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Anna Maria Island Boat Tours

The #1 Tour In Anna Maria

Out And About Anna Maria Island at Fun Boat Tours

Our tour was interrupted by a quick storm but the captain was willing to take us back out once it was past and took us out for the entire 1.5hours. Knew all the good places to check for dolphins, manatees, and turtles. And gave us a historical tour and even some celebrity homes! Definitely recommend this crew!!!!

Joey was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. We saw dolphins, a spotted eagle ray, a terrapin, and many other fish and birds. He even found some sharks teeth for the kids.

Awesome experience with captain Chris! We saw dolphins right off the bat, and when we werent seeing dolphins, we were learning about everything around us. He was very knowledgeable and kept the tour fun and interesting. Highly recommended!

We went on a dolphin tour with Captain Ben and had the BEST time! We saw many dolphins and even had a fun experience with one! Ben was very knowledgeable about the area and very fun to talk with. Ben, your suggestion for good local seafood was a great one! Thank you for a magical morning that our boys will never forget!

If they would allow us to give 6 starts I’d do it. Ben truly has such a great knowledge of the islands and its history. Were able to see numerous pods of dolphins and also got within inches of a big pod of manatees. Such a great way to see this area!

Enjoy A Floating Tiki Bar Tour From Anna Maria Island

Relax and enjoy a leisurely cruise off the east coast of Anna Maria Island, FL! Take some photos of beautiful scenery or just sit back and enjoy that warm Florida sun. We have two coolers on board available for passenger use. Ice will be provided as well. Personal coolers are welcome if you prefer to bring your own.

If you would like to stop at a restaurant or spend longer at a sandbar, please extend your time by booking the daytime tour before or after your desired time. You will receive an additional 30 minutes at no charge. Example: If you book the 12:30 2:30 and 3:00 5:00, your tour will go from 12:30 to 5:00!

  • Any food, drinks, snacks, or alcoholic beverages
  • Liquid sunscreen, hats, or long sleeve shirts
  • Please wear shoes or sandals you dont mind getting wet!

Things You Want To Know About The Ami Boat Tour

I will call it an eco boat tour on Anna Maria Island because of the following:

  • there are no guaranteed offers for dolphin sightings (the operator is NOT hunting them and if they do appear, she stops the boat and watches from afar.
  • There is no food thrown at the animals and our Captain gave us a lot of info about their lifestyle and how they seem to be changing, etc.
  • our tour shared the fact that by the Tides Table Restaurant and Marina, there is often wildlife that they assist, heal and return to the wild, so again helping the sanctuary, not taking from the sanctuary
  • descriptions of wildlife, how the particular species affects the ecosystem, and the cycle of life, etc. all were part of our trip but never to the point of in our face too scientific, just a nice dusting of: here is what you are seeing and here is why you are seeing it.
  • at no point in time were we speeding through the waters or casting lines to fish.
  • the live sea life that we captured was maintained in an aerator then she shared with us what we captured.
  • before we set it back into motion it was delicately returned to the sea.
  • What we kept was not alive or it would not come with us, and the area then was no worse for the wear.
  • We experienced living things in their own environment, and observed them from the boat
  • Our full takeaway was a better understanding of the living from mangroves to dolphin nurseries

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Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours

Anna Maria Dolphin Tours offers public and private dolphin tours. Departing from the marina located in the heart of AMI at the marina located out front of the Waterline Hotel in Holmes Beach. You can experience this beautiful area by boat and see a few of the favorite residents of the area, Bottlenose Dolphins! Their expert guides will ensure you see all the amazing creatures possible while you enjoy the waters that surround Anna Maria Island.

Why Choose 1 Of The Best Anna Maria Island Boat Trips

YOLO Adventures
  • someone who was native to the area and knows Sarasota Bay like the back of their hand and the wildlife living in it as she has spent her life on the water and in the local water
  • if you want an outfitter who respects the wildlife and can provide us with a better understanding of the living bay without being too science-y in the discussion.
  • if you want a great tour but really dont want to overpay for it

Our 2 Hour AMI Boat Tour on Sarasota Bay

We followed our text from Captain Katie to head to the South Coquina Boat Ramp on Gulf Drive South but, our navigation system in our rental took us to the NORTH ramp, SMH!

I texted Captain Katie to let her know we were coming and apologized, and thankfully we were just about 3 minutes from the right Ramp!

Once there, we easily found the boat and the totally charismatic and friendly Captain Katie and Sailor the dog!

We were dressed like Captain Katie, in swim clothing and tees, with a bag of towels and ready for adventure.

