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Where Can I Park My Boat

What Causes 40% Boating Deaths


1 Nearly 40% of all drownings result from boating accidents, and most of these involve motorized boats used for fishing and power- boating. Alcohol use and PFD non-use constitute the 2 primary modifiable risks for boating-related deaths. The contribu- tion of alcohol to boating fatalities cannot be overstated.

Watercraft And Boat Storage Size Guide

The size of your boat is one of the most important parts of determining the boat storage options available to you. Learning about the sizes of storage units and which watercraft will fit in each unit can help you decide which spaces will work best for your boat. From jet skis to yachts, every type of watercraft can have an ideal storage option.

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Outdoor Boat Storage At A Self Storage Facility

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If you live in an area where the weather is fairly mild throughout the year, uncovered outdoor storage is an affordable option. Not only does outdoor parking at a storage facility make it easier to store boats of all sizes, but it also provides more security than simply storing in a driveway at home.


  • This option is often the cheapest when it comes to self storage
  • Most self storage facilities have security measures to protect outdoor vehicle parking


  • Your boat will be exposed to the weather, rain or shine
  • Even with a cover, your boat will be exposed to UV light
  • Your boat will be vulnerable to bests and rodents

Before You Store

  • Remove your battery, keep it at home, and check it monthly on a trickle charger
  • For uncovered outdoor storage, covering your boat with shrink-wrap or fitted tarp is crucial
  • Support your boat with adjustable boat stands if you dont have a trailer
  • Put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank and run antifreeze through the water systems
  • Open drain plugs to prevent flooding

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Why Do Boat Motors Fail

Boat Engine is Sputtering and Losing Power

You most likely have a filter problem or fouled plugs. That could be why your boat motor is losing power. Solution: Replace the in-line fuel filter. Prevention: Its possible to buy a bad load of fuel, but its more likely that the fuel went bad while in your boat.

Can You Park Your Car On Your Lawn

Me Visualising My Goals for 2017 I Wanna Buy a Boat L Can ...

Not only is it illegal to park in your backyard but its also prohibited to do it on your lawn. Depending on where you live, the rules may differ on how it was written but generally, it means that you cant park on the front, side, or backyard of a residential lot.

When youre in a residential lot, you need to have a parking space or a driveway. The driveway or garage is referred to as an improved surface in some codes. The surface should be paved, assuming that the paving was previously approved by your local council.

The driveway also needs to be made of concrete or asphalt. A gravel driveway is also acceptable but it could also depend on where you live. Take the rules on parking on a residential lot set by the city of Texas for example. A gravel driveway can be used but only if that gravel parking area existed before Sep. 27, 2007.

It is also worth noting that the prohibition of lawn parking applies not only to cars but also to other vehicle types. These include a boat, trailer, personal water craft, recreational vehicle or any motor-powered vehicle.

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A Good Place To Leave Your Boat

An ideal place to leave your boat – whether permanently or just to go in to dinner – is a protected location without too much exposure to open water and winds. Finding the best anchorage is outside the scope of this post, but there are a few guidelines you can use.

  • Pick a spot with protection from wind and waves, especially in the prevailing direction for expected weather.
  • Make sure there is some place to disembark or a way to get to and from the boat that is safe and practical. There should be a dinghy dock or beach within reach where you can leave your tender while ashore.
  • The bottom should be suitable for holding an anchor. Avoid grass beds, rocks, and other seabed that does not hold an anchor well.
  • Don’t encroach on any channels, mooring fields, or other anchored boats. Pay attention to boat traffic.
  • Check the weather before you leave the boat, to make sure the spot you pick is still protected if the wind changes or bad weather comes through.
  • If you are anchoring and may not return before dark, don’t forget your anchor lights.

Storing Your Boat In A Marina Slip

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If youre looking for convenient boat storage, keep your boat at a marina . This option is ideal for those who live in an area where temperatures dont fall below freezing. Unless you own the entire dock, youll need to purchase a boat marina slip, which is similar to a parking space. Boat slip rates vary depending on your location, but most are priced according to the length of your boat.


  • You dont have to worry about a boat trailer
  • No delay in getting boat season started
  • Because a number of slips are rented out, marinas offer socializing opportunities for boat owners
  • Some marinas offer electrical hookups and other amenities


  • Dock fees can be high depending on where you live
  • Potentially increases the odds of boat damage
  • Aquatic pests like barnacles or algae can wreck havoc on your boat
  • Security can be minimal

Before You Store

  • Shut off breakers, top wet-cell battery with electrolytes, and check the battery at least once a month
  • Make a plan to check on your boat at least once a week during the off-season
  • Buy a fitted waterproof cover to protect from damage
  • Prepare your boat for winter by filling and flushing your boats systems with antifreeze
  • Protect your boat from pests by repairing any holes in the garage foundation

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Short Term Anchoring Versus Mooring

Mooring your boat refers to where you leave it when you aren’t using it and involves tying your boat to something fixed in the water. It can be a chain attached to large weight on the bottom or a screw into the seabed, or it can be a set of pilings or other structures.

