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How To Register Abandoned Boat

Registration Of Vessels Under The Maltese Flag

Searching for the owner of abandoned boat on Detroit’s west side

The registration of vessels under the Maltese flag takes place firstly by provisional and subsequently by permanent registration. Provisional registration is normally valid for six months and may be extended up to one year, by which time permanent registration must be completed. Upon expiration of this period, if the vessel has not been permanently registered, registration must commence anew and the appropriate forms re-submitted and fees paid anew.

Tips To Make It Easier

While it is true that many obstacles encountered when attempting to register a jon boat without a title can be overcome they all cost you more than expected. This cost may be in the form of additional fees or it may be in terms of time needed to complete the process.

In either case it is best to avoid the potential problems to be begin with, and mitigate known problems as much as possible, at the time of purchase. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Know the local requirements know what the rules are before you go shopping for your new jon boat. This will allow you to shop with confidence, know what any additional fees may be and what paperwork is required. This is the easiest way to avoid potential problems.
  • Always get a bill of sale. While it does not matter is this is a professionally prepared document or written on the back of a napkin with red crayon it should always contain your name, the name of the seller, a description of the boat , the date and price paid. Do not forget to also get sellers signature.
  • Ask for paperwork at time of purchase. If there is missing paperwork discuss this with the seller, come to an agreement as to how it will be resolved and document this on the bill of sale. If boat is sold as is without necessary paperwork and you do not address this at the time of sale you may face difficulty to do so later. This is when knowing what will be required for registration comes in very handy.
  • Consulting The Vessels Ownership Status

    If you want to claim an abandoned vessel for yourself, you will first need to confirm whether the vessel is actually abandoned or not. This means that youll need to consult with Transport Canada whether or not there are official ownership claims over the vessel. The best way to do this is to request historical research of a vessel. This process will provide information from the Ship Registration Computer System Database from 1984 to the present, or from microfilm if the vessel was registered prior to 1984. In order to do so, the process will require the official number or the vessels name in order to carry out the consultation. This process is for registered vessels only, and it wont include vessels licensed under the Pleasure Craft Licensing system. You can easily take care of this request here through our platform.

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    Title Or Register Your Boat

    You must register with LDWF all motorized vessels/watercraft, including sailboats 12 feet or longer, used in Louisiana waters. You much also register non-motorized houseboats.

    You must title a boat or outboard motor that is financed or currently titled in another state when youre registering it in Louisiana, a homemade boat, or a boat that has an incorrect hull identification number.

    How do I register my boat?

    For motorized boats, complete a Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application and submit it, along with original notarized documentation demonstrating boat ownership , any other documents required for the special cases listed below, and a check, cashiers check, or money order for applicable fees.

    For non-motorized houseboats, complete and submit a Non-Motorized Houseboat Registration Application, along with the Affidavit of Ownership of a Non-Motorized Houseboat, and pictures of the houseboat.

    Apply either in person at LDWF Headquarters at 2000 Quail Drive in Baton Rouge during normal business hours, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, or by mail to:LDWF Attn: Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application PO Box 14796

    If you have not received your registration certificate and decals within 45 days of applying, please call .

    How much does registration cost?

    Motorized Boats

    For each foot greater than 38 Add $2 per foot

    How do I renew my boat registration?


    Renewal fees are the same as registration fees .

    How do I transfer ownership of my boat?

    How Do I Get A Clean Title In Ny

    How To Register An Abandoned Boat

    Once you have paid off the auto loan, call the customer service number for the lien holder and request the documentation. You are required to have this to get the clean title. Call the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm the current fee for removing a lien and getting a clear title.

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    What Does One Do If They Have Found An Abandoned Boat

    First, determine who needs to know. This is dependent on whether the boat is causing a threat to public safety, the environment or navigation. In order to determine the correct reporting path for the abandoned boat or wreck. Follow these tips from Transport Canada.

    How does one know when their boat has reached the end of life?

    Your boat has reached its end of life when:

    • the essential repairs to keep your boat operational exceed the monetary or emotional value of the boat.
    • It is no longer seaworthy.
    • It can no longer safely be operated.

    How much does boat disposal cost?

    The cost of boat disposal can vary greatly depending on a number of factors

    • Size
    • Composition
    • Method of intake charge

    We would recommend contacting one or two local businesses that offer boat disposal services and ask for an estimate. Make sure to consider all steps in the process of disposal .

    Can all or part of my boat be recycled or sold?

    Some parts of a boat can be repurposed: engines, propane tanks, electronics, and metal hulls, etc. These would be removed as part of the disposal process and can be recycled, sold or disposed of appropriately. Wood and fiberglass hulls are not currently recyclable.

