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Where To Sell My Boat Online

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How To Sell My Boat Online – Darby Sue Zufall
  • When is the best time of year to sell my boat?

  • How much should I sell my boat for?

  • How much does a boat broker charge?

  • Prepare your boat for selling

  • Taking Pictures To Sell Your Boat

Unfortunately for most sellers, and even boat brokers, our boats will end up where they usually do: On a lot, in our driveway, or at the docks collecting dust, rust, and even more in additional repair bills. To make matters worse, the longer your boat takes to sell, the lower the amount of money you can ever hope to get for it becomes.

I have used many boats over the course of my life, but more importantly, I was blessed to have the opportunity to sell them for a few years in my own Florida Dealership. Luckily for me, I now get to spend my days creating Boat Pictures!

I am writing this article to help get you over that steep learning curve that I experienced so that you know exactly how to sell your boat fast, and get that money back to buy another one!

Why Should I Choose A Premium Ad Over A Featured Ad Or A Standard Ad

When selling a high-value item like a Boat, its important that you are reaching the most qualified audience. Our research shows that our Premium Ads deliver 3 times the exposure of Featured Ads and 5 times the exposure of Standard Ads because they offer more options for marketing your Boat – including home page display, daily auto-update, premium newsletter. The Premium Ads will also benefit from a dedicated account manager that can take care of all your requests. Further, a premium ad make it clear to potential buyers that the seller is serious about selling their Boat, and as a result, consumers feel more confident in their shopping experience.

Embed Checkout Page In Site & Sell Boats Online

Primarily, just copy the embedding link of the plan given in the box and embed the checkout page on your WordPress site or anywhere you want.

Edit the Page & Paste the Copied Link

Subsequently, after copying the link, all you need to do is paste it in the text area of the editor.

Save & Publish the Checkout Page

Following the previous step, just paste the code and then tap on the Publish button. Voila! Your checkout page is embedded.

Check out the Final Look of your Checkout Page on WordPress Site

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell A Boat

What most people is that the best time of year to sell a boat is between February and June. You can probably expect 3 times the amount of action in this time period as opposed to waiting to get into the heart of Summer. And in case you live in a perpetual boating season, such as in Florida, this time period still holds up!

Preparation: Is Your Paperwork In Order

Is âI want to sell my boat onlineâ? the first thought in ...

Whether youre opting to enlist the services of a broker or dealer to sell your boat, or aiming for a private sale, youll need to spend some time gathering all the relevant documents that will help impress potential buyers. This will also make life easy at the point of handing over the vessel.

The main documents you need are the Builders Certificate and Bills of Sale evidence the boat is VAT paid such as the original invoice registration documentation, evidence of RCD compliance, where applicable service information for the engine, generator, sails, water heater Owners Manual and further manuals for all the equipment on the boat and financial records and receipts of any large repair bills.

Its also worth sorting out the boat insurance situation. Paul Birch, Managing Director of boat insurance specialist Bishop Skinner says that if youre selling the boat you need to advise your insurers what the sale price is. This should be reflected in the sum insured in order to make sure the boat isnt under, or over, insured. You should also confirm the boat is still being used in the same way. For instance a boat might be laid up while up for sale, but the broker might need to sea trial it and the insurance will need to be extended in order for cover to use the vessel afloat.

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Inspections And Boats Paperwork

For inspections flexibility is key, the more time you can be available for viewing’s and trials the greater chance you have that buyers will see your boat first and be taken with it before they see anything else. Also try to think of any questions and queries that potential buyers may have so that you can be prepared and confident to answer them. Having the appropriate paperwork compiled and to hand will help secure the best price, these should include, Declaration of Conformity , the original sales invoice, this will show that the VAT has already been paid and if the buyer needs to raise finance for the purchase then the lender will need to see a copy of this, the boats operating manual, service history with invoices and any relevant licences that are current and not out of date.

Tips For Writing Your Boat Ads Details

  • List the most important features first.
  • Bullet points are a good way to convey a list of details.
  • Accentuate the positive aspects of every feature in the Description field.
  • Compose your ad offline, and if possible have someone you trust read the text before posting.
  • One last note: write your description in regular sentence text to make it easy to read.

