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Lake Powell Boats For Sale

The History Of Lake Powell

Wow! Look at these luxury houseboats on Lake Powell

In 1963 when Glen Canyon Dam was built to hold back waters from the Colorado River, it created the vast and beautiful lake we know today. Surrounded by majestic sandstone walls, Lake Powell is Americas second largest man-made lake. Surprisingly, it took 17 years for the lake to fill the canyon and has become the ultimate destination for tons of water fun, including Houseboating, lodging, camping and RV vacations.

Welcome To Houseboat Shares And Houseboats For Sale

Beautiful Luxury Houseboats on Lake Powell AZ.

Gas Fire Pits

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Enjoy a beautiful night under the stars roasting marshmallows with shooting stars and an un-blockable view of the lake, mountain, moon and stars.

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Fully equipped second kitchen on the mid deck, sub-zero fridge and freezer with BBQ under commercial grade stainless hood vent. Ice maker, trash compactor, dishwasher, and granite countertops

Private Areas to Getaway

Houseboat Shares For Sale

Private Areas to Getaway

So many places on these boats to have quiet time together, share stories or spend time with the whole group for cards and games. There is space for all kinds of activities

When You Need To Go

  • Plan ahead to keep Lake Powell Pure. Those camping on shorelines need a human sanitation device that does not use plastic bags to contain the waste.

  • Digging a cat hole is not allowed because the area could be covered with water later, resulting in your human waste floating in the lake.

  • Don’t dump your tank in the lake. There are floating restrooms/pumpout stations on Lake Powell. They are marked with a special icon on the park map. There are also boat pumpout or dump stations at many of the marinas.

Due to the dangers caused by misuse of Lake Powell beaches, thefollowing advisory is in place:

Any time that you do recreational activities on the beaches or in the waters of Lake Powell you are strongly encouraged to follow basic hygiene practices:

  • Do not ingest the water

  • Wash your hands before eating and touching your eyes or mouth

  • Shower with soap after participating in any water activities

  • Wash your hands after handling fish, gathering up your water gear and toys, changing out of your swimming suit, etc.

  • Do not enter the water if you have open sores or cuts or if you are currently sick with diarrhea as one of your symptoms

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    Your Dream Boat Is At Lake Powell

    When youre ready to own your dream boat or trade up, our brokers will walk you through the process and help you find the right fit. Were here for you!

    Keeping Your Investment Secure

    Our brokers will work to get you into the right boat, whether thats owning one outright or owning a share. Our team will help secure your investment with year-round storage and consistent maintenance.

    If youre after a previously owned boat, a part share or outright ownership, a family cruiser or luxury houseboat, our experienced brokers are dedicated to helping you find exactly the right deal.

    Lets start with these resources:

    • Brokerage Office Phone:
    • NPS Policy for Moorage Transfer:
    • Listing Agreement for Shared Ownership Vessels:
    • Listing Agreement for Pre-owned Vessels:

    Finding the right boat can be time consuming and all-in-all a daunting task. Rest assured our brokers have many years of experience and will be a dedicated resource for you.

    Before we get started, people in your similar situation had some questions that we thought would be helpful to answer.

    • Is Antelope Point Marina authorized by Glen Canyon NRA to broker boats? Yes, we are one of 3 authorized to broker boats.
    • Does Antelope Point Mariana sell their slips? NO, it is against the law to sell slips. However, we are authorized to lease slips. See our Slip Leasing page for more info.

    Lake Powell Is Located In Utah

    Pin on Houseboats &  Lakes

    Straddling the borders of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, and was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell covers an impressive amount of territory across the American West with 186 miles long and nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline.

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    Relaxing & Adventurous Houseboat Vacations

    Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful destinations a person can visit. People from around the world flock to Page, Arizona, to spend some time there. Laketime is a full-service houseboat sales and management company that wants to help create a vacation you will love on your very own luxury houseboat. Think the cost of owning a houseboat on Lake Powell is too expensive? It doesnt have to be thanks to our luxury shared houseboat ownership programs.

    When you work with our company, you are able to share the cost of houseboat ownership with an elite group of fellow owners. We have the custom programs you need to fit your individual needs. Come and enjoy the beauty of Arizona by working with us for your dream houseboat vacation.

    The Perks Of Our Houseboat Ownership Services

    Enjoying a relaxing vacation on Lake Powell in a luxury houseboat shouldnt cost you a fortune. That is why we have developed a variety of programs for our shared ownership houseboats. These programs range from houseboats with a few owners to boats with several different owners. Every year and every-other-year options are also available to help you reduce your costs.

    The luxury programs we offer are designed to help you enjoy the lake with the least amount of work on your part. Additionally, unlike many houseboat rentals, towel, sheet, and linen services are provided as well as environmentally friendly dish and shower soap, toilet paper, dishes, pots, pans, and even games for you and your family or guests to enjoy. Furthermore, when you take advantage of our shared ownership services, you save costly slip fees, lower your insurance costs, and save substantial fuel savings by being able to use our fueling station instead of the more expensive stations on the lake.

    Begin Your Shared Houseboat Ownership Adventure

    Now is the time to truly explore the freedom of owning a houseboat on Lake Powell. We have the finest houseboats and the finest service in the area. We are ready to show you just how beautiful and accommodating our houseboats are.

    Contact us to begin your houseboat vacation in Page, Arizona. We give you the chance to partially own your own houseboat on Lake Powell.

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    Attractions In Lake Powell

    Covering 1.25 million acre, youll find endless options for water-based activities, serious backcountry hikes, scenic viewpoints and bike trails in Lake Powell and the Glen canyon Recreational Area.

    Boating is by far the most popular activity whether you have your own or you are wanting to rent. For those who have their own boats, there are five marinas, four of which have launch ramps. Unfortunately, due to lower lake levels, a number of marinas have had to close or the availability of some services have changed.