But there was another group of people on the tour in jeans, hoodies, and jackets and they were not going in the water.

Albeit less sunny and a tad cooler than we expected, my family was there and All In for the sandbar experience and clearly they were not!

The point is you dont have to do what you do want to and yet you will get to do as much as you like!

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Egmont Key Adventure & Snorkeling

Head over to Egmont Key on a private adventure with the crew at Anna Maria Dolphin Tours. Egmont Key is accessible only by boat. This barrier island is packed full of history and wildlife. You will be able to walk the island and learn from the plaques along the pathways that guide you to the various bunkers and lighthouse that still remain on the island. Once home to Fort Dade this island has a past spanning from a camp for the Siminoles to later the Union Navy during the Civil War.

Youll Want To Exerpience 1 Of The Best Anna Maria Boat Trips

I cant wait to go back to Anna Maria Island and I will be going back with Captain Katie you definitely want to take your family on this experience too!

The price is currently $30 a person for a 2-hour tour and that is just too little for what you take away.

Katie is a local and knows her stuff inside and out, and at all times you will experience this.

The tour is a 2nd generation-run business, as her mother also works as Captain Kathe, so supports women in business.

Ladies, if you make the reservations for your family vacation, follow it up with a reservation here!

If the guys are going golfing in Bradenton, schedule this for you and the kids! It is family-oriented and as informative as you want it to be.

See you on the sandbar! ~ Dana XO

Dana Vento is an award-winning travel and food writer who loves uncomplicated adventures.

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Sailor The Dog: First Mate To The Captain

The dog, named Sailor will sit with you and among you and definitely is affectionate.

My son was super happy to have a traveling companion.

When Sailor senses a dolphin, he ran from the front of the boat to the back, barking, and yelping, not jumping out.

It was funny and entertaining at the same time.

Cpt Katie asked Sailor several times to find the dolphins but in 99% of the instances, there were no dolphins until there were, but keep reading!

Why Youll Love The Captain Katie Scarlett Boat Tours On Anna Maria Island

EGMONT KEY – Boat Tour. Nessie Tours

When I decide to take a boat tour, I want to learn a little, experience a little, and see a lot, and Captain Katie Scarlett delivers BIG!

But the thing I was most looking forward to on the trip, was spending 2 hours on an AMI boat tour , discovering Sarasota Bay.

  • Not a touristy tour and youll see some of the more out of the way areas which are perfection
  • you might see dolphins and manatees might make an appearance
  • supporting a woman-owned business
  • youll get to wade on a sand bar and its a blast
  • while you can scoop the wildlife on the sandbar, this is an eco-tour so you will be leaving everything just as you found it.
  • youll ride on a Pontoon boat, not a speed boat
  • Sailor the dog might tag along and trust me, no matter the age of your child, smiles appear!
  • riding under the drawbridge is pretty cool especially if it going up as you are leaving
  • Beer Can Island is something you will see
  • after the AMI boat tour, you will feel better acquainted with the area

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Tiki Boat Cruises Around Anna Maria Island

Aloha and welcome aboard! Shore Thing Tiki Cruises is your escape from the everyday. We are the best part of your vacation, or, if youre local, a great activity to get away for a few hours. Whether you are looking for a sunset cruise or to party with your friends on a sandbar, our 2½ hour, private and fully customizable cruises will exceed your expectations.

We invite you to leave your troubles behind and join us on our custom floating tiki bar and lounge. Call for more information orbook your cruise today!

The Sandbar Experience On Anna Maria Island

The nets were supplied by our tour operator at no additional charge and Captain Katie set up an aerator for the sealife we caught as it would be caught, enjoy, photo, and released

But we did get to keep the incredible sand dollars we found and they were huge, bigger than any Ive ever had in my hands to date!

There are seahorses, dead and alive sand dollars, sea urchins , lightning whelks, fish, crab, and starfish, you dont know what you might catch on the sandbar.

This part of the experience is where I would have preferred to be for long, as I felt like I experienced more of the area right in one little spot than on any other part of the trip.

We spent 32 minutes here and I could have spent 2 hours!

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Best Anna Maria Island Boat Cruises

The breathtaking white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island have made it one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Florida. Perfect for families, couples, and large groups, the island has plenty to offer.

Spend peaceful afternoons swimming and sunning at the beach or take a day trip around the island to spot some of Floridas most varied and interesting wildlife.

However, you choose to fill your days, be sure to leave some time for one of Anna Marias unforgettable boat tours.