Anchoring your boat is using your own ground tackle to secure your vessel. Anchoring is short term, as you will not be leaving the boat unattended for long periods it is safer to use a less permanent means of securing the boat.

Moorings can be either commercial or private.

  • Commercial moorings are convenient to rent from the marinas and towns that manage them, though full-time seasonal rentals may be more difficult to come by than transient rentals for a short visit.
  • Private moorings are owned or leased to an individual.

Do not pick up a mooring if you do not know who owns it. You never know when the owner will return, or how large of a boat the mooring is rated to hold.

Anchoring is usually free, but some locations require a permit or paying a fee.

Is There Shopping Nearby

Making a SHELL Parking Pad for my NEW Boat!

This may not be a concern if you only want to boat, but some individuals also want access to shopping. A quick internet search should reveal nearby shopping areas. Youll also want to consider the adverse effects of nearby shopping areas. Some restaurants and nightclubs are open late, meaning you may hear noise and music well into the night.

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Can I Just Store My Boat Over The Winter

Of course! Our self storage facilities have month-to-month rental agreements, which means you can store your boat for as long as you need. This is also beneficial if you decide you want to use boat storage longer than you intended. Be sure to talk with the facility before reserving your vehicle storage space.

Issues With Street Parking:

One issue with parking your boat on the street can be the size of your boat versus the size of the street.

Depending on the width of the street in your residential area, boats being parked on the streets can make driving down the street very difficult and can disturb other residents.

Another major concern with on-street parking is visibility.

In most residential areas there can be a high concentration of children playing in yards, or even sometimes in the street itself.

If your boat is parked on the street, drivers might not be able to see a child or pet that could be coming from the other side of your vessel if they choose to run into the street for some reason.

This can be a safety concern for pet owners, parents, and other residents.

For these reasons, boats parked on the street for long periods of time can be highly discouraged.

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Can Boats Be Stored Outside In The Winter

If you dont live in a place like Florida where people boat year-round, its important to store your watercraft during the winter.

However, many new boaters face a dilemma when choosing whether to store their boat outside during the cold months.

So, can boats be stored outside in the winter?

You can keep boats outside in the winter if you provide adequate protection against harsh weather. But you cant simply park the boat on your driveway as most people do during the boating season.

Leaving your boat outside during the cold season can damage the boat.

In fact, there are multiple factors to consider when storing your boat outside during the winter.

  • Final Words
  • Can You Get A Ticket For Parking On Your Own Lawn


    You may wake up one day to find that a parking ticket has been placed on your windshield. So, is it illegal to park your car in your yard? Yes, and as mentioned earlier, you can get fined for it.

    The amount you will pay will depend on your location. A person caught parking on lawns or yard will face a misdemeanor charge and will have to pay a fine.

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    Indoor Boat Storage Options

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    Dry stacked storage is a dry boat storage option that keeps your boat protected inside a warehouse. These facilities store multiple boats at a time, which are stacked and removed with forklifts. Theyre also covered, keeping your boat safe from the weather. Not only do they offer good security features, but dry stacked storage facilities also handle the heavy lifting in retrieving your boat, so all you have to do is call ahead to make sure your boat is ready to go!


    • Your boat is protected from wind, rain, and UV damage
    • Dry stacked warehouses have security measures to prevent theft
    • Convenient storage option for smaller boats
    • Save money on trailer maintenance
    • Less expensive than keeping your boat in a marina


    • You may not be able to get to your boat when you want it
    • Some facilities may limit the number of times you can take your boat out
    • This storage option can be pricier and harder to find outside coastal areas
    • Larger boats may not fit in dry stacked storage

    Before You Store

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    Home garages are a convenient and affordable winter boat storage option that allows you to keep your boat on your property. Attached garages absorb heat from your house, preventing sub-zero temperatures from damaging your boat while in storage. Without storage fees or the hassle of driving to a facility check on your boat, this is an excellent way to keep your boat safe all winter long!



    Before You Store

    Parking At Your Home:

    Now that we have covered parking on your street and in your driveway, we can delve into parking your boat at your home.

    If your community allows your boat to be stored at your home, it is often required that it be sight-screened.

    This means that you need to have your boat parked either to the side or behind your residence where it cannot be seen from the street.

    Like everything else, the specifics of these rules vary based on the community.

    Some places allow your boat to be placed behind a parking structure or home where it cannot be seen.

    Other places allow you to park your boat to the side of your residence so it is not quite as far forward or close to the street.

