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Na Pali Coast Boat Tours

Kauai Boat Tours To The Napali Coast

Na Pali Coast Kauai Boat Tours with Capt Andy’s

When we say raft boat tours what we really mean is rigid-hull inflatable boat tours. Our two Hawaii-built RHIBs, Adventurer II and Adventurer III are not to be confused with Zodiac-type rubber rafts theyre much sturdier and much more safe and comfortable in the water. Their channeled fiberglass hulls cut through waves with efficiency and their twin 225 horsepower outboard motors allow for top speeds of up to 30 knots.

Our seats face forward, so you wont be sitting sideways on a tube craning your neck all day. The RHIBs have dive ladders for easy entry in and exit from the water, and we have freshwater showers so you can rinse after snorkeling. Salty hair, dont care? Only if you choose!

We even have enclosed toilets, which is a big deal when you need one.

The RHIBs are ideal for Napali boat tours because theyre big enough to offer creature comforts, yet small enough to get right under the waterfalls and into the sea caves .

Our knowledgeable and helpful Captains and Crew will talk story all along the coast, pointing out interesting geological features and telling local legends. When Captain chooses the best snorkeling spot for the day, well set you up with everything you needmasks, snorkels, fins, flotation devices, helpful advice, etc. After snorkeling, well enjoy lunch and bask in the glory of the Napali Coast before we head back to beautiful Hanalei Bay.

Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel And Sail


Na Pali Coast is famed for its towering sea cliffs accented with cascading waterfalls, streams and narrow valleys.

Its natural beauty has led some to christen it the Eighth Wonder of the World. This boat tour gives you the opportunity to undress its beauty the best way possible from the water.

Set sail from Port Allen aboard a well-equipped catamaran and enjoy five hours of unadulterated fun. Marvel in the magical sights of Na Pali Coast and dive into the colorful waters at the snorkeling stop.

The package is inclusive of breakfast and a buffet lunch on board. The captain and crew provide loads of entertainment.


The romantic vibes of the Na Pali sunset make this tour the perfect tonic for couples. More so with dinner being served on board as you watch the orange flames of the Hawaiian sun fade into the horizon.

The deluxe sailing catamaran the fastest in Kauai glides past emerald valleys, sparkling waterfalls and cathedral spires piercing the blue skies, all serving to accentuate the moment.

A champagne toast and light appetizers will kick things off as you await the dinner buffet thats served complete with wine, Mai Tais, beer and fresh juice.

Keep an eye out for marine inhabitants, including dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.


Whale watching is one of the most rewarding aquatic experiences, and this tour promises to make it one of the richest and most memorable.



Over 1000 Reviews On Tripadvisor

“This tour was the ideal experience for exploring the North Shore of Kauai. Captain Steve and his son were so knowledgeable about everything, from the names of the waterfalls to the legends the cliffs and valleys hold. Ive only done a tour like this once before, and it was on a zodiac boat, which was bumpy and not as enjoyable. This boat was the ideal size to handle the waves, as well as fit into sea caves along the Napoli Coast. Captain Steve was an excellent driver, and we never felt unsafe, even inside caves with big waves. I would highly recommend this family-owned and operated company for your next boat tour.”

“To be honest, we accidentally booked this tour instead of one the the competitors that we had done beforeand we are so glad we did! Captain Steve and his mate Dave were fantastic, super informative and fun, and they took us into coves and caves that wed missed before. The lunch was surprisingly good! This is one tour you dont want to miss, the Napali coast is beyond stunning from this viewpoint, and the snorkeling was great as well. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.”

“Wonderful staff, left on time, organized, beautiful views of the coast and sea caves along the way, great snorkeling location where you get to see all kinds of sea life and well worth the price to be able to leave right from Hanalei Bay.”

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Napali Coast Tour With Holo Holo Charters

Last time I was in Kauai, I booked with Holo Holo on their Napali Snorkel Adventure out of Hanalei, which is a four-hour tour.

Our tour check in was at 7:30 AM behind the Tahiti Nui restaurant in Hanalei . We checked in, signed our waivers, and loaded up our gear in waterproof bags .

There were about 24 of us on this excursion, so it took two van rides to transport us down to the loading area near the mouth of the Hanalei River but it was less than a five minute ride so it didnt take too long. Once we were there, our group loaded onto a small boat and we ferried out to the Zodiac waiting in Hanalei Bay. A Zodiac is kind of an ocean raft/boat so the sides are soft but there are also plenty of seats for everybody.

The neat thing about leaving out of Hanalei is that as soon as you clear Hanalei Bay, youre pretty much on the Napali Coast! As we started down the north shore, our captain pointed out Tunnels and Kee Beach and helped us spot the famed Kalalau Trail up above us. This stretch of Kauai is my absolute favorite because its so lush and green.

On the journey down the coast, the boat would slow down so we could hear our captains stories and have time to take pictures. The views were so stunning that I dont think the pictures do it justice at all. This wasnt the first time Id seen the Napali Coast, but Im still blown away by how gorgeous it is!

