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Where To Buy Boat Insurance

Progressive Simplifies Boat Insurance

What You Need To Know Before Buying Boat Insurance

We give you the freedom to boat wherever you’d like on any lake or river in the U.S., plus ocean waters within 75 miles of the coast. And, we drop the common requirements and restrictions other insurers may force on you, so you get the protection you need to get on the water right away. For example, we dont require a navigation plan or marine survey, which could cost around $600 for a 30-foot boat.

Kinds Of Boat Insurance Policies

  • Boat
  • Boat & PWC Rental – Although this is generally not required, rental insurance will help cover any damage the vessel, as well as the operator and passengers.
  • Boat Clubs – covers all members of club while operating a boat.
  • Professional – These policies are very customizable and can cover items like travel to a tournament, equipment and more.

If Boat Insurance Isnt Required Why And When Do You Need It

Even if the state of Pennsylvania does not mandate you to insure your boat, it is still in your best interest to secure insurance coverage. Certain cases will require you to get boat insurance, and these are:

  • If you apply for a loan from a bank to purchase a boat, it will likely require you to submit proof of insurance. This insurance makes the bank a lienholder should any claim be paid. Such insurance takes care of the total value of the vessel in case of a loss.

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Types Of Boat Insurance Coverage

This will depend on the type of policy, but common coverage add-ons include:

  • Specialized Coverage: Coverage for something specific on your boat like an expensive prop or navigation equipment.
  • Salvage: Coverage that pays to remove your boat due to damage, from substantial to minor.
  • Consequential Damage: Covers a loss that was the result wear and tear rather than an accident .
  • Towing: Towing your boat across a body of water to safety can cost $400 per hour.
  • Cruising Extension: You can get temporary, additional coverage if you plan on leaving the USA .

How We Found The Best Boat Insurance

Buying Boat Insurance: The Fine Print

28 Providers

Advertiser Disclosure:

There are few activities as enjoyable as spending a sunny afternoon out on the water. Suppose youre one of roughly 13 million registered boat owners in the U.S. In that case, you know that enjoyment is predicated on safety and understanding the boating risks which is where boat insurance comes in.

In this article, well look at the best boat insurance companies in the U.S., assessing what each provider does best and what type of boat owners will be happiest with their coverage. We also looked at customer service and financial stability since you want a company that can payout on claims even after a sizable regional disaster.

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What Exactly Is Boat Insurance

Similar to car insurance, in its basic form, boat insurance provides the owner financial protection in case there is damage or loss of the vessel. It also protects from damage to another boat or property in the course of using the insured vessel. More importantly, it provides protection should an accident happen that would cause an injury to another person.

In the latter case, boat insurance acts as your liability coverage. Unless you have all the resources necessary to pay for any damages or loss at any one time and anywhere ,then for a certain premium payment, you can obtain suitable coverage to avoid any inconvenience.

Nationwide: Best For Policy Bundling

  • Multi-policy discount for those who bundle boat insurance and at least one other policy with Nationwide

  • Boat insurance packages to help customers save money

  • Not all coverages and discounts available in all states

  • Cant manage boat policy on the mobile app

Nationwide offers lots of options for boat insurance coverage, including:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Collision coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • On-water boat towing and labor
  • Fishing equipment insurance
  • Personal effects insurance

Furthermore, there may be additional savings on your boat insurance when you select one of Nationwides boat insurance packages. The company offers a wide range of packages for different types of boaters, such as:

  • Weekenders For those who simply take gear onto their boat and remove it when theyre done, Nationwide offers an affordable package that includes up to $1,000 for fishing equipment, $3,000 for personal effects, and $500 for towing.
  • Overnighters For those who take short boating trips, Nationwide offers up to $2,500 for fishing equipment, $5,000 for personal effects, and $2,500 for towing.
  • Light Tackle Anglers For customers who own a bass boat or smaller fishing boat, Nationwide offers up to $5,000 for fishing equipment, $2,000 for personal effects, and $2,500 for towing.
  • Deep Water Pros For those who fish big waters, gulfs, bays, and oceans, Nationwide offers up to $10,000 for fishing equipment, $5,000 for personal effects, and $2,500 for towing.



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Shopping For Boat Insurance

Start with a little fact-finding. Ask your boating friends which company they use and how their claims have been handled. The way an insurer has handled claims in the past is a good indicator of the quality of service you can expect in the future.

State insurance regulatory agencies are also a good reference and can be found online.

Affordable Boat Insurance Coverage

How to Buy Boat Rental Insurance

Every state across the country offers a wide array of fun options when it comes to boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding and waterskiing, fishing, and more. Whether sailing through Lake Tahoe in California, cruising through the Florida Keys, fishing on Lake Travis in Texas, or having fun with water sports on the Long Island Sound, there is something for every kind of boater.