    There are even some communities that restrict how many boats or trailers you are allowed to have in your yard or on your property at once, whether they can be seen or not.

    There are even some communities where your boat is not able to be on your property at all for certain durations of time.

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    Outdoor Boat Storage Options

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    For a simple boat storage solution, you can store your boat on a trailer in your driveway or along the side of your house. Not only is storing a boat at home convenient, but its also affordable. As with any outdoor boat storage option, make sure to winterize your boat to prevent damage from cold temperatures.


    • There are no storage fees for keeping your boat at home
    • Accessing your boat is easy when youre ready to head out
    • Its easier to keep an eye on your boat


    • Some homeowners associations may not permit you to park a boat in your driveway
    • Limited protection from the elements
    • Storing your boat outside leaves it vulnerable to pests, vandals, and thieves

    Before You Store

    • Shrink-wrapping your boat is a must to protect against moisture and mildew
    • Fill boat trailer tires to prevent flats while storing
    • Make sure your boat is completely dried out to prevent ice damage
    • Run antifreeze through the boats water systems and put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank
    • Remove the battery and use a trickle charger

    How High Is The Dock

    Where Can I Park my RV // Tour a Big Park

    The height of the dock is going to determine the ease with which you and your guests can step onto and off your boat. If a dock is high and fixed, you may find it simpler to get on and off from the side deck or the cockpit cockpit side. Depending on the height, you may need to add a ladder or stool to simplify getting into and out of your boat.

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    Can I Leave My Boat Outside In The Winter

    You can keep boats outside in the winter if you provide adequate protection against harsh weather. But you cant simply park the boat on your driveway as most people do during the boating season. Leaving your boat outside during the cold season can damage the boat.

    Furthermore, What is the single most important thing a boat operator can do to prevent drowning? Ensure everyone wears a personal flotation device at all times to prevent drowning. The single-most important thing that one can do to prevent drowning, is to always where a properly adjusted PFD or lifejacket of appropriate type, size, and fit when on the water.

    Secondly, What happens if I dont winterize my boat?

    If You Dont Winterize Your Boat, Heres What Happens: Water freezes and expands and can damage anything its trapped inside. Water may seep into unprotected spaces to do this. Acidic and corrosive wastes, salt and corrosion buildup can damage delicate parts in engines. Fuels break down or grow dirty.

    What is the average cost to winterize a boat?

    The Cost of Paying to Have Your Boat Winterized

    As noted above, the average cost of having a professional winterize your boat for you is about $300. That price is an aggregate of a wide range of costs, so we need to look at some more specific examples of boat winterization costs in order to give a more accurate quote.

    Keeping A Boat At Home

    Chichester Harbour
    Swing mooring Faro

    seafever said:Hi AllHas anyone that owns a trailer sailer and keeps it at home had any problems with their local planning department? I have owned a sailfish 18 for over 8 years and have kept it at home without any objections, however a new neighbour has complained and I have been told to get rid of the boat off my property. Is there anyone out there that has been affected by this type of action or has any information that may help

    We have a covenant on our property that doesn’t allow boats,caravans or commercial vehicles between our property and the main road, ie.front drive. I don’t know who enforces it, or how.

    Alness / Black Isle Northern Scottish Highlands.
    in limbo at the mo.
    Near Here

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    Storage For All Types Of Needs

    People use our storage facility in Tampa for a wide range of needs. You can almost store anything that has wheels that fits in one of our designated spaces. Following is a list of the most common items people store at Buc-A-Day Storage. If you don’t see it in the list, it doesn’t mean we won’t store it. We do not allow semi trucks. Feel free to give us a call with questions about your storage needs.

    The Unattended Boat At Anchor

    Homeowners get rude awakening after 35 foot long boat ...

    Some people choose to store their boats at anchor instead of a permanent mooring or slip, whether for reasons of economics or convenience. While this may work in the short term, there are significant risks for the boat and the boat owner especially if the boat is not visited regularly. A boat on a mooring can sit safely for weeks without harm, but an anchored boat should be checked almost daily. Some risks include:

    • Bad weather can unseat anchors and cause them to drag.
    • Birds may move onto unoccupied boats and make a mess. If a boat is to be left, steps should be taken to leave bird scaring devices on board.
    • In most jurisdictions a boat owner is responsible for any damage done by his or her vessel. An unattended vessel which drags anchor or sinks can cause extensive damage to other boats, structures on land, or the environment.
    • Unattended boats at anchor are more likely to attract unwanted attention from law enforcement and complaints from local property owners.
    • Insurance companies are unlikely to cover losses boats left unattended at anchor, many policies specifically exclude this or require a permanent mooring.
    • Unattended boats can be targets for theft and vandalism.

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