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Selling Your Boat: Closing Paperwork

There are a few forms that need to be filled out and submitted. Then the handshake and its off to enjoy your next boat.

Whether youre selling your family dinghy, a large powerboat, or something in between, finalising the transfer of ownership will require some paperwork. Know the requirements and have your files organised ahead of time so you dont hold up the final sale. The requirements are spelled out under Transfer of Ownership on the Transport Canada website.Having all your paperwork notarized is not always required, but its always a good idea.

No matter what boat you’re selling, finalising the transfer of ownership will require some paperwork.

Where Can I Sell My Boat

How To Sell My Boat Online – Scott McLeod

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your boat. The best way to find its next owner is likely to be via an advertisement, but with so many options, the obvious question is where to sell your boat?The simple answer is to list it for sale on boats.com or YachtWorld. These sites draw millions of visitors each month, browsing and in many cases actively shopping for a boat. Yes, in full disclosure, our company owns these sites, but more on that in a minute.In a perfect world, of course, you will find a buyer for your boat by spreading the word in the marina, negotiating the price in the cockpit, and exchanging title, bill of sale, and keys to the buyer while the boat is still in its berth or dripping wet after a final haulout. But just how big is your marina? Does it reach across the nation, or into international waters, where your buyer may be waiting? So, there is a good reason to be more proactive if you’re serious about selling, but where do you advertise?Once upon a time, newspaper and magazine classified advertisements worked well, and in special cases where enthusiasts for your type of boat all read the same publication, they may be the best way to go. If that were the case, though, you wouldnt be searching the internet for a better solution and you wouldnt be reading this article today.

Online advertising has taken over from traditional print media – it’s responsive, fast and can target the right buyers direct.

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Share Your Checkout Page

  • The link of this checkout page can be shared on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Moreover, you can also share direct link of the plan to your customers by SMS & email marketing.
  • Further, it gives you the flexibility to redirect your users to the checkout page by embedding links on your website. Also, you can use anchor text and paste in on the button of your website.

Can You Give Me Some Tips For Selling My Boat

These top tips will help you attract more interest and get the best price for your vehicle. When you create a private listing, it’s a good idea to:- Clean your boat inside and out to get it looking as close to like new as possible – Take photographs of your boat after a good clean and ideally in good weather – Make sure your photos are top quality: images should be close enough to show the condition of your boat, whilst keeping your entire boat in frame – Detail your vehicle from all angles, including inside the cabin – Set a realistic asking price for your boat – Set your negotiation terms: whether your asking price is a “firm” deal, a “best offer” or “negotiable” – Be honest about your vehicle and its condition – stick to the facts in your description – Mention any modifications – Provide details about your boat’s service history – maintenance records and receipts will show a buyer you care for your boat – Make sure you have all necessary paperwork for selling your boat.

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Preparation: Cleaning And A Service

Before listing for sale, make sure the boat is as clean as a whistle. Buyers viewing your boats interior wont want to pick their way through scattered magazines, fishing rods, wine bottles in the galley and ancient toiletries in the shower cubicle. Set the scene by making your boat look as unlived in as possible. Scrub throughout, as viewers will be examining every stowage locker and compartment on board.

Remember to polish up stainless steel fittings, scrub drains under hatches and spruce up the centre console units and space beneath. To ensure the outside of the boat gleams, its worth polishing and waxing the gelcoat and improving the look of teak decking. Pay a boat cleaning professional here if you can!

Ideally youve maintained your boats engine and power pack so that everything is running in prime condition. Anyone interested in your boat would be delighted to hear that the outboard engine has been recently serviced, including oil change, and that the engines have been flushed after every use. You might want to show off some recent successful repair work or parts replacements.

Top tips if youre selling privately

Further information: ABYA has a very useful guide to Selling a Boat.

Advice on buying and selling a boat is available to RYA members – Buying a Boat

Further reading – RYA Boat Buyers Handbook – Book or eBook

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How To Successfully Sell Your Boat

Sell My Boat! How to sell your boat online for a good ...

