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What Are The Best Cruiser Boat Brands

Finding Marinas Along The Way

BRAND NEW 2008 Larson 350 Cabrio Cruiser by Marine Connection Boat Sales, WE EXPORT!

When we arrived in Paducah we discovered the dock had been wiped out. We slowed down in the Ohio River to make dinner and were suddenly hit with a violent storm that reduced vision to zero. The wind was so strong it knocked the dinghy off the mounts and onto the deck.

For the next hour, I managed to use our 1981 radar to keep us on the river during the storm, going around in circles to avoid coming too close to other boats and the treacherous shore. The rain eventually cleared and we were able to head up the Tennessee River to the lock at Kentucky Dam. The dockmaster said we would have to wait until 3:00 AM because of other traffic.

Finally, the dockmaster let us tie up to the bollards at the lock entrance. This was a relief as there is no way you can get an anchor to hold in the river and we kept drifting. After a time, he opened the lock and we chose a bollard in the middle of the lock, which was another big mistake. Here we learned another valuable lesson: never choose a position in the lock without first consulting the lock master. The middle of that particular lock had such violent currents, it was all we could do just to hang on.

After that, we enjoyed a glorious moment out on Kentucky Lake. Our plan was to dock at the Kentucky Dam Marina, but there were no empty slips. So we had to manage with just a short nap on anchor and then move on. We decided to keep going 22 miles further to Kenlake Marina, which was our final stop.

The Best Small Motor Boat Brands In 2021

If youre in the market for a new or used small motor boat, the sheer variety on offer can be overwhelming. The thousands of different models, finishes and styles from dozens of different boat manufacturers can make finding the perfect one a bit of a needle in a haystack. Whether youre looking for a weekend cruiser, a sporty motorboat, a nifty RIB, or a sturdy fishing boat, different boat manufacturers will pop up on your radar and appeal to you.

Creating the best of list of manufacturers comes with its limitations, and its important to remember that there are many smaller and more bespoke brands out there who might just make the perfect boat for you. As its impossible to compare boats of all sizes and uses.

Newer Model Cabin Cruisers

Modern cabin cruisers tend to have the shorter cruisers label, or will often be called express style cruisers meaning they have an open back to their cabins, usually covered with removable canvas, plastic or glass. They are usually equipped with some level of ventilation including heating, air conditioning, fans or water heaters. They also generally have an onboard galley, berths , head , power generators and electrical systems all of which make them ideal for spending extended periods of time on the water cruising.

Above: A 2022 Sabre 38 SE for sale on Boat Trader. This new express style cabin cruiser is built in the old tradition of Maine boat building but with modern technology at every turn and overnight accommodations for up to 6 guests down below the perfect cockpit layout for entertaining or weekend excursions with friends and family. Photo via Boston Yacht Sales in Weymouth, MA.

Cruisers are never sailboats , but a few may have steading sails for stabilization in rolling waves on large lakes and oceans . Some cabin cruisers have stabilizers or fins that move through the water outside of the boat.

Above: A 2022 Jeanneau NC 695 boat for sale on Boat Trader. This model is an affordable modern, compact trailerable family cruiser with a tapered V-shaped hull designed to provide a stable, dry ride, low maintenance and efficient fuel consumption. Photo by Jeanneau via Sundance Yacht Sales in Seattle, WA.

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Examining Price Vs Cost

Hang out long enough at a boat show, and you’ll hear a tire-kicker exclaim to his or her spouse or just a random passerby, “Who pays this much for a boat?” Usually he or she is standing in the vicinity of a flashy center-console or a luxury-filled motoryacht. And the answer is, well, no one does.

When shopping for boats, some consumers fall into the trap of equating the price of a boat with its cost. But the true cost of a boat is the difference between what you pay for it, and the money you get when you sell it, plus the operational and finance costs of ownership not what it says on the sticker.

Most of us won’t ever keep a boat for anything close to its lifetime, on average trading up or in within five to seven years. And to be fair, when you’re trying to buy a boat, the last thing on your mind is the day you’ll sell it. But sell it you will. So it pays to think about resale value before you buy.

Price is just one factor in the cost equation, and in fact, it’s easy to envision a scenario in which a boat with a lower price ends up costing you more. We’ll assume for the moment you’re comparing two boats of roughly equal size, so most of those operational costs are so similar as to be a wash, and you can write them off as sunk and ignore them for comparison purposes.

Michael Vatalaro

What Are Cabin Cruiser Boats

Burger 48 Cruiser: Luxury Boating Brand Announce New ...

In the Cabin Cruiser Boats you have the freedom to visit new ports, spend long weekends enjoying the boating lifestyle, even with small cabin cruisers, or kick back for a day of swimming and relaxing on the water.

