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How To Get Rid Of Old Boat Hull

Easy Ways To Junk A Boat

Remove Oxidation From Your Boat

If you are planning on getting rid of your old boat, even if you think it is junk, you might have some options available that can earn you some money for getting rid of it.

Most people, who get rid of boats that are broken down eyesores, often think they are not worth anything and pay someone to come haul them away.

This is not your only option, and you will want to look around and see if you can get any money for your vessel before you just have it hauled away, often for a price.

You might not get a lot for your watercraft, but I think we all would agree that even a little bit of money, is better than no money!

  • Final Thoughts:
  • What Does One Do If They Have Found An Abandoned Boat

    First, determine who needs to know. This is dependent on whether the boat is causing a threat to public safety, the environment or navigation. In order to determine the correct reporting path for the abandoned boat or wreck. Follow these tips from Transport Canada.

    How does one know when their boat has reached the end of life?

    Your boat has reached its end of life when:

    • the essential repairs to keep your boat operational exceed the monetary or emotional value of the boat.
    • It is no longer seaworthy.
    • It can no longer safely be operated.

    How much does boat disposal cost?

    The cost of boat disposal can vary greatly depending on a number of factors

    • Size
    • Composition
    • Method of intake charge

    We would recommend contacting one or two local businesses that offer boat disposal services and ask for an estimate. Make sure to consider all steps in the process of disposal .

    Can all or part of my boat be recycled or sold?

    Some parts of a boat can be repurposed: engines, propane tanks, electronics, and metal hulls, etc. These would be removed as part of the disposal process and can be recycled, sold or disposed of appropriately. Wood and fiberglass hulls are not currently recyclable.

    Will someone transport my boat for me?

    Yes, we have included in our business listing boat transportation services available to move your boat to its final resting site.

    What is the most environmentally responsible way of disposing of a boat?

    Within the letter, please include:

    Please submit the letter by:

    Cut Out Top Sections Of The Boat

    After emptying the boat, only the stripped-down frame of the boat should be left. At this point, its time to start using the chainsaw.

    Start by removing the windshield and dashboard. Take care to avoid any metals as there may be some left. Try to work by cutting through wood and fiberglass exclusively.

    Next, remove the top section of the bow by cutting through its sides.

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    Examples From Across The Pond

    Coastal Europe has challenges similar to Rhode Island’s, with limited amounts of high-premium land and thousands of end-of-life fiberglass boats. Norway, a country with a long coastline and thousands of decommissioned boats, is challenged by the fiberglass problem. The Norwegian recycling company Veolia, along with SINTEF Materials and Chemistry and other regional partners, developed a chemical process to separate a boat’s polyester and fiberglass, allowing both parts to be reused.

    Some European governments are considering limitations and bans on landfills and dumps. Germany has restrictions against disposal of composite waste in its landfills. In 2018, France enacted an eco-tax for the disposal of end-of-life boats to stem France’s rising costs of dismantling and recycling them. As of 2018, China, once the consumer of the world’s trash, is no longer accepting U.S. recyclable waste.

    What Happens To Old Fiberglass Boats

    How to Get Rid of an Old Boat

    As you can see from my guide, theres no one correct answer, with multiple options. Its certainly a big problem though, as it has been estimated that around 40 million boats are coming towards the end of their lives.

    The issue is that there is no one correct procedure for disposing of them, and no one organisation has taken responsibility to come up a standard disposal or recycling program in the United States.

    Most old fiberglass boats are cut up into pieces and then placed into landfill, but this is not a sustainable strategy as you can imagine.

    There needs to be an industry-wide initiative developed for the proper disposal and recycling of old fiberglass boats, but as yet, there is nothing planned.

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    Places To Junk A Boat In California:

    California has similar places to junk boats as those in Florida.

    These are commonly located in coastal cities.

    Some options include:

    • Plastics
    • Other loose trash

    Because of these possible environmental hazards, you will not want to junk your boat in an improper way.

    This is not only dangerous to the environment, but it is also illegal and you get a few thousand dollars in fines in addition to the cost of removal and demolition.

    Recycle Your Old Fiberglass Boat

    If you have read this far it is likely that you have one of the worlds most unwanted pieces of scrap. At this point you may be so frustrated that you might actually enjoy the process of recycling your boat.

    If you decide to cut your boat up, use and wear the correct safety gear.

    Please do not handle any cutting equipment unless you are trained in their use and are aware of the unique challenges and safety hazards of cutting and handling fiberglass.

    A pinched cutting blade can be extremely dangerous. If you arent comfortable using this type of equipment rather enlist the services of someone who is.

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    Will Vinegar Make The Canvas Smell After It Dries

    No, using white vinegar to clean mildew out of canvas will not cause the canvas to smell like vinegar after you rinse and dry the canvas. Once the vinegar dries completely you do not smell it at all.