BoatsandOutboards.co.uk share their advice on what to do when it comes to selling your boat

If the time has come to sell your boat, whats the best way to proceed? The team at BoatsandOutboards.co.uk share their advice on what to do when it comes to selling your boat

Certainly by adopting a methodical approach, youre more likely to secure a good price and avoid long delays along the way. There are four crucial areas involved in a successful boat sale:

  • Setting the right price
  • Physically preparing the boat for sale, and, yes sorry about this
  • Dealing with the paperwork!

Sunny spring weather provides the ideal backdrop to show potential buyers your boat at its best says Jonty Stubbs, Yacht Broker at Williams & Smithells, and indeed there are buyers who will time their purchase specifically to coincide with the beginning of the summer.

But more commonly buying a yacht is not like buying fruit at the market, he says. There is no season and many buyers will generally base their purchase on other more key influences such as their financial position or indeed their long term plans such as retirement, sabbatical etc, rather than the time of year. Therefore, anytime is a good time to sell.

But its vital to do your research on the competition and be honest with your pricing. This will determine whether or not your boat will sell, and will also impact the length of time it remains on the market.

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How To Sell A Boat

Everything you need to know about selling your boat. This boat selling guide provides step-by-step information to sell your used boat.

Once youve decided to sell your boat , getting to work in a professional and systematic manner will boost your chances of a swift successful outcome. This boat selling guide is intended to provide information for private sellers to follow, with step-by-step instruction on how to sell a used boat.

Prepare Your Boat To Sell

Youve got your price nailed down, but its still not time to take pictures of your boat yet or even make the listing, and why? Because its full of all of your stuff! Now is when you start getting your boat prepared for selling, and everything that comes with it.

Boat Prepping Tip #1

Remove all of the non essential stuff out of the boat. Good rule of Thumb: If someone were driving it away now, is there anything you would need to take out of it?

-Real Estate Agents do this all the time, right? Its called staging. You set up the house to look/feel as if its something anyone could move right into and use. Thats exactly what you are doing here because not only are you establishing what does and doesnt come with the boat, but you are also beginning the process of cleaning it for great pictures.

Boat Prepping Tip #2

  • Axles & Brakes are OK
  • Rust isnt Too Bad

The condition of the trailer doesnt have to be immaculate, but if its bad enough it will take money from the sale price.

Boat Prepping Tip #5

Remember Your Goal.

When you are selling anything to anyone their goal is always going to be to find a boat they like first, and following that to find as many problems as they can to drive down your price. So, your goal is to give them the least amount of ammunition to come at you with so you can better defend your price.

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How To Take The Best Pictures Of Your Boat

  • Take your shotclose-up, while still fitting in the entire hull. Your goal in most cases is to show the boat and not the scene around it.
  • Keep photos horizontal. Dont try to include the full height of the mast on a sailing boat, for example.
  • Best light for photography is a sunny early morning or late afternoon but not too early or late or the shadows get too deep.
  • Take lots of shots from different angles, then toss what you dont like.
  • Document all the details you plan to list in the description.
  • Shoot the boat underway, if possible. Second choice is tied to the dock third, on a trailer.
  • If you cant take your own photos, look for pictures of the same model or sistership just be sure to identify it that way so you dont mislead potential buyers. And equally important, it you dont use your own photos, make sure you have permission for what you use.
  • Bring in a professional, if you can afford it – or a friend who shoots better than you do and will exchange photos for a nice dinner.

A detailed description is an important key to success.

Get All Your Documentation Ready

How To Sell My Boat Online – Shane Hale

If you haven’t already, place all the boat’s documentation in a folder – ownership, registration, previous survey, insurance papers, receipts for servicing, maintenance, painting etc

One client of mine had made a copy of his boat’s original survey inspection report and had used that as a list of faults to be rectified, which he kept with receipts and other related documents. When he asked me ‘Can you sell my boat?’, it was easy to show that the vessel was in good condition.

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Sell Your Used Boat Online

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Power boat sold quickly and found a top new boat. Thank you very much!

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