After we finished snorkeling, we had lunch on the boat and then started the trip back to Hanalei.

Riverboat Tours To Fern Grotto

Private Na Pali Sea Cave Boat Tours

Smith’s Motor Boat Services. This 2-mile trip up the lush and lovely Wailua River, the only navigable waterway in Hawaii, culminates at the infamous Fern Grotto, a yawning lava tube that is covered with fishtail ferns. During the boat ride, guitar and ukulele players regale you with Hawaiian melodies and tell the history of the river. It’s a kitschy, but fun, bit of Hawaiiana and the river scenery is beautiful. Flat-bottom, 150-passenger riverboats depart from Wailua Marina at the mouth of the Wailua River. It’s extremely rare, but occasionally after heavy rains the tour doesn’t disembark at the grotto if you’re traveling in winter, ask beforehand. Round-trip excursions take 1½ hours, including time to walk around the grotto and environs. Tours run at 9:30, 11, 2, and 3:30 daily. 5971 Kuhio Hwy., Kapaa, Hawaii, 96746. 808/8216895 $25.

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Napali Sunset Boat Tour

Well bring the adventure, you bring the romance on our Napali Coast Sunset Dinner Tour. Holoholo, our stylish and steadfast cruising catamaran, is the perfect vessel on which to wine and dine you. Get up close and personal with the incredible Napali Coast. Its good vibes only on this pleasure cruise that includes cocktails, locally-prepared appetizers, dinner and dessert, and our signature sparkling wine toast at sunset.

Holo Holo Charters offers one of the only Ocean Friendly Restaurants on the water, enjoy a unique dining experience aboard our sunset dinner tour. Why stay home or sit in a boring restaurant when you can stretch out in the fresh air and enjoy the afternoon on the water, on our intimate and delicious sunset dinner cruise?

Holoholo, our flagship, 65-foot power catamaran, is the ideal vessel for a Kauai dinner tour because shes very stable on the water. As you can see in the pictures, shes got a low center of gravity and therefore she offers more pitch-damping than some of the more top-heavy, double-decker boats that you may see. We wont get too far into flight dynamics, but the point is that youre going to be comfortable and youre going to have less chance of losing your footing or spilling your wineso we consider it an overall win-win!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable afternoon experience on our Napali sunset dinner cruise. Travel on Holoholo, in style and comfort, and let us show you just how spectacular dinner on Kauai can be!

Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau And Napali Coast Snorkeling Tour

If your family is just as fascinated by whats under the water as what you can see from deck, the Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau and NaPali Coast Snorkeling Tour offers plenty of access to underwater fun. The 7.5 hour tour takes you to the forbidden island of Niihau, where you can swim or snorkel offshore in water that has up to 150 feet of visibility. A tropical continental breakfast and deli-style lunch come included to help fuel your under-the-waves adventures. Boat trips on Blue Dolphin Charters set sail from Port Allen and accommodate kids as young as age 5. Mai tais and other drinks are available onboard for guests over age 21.

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Nobody Does Na Pali Coast Better

Rafts are without question the most popular style of boat on Na Pali Coast and with good reason. Theyre fast, agile, and are the pinnacle of adventure on Kauai! Our raft captains and crew are the bad boys of our company, and go by our alter ego name Na Pali Pirates. Theyre highly skilled, super professional, and take Na Pali Coast Rafting to the next level, all while maintaining the Na Pali Experience tour quality and core values that were known for.

Choose a tour time below that appeals most to you and use the booking calendar to reserve your tour today! Typically, mornings have smoother water and a higher chance of dolphin encounters and afternoons are wet and wild, have a higher chance of seeing turtles, and offer ideal Na Pali Coast light conditions!

IMPORTANT: All riders must be in above average physical condition and ready for a thrilling adventure. We accept riders as young as 6 and have no upper age limit, however, the majority of our raft riders seem to be the dare-devil types and typically fall between the ages of 8-45.

Note: If youre looking to see the same sights, but on a vessel that is more tame and gentle, please select one of our other boats.

Na Pali Coast Snorkel Adventure North Shore

Na Pali Coast KAUAI Boat Tour in HAWAII with Capt Andys Sailing Adventures

Our last Kauai tour is an experience that offers you all the sightseeing wonders of the Na Pali Coast alongside yet another exclusive opportunity to ride across an area restricted to most other visitors and vessels. Unlike the other excursions, this tour is also customizable and has a choice of departure time.

Leave in the morning or afternoon depending on which snorkel tour you opt for and choose how long you want to snorkel for to squeeze in fishing in Kekaha or Hanalei! After taking in the sights of the Napali Coast, youll make your way to Nualolo Kai, a protected reef that glimmers under the sun and teems with exotic marine life and the snorkeling opportunity of a lifetime. If youre looking for adventures, this incredibly fun Napali snorkel excursion is one of the best Kauai tours around.

With the operator providing all the necessary snorkeling gear and on hand for professional help, the offer really is hard to pass up. Its got to be mentioned that this is in addition to exploring the Na Pali coastline in detail, with the opportunity to visit its network of magical sea caves dependent on conditions.