    If you are still concerned about it, add a little Woolite or other mild soap to the mix, as was mentioned earlier to add a little fresh smell to the canvas. This is completely optional though.

    What if you do not want to mix up your own DIY solution for removing mildew?

    Cut The Hull Down Into Strips

    One Way to Dispose of a Fibreglass Boat

    After removing the transom, the last step is to cut across the hull and turn it into strips. There may be other types of material embedded, but the chainsaw should have no trouble since hulls would not have any metals left at this stage.

    All thats left is to gather the pieces, and it should be much easier to move them now that theyve been cut into strips.

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    How To Get Rid Of Your Boat And What To Expect

    First – The fastest way to start the process is to fill out the form below we typically respond within an hour or two. If you would like to call you can try 603-341-9210. This is different from our company number, it goes straight to our boat removal foreman. He isn’t easy to reach. That’s why we have the form below to get you fast service.

    Second – We ask questions! Where is the boat located? How large is the boat to be removed? Whats wrong with the boat? Can we salvage any of it? Is it on a road worthy trailer? Does the boat still have fluids in it? Please feel free to include this information in the form below.

    Third – After getting a sense for the condition of your boat and how difficult it will be to remove we will offer a “guesstimate”. Please note – until we see the boat to be removed, we are making our best educated guess so you have somewhat of an idea how much your removal will cost, but, its not exact and subject to change.

    In the past some customers have tried to … lets say “under state” the scope of their boat removal in an attempt to lock us in to removing their boat at a lower price. This will not work or happen. Just like when we do junk removals, we verify the exact pricing upfront ONLY after seeing the boat. Our prices are more than fair, and are guaranteed to be the best price you will find.

    Need to get rid of other items? Be sure to check out our and property clean out services

    The Many Services Trash Can Willys Offers

    Fiberglass Disposal Part 1

    Vintage fiberglass boats that dont find new users often deteriorate in backyards, anchorages, and marinas. Without tracking such vessels, it is difficult to retire them properly so they dont become environmental threats.

    The problem of sensible and effective fiberglass disposal is well documented, and proven technological and regulatory solutions are available. So why does practical end-of-life disposal for old composite boats remain elusive?

    Its 2021 and we are still trying to figure out how to best deal with derelict fiberglass boats. In the United States and many other countries, the immediately practical answer is to chop them up and cart them to the landfill despite the considerable recyclable material in each boat. Its like those clear polyethylene terephthalate boxes that protect our prewashed greens the technology exists to recycle them and they are labeled as such, but when the arugula is gone, in most jurisdictions theres no market for the material, so theyre simply cut up and trashed. Plastic can be fantastic, but when it comes to end-of-life processing, not so much.

    Before becoming trash, boats go through a long decline that starts with anchoring out and lack of upkeep.

    Resale Value < Cost of Proper Disposal = Abandonment

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    Take It To A Landfill Site

    One option is to simply take it down to your local landfill site, but make sure you first phone ahead before taking the boat. There are usually a lot of rules for dumping and disposing of fiberglass boats, and you may be required to first remove all toxic fluids from the boat before taking it to the landfill.

    Taking to a landfill site can be expensive, but might be your only viable disposal option,

    They will then proceed to deconstruct the boat with whatever heavy equipment they have on hand if you have fond memories of your boat you may not want to witness this part!

    There will also be a charge for taking the boat and if this is too much you can then move onto the final option below.

    Should There Be A Sales Tax On Buying A Boat

    how to get rid of old boat? Cut it up?

    The idea of a sales tax is supported by Phil Horton, the RYAs environment and sustainability manager, who sees it as part of a broader picture.

    We need to consider the issue of extended producer responsibility, he says. Boat manufacturers need to think about the long-term impact of what they are doing and contribute to the boats eventual disposal. Its like batteries: you can take any make of battery to a recycling centre because manufacturers are required by law to join the Battery Compliance Scheme and pay for old batteries to be recycled.

    Elsewhere in the world, governments are taking a more proactive approach and dealing with the growing problem of abandoned boats. In Canada, the government has paid to have derelict boats removed from its coasts. In 2018, the Swedish government provided r300,000 in subsidies to scrap 500 boats under 3 tonnes free of charge, providing the owners paid for transportation costs.

    But France seems to have found the best solution. Thanks to new rules introduced in 2019, owners are required to pay an eco tax when they register their boats which is obligatory and the funds generated are used to scrap old ones. As in Sweden, all the owners have to do is have the boat transported to an approved recycling centre.

    So far, the British government has taken a lackadaisical attitude to the problem, but the growing interest in environmental issues and in particular about plastic pollution is likely to change all that.

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    Dispose Of The Pieces

    Even small boats will produce quite a lot of fiberglass material. So your average garbage bag might not be big enough to keep all of those pieces inside. Instead, you can contact your local refuse removal company and ask if you can hire a skip. Theyll deliver the thing to your doorstep and you can start filling it up with your fiberglass material.

