini Top can be mounted to a railing, the top of the gunnel or the windshield

Video How To Measure Your Boat

Boat Covers

The following video is a demonstration of how to measure a speedboat but dont let this put you off. The same principles for measuring this boat apply to every other boat including your Jon boat.

Youll quickly see how easy it is to get the accurate dimensions of your Jon.

Rounding up.

Gaining a good familiarity with the dimensions of your Jon boat is essential for understanding how to handle your boat and work on it while you stay legal and safe. We therefore encourage you to get out the tape and measure your boat ensuring you take measurements along all the key points.

You need to measure:

  • The boats beam.

If you want detailed measurements of your boat you will need to also measure:

  • Waterline length. Lets you determine hull speed, amount of bottom-paint needed, how much water is displaced.
  • Freeboard length. Will allow you to work out how much weight your boat can carry.
  • Draft. Knowing the draft of your boat will keep you out of dangerously shallow waters and out of very deep waters . Read can Jon boats go in the ocean to see the problems shallow draft vessels encounter in deep waters.
  • Overall height. To obtain your boats overall height simply add the freeboard length number to the draft number.

Consideration of the effect of loads is always important when planning renovations as well as having a working knowledge and understanding of the draft, waterline length and freeboard measurements.

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Measuring For A Bimini Top


To determine the size of your new Bimini top, you firstshould consider what portion of the boat you would like to cover. You shouldtake your measurements from your main mounting point, which will be the centerof the Bimini top. This means if you choose a 6 long top, you will have 3 ofcoverage in front of and behind that mounting point. This is the point whichyou will use going forward to measure your width and height from.

Mounting Width

To obtain your width, just measure across your boat from side to side at the points where you wish to mount the top to your boat, which will be the center point of your Bimini top, or your main mounting point. Our tops can be mounted to virtually any surface including the windshield, railing, top of gunnel, or the outside or inside of the boat.


Measure straight up from your mounting point to determine the heightyou would like your frame to be. Keep in mind that staying with the lowestheight possible will ensure you do not lose shade. Once you have the length,width and height, you are now ready to select your new top by dimensions!

How To Measure Your Boat For A Custom Cover

For handmade boats and boats that are not on our standard pattern file list, please follow these instructions to get a perfectly fit custom cover for your boat.

  • Measure the Centerline

    • This is the measurement from bow to stern down the middle of the boat.

    • Allow the tape measure to sag to the height of gunnel. Do not pull it tight.

    • What I find works well is to lay your oar across the boat at the oarlocks and allow the tape measure to sag and touch the oar.

  • Do not include the length of the anchor bracket sticking out past the end of the boat.

  • Enter the measurement in feet and inches in the field provided, to the next whole inch, for example: 16’11”

  • Measure the Beam
    • Measure to the outside of the gunnel at the oarlocks.

    • Enter the measurement in inches in the field provided, to the next whole inch, for example: 78″

  • Stern Anchor Bracket
    • Is the anchor bracket mounted at the center, or offset to the right?

    • Make this selection from the dropdown list.

  • Have the measurements?
    • If you came to this page to check the measurements of your boat, then find your boat again on the menu to the left, and continue the ordering process.

    • If you are ordering a custom cover, then click the appropriate link below to order your Cover now!

    • For centerline measurements of 14’0″ to 16’0″

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    Measuring Your Boat Lift Canopy For A Replacement

    In terms of style, make sure to customize your canopy lift with our wide selection of colors and durable fabric materials. For maximum tear resistance and water repellency, choose vinyl as your fabric. For a durable canopy that will stand out and look good for years to come we carry the HarborTime fabric canopy covers.

    Before you measure you canopy and order a replacement cover it is important to know or identify which brand or style of boat lift canopy frame you have. We brand of canopy frame is slightly different and you want to ensure that you select the right style so that your measurements are accurate. If you need help identify which brand of canopy frame you have see our article on Identifying Your Canopy Manufacturer.

    Questions or Don’t see your lift? Contact us: or call us toll free 1-855-226-6791

    Beach King Canopy Frames

    Custom Fit / Exact Fit Covers

    How to measure for a Boat Cover

    Westland Custom Fit Boat Covers also known as Exact Fit Boat Covers are patterned for an exact boat make, model, and year resulting in a snug, tight fitting cover. Each Custom Fit Cover is built to snug at the boats rub rail. Each Westland Custom Boat Cover is suitable for mooring, trailering, and indoor or outdoor storage.

    Cover Details

    • Each Custom Fit Cover is reinforced at key stress points.
    • A draw rope is sewn into every Custom Fit Covers hem.
    • Tie down loops are double sewn in an offset V around the covers hem for strength and to lessen strap twisting.
    • All Custom Fit Covers come with 12 black nylon straps with adjustable quick release buckles.

    Available in the following fabrics:

    • 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic
    • 6 oz. Sharkskin

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    Importance Of Measuring The Length Of A Boat:

    i. It affects the transportation costs .ii. The length of the boat matters when calculating how much anchor chain you need.

    iii. Vessel accommodation cost on marinas partially depends on the length of the boat. As a longer boat takes up more space, its docking charges are higher.iv. Transportation regulations boats beyond a certain length might not be permitted on the road at particular times of the day.v. The method of international transportation there are several methods, including the following, and the length of the boat matters in deciding on the method to be used:

    • Roll on/off the boat gets efficiently loaded onto the ships cradle. This is the most affordable method, which also happens to be one of the safest.
    • Lift on/off a crane is used for loading the boat onto the ship.
    • Containerization the vessel is placed in a container and loaded onto the ship, but only small boats can be transported this way.
    • Flat rack this method is suitable for larger/longer boats. The vessel is placed on a flat rack and loaded onto the ship.

    There are several other methods, like submersion, and usually, the length of the boat is used in determining the kind of method to be used.

    The Height of the Boat

    When assessing the height, we measure the distance from the keel all the way to the vessels highest point.

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