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Where To Buy Used Boat Trailers

Size And Weight Matters Again

How To Buy A New Or Used Boat Trailer. What To Ask For In New, Watch Out For These In Used Trailers

OK. You have your boat. You have the right trailer. Now you need a suitable car or other towing vehicle.

Most cars can take a tow bar at the rear. Notable exceptions include Porsche 911s, and a few other specialist cars. The towing weight of a car is dened by the manufacturer. It is sometimes called the gross train weight, and may be in the owners handbook or on the VIN plate on the car.

You need to check the combined weight of the boat, trailer, and all the various bits of boating paraphernalia that you will throw into the boat.

You must check for yourself that your particular model has the required towing capacity.

What Are The Benefits Of A Boat Trailer

Access and mobility are two of the most rewarding benefits of owning or having access to a boat trailer. Yes, storing your boat at a dock or marina adds ease of use, but without a trailer, you are limited to that one body of water and unable to relocate your boat or send it to dry storage for the winter.

The main benefit is the ability to travel with your boat and take it to new locations, be it a lake, ocean, river, inlet, or bay. You could even visit multiple spots within the same weekend. If you live in a colder climate, you can transport your boat to a warmer body of water during the winter and continue to enjoy the benefits of boating. If you are a fisherman, you can visit different spots to try fishing for other varieties. If you are a water skier or water sports athlete, you can try out new bodies of water with like-minded communities or trick courses available.

Another benefit of owning a trailer is peace of mind. If a hurricane or derecho or any other dangerous conditions roll into where you store your boat on the water, you can quickly load the boat on a trailer and take it somewhere safe on land. The likelihood of damage is significantly less for a boat stored on dry land vs. a boat docked in the water. If you consistently take your boat out of the water after each use, you also decrease your time and money spent on repairs like bottom fixes and blistering and save money on slip fees.

What To Look For

Buying cheap used boat trailers means you need to be a bit wary. As is can have a lot of different meaning. Never buy an item until you can see it first, if at all possible. You want to check it over and if possible, take someone with you, as an extra pair of eyes.

Things you will want to check before buying a cheap boat trailer:

  • Trailer Lights plug it into your tow vehicle to make sure all the trailer wiring and trailer lights work.
  • Trailer Brakes while the boat trailer is plugged into the tow vehicle check the brakes of the trailer. Test the boat trailer to see if the electric/hydraulic brakes or surge brakes work
  • Trailer Manufacturer check the trailer manufacturer sticker and the gross vehicle weight rating on the used boat trailer. You want to make sure its going to be capable of pulling your pontoon or aluminum boat.
  • Manufacturing Material Check to see what material the trailer was manufactured. Is it a lightweight aluminum trailer or a heavy-duty painted/galvanized steel trailer.
  • Trailer Tires Always check the quality of the boat trailer tires. Does the boat trailer have new tires? Is the tire a good quality tire with thicker sidewalls or a cheap trailer tire? Are the tires cracking or signs of it not holding air? If you are hauling long distances, a good tire could save you the aggravation of a tire blow out. Smaller tires also cant handle heavier boat weights and will be more prone to leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

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Boat Trailers For Sale In Bc

In addition to our selection of quality aluminum boats and accessories, Bridgeview Marine is proud to provide a full lineup of new and used boat trailers for all types of aluminum boats. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the perfect boat trailer for your precise needs to ensure optimal performance and safety. In addition to our selection of new Highliner boat trailers, we carry a selection of used models from a variety of leading brands.

We are proud to provide complete service and maintenance solutions for all leading makes and models of boat trailers. This makes Bridgeview Marine your one-stop shop for all things related to aluminum boats. Visit one of our locations in Delta, Prince Rupert, or Sandspit today to view our selection of new and used boat trailers or reach out to our team through our online contact form to learn more.

The Average Cost Of A Used Trailer Vs A New Trailer

Tandem Axle Aluminium Boat Trailer With Basic Skid Set

Its hard to pinpoint the exact average cost of a used trailer vs. a new trailer. Youll certainly find savings when you choose to buy used trailers online rather than shop new models, but how much youll save is a function of a used trailers condition and age. Look for the best possible trailer at the best possible price, and make sure you get a model that offers the features you need.

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Check Your States Regulations

All trailers are not built with the same specifications and regulations because each state may have different trailering regulations. While most states require brakes for trailers rated to carry more than 3,000 lbs., some states require brakes on trailers as light as 1,500 lbs., while a few others let you coast up to 4,500 pounds . It can be expensive to retrofit brakes, and some states such as Florida require brakes on each axle.