    Once youre done, the refuse removal company should come around and pick up the skip – fiberglass included. Theyll also be responsible for finding the proper place to dispose of whats left of your fiberglass boat.

    Why Use Trash Can Willys For Your Boat Removal

    • Fair upfront pricing, you won’t find better
    • Proven professionals at removing and disposing of all boats under 30 feet long
    • Fast boat removal response times
    • Licensed and insured boat removal
    • Capable of removing boats without trailers
    • Salvage that works for you – if there are any items of value that go with the boat, we will discount the boat removal
    • We recycle and salvage as much as we can from the boats we dispose of to ensure as little as possible ends up in a landfill
    • We even buy good boats!

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    Ways To Clean Aluminum Boats

    There are several effective ways to clean an aluminum boat, including options to make a homemade aluminum boat cleaner if you would rather not spend the money on a specific aluminum cleaner.

    Cleaning aluminum boats that are commonly used in fresh water is also a bit different than when the boat owners take them out to sea.

    Also, pay attention to the other materials your boat is made from. While jon boats may be constructed entirely from aluminum, a pontoon boat may only have parts that are aluminum. Using cleaning products specifically made for aluminum surfaces may stain them or may not be effective.

    Before using any methods given below, be sure to remove any expensive electronics, like a tracker, from the inside.

    For wooden parts of your boat, if applicable, use a natural teak cleaner for boat decks or another wood cleaner that will get rid of dirt and salt accumulation.

    Formula Using Borax To Remove Mildew From Canvas

    Getting Rid Of Old Screw Holes In Fiberglass

    To remove mildew using the Borax formula, mix 1/2 cup of borax with 2 cups of water. I prefer to use warm water, but use what you have. Use a soft scrub brush that will not damage the fabric.

    Gently scrub the borax formula into the canvas and loosen up the mildew. Allow the formula to soak into the canvas so it can get deep into the fibers.

    Then after the solution soaks on the canvas for at least15 minutes or longer, rinse the canvas thoroughly to remove all of the borax solution. If the mildew is still present is may require a second treatment to fully remove the mildew.

    The Borax Formula:
    1/2 Cup Borax2 Cups Water

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    Get Rid Of Equipment Gear And Electronics

    The first thing youll want to remove is the battery. This just prevents any potential shocks and short circuits that might happen while your dismantling the rest of your boat. Get rid of all metal parts, motors, and anything else that isnt made of fiberglass.

    To some extent, you might be able to sell the reusable parts for a small price. But if your boat is older, then a lot of the electrical items might be obsolete. That said, the best way to dispose of them would be to send them off to a scrap yard.

    Restoring A 1950s Bembridge Scow

    Few things can be more satisfying than saving an old wooden boat from the chainsaw and bringing her back to

    Because boat breaking is not cheap. EU research suggests it costs around 800 to dispose of a 23-footer, rising to 1,500 for a 33-39ft boat and up to 15,000 for boats over 50ft long. Boatbreakers themselves put the price at about £100 per foot ie £3,000 for a 30ft yacht .

    While I was researching this article, I heard from a boatyard in Cornwall which had to pay nearly £40,000 to dispose of two wooden MFVs that had been abandoned on its premises.

    So who should pay for this? What about the original owner who commissioned the boat in the first place? Or the builders who profited from selling it? Or all the other owners down the line who enjoyed sailing the boat and were once proud to call it their own? Inevitably, as the boat gets older and its value diminishes, it ends up in the hands of the less wealthy and in cheaper moorings which is why so many backwater yards end up with so many old wrecks. And by definition these are the very owners and boatyards that can least afford to pay for the boats disposal.

    Its a natural cycle which has been going on for years, but the problem is set to reach crisis point as the boatbuilding boom of the 1960s and 70s catches up with us and thousands of boats reach the end of their useful lives.

    Neither, however, addressed the thorny issue of who should pay the cost of scrapping.

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    Can Boats Be Recycled

    While fiberglass boats first appeared in the 1940s, they didnt really take off until the 1960s. These new, easily manufactured boats made it easier for a middle-class person to afford a boat of their own. This led to a boom in boat sales in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Unfortunately, many of these boats are now reaching the end of their lives and are ready for disposal. It is believed that there are 35 to 40 million boats around the world nearing their end of life. Sadly, many of these boats are not being disposed of in a sustainable manner.

    Boats, like cars, are made of a variety of materials. Unlike boats, however, cars have been designed with considerable thought on end-of-life disposal. Nearly every part of a car can now be taken apart and recycled. Boats, on the other hand, werent designed with disposal in mind.

    Most boats from the past 50 years were made using fiberglass. While this material is incredibly durable, its also quite difficult to recycle. In fact, until recently, recycling fiberglass wasnt even possible.

    Due to scientific advancements in fiberglass recycling, boat recycling is finally becoming a possibility. Yes, boats can be recycled, but it is no simple task.

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