A boat tour around the island will give you the chance to spot some of the areas adorable dolphins and colorful marine life, plus youll get some absolutely stunning photos of the unparalleled Florida sunset over the island. With plenty of boat trips to choose from, its important you pick the right one for you. Here are a few of our top picks of the very best Anna Maria boat tours.

Where Did We Go With Captain Katie Scarlett Boat Tours

Private Charters

We initially took a short ride towards the Tides Table Restaurant Marina.

Rounded it out with a quick journey through Palma Sola Bay, a bay in West Bradenton that opens to the Anna Maria Sound, and for more perspective, it is Southwest of Cortez which is where we headed next.

Coordinates of the Palma Sola Bay area > 27.4771917,-82.6698306.

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Of The Best Anna Maria Island Boat Trips Sandbar Included

Youll want to reserve a trip on 1 of the best Anna Maria Island Boat trips youll experience while visiting, to capture, the truest, most natural essence of AMI, while leaving everything in its place , but allowing you a front-row seat to dolphin viewing, manatees, and sandbar wading. and this particular boat tour on Anna Maria Island is undeniably the best bang for your buck between the overviews shared by its captains and what youll visit and experience.

Anna Maria Island in Florida is a beach-goers dream come true right in the good old USA, with tropical blue skies, beautiful beaches, biking paths, and tons of water to enjoy by boat or by the beach the taking an AMI boat tour is a great way to experience this!

Hold Tight During This Thrilling Watersports Experience

Pull yourself aboard the banana raft and get ready for an adrenaline rush. While being towed behind a top of the line jet ski, take in the sights along the beaches of Anna Maria Island. But promise to hold on tight! Filled with laughter and screams, this adventure is known to send passengers into the water if you hit a wave just right.

Anna Maria Banana Boat Ride is fun and safe for all ages. Riders will cruise up and down the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island while splashing around with friends and family. The banana boat ride can be smooth and comfortable for those who want to sitesee and relax or the ride can be adventurous and exciting for those seeking a thrill. The banana ride is a beachfront service. Reservations are required for all banana boat rentals so please call or book online in advance.

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Dolphins Ahoy Before Docking At Coquina Beach

During our trip, Sailor had barked a few times, and supposedly when he barks there are dolphins in the surrounding water.

But we really didnt have dolphin sightings until we took off from Longboat Key and began our short journey to the boat ramp at Coquina Beach.

The sailor began barking and low and behold, another boat opposite us stopped too!

Dolphins, not more than a quick glance that I hardly captured, but 3 at one time!

We docked, grabbed our stuff, and vacated the boat as another group was waiting on our heels to tour!

Our trip was complete with a dolphin sighting, fun at the sandbar, sand dollars to keep, and a quick overview of the area.

Anna Maria Island Boat Charters And Tours

Anna Maria Island, FL – 7 Miles of Paradise

Anna Maria Island is known for having some of the most breathtaking sunsets on this side of the coast so what better place to experience this scenery than on a boat tour, sunset cruise, or catamaran ride. Anna Maria Island is the type of place that you cant help but get caught up in her beauty and friendly atmosphere.

Anna Maria Island is one of the few places in Florida that hasnt gotten caught up in the over development wave that has swallowed many other small towns. You will still find that old Florida charm littered throughout the Island and these boat tours and charters will help you step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and become an Islander for your visit. So where can you book your Anna Maria Island boat charters and tours? Learn more with the following options and find out how to book with AMI Adventure Rentals!

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Historic Fishing Village Of Cortez + Your Eco Boat Tour In Anna Maria Island

Here are a few things we learned during our tour.

  • first, this is not a thriving fishing village, its kind of disappeared
  • there is a great cash-only restaurant youll want to try it gets great word-of-mouth reviews
  • apparently, and the key lime pie served there is made by Captain Katies Mom, Captain Kathe
  • its very picturesque and along the way, you will even see a few sinking sailboats, etc.

You will see 1 boat that is a bit colorful in the same area, and 1 person lives on it and has for a long time.

Hes a musician, who plays locally but keeps just to himself!

We then passed the Guthrie Net Camp and wound up right at the heart of the historic fishing village of Cortez.

Anna Maria Island Dolphin And Sunset Boat Tours

While it is true that our Mainsail Vacation Rentals in Anna Maria Island have everything that you could need to enjoy your time in Florida, you may want to venture out as well. If you have enjoyed the luxury amenities of your rental and you no longer want to lay poolside or on the beach, we have some activities in mind that you might enjoy.

Many of our vacation rental guests inquire about the best Anna Maria Island sunset and dolphin tours. You may also be interested in learning more about these popular activities. If so, you are in the right place!

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