With this in mind, you need to be careful about buying a used trailer out of state. State-specific trailer registration information can be found at

How To Get A Boat Onto A Trailer

If this is your first boat or your first time using a boat trailer, you might be wondering how the heck you get the boat on it from in the water. It may seem obvious, but step one is to drive the boat to a docking site where you can back your boat trailer into the water and drive the boat up onto the trailer. There are a few best practices for getting a boat onto a trailer:

  • Idle up to the launch ramp while you wait for the tow vehicle to back up into the water.
  • The tow vehicle should be in park and use the parking brake once in position in the water.
  • The tow vehicle driver can get out of the vehicle and help guide the boat onto the trailer.
    • Make sure the bow peak is aligned with the bow stop on the trailer.
  • The boat should be able to float onto the back of the trailer bunks.
  • Be conscientious of an outboard engine. If the boat docking area is shallow, you may need to trim the engine.
  • Once the boat is on the bow stop of the trailer, your helper can use the winch strap to pull the boat up snug to the winch post. Once this is done, secure the safety chain to prevent the boat from slipping.
  • If the boat is crooked, you will need to back down the ramp and try to straighten it.
  • Once the boat is secure, pull the tow vehicle out of the water and finish securing the boat out of the way of the launchpad.
  • Remember that every boat is different, and although these guidelines are helpful, you will need to take it slow and see how your boat reacts to launching and trailering.

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    What Youll Find At Trailer Superstore

    When you need a trailer but have a tight budget, buying used trailers from All Pro Trailer Superstore can be the answer to your problem. Even though used trailers for sale have some mileage on them, you can be certain that youll find the same high quality and dependability from them as you would from one of our new trailers.

    Heres where youll find the largest selection of used trailers from the most well-known and trusted brands in the industry. Whats more, all of them have been inspected to ensure theyll stand up to whatever you have in mind for them just as well as a trailer fresh off the assembly line.

    Were constantly updating our collection of used trailers to meet demand, so theres bound to be a used trailer for sale that is exactly what you have been searching for, and you wont believe the savings.

    If you have only an intermittent need for a trailer but dont want to deal with the hassle of renting one every time you do, you may want to buy a used trailer from All Pro Trailer Superstore. If youre in need of a trailer to help your construction or landscaping business haul materials and equipment to the job site but your business is still finding its feet, one of our used trailers can give you the edge you need to grow your business without putting a strain on your finances. Buying a used trailer provides you with all the benefits of a new trailer, but at a more affordable price.

    All Pro Trailer Superstore

    Tips To Find Cheap Boat Trailers

    Learn Boat Trailer Basics, How to Buy the Right #Boat Trailer on Used Boats or #Boat Dealer

    Summertime for many people means boating time. Whether you use your boat a lot, or just now and again, you still need to get it to the lake. For those of you who dont have your boat at the marina, you need reliable transportation.

    Many people buy their fishing boat or pontoon boat without the trailer. Even a pre-owned boat that came with a nice dual axle trailer may not be suitable for the boat. If you are using your boat regularly, then you need a good boat trailer.

    There are really good, dependable and cheap boat trailers available. You will need to do your homework, but there is no shortage of places to find a good boat trailer. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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    Tips And Tricks For Towing A Boat Safely

    Towing anything can be a challenge. It adds a lot of length to your vehicle, making turns and high speeds more difficult. We highly recommend practicing in an open parking lot or area before you tow anything on the road. To ensure you are towing a boat as safely as possible, we have some general guidelines and recommendations to follow:

    1. Always check your vehicle and the trailer to ensure everything is in street-ready working order.

    • Connections are all tight
    • Ensure you have a chalk block
    • Check all the lights
    • Make sure the load is secure, and everything is strapped down

    2. If you sense swaying when towing, stop and recheck everything.

    3. Make wide turns to avoid clipping a curb or other obstructions.

    4. Leave extra following room between your vehicle and those in front of you. When towing a heavy load, braking distance may be significantly increased.

    5. When wind-blast shoves your rig sideways, you can minimize the effect by taking your foot off the accelerator. Do not step on the brakes.

    6. Learn to use your side-view mirrors and not your rear-view mirrors. Consider getting an extender for your side-view mirrors if you need additional visibility.

    7. As soon as you arrive at the boat ramp, walk back to the trailer hubs and check that theyre cool to the touch. If theyre hot, your bearings arent functioning correctly and need to be serviced immediately.

    Looking For A Boat Trailer To Tow Your Boat To The Water

    At Elm City Trailer we carry a complete line of boat trailers for virtually any style of boat. If you need a trailer with bunk boat supports or rollers, with a winch, in single, double or tri-axle we can get the boat trailer thats right for you.