    Will someone transport my boat for me?

    Yes, we have included in our business listing boat transportation services available to move your boat to its final resting site.

    What is the most environmentally responsible way of disposing of a boat?

    Within the letter, please include:

    Please submit the letter by:

    Any Way To Title An Abandoned Boat In Texas

    rsteaples said:I found an abandoned boat in a parking lot here in Houston, TX. It will be towed by the city very soon. I checked with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and they have no record of the boat ever being registered in Texas. I’d like to keep the boat and rebuild it . I found the ‘owner’ but he wants nothing to do with the boat. He bought it cheap with the intent to rebuild it but lost interest. Unfortunately, the person he bought it from wasn’t the owner either. In Texas this is called a skip transfer, and although it’s common enough to have its own name, there doesn’t seem to be any way to resolve the fact that an ownership trail does not exist. The boat is now in limbo. The boat can’t be bought or sold because it doesn’t have a title.Does anyone have any advice on how to legally take posession of the boat? I read the Transportation Code on abandoned vehicles, and there appears to be no way to swing this. The only one who can move the vessel is the City of Houston, and then it will be sold at public auction. The storage and processing fee charged by the city will be more than the vessel is worth. I could tell a few lies, falsify some documents, etc. but I’m not willing to do that. I’m looking for a legal way to demonstrate that the boat is abandoned and to take posession of it. Finders Keepers…

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    Lien Foreclosure Procedures Ocga 52

    Any action to foreclose a lien on an abandoned vessel must be instituted within one year from the time the lien is recorded or asserted by retention.

    The demand upon the owner of the vessel for reasonable fees for removal and storage plus the costs of any advertisement, shall be made by certified or registered mail or statutory overnight delivery. Such written demand shall include an itemized statement of all charges. No such demand shall be required if the identity of the owner cannot be ascertained and the requirements of O.C.G.A. § 52-7-71 have been complied with. Applicable Form- DEMAND FOR PAYMENT.

    If after the elapse of ten days from the date of delivery, the owner fails to respond to said demand, refuses to pay, or if the owner cannot be ascertained, the person removing or storing may foreclose such lien.

    The person asserting such lien may move to foreclose by making an affidavit to the Magistrate Court showing all facts necessary to constitute such lien and the amount claimed. Applicable Form- ABANDONED VESSEL AFFIDAVIT.

    Boat Registration In Nova Scotia : Pleasure Craft Vs Commercial Craft

    Tracking down owner of dumped boat

    As with most things, determining whether your vessel is a pleasure craft or a non-pleasure vessel comes down to money. In this case, a good shorthand question to ask: is someone paying money to be on the vessel? If no, then its a pleasure craft. As mentioned above, when you go out with your family and friends, when you go for a ride around the lake, those are recreational trips. No ones paying to do that. If thats all you use your vessel for, then its probably a pleasure craft.

    However, if people are paying you money to be on your vessel, then it might not be a pleasure craft. If people are on your vessel working a job, if theyre providing a service, then you probably have a non-pleasure craft. Are you fishing on the vessel for money, or is a company paying you to use your vessel for transportation? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have a non-pleasure craft that should probably be registered. One other caveat: if your vessel is a governmental vessel, then it absolutely has to be registered. We understand that looking over this might be a bit confusing. Thats totally understandable, and if you have any further questions about whether or not your vessel is a pleasure craft or a commercial one, contact us and well figure it out with you.

    Specifics of Registration

    Small Vessel Registration

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    Administration Of Vessels Under The Malta Flag

    Besides providing shipping services, the MSD is also responsible for the regulation, control and administration of all matters related to merchant shipping, the certification of seafarers, the fostering of Maltas relations in international shipping fora, and the administration and implementation of international maritime conventions and agreements.

    The Sixth Largest Ship Register Globally

    Malta has maintained its position as the sixth largest ship register in the world, and holds the top spot as the largest tonnage register in Europe. Today, the Maltese flag has earned the confidence of reputable ship owners, ship financiers and ship management companies as attested by the increasing registered tonnage.

    The Malta Flag is also referred to as the flag of confidence for the following reasons:

    • Serious and efficient maritime administration
    • Flag state inspectorate to ensure adherence to international standards
    • Twenty four hours, seven days a week service in respect of urgent matters
    • Sound multilateral and bilateral relations
    • Active participation in international shipping fora

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    Can You Register A Car Without A Title In Ny

    Apply for registration without having a title certificate You must have a title certificate or other acceptable proof of ownership to apply for a registration and/or title in your name. A registration document and/or bill of sale for a titled vehicle is not adequate proof of ownership to apply for a registration.

