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Kelly Blue Book Used Boat Value

How Do I Get A Good Deal On A Used Car

Used Boat Values Kelley Blue Book In My Opinion

Rely on the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range for Used Cars. Our valuation experts have done all the calculations for you to show you what you can expect to pay. The Fair Market Range takes into account all the factors that can make used car pricing confusing: mileage, condition, options, plus hard-to-figure elements like seasonal trends and regional variations in over 100 geographical regions across the U.S.

But please take note: you have to make sure you’re using the right info when you look up a car. Most vehicles are available in a variety of styles . If you check a price for a base model but then actually shop for a well-equipped style, your expectations may be off. And if you’re looking at a specific vehicle from a private seller or on a dealer’s lot, you’ll need to configure the vehicle accurately – including options and mileage – in order to get the right price for that vehicle.

Get Accurate Nada Boat Values Quickly Online

Whether you’re looking to buy a sleek powerboat, to sell your trusty old fishing boat or to trade one yacht for another, you’ll have to have an accurate boat value to be sure you’re getting the most out of the deal.

For boats, outboard motors or trailers, simply click the link at the bottom of the page to begin calculating their value. You’ll be taken step by step through the process of choosing the model, selecting the features and calculating the most accurate low and high resale values.

NADA is one of the most trusted names in car and boat values. They collect resale information about hundreds of manufacturers and the sales transactions of thousands of boats annually. That’s why we partnered with them to provide a quick and easy tool that allows you to instantly find the proper value for practically all used boats made between 1970 and last year.

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What Determines The Value Of A Boat

A lot goes into determining the estimated value of a boat. The blue books for boats do a good job of compiling huge amounts of data to provide a rough estimate of a vessels market value.

But, there are so many other moving factors and variables that can make a boat worth more or less the estimates provided by the blue books for boats.

Lets look at some factors that will influence the value of a boat to ensure that you get a good deal whether you are buying or selling a boat.

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Is There A Kelley Blue Book For Boats

Pricing a boat can be a nebulous equation that takes into account science, art, and of course personal taste. The final price generally depends heavily on how much the buyer likes the boat versus how savvy the dealer is at forging a deal. It’d be great to have a starting point. So is there a Kelley Blue Book for boats? As a matter of fact, there is. Multiple options are available and while they vary a bit in price, they should at least give you a decent starting point.

If you want to get the best price possible, your boat will need to look its best. The Better Boat is here to help with that! Whether that’s keeping your deck looking amazing with our wood brightener, shining the hull with boat marine polish, or keeping your chrome and metal gleaming with a quality marine metal polish. Maintenance is extremely important when it comes to the possibility of reselling. You can’t undo decades of wear and tear overnight, so keep your boat looking great at all times.

No matter how great your boat is looking, there will be a bit of discrepancy in the price which is up to you and the buyer or seller to decipher. We will go over all of these options that you can use as a Kelley Blue Book for boats. There are some significant pros and cons, so we’ll assist you in finding the pricing method that is the right one for you. Buying or selling/pricing a boat doesn’t need to be difficult, and we will make it as easy as possible for you. So let’s get started!

Kelly Blue Book Boat Values

kelley blue book boats used value Archives

Are you planning to buy a boat or sell your used one?

Knowing the value of a new or used boat ensures that you get a deal you are happy with.

Like a car or a house, a lot goes into determining a boats value. What makes it even more complicated is that numerous online resources claim to help you estimate the value of a boat. But, not all these sites provide accurate information.

A more reliable resource is the Kelly Blue Book Boat Values. As you will find out, theres more than one type of Kelly Blue Book for Boats.

In this article, you will learn more about the Kelly Blue Book Boat Values, factors that go into determining the value of a boat, and ideas for getting an accurate estimate of a boats value.

The Kelley Blue Book is a company that reports the market value of new and used cars, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

The company first published its Blue Book in 1926, a publication that became the automotive standard guide book for determining the value of vehicles.

Kelley Blue Book uses transaction data of how much people are buying a vehicle and adjusts the figures for market conditions. The final figure is a fair purchase price and fair market range price.

The company provides information such as the cars pre-owned price, listing price, and trade-in value for used cars. You can get information about the actual dealer price and the manufacturers suggested retail price for new cars.

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Kelly Blue Book Boat Tips

You need to be aware of the true value of the boat before going out to make your purchase. You need to properly prepare so as not to be taken for a ride while buying. A good knowledge of the boats value will help you arrive at a fair final price.