Boaters should be fully protected with a comprehensive and affordable boat insurance policy. Our sole focus is to provide exceptional boat insurance coverage to our customers at the best rates in the boating insurance industry. We know and understand the complexities of watercraft insurance and aim to implement the best boat insurance in every policy. Our self-service only system is user friendly and SkiSafe underwriters are experts in the boating industry and will walk you through getting a boat insurance quote.

Contact us today or get an affordable boat insurance quote online tailored to your needs.

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Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Boats Too

Home insurance policies dont provide comprehensive boat coverage. Generally, it can be the most cost-effective to insure a boat separately. Through a separate boat policy, you may get better coverage geared specifically towards watercrafts, and in turn, your boat insurance could cost less. Connect with us to discuss whether your watercraft is best covered under your home policy or if its beneficial to set up a boat and marine policy. If you insure your boat on a stand-alone watercraft policy and need to make a claim, it will not affect your house insurance claims rating or premium.

What Does Typical Boat Insurance Cover

More often than not, boat insurance is an All Risk coverage, providing protection against a variety of calamities that could happen to your vessel such as fire, theft, vandalism, grounding, or sinking.

Whats most important about the insurance is its capability to cover any liability that might arise from the use of your boat. This is in addition to the coverage for any physical damage or loss sustained by the vessel of the other party because of an accident.

Hence, it becomes even more important to protect you from financial loss when you regularly use your boat and/or when it is worth a lot of money.

Typically, boat insurance covers the following:

Below is a attorneys advice n the case you get injured on your boat:

After knowing or confirming how important it is to get yourself boat insurance , at this point, lets take note of some essential information about owning and operating a boat in this particular US state, the Keystone State.

You just dont go off buying a boat and hit the water! You need to be knowledgeable about Pennsylvanias laws and requirements when it comes to boating.

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We Insure Over 1 Million Watercraft And We Can Help Insure Yours Too

With over 35 years of boat insurance experience, we know how to keep you afloat. So, as long as your boat or personal watercraft is valued at no more than $500,000 and is up to 50 feet long, well most likely insure it. Dont see your watercraft listed here? Call us at and well do what we can to get you covered.

Some of our coverages

Best For Affordability: Allstate

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  • No. of Policy Types: 3+
  • Coverage Limit: Varies

Allstate is an insurance powerhouse that offers affordable boat insurance, multiple discounts, and additional boating resources on its website.

  • Need to speak to agent for policy details

  • Doesnt specialize in boat insurance

  • May not get personal attention of a smaller company

Allstate is one of the biggest personal insurers in the United States, consistently drawing high financial strength and customer service ratings from a variety of rating institutions, including A+ from AM Best. Allstate advertises its boat insurance as being affordable for a variety of boat types and coverage options, with some policies available for as low as a $25 monthly premium. The company offers a variety of payment options to fit your financial situation, including Allstate’s Easy Pay Plan where you can save 5% by having your boat insurance premium automatically deducted from your checking account. Or, if you opt to pay in full, you can save up to 10% on your policy premium. If you already have other policies through Allstate, it makes sense to check into their boat insurance coverage since you can save up to 20% on your policy premium by combining it with a home policy. Allstate also offers a 10% discount on boat insurance to all home owners.

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Dont Rely On Your Homeowners Insurance To Keep Your Boat Afloat

Your new 20-foot boat is parked right alongside your house and shes your pride and joy. Unfortunately, you dont have the space to park her in the garage, so behind the house, behind the gate will have to do.

You only bought her a couple of months ago, but youve already taken her out at least two dozen times. You make sure to take the gear out and the motor off every time you come back from fishing.

But last night, it was late and raining sideways, and you were glad that you and the boat had made it out of the water and home safe and sound. Youll clean her up tonight when you get home from work.

You come home and wander outside to wash the salt off the motor. Something feels funny though. You open the latched gate to your backyard, and theres your boat but no motor. No kicker. No rods. No crab pots.

No fish finder. Hmm. Maybe your wife took care of it and put it all in the garage?

But, no! Slowly it dawns on you. Somebody wandered into your backyard and stole your motor and your gear. You cant believe it! Surely its insured, right? But you never got boat insurance.

Now what?

Some boat owners may assume that their boat is covered under their homeowners insurance policy. But in fact, there is only limited coverage for damage to a boat on your homeowners policy. And, generally, the loss must occur at your home.

Damage to your boat that occurs while you are launching the boat or when you are out on the water would not be covered by your homeowners policy.

Consequences Of Operating A Boat Under The Influence

Alcohol use was the leading cause of fatal boat accidents in 2019, according to data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Like drinking and driving, operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in every state. Also, federal law prohibits boating under the influence , which the U.S. Coast Guard enforces. This law prohibits all boaters from operating vessels while under the influence, even foreign boats in U.S. waters.

