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How To Find The Right Boat

How Big Of A Boat Do You Realistically Need

Find the right propeller pitch

Remember that the bigger the boat, the bigger the fuel consumption in many cases. Also in some cases, bigger boats are tougher to navigate, especially if youll be moored at a busy marina. And if youll be storing on dry land, youll need to consider storage options large enough for your yacht. If youre new to boating, you might consider a small yacht first, then upgrade to a larger yacht.

Can You Afford The Worst

Unless you are buying a new boat with a warranty, you have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

You just brought the boat home after getting a great deal on it. Yourself and your family are excited for the first trip and the first season with it, and look forward to a series of planned and budgeted expenses. On your second trip, a disaster happens. The boat wont start, the engine loses power, you start sinking. No joke. I have heard all these stories from boat owners, self-included.

In 1985 I proudly launched my first boat, a very used 15-foot whaler I had bought from a dealer for a whopping $5,000 dollars. I knew nothing about boat ownership, nothing about outboard engines, nothing about what could go wrong.

Fast forward to a foggy June day on Joppa Flats at the mouth of the Merrimack River. My wife and I were fishingor I was fishing and she was enjoying a day on the water. The engine was off, I had a great drift along the flats as the tide dropped. Im pretty sure I caught a couple of stripers. I went to start the engine, nothing. No click, no radio, no power. A dead battery. A good Samaritan jumped me, but now I couldnt get the engine to catch. Choke in, choke outit wouldnt start.

How To Measure Your Boat For A Cover

Measure your boat’s center-line length in a flat, straight line from the bow tip to the farthest point aft. Add length for options you want to cover, such as bow pulpits, trolling motors and swim platforms.

Boat cover supports will help preventsagging and water pooling

Measure beam width in a straight, flat line from side to side. Beam width and center-line length are all you’ll need to purchase most universal fit covers. You’ll also need to know you’re boat’s hull style when purchasing Semi Custom Covers — a cover somewhere in-between custom fit and universal fit.

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Operating Rules Keeping It Simple

Port: If a power-driven boat approaches your boat from the port sector, maintain your course and speed with caution. You are the stand-on craft.Starboard: If any vessel approaches your boat from the starboard sector, you must keep out of its way. You are the give-way craft.Stern: If any vessel approaches your boat from the stern you should maintain your speed and course with caution. You are the stand-on craft.

Inshore Nearshore Or Offshore

How to find the best liveaboard boat for you

Your day will be completely different based on where you fish especially in the ocean. So whats the difference between inshore, nearshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing trips?


Inshore trips stay in sheltered waters near land, usually only a few miles from shore. The fish are smaller and the sea is calmer. Its not just about sea fishing, either. Many inshore fishing trips take place in shallow bays, mangroves, or brackish rivers.

On an inshore trip, youll generally be able to start fishing very quickly, within minutes of departing the dock. Because of this, half day trips are a common choice. These short trips offer plenty of fun, and are a great option for first-timers or young kids. Thats not to say that pros will get bored many of the worlds top game fish live inshore, too.


As you move away from the coast, the fish start to get bigger and tastier. Trips that take place around local reefs and wrecks and involve some traveling are known as nearshore trips. The exact distance youll be traveling from shore differs depending on where youre fishing, but your attention will be focused on targeting delicious, easy-to-catch bottom fish.


Then there are the bluewaters. Offshore charters take you so far out that you completely lose sight of land. This is serious sportfishing and usually lasts the whole day. The fish are big and mean. The water can be rough. Offshore fishing is perfect for confident anglers who are looking for a challenge.

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The Best 4 Person Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats have been enjoying a surge in popularity since the early 2000s, when they began to be used for both recreation and business. As a result, there are many models of inflatable boats for sale to choose from.

Choosing the right boat will depend on your needs and budget. For example, if you want something that is easy to carry and store, a small boat is perfect. If you need a boat for people of all ages, the 4-person inflatable boats will be great.

In this article, we have written a complete guide for the 4 best person inflatable boats and highlighted what the best fishing, relaxing or speed boats are for four peoples group and how to make maintain the boats so that they last for a very long time.

The Hidden Costs Of Boat Ownership

Planning for the added expenses of owning your boat. Next, dont forget about all the little things you need to purchase to keep your boat safe, legal, clean and in its best operating condition! At the end of the day, your boat will be expensive. You will pay to service and maintain it, at least twice a year, depending on how much you use it. Things will break this is inevitable. Gas is expensive, and youll have to fill up often, as your engines will probably burn fuel quickly.

After purchasing your boat, youll have a number of new issues to address. Lets take a look at the most common issues first time boat buyers will face.

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A Complete Guide On Boat Types: Which One Is Right For You

If the water beckons you, youve found your people at Germaine Marine. We specialize in all things boats, and we can match you with the kind of boat that lets you spend a day your way on the water. Many people wonder, What kind of boat should I buy? And with so many options to choose from, the decision can feel overwhelming. There are dozens of boat types that vary by shape, size, and capacity for everything from sailing to fishing to water sports to daytime and overnight cruising.

As you peruse each boat type below, you will find it easier to choose the right boat for you by considering your use for it, how much time you have to spend on the water, and how many people you regularly bring with you.

What Factors Determine A Boats Required Equipment

Choose the right propeller for your boat

The size of your boat determines the required equipment for your vessel. The incremental categories usually go like so: 16 feet and below + canoes and kayaks

  • Personal Flotation Devices , one per person
  • Must be coast guard approved, fitted to each person, and readily accessible
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • For boats with enclosed engine compartments
  • Visual Distress Signals for when operating at night
  • Sound Producing Devices, like a horn or whistle
  • 16 feet to 26 feet

    • Same requirements as 16 and below category +
    • Visual Distress Signals
    • Minimum of 3-day and 3-night use
  • If an operable toilet is onboard
  • 26 feet to 40 feet

    • Same as 16-26 category +
    • Pollution Regulation Placards
    • 5×8 oil discharge placard and 4×9 waste discharge placard
  • Backfire Flame Arrestor
  • One device on each carburetor of all gasoline-powered engines built after August 1980, except outboard engines
  • 40 feet to 65 feet

    • Same as 26 to 40 category +
    • Ventilation
    • Coast Guard standard system required on gasoline-powered vessels with enclosed engine compartments built after August 1980
  • A copy of the Inland Navigation Rules must be kept on board
  • 65 feet to 165 feet

    • Same as 40 to 65 category

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    Where Can I Buy A Boat

    Most of us will start our boat buying journey by researching online. That is a great place to start, but unfortunately, boat manufacturers do not have online shopping like Amazon at least not yet. This means you will have to leave your house and talk to some humans. A great place to start is at a boat dealership. Most boat dealers carry multiple brands and specialize in a type of boat, like pontoons, wake boats or fishing boats. A good place to start is the manufacturer website, if you have narrowed it down that much already, and find a dealer that carries that brand near you. If you havent narrowed it down, a boat show might be a great place for you to start. You can also visit GoRollick to look at new and used dealer inventory online. You can see which boats are available in your area and see details about each boat on your wishlist, all in one place online.

    Which Type Of Boat Is Best For You Top 10 Choices For Boaters

    Cruiser, bowrider, freshwater fishing, runabout, sailboat, saltwater fishing, speed boat, trawler, pontoon, or watersports boats which is right for you? Well help you make the best choice.

    Whether youre a beginner boater whos still trying to