    We carry Trailex and Loadrite boat trailers for use with runabouts and power boats from the smallest to the road-legal limit in terms of beam and weight. If we do not have your perfect trailer in inventory we can order it or have it custom made so that you get the perfect towing solution matched to your boat.

    If you need to trailer a jetski or a kayak, canoe, motorboat, sailboat, hobie cat catamaran or pontoon boat weve got you covered. We also provide boat trailers that carry multiple kayaks or canoes for groups heading out to the water. We can even get shipping and storage cradles matched to your boat. Call us today to learn more.

    If you need an aluminum boat trailer for a single boat, or for a group of boats, check our inventory or simply contact us.

    We had a great experience with Elm City Trailer! Bobby was a pleasure to deal with, and treated us like we were friends instead of pushing a sale on us. Thanks again!


    Thanks to the staff at Elm City Trailer. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of my purchase. Even helped with financing.

    Joe M.

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    Used Trailer Maintenance Needs

    After you buy used trailers online, make sure you keep your trailers well maintained. Focus on keeping the tires in great condition, inflating, rotating and replacing as you would a vehicles tires. Also, ensure your taillights are working properly. These are the most important safety features on your trailer, and you should not take your trailer out on the road if they arent working as they should.

    What To Consider When Purchasing A Trailer

    Small Boat Trailer for Sale

    Price is naturally an important consideration when shopping for used trailers for sale. You can unlock savings when you choose to buy used that simply arent accessible when you choose to buy new. But you also want to make sure youre getting the right trailer for your needs.

    For example, make sure you pick the right trailer frame, one that offers the strength and integrity youre looking for. And, second, make sure you get the correct tongue length and weight for your skill level and for the vehicle thats doing the pulling. There are plenty of considerations when looking for the best used trailers for sale, but these are a good place to start.

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    Boat Shows And Boat Dealerships

    Boat shows are all about selling boats and accessories. Many times, they will sell off these accessories for cheap. The trailers are often used as floor models or demos.

    The dealerships and boat shows still need to transport the boats around. These trailers are usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel and can be bought for a fraction of the retail sale price. Although they are slightly used, they most likely have never been off the lot. They could have been sitting in the showroom for several months or even years.

    They may have slight imperfections and slight wear on the trailer tires from moving around but are basically still brand new. There may even be some that are older for sale when newer models come in for sale.

    Boat Trailers & Trailer Parts For Sale In Australia

    Spitfire Trailers Sydney have stock of this 7m Spitfire, Glide – On Range. This is the …

    • AU $8,985

    SPITFIRE 800-3500 Suits fibreglass and aluminium boats up to 7.6m, rated at 3500kg ATM, …

    • 2022

    JCM has just received this brand new Jan 2022 manufactured Redco Sportsman RS610T-MO …

    • 2022

    Boat trailer to suit approx 7-8 metre boat – solid but with surface rust. Licensed and …

    • 2005

    Fully welded 150 structural aluminium trailer frame, hot dipped running gear, all components …

    Built to suit a Boston Whaler 32 centre console. Currently rated to 4.5T70mm ballCan be …

    • 2020

    Duralum 4.5 tonne ally trailer Had a regulator 32 sitting on it and fits well. Offers …

    • 2007

    Model: TALB23-27 7900-2010 New-Old Stock-70mm Coupling included-Hydrastar Electric …

    • AU $18,500

    Brand new 6.2M Alloy Trailer double axle. …

    • 2021

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    How Do I Haul A Boat Using A Trailer

    The first thing you need to think about when gearing up to haul a boat using a trailer is your tow vehicle. You need to have a vehicle available with a towing capacity to carry both the trailers weight and the fully loaded weight of the watercraft. To find your vehicles towing capacity, consult your manufacturer or your manufacturer guidebook for your vehicle.

    Another way to determine towing capacity for your vehicle is to follow these steps:

  • Find out the curb weight of your vehicles, which is located on the VIN sticker
  • Add the weight of passengers, fuel, and cargo to the curb weight
  • Subtract this number from your vehicles GCWR, which is also found on the VIN sticker
  • = Your vehicles max towing capacity

    The second thing to think about when towing a boat using a trailer is your hitch. This is what connects the trailer to your vehicle. Boat trailer hitches are rated by Class, ranging from Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, Class V. Class I hitches are for smaller lightweight boats under 2,000lbs. Class II hitches are good for loads up to the 3,500lb mark. Class III hitches are for boats up to 5,000lbs. Class IV goes up to 12,000lbs, and Class V can tow as much as 18,000lbs. The capacity of the hitch includes the weight of the boat and the trailers weight.

    Okay, now that you have all the properly fitted materials, its time to hook up the trailer to your tow vehicle. Here are the steps for this process:

    2. Close the latch and insert the safety pin.

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