Some of the top tips needed to achieve your aim is highlighted below:

No one will be able to take you into buying an expensive boat if you already have your mind settled on the type of boat you want to buy. The salesmen will attempt talking you into buying the very expensive ones since this is where they get their daily breads. You will however be able to save lot of money if you already have a clear mind on what you want to buy. Never allow yourself to get talked into choosing a boat you do not have adequate fund for.

Three Types Of Kelley Blue Books For Boat Values

Determining the value of a boat is not easy. Brokers and dealers depend on massive aggregated data to arrive at rough market price estimates. In the end, how much you sell or buy a boat will depend on your negotiation skills and ability to strike a good deal.

Today, many online resources claim to help value boats. Some resources make a good effort and offer reasonable market price ranges. But, just because a site uses terms such as Kelley Blue Book Boat Values or KBB boat values doesnt mean that the boat values they offer are accurate.

If you want to know a boats estimated value, it is best to use the industry guides that dealers and brokers use. These are casually referred to as Kelley Blue Books for Boats, but they are independent guides not affiliated with the Kelley Blue Book company.

The industry-specific guides for boat values are:

  • The NADA Guides
  • BUC used boat price guides
  • ABSOS Marine Blue Book

You dont need to invest in these books before selling or buying a boat. But, if necessary, you can ask your dealer or broker which of these guides they use and then compare it with any of the other two guides to get a clearer picture of a boats market price range.

Lets look at each guide in detail.

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How Do I Find The Value Of My Boat

There are a few different ways to find out what a boat is worth.

  • Hire a professional. Pay a surveyor or broker to tell you what your boat is worth
  • Use online calculators. If you have a common boat make and model, there are several sites you can use to look up used boat values. These are especially helpful if youre interested in popular and new models, but less useful for uncommon and old boats.
  • Do your own boat value calculation. Well show you how to estimate the value of any boat and walk you through an example. Dont worry, the math is easy and weve provided a free downloadable calculator at the end of this post.
  • Kelly Blue Book Boats

    Boat Values Kelley Blue Book In My Opinion

    The information provided in Kelly blue book boats will act as your incomparable guide if you plan to buy or sell boats.

    The Kelly Blue Book Boats will show you all the basic processes that are involved in the determination of the true worth of the boat. Consequently, you will never get scammed in the process of buying or selling boats. The fear of being taken for granted by the dealers will not be there.

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    Quickly Find Accurate Nada Boat Values Online

    The NADA Guides is one of the most well-known names in the automotive and marine industries. Every year, they collect resale data on hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of boat sales transactions to update properly the NADA for Boats and Find Value of Boats.

    Whether youre trying to buy a sleek powerboat, sell your dependable old fishing boat, or trade one yacht for another, youll need an accurate boat valuation to make sure you receive the best deal possible.

    To begin determining the worth of boats, outboard motors, or trailers, simply click the link at the bottom of the page. Youll be guided through the process of selecting a model, selecting features, and determining the most accurate low and high resale values.

    Lets see first the step-by-step on How to access and use for Free NADA Boat Value Guide. Then, we will accurately the NADA guide for boat value based on other factors that are not precisely considered when using the NADA guide for boats. These other factors determine the value of any boat. For example:

    How old is the boat? Boats like cars, lose value with time. If you dont keep up with new technology updates and typical wear-and-tear from use, your old model will quickly lose its residual value.

    A Couple Of Additional Things To Consider

    Emotional pricing

    Sometimes owners put so much money and hard work into a boat that they value the boat higher than the market does. It takes time and a few offers to wear down the emotional seller to a more rational price point.

    Sometimes, the seller sets an idealistic price and wont budge because they dont really want to sell. We have encountered this a few times and we move on to the next boat.

    Emotional buying

    The corollary to emotional pricing is emotional buying.

    Sometimes we fall in love with a boat something about the interior layout or the lines or the color of the hull, even the name can have a profound influence.

    We cant help but let our emotions into the decision-making process, but we have found that they should be reserved for the final decision. To minimize our emotions, we try to quantify everything in terms of numbers and put it in an excel sheet.

    A final note: Determining used boat values is more art than science. Take all of this with a grain of salt and USE YOUR JUDGMENT! The calculator and recommendations above are in no way meant to be a substitute for professional advice.

    As Publilius Syrus wrote: Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Good luck and happy boat buying!

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    How The Blue Book Determines Value Of Listed Used Boats

    The Blue Book boat guideis used by so many boat buyer and sellers. The Boat Blue Book is relied on by several people including independent dealers, franchised dealers, rentals and fleets, private owners and even boat auctions.