This makes this Napali coast tour perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts who also want an in depth visit to the main attraction. Alongside refreshments and a delicious deli sandwich provided over the course of the day, the tour outdoes itself in the variety and quality of activities and service that can be expected.

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Book A Kauai Boat Tour 808 822

Relax in the sun and soak up paradise as your captain and crew guide you along secluded beaches of Kauai and the spectacular Napali coast.

Enjoy a comfortable ride among one of the large sailing or power catamarans or an exciting inflatable raft or rigid hull boats. You are sure to see your share of marine life as you sail along Kauais turquoise waters. Keep your eyes open for the playful spinner dolphins as they jump ahead of the bow of one of the Na Pali coast boat tours and show off their acrobatic skills. The Hawaiian Turtle known as the Honu will appear on the surface.

Beyond the NaPali lies the forbidden Isle of Niihau, daily trips are offered aboard a large and comfortable catamaran. A quick trip down the coast to view the Na Pali is followed by an exciting trip across the channel where you will get a close up look at Niihau and a chance to snorkel in some of the most pristine waters off Kauai.

The Na Pali Coast is a must see and is not accessible by car. In the winter months Kauais whale watching is popular along the South Side of Poipu. Most Kauai boat tours leave from Port Allen in Eleele, Kukuiolono and Hanalei Bay during the summer months.


Afternoon Tours Are Only Available May 1st Through September 31st Due To Large North Swell

Weather Policy:

Activity may be cancelled due to severe weather. The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, we may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets if no reschedule tour is available the funds will be refunded within 90 days. ALL ACTIVITIES THAT TAKE PLACE ON OUR TOUR ARE WEATHER PERMITTING. A REFUND WILL NOT BE ISSUED IN THE EVENT THAT AN ACTIVITY IS UNABLE TO TAKE PLACE DURING THE TOUR BECAUSE OF UNSAFE WEATHER AND WATER CONDITIONS.

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The Best Time To Do A Napali Coast Boat Tour

The best time to do a Napali Coast boat tour is during the summer months. Thats roughly April to October. This is when ocean conditions are calmest. Now, the ocean isnt super aware of our calendar dates so nothing is guaranteed. Boat tours during the shoulder season months of April and October can be iffy even if theyre bookable and sometimes might be canceled the day before. But generally the summer months are when youll have the best conditions for a Napali Coast Boat Tour.

Waves get so rough in the winter that boats dont leave from Hanalei on the north shore at all. Tours are still offered from the south side , but theyre frequently canceled due to high surf.

The best time of day to do a Napali Coast boat tour is in the morning. Usually conditions are calmer and youll have a better time. The last hour or so of the morning trips are often pretty rough so I cant imagine what an afternoon tour is like. And there are really not too many offered. Most of the big catamarans switch over to prep for dinner cruises in the afternoon.

Kauai Sea Tours Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour

Na Pali Coast Adventure  Blue Ocean Adventure Tours

If your idea of a good time involves drinks on deck while enjoying gorgeous views of local wildlife, the Kauai Sea Tours Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour, available from December through March, may be the Kauai boat trip for you. The luxurious 40-foot express catamaran departs from Port Allen and can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. Kids age 3 and up can count how many dolphins they spot from the deck as parents enjoy a cocktail during the ride. Complimentary beer, wine and snacks keep you relaxed during your journey.

From exploring the dramatic cliffs off Kauais Napali Coast to snorkeling near a forbidden island, Kauai boat tours satisfy your need for adventure. Start planning your trip by booking a Kauai ocean-view villa at Koloa Landing Resort.

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Two Kauai Locations To Choose From

Na Pali Coast Tours offers active ocean adventures year round. Depart from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor on the sunny west side or from Hanalei Bay on the lush north shore.

Join us today for a Na Pali Coast tour experience of a lifetime!

Na Pali Sight See Adventure

Take in Na Palis splendor and dramatic views! Explore ancient sea caves, waterfalls, and look for wild life as we cruise down the Na Pali coastline. Dress to get wet and plan to catch a lot of sun and sea spray!

Napali Sunset Sightseeing Boat Tour

If youre after a Na Pali Coast sunset experience with a little more exploring thrown in than the dinner cruise then this is the tour for you. Coming in at a medium price range for this selection of tours, youll traverse the Napali cliffs on this trip, going past towering mountains and waterfalls that drop into the sea beside you with incredible photo opportunities along the entire route.

The evening sunset makes the experience all the more magical, the beautiful orange rays silhouetting the majestic rock formations and turning the ocean gold, making this one of our favorite Kauai boat tours.

Youll also have the chance to visit and explore the Kalalau beach and its valley, the ancient ancestral home to a vast number of Hawaiian settlers. This isnt your typical dinner cruise, its more of an adventure cruise where you get the chance to take in the amazing sights as well as explore and enjoy dinner on the boat so comfortable clothes are preferable!

Over the course of this two hour journey youll have your fill of excellent food, gorgeous vistas and one memorable Kauai sunset. This is truly one of Kauais most memorable cruises.


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