There are many ways to sail, and there are plenty of cruisers. Either one model or the other would suit your perfect idea when you dont think about yourself yet, regardless of which type of boat you like best. These ten tend to be among the endless options, and they are excellent forums to explore new ports or rediscover ports you have been to.

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Cabin Cruiser Boats: An Owners Guide

Follow me as I walk through the last 25 years of owning and enjoying cabin cruisers. First, Ill provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of these types of vessels and some of the latest cruising models and technological advancements in the family cruising boats category. Then Ill share some experiences and travel stories from living aboard various cabin cruiser boats throughout my boating life, on numerous long-term voyages.

Cruisers Sport Series 279 Sport Cuddy

This luxurious high-class express cruiser yacht is both powerful and fast. With unique amenities, the construction of this boat has your ultimate comfort in mind This 27 foot long boat has a large, comfortable cuddy the whole family will enjoy. With speeds of up to 50 mph and a 430 HP engine, you will reach your destination in no time. The large, over-sized swim platform and spacious above deck area allows for hours of sun and water fun. The flip-up boolster seats are luxuriously comfortable. This express cruiser yacht is unique in that it has a built-in head.

Pricing varies depending on the options you choose. Average price for this innovate express cruiser yacht is $94,290.

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Best Cruiser Skateboards Bought & Tested + Video

Ever since I started this site I slowly began buying cruisers and tested them to the best of my abilities. I think its time to share a list of the best cruiser skateboards so you can make an educated choice. Cruisers fall right between skateboards and longboards. They arent for tricks or for long-distance riding, but great for riding shorter distances like commuting around urban areas.

You know many sites list a bunch of boards and the writers have no clue what they are talking about, its time to get rid of that nonsense and give you a real list. I spend a lot of money and time on this and I hope it will help you pick the right cruiser.

Its still difficult to pick a cruiser but Ill try to explain the differences. I added beginner cruisers, nimble aggressive cruisers, and some more expensive stuff. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference and you wont know what you like until you ride a cruiser yourself. If you like this post, share it so I can do these more often.

Note that this page contains links that can earn me a commission at no additional cost to you.


  • 3 Final Thoughts
  • Your Pontoon Is A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle

    Finnmaster T9 – Boat tour !!a brand new 2021 Day Cruiser model!!

    Much like buying a car, finding the best pontoon boats requires a great deal of research. Weigh the pros and cons of each, decide on the features that matter the most to you, and pick a boat that best suits your needs.

    Buying a vessel from any of the manufacturers listed in this guide is a safe bet. Theres a pontoon out there with your name on it. In the meantime, check out our detailed review on the best boats under $50,000.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Cabin Cruiser And A Yacht

    Cabin cruisers are boats that are designed for passengers to ride on inside the cabin, with a protected helm and some level of accommodations and amenities onboard. Larger cabin cruisers can fall under the category of yachts, although they generally do not require a professional yacht crew and can be operated by a single captain. Due to their size and design they can offer many of the same amenities as larger motor yachts including a stable ride in open water. However, they can be small enough to trailer and maneuverable enough for small harbors and marinas, while still providing enough room for couples and families to live aboard on cruising adventures.

    When Is It Better To Buy A New Boat

    A new boat ensures that youre getting what you want. The ability for customization is fantastic. From the paint scheme to the engine and turbines to the stereo system, you can fulfill your wish list in one stop.

    New boats are both shiny and clean. Youll rarely have any issues with the engine. You might also have the backing of a manufacturers warranty, which isnt just a great deal of safety when it comes to your finances but is also great peace of mind.

    The downside to buying a new boat is the price. Youll also have to deal with the depreciation, which starts as soon as you tow it off the lot. While it might cost a little more, look for high quality, trustworthy manufacturers and builders, which could help with the depreciation.

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    Glastron Gs 259 Cabin Cruiser

    The Glastrong GS 259 cabin cruiser is a great boat for entertaining guests or just spending a day on the water with family. The adjustable cockpit gives it a lot of versatility, allowing you to convert the seats into a large sun lounge for you to layout and relax on.

    Not to mention that theres a full-service refreshment center there too complete with a grill, meaning you dont have to go inside the cabin to grab a cold drink or cook up a burger.

    When you do eventually retreat to the cabin though, you will find a large couch that doubles as a queen-sized bed, another bed, and a breakfast center complete with a fridge, microwave, and sink.

    It can comfortably sleep up to five people, and although the kitchen is not as large as some other cruisers kitchens are, this one still equips you with some essentials to cook for you and your family.

    This cruiser also uses a SSV, or Super Stable Vee, hull design to ensure that every ride you take on it is smooth and stable. It has the ability to make tight turns with minimal rocking or choppiness, and it is also very quick to plane. This type of hull design makes the boat easier to handle and steer than some other cruisers that dont have this type of hull.