Penalties for drunk boating vary by state and jurisdiction of the waters but can include:

  • Large fines
  • Suspension or revocation of boat operator privileges
  • Suspension or revocation of drivers license
  • Jail time

In addition to facing state and federal penalties, you may get severe consequences from your insurance company. For starters, if you get into an accident as a result of operating a boat under the influence, your insurance company might only pay out a liability claim against you. It might not cover damage to your own boat. Your insurer could also decide to cancel your boat insurance coverage after a drunk boating accident.

If youre convicted of BUI with no accident, your insurer could still drastically raise your boat insurance rates or, worse, cancel coverage. While you might be able to find other boat insurance coverage after a cancellation, youll likely have to pay significantly more for a new boat insurance policy.

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Get A Boat Insurance Policy To Protect Your Investment

Boat insurance helps you enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your boat or personal watercraft . So if you travel across lakes, rivers, or ocean waters of the United States we can help. Whether you’re looking for a new boat insurance policy or just to save money on an existing policy, we’re can help you get started with a free boat insurance quote.

Make boating better, together. Experience and a name you can trust go a long way when you’re shopping for boat insurance. That’s why the GEICO Marine Insurance Company has teamed with BoatUS, the nation’s largest group of recreational boat owners. Since 1966, BoatUS has been helping to make boating safer, more affordable, and fun. Together, we share a passion for all things boating.

We all want cheap boat insurance rates, but customer service is what matters. Protect your investment with boat insurance you can count on and get your free online boat insurance quote today.

Storing Your Boat At A Marina

Boating Basics – Buying Boat Insurance

Your lifetime dream has come true. Youve bought a 26 sailboat. Mooring your boat at a marina was always part of your dream. You love the community and the atmosphere.

Plus, its a safe spot for your boat.Because of the proximity of other boats and the potential for a loss on your boat to spread to other boats or the dock, most marina are now requiring proof of at least $500,0000 liability protection before theyll rent you moorage space.

Check with your marina for more information, and call your team at McClain Insurance for hassle-free boat insurance.

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How Do I Obtain Coverage For My Boat Can I Ever Be Turned Down

Insurance for your boat is offered in a competitive market. You can shop around for coverage through an independent insurance agent or directly from companies available in your area. Please note that an insurance company can decide to turn down your application for coverage.

In order to obtain an insurance policy for your boat, you must fill out an application to help the insurance company learn about you, your boat, and the risks the insurance company will be responsible for if it insures you under an insurance policy. After reviewing the information, the insurance company will use its own standards, known as underwriting guidelines, to decide whether to issue you a policy, and the rate it would charge for any coverage it provides.

If an insurer agrees to consider your application, the producer or company may issue you an “insurance binder”, a legally binding statement indicating that you have immediate protection for a specified period of time during which the company will decide whether to issue you a policy. If the company formally accepts your application, it will issue a policy, usually covering a one year period. If your application is rejected, you will need to apply to another insurer.

Best For Additional Benefits: Boatus


  • No. of Policy Types: 3
  • Coverage Limit: Varies

BoatUS offers boat insurance as well as towing services and additional discounts on boat charters and services.

  • Coverage for fishing and watersports gear

  • Teamed up with Geico

  • Overload of boating services on site

BoatUS offers boat insurance through the Boat Owners Association of the United States and was acquired by GEICO in 2015. The company has been in business since 1966, resulting in a mix of online customer reviews. But a great majority are positive, especially in the area of claims service. BoatUS offers boat policies in all 50 states for many different types of personal watercraft and yachts.

While membership is not required to get a quote, added benefits for BoatUS members include discounts on popular boating and fishing businesses, fuel, slips, and charter cruises. The basic membership fee is relatively inexpensive at $25/year and goes up to an Unlimited Gold Towing membership for $179 that comes with perks like 100% payment dock-to-dock tows as well as $3,000 for tows outside of TowBoatUS service area. Other membership packages include Unlimited Freshwater Towing for $90/year and Unlimited Saltwater Towing for $165/year.

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Boat Insurance Costs And Discounts

How much youll pay for boat insurance depends on the level of insurance coverage you want, as well as the size, horsepower, type and value of your boat.

You can choose your deductible, which is the amount deducted from your insurance check if you make a claim. A typical policy has deductibles of $250 for property damage, $500 for theft and $1,000 for medical payments, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Liability claims against you do not have a deductible.

Insurance companies offer a variety of ways to save money, including discounts for:

  • Having a diesel-powered boat.
  • Not having made a previous boat insurance claim.
  • Carrying other policies, such as car or homeowners, with the same insurer.
  • Taking safety courses.

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