    Malta Flag Ship Registration

    Abandoned Ship? How âConvenient.â?

    Accurate and timely bookkeeping is the first step in ensuring that companies comply with the Maltese statutory obligations. As a result, the company will be maintained in good standing with the authorities and the companys officers will not incur penalties for late filing of relevant returns and documents.

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    Advice To Save You Time And Money

    It is important to understand the rules BEFORE you buy aboat, especially a used one that may not have all the paperwork needed to satisfyyour states requirements. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending your hard-earnedmoney not on the jon boat of your dreams but on your own personal Titanic.

    There are many reasons why a title may not accompany yourused jon boat. Many of these situations can be ultimately resolved in yourfavor, however there are some cases which will be impossible to resolve and theonly way to obtain registration is to first obtain a legal title for the jon boat.

    Although these circumstances are rare, they do happen andcould cost your far more in both time and money than your perfect jon boat isreally worth. Our advice to you is toalways make every effort to obtain the proper paperwork, including title if onehas been issued, at the time of purchase.

    About The Abandoned Boats Program

    The Abandoned Boats Program provides grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters. The program also helps to:

    • educate small boat owners about how to responsibly manage their boats
    • support research on boat recycling and environmentally responsible boat design

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    Boat Was Sold / Boat Was Junked Or Abandoned

    If you recently sold your boat or if your boat is destroyed, abandoned or junked, state law requires that boat owners notify the Department within 15 days of the occurrence. State statute 30.55

    You may update the vehicles information online through your DNR customer account or by notifying the department via email. To update the information online, you should access your customer account at, select my vehicles and click on the update button. To notify the department via email, send an email to , the message must include the following information: whether the boat has been sold or junked your first and last name customer identification number the boat Wisconsin registration number or any other information that may assist the department in identifying the vehicle. The boat will be removed from your list of active registered recreational vehicles.

    Reporting Using Mycoast South Carolina

    Buying a boat in Texas without a title? Watch this!

    You can quickly and easily report abandoned and derelict vessels using the MyCoast: South Carolina ADV Reporting Tool. MyCoast: South Carolina is a portal for DHEC to collect and analyze pictures and data relating to coastal events. Information collected through this site is used to visualize the impact of coastal hazards and to enhance awareness among decision-makers and stakeholders. Visit the MyCoast: South Carolina homepage to learn more, or download the free APP on your Apple or Android device.

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    All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Countless boats have been abandoned across the province of Ontario in backyards, storage yards, and farm fields. If left untouched, these abandoned vessels contaminate terrestrial & marine environments , impact the aesthetics of facilities & areas where they have been abandoned, and pose a safety risk to individuals that approach the vessel.

    As a boat owner, you are responsible for the proper disposal of your vessel. Boating Ontario has compiled a list of businesses in the province that offer boat disposal services.

    Some businesses offer full-service disposal including pick up, transport, salvage & disposal, others offer partial service including one or more of the above services.

    Please contact and work directly with these organizations to make arrangements to meet your needs.

    Landfills Boat Recycling & Disposal Solutions

    If you have questions that are not addressed below, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll find the answer for you!

    Understand How To Register An Abandoned Boat In Canada

    Abandoned boats are a very curious thing. After all, boats are an investment, so suddenly running into one can bring all the convenience and excitement of owning a boat without the financial burden. However, you also need to understand what comes with this overall process. Lets take a look at your options when it comes to finding an abandoned vessel and, should it come to that, how to register an abandoned boat in Canada.

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    What If I Am Missing Something

    The key to successfully registering a boat is providing adocumented path of ownership. If your state issued a title for the jon boat youare trying to register this is generally the means of doing this. The title, ifissued in the name of the seller, proves that persons right to sell the boatto you. Because the same process would have been followed when that sellerfirst obtained that title and so on back to the original owner the title, alongwith the sellers signature & bill of sale, prove path of ownership up toand including you.

    But what if you do not have a title? Honestly, this can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Again, it depends on the specific state and why you do not have a title.

    Here are some of the more common reasons your newly acquired jon boat may not come with a title and how to rectify the problem:

    Never Titled

    if the boat was never titled, which is usually due todiffering requirements when moving a boat from one state to another, simplyapply in the state where you are located and supply whatever supportingdocuments are required.

    Seller Lost Title

    If the person selling the boat has a title but can not findit the easiest, and often only, recourse is for the seller to apply for aduplicate title and then provide that to you. Most states will NOT allow youthe buyer to apply for this replacement title.

    Seller Refuses to Provide Title

    Seller Was Not Last Title Holder

    Outstanding Lien

    Boat Was Titled/Registered in Another State

    Complete Affidavit of Ownership

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