    • The kitchen is rather small and does not have a stove or oven, so you have to go outside to the cockpit in order to grill anything
    • The cabin is fairly small and cramped, so although you can host up to nine people above deck, you cannot fit that many comfortably below deck

    Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Cabin Cruiser

    Silverton 34 express cruiser for sale.

    Another great option if youre looking for something a bit smaller is the Sundancer 350 cabin cruiser by Sea Ray. This is the perfect cabin cruiser for a small family or couple, as it has enough seating in the cockpit for four or possibly five people to sit comfortably, as well as one large bed and two small cots in the cabin to sleep up to four people. This is the perfect size for families with one or two children as the kids can sleep in the cots and the parents can sleep in the larger bed.

    The deck has a grill and sink right on the backside of the cockpit so that you can cook without having to inside the cabin. However, the cabin does still has a kitchen equipped with a stove, microwave, sink, and fridge so that you can cook inside too. It also has two couches and tv so that you can hang out inside the cabin after a long day out in the sun.

    The cabin is an open floorplan style, but the steps create a bit of a barrier between where the living room and large bed are and where the two small cots are. The bed is out in the open though, so it does not allow for as much privacy as a cabin with a separate bedroom or a privacy barrier.



    • There is no separate bedroom or privacy barrier, so the bed is out in the open, meaning that there is not much privacy
    • The boat and cabin are both on the smaller side
    • The kitchen does not have an oven
    • Only available in white

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    Essential Features Of A Home

    Cabin Cruiser boats are ideal for comfortable sailing, offering all the basic features of a home. These boats have a kitchenette and a berth and offer modern facilities such as heaters, air conditioners, and power generators.

    The cabin cruisers are fitted with a stable shaft drive, a steering wheel, and a profound V-bound framework and are thus especially suited for movement in saltwater. The best cabin cruiser boats are typically well designed to spend long periods on board, including sleeping, cooking, and bathrooms even though the toilet is often referred to as the head on board.

    A large cabin cruiser is provided with plenty of space for a private bedroom and usually sleep up to a dozen people.

    Azimut 50 Magellano: Clean Cruiser

    Azimut is perhaps best known for its fashion-forward Med-style sport cruisers, but this Italian builder also has a line of long-range boats that are clean and green cruisers. Among them is the 50, which is powered by the award-winning Easy Hybrid System that couples diesel engines with electric motors. The propulsion can move this 514-long, 153-wide boat at an almost silent eight knots under battery power alone. When operating on twin common-rail diesels and throttled way back, the 50 can travel more than 1,000 miles. Throttle up and the twin diesels will yield an 18-knot cruise and 22-knots at top end. The 50 has its share of slick features, too, including a choice of four accommodation plans. Hot Feature: the bow salon entertaining area on the foredeck, for open-air entertaining.

    View all available Azimut Yachts.

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    Worst Boat Brands To Avoid

    If youre interested in adding a motorized watercraft to your life, there are good and bad boat brands just like youll find with canoes and kayaks. Some of the worst boat brands to avoid should be common knowledge amongst water sports enthusiasts.

    Whether its your intention to buy a new boat for wakeboarding, offshore fishing, or just spending casual afternoons on the water, youll want to be sure that your investment is going to last for years to come.

    All boats require maintenance, but youll spend a lot more trying to maintain your boat if you choose a crappy one. Fortunately, were here today to clearly define the five worst boat brands to avoid for you!

  • Bayliner
  • Best Cruiser Skateboards & Longboards

    Brand New Rinker 310 Express Cruiser EC Review by Marine Connection Boat Sales

    Is a cruiser a skateboard or a longboard? While some look more like skateboards and others have some similarities to longboards, Id say the best way to describe it is a cruiser board. Something with the responsiveness of a popsicle skateboard and the feeling of riding a longboard, but not exactly. Just a bit of both I guess, great for short commutes but not for cruising hours on end.

    Some are responsive and aggressive, others more balanced and most arent suitable for popping ollies and kickflips. Cruisers are a ton of fun to ride, easy to carry around, and great for those who would like a comfortable ride and still hop a few curbs.

    This list is in order of testing, most of the cruisers have their own review so if a cruiser seems like a good fit, make sure to read the entire review. Im still working on a couple of reviews and videos, hang tight they are coming!

    Since this blog post is quite lengthy Ill give you the lowdown. These are the best cruiser boards I tested:

    • Beginner-friendly cruisers: Globe Big Blazer, LY Tugboat, Arbor Oso, Fireball Cruiser
    • Fast, nimble, aggressive cruisers: LY Dinghy, Arbor Pilsner, Arbor Pocket Rocket
    • Best of the best: Comet Cruiser, Arbor Pilsner
    • Cruising and Tricks: Stoked Ride Shop Cruiser Complete
    • Best value for money: Fireball Cruiser

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