    You will have to carry out lots of researches to get true value of used boat. The collected boat data needs to be properly examined first you need to check out the boat industry developments, the location, seasonality and historical trend. The final value you obtain is an indication of what the most recent reasonable selling price of the boat is.

    How Does The Cost Of Boat Ownership Compare To The Purchase Price

    KBB is one of the early blue book value providers for watercrafts. You ...

    Post-purchase needs vary wildly with size, age, condition and intended purpose of the vessel. Consider that youll need to insure the boat, perhaps finance and relocate it, and berth it on land or in a marina, which can get expensive. Then add any repairs, upgrades and regular maintenance. A rule of thumb would be to keep 20% in reserve. So if you buy a $15,000 boat, keep $3,000 aside but in some cases that may be inadequate.

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    How Do I Find A Good Boat Surveyor

    Request recommendations for a maritime surveyor in your area from other boaters.

    Inquire about the types of boats that possible surveyors specialize in during the interview. Others may specialize in pontoon boats, houseboats, or wooden hulls, while others will be more comfortable with the sail.

    Otherwise, surveyors who are affiliated with the National Association of Marine Surveyors or the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors are also a good option to find a surveyor in your area on these websites.

    Summary: Kelley Blue Book Boat Value

    Like a car, getting the true value ensures that you get value for your money and vessel. Blue books serve as a reference guide for boat values. But, it is important to keep in mind that the original Kelley Blue Book doesnt provide a valuation for boats. People use the term Kelly Blue Book Boat Values to legitimize their boat value metrics or refer to industry-specific blue books used by dealers and brokers to determine a boats value.

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    Get Your Nada Boat Value

    Finally, after indicating brand, year, model and completing the specification including accessories, outboard engine, and boat trailer, that best resembles your boat or the boat you are looking to buy, you get the value of your boat: 2016 Tracker Marine Sun Tracker Series FISHIN BARGE 22 DLX Values, including the Mercury Marine outboard motor, the Fish Finder and the Boat Trailer.

    The NADA for boats takes into consideration the value of a wide range of optional equipment.

    Finally, youll be asked to select the motor size and if the boat includes a trailer. Then hit submit, and the following screen will provide you the data you need: the NADA Boat value, broken down into suggested list price, low retail value, and average retail value.

    Remember that both sellers and buyers have access to the same information and will undoubtedly use it to evaluate the market before making any bids. There might be compelling reasons to price your boat, sailboat, or yacht outside the range, either high or low, it should be included in the specification to justify the pricing.

    Step 5 Get Your NADA Boat Valuebrand, year, model, and completing the specification including accessories, outboard engine, and boat trailer,2016 Tracker Marine Sun Tracker Series FISHIN BARGE 22 DLX Values, including the Mercury Marine outboard motor, the Fish Finder, and the Boat Trailer.

    So far, we have a first approximation of the value of our used boat of interest by using the NADA for Boats Value.

    Accurately Pricing A Used Boat

    Kelley Blue Book – Price Advisor

    If the boat is a popular model, of which a number were built, you should be able to find information on performance statistics and possible problems, which will impact price. If the boat is older or fairly unique, performance information may be harder to find.

    There may be an online history of the model via owner associations or clubs. These will usually discuss issues that a model has experienced over the years such as engine mount failure, fuel tank corrosion, steering irregularities and so on. Brokers who specialize in that particular type of boat may also be able to offer an opinion, especially if theyve been in the industry a while and have a deep expertise.

    Checking comparable models on listings, YachtWorld and Sailboat Listings will also help zero in on a fair price. Its a good idea to check your boat values with the Boat Trader Price Checker tool. Two boats may have very different values depending on upgrades, maintenance schedules and the season they are listed.

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    How Can You Get An Accurate Boat Value

    While online sources can give you a general estimate, boat values vary widely because of differences in care, climate and condition. Has the boat been in storage or dry dock in the winter or was it used year-round? Has the boat seen most of its miles in saltwater or freshwater? Plus, equipment and customization can vary a lot from one boat to another. Advanced electronics & navigation, as well as the choice of materials, will affect the price or value.

    So what should you do? Many people pay the professionals and hire a boat surveyor to appraise it in person. A boat surveyor will consider your boats unique construction, condition & equipment, then inspect your boat stem to stern. To come up with a value, a professional surveyor will analyze the hull and either the rig or the engine .Two great places to find a surveyor are the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and National Association of Marine Surveyors . They maintain lists of boat surveyors in your area.

    One more thing to consider: If you do stick with online sources, their boat values are usually based only on brokers or boat dealers. These sources dont take into account the significant number of boat sales between private parties. This isnt surprising, since data is hard to come by, hard to verify and hard to normalize.

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