    You can rent all types of boats and personal watercraft from Powerboats to Pontoons, Houseboats to Jet-ski boats, the choice is limitless! Glen Canyon is all about the water sports, so if you want to see the lake at a slower pace, rent a Kayak or Paddleboard. There are a number of boat tours and float trips down the Colorado river if you want someone else to take over the helm.

    Lake Powell is also a popular spot to go fishing, the lake is teeming with smallmouth and largemouth bass, striped bass, walleye catfish, crappie and bluegill. Since the lake borders the Utah and Arizona line, be sure you have a fishing license from both states.

    It’s Lake Powell Time

    The 59′ Wanderer Houseboat Operating Video| Lake Powell

    As we gather with family and friends to plan the summertime trips to Lake Powell the crew at Surf Lake Powell want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the wonderful clients and customers. We know you have many options of choosing your rental company and are pleased you are choosing Surf Lake Powell. We strive for excellence and quality to provide a memorable experience for our guests here at Surf Lake Powell.

    We are excited for the 2022 season! We have invested in new 2022 Axis T23s to replace our 2020 Axis T 23s.

    We also have new Sea Doo GTX 130s to offer another price point to the existing Sea Doo GTI 130’s. The staff here at Surf has also ordered up new demo and retail surfboards from Phase Five and Hyperlite! Come by the store to purchase your new board for the summer.

    We at Surf Lake Powell are acutely aware of the rising costs as we watch the costs of boats, pwcs, parts, fuel and labor continue to increase. We will continue to offer our inventory with affordable pricing and quality service!

    We want to thank everyone again for visiting our beautiful area and look forward to seeing you all for a great 2022 Summer season here at Lake Powell!

    The Crew at Surf Lake Powell

    Rob & Amy Callaway

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    Can The Power Plant Stay Open

    At the Glen Canyon Dam, the place that started it all when it throttled the Colorado River in 1966, theres a different dimension of the low-water problem. Near the foot of the dam is a cavernous power plant the length of two football fields where generators hum away, producing huge amounts of electricity. A digital display counts out the value, a dollar or two every second, $3.89 billion dollars worth sold to utilities in the last half-century.

    Theres 93 companies that buy that federal hydropower and that serves about 3 million people throughout the basin states, said Bob Martin of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency that operates the dam.

    Low water means big problems. The dam generates electricity by taking in water from Lake Powell. It descends through 14-foot diameter pipes called penstocks that lead to massive turbines which generate electricity. As Lake Powell drops to lower levels, the generators lose efficiency. Already its down 25%.

    The lake just dropped below a major bench-mark the government calls the critical target elevation. If it drops another 35 feet, the water will be too low to pour into the penstocks.

    We wont be able to generate power anymore, Martin said.

    If that happens, it would likely mean higher electricity costs for homeowners around the west.

    Boats For Sale In Lake Powell Utah

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    Length 75′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 55′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    1989 Boatel Houseboats 1989 VIP Boatel, ***REDUCED AGAIN***- Partners want it SOLD!!! 1989 Boatel Houseboats 1989 VIP Boatel, Selling our houseboat “Hot2Prop” moored in a covered slip at Bullfrog Marina Utah, the slip has 50 amp service and water hookups for fresh water while at slip. Hot2Prop is a 55′ foot Boatel VIP houseboat. Very nice wood panelingUpgraded carpet & tileTrash compactor, new range Microwave2 Dometic gas/elect fridges/freezers, Weber Stainless Grille,deck Chest freezer on front deck,1 bedroom with queen bed, closet, 1/2 bath,Bunks with 2 full size mattresses,Queen sofa sleeper,2 ceiling A/C’s,1 full bathroom with shower & newer toilet,2 waste tanks, 280 gallons combined, It has combined fuel tanks of 316 gallons, which includes generator & toy fuel tanks. 2 Yamaha 115hp four cycle outboards,Partially covered top deck with lots of foam pads for sleeping.Call or email for more information. $45000

    Length –

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 75.0

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length –

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length –

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length –

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length –

    Posted Over 1 Month

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    Boat Prices In Lake Powell

    The price for boats in Lake Powell range from $39,900 up to $149,500, with an average boat value of $94,700. When researching what boat to buy, keep in mind the vessel’s condition, age and location, and be sure to research the top cities in your area as well as the top states in the country, such as Florida, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina and California.

    Benefits Of Used Boats

    Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals

    Often, the most compelling reason to shop used boats is the financial savings. You get to use depreciation in your favor to get a new-to-you model at a much lower price. The moment a model leaves the dealership, it begins losing value. Even used boats that are only a year or two old can see a drastic price reduction. This can allow you to afford higher-end models than you would be able to if you bought new. You’ll also save money on insurance payments because it’s cheaper to insure a used boat.

    Used boats also offer unique benefits to first-time owners. It can be hard knowing which features you really need, what specs you’ll benefit most from, and other things that factor into the purchasing choice. First-time buyers can struggle more knowing what they truly want and can end up buying a model that isn’t the ideal fit. Used boats take less time to pay off so you’ll be able to make an upgrade to a better- fitting model sooner.

    Another first-time owner benefit is used boats can be better to learn on. When you are first learning how to dock, there will likely be inevitable bumps and scrapes along the way. It’s much less painful to incur dents and dings on a used boat than a new model!

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    Used Boat Buying Guide

    Buying a used boat is a strategic way to make the most of your budget while getting to enjoy all the fun of boat ownership. Keep reading to learn more, then visit Roger’s Performance Marine to check out used boats for sale. We have one dealership in Centerville, Utah, near Salt Lake City, and one in Hurricane.

    Houseboat Lake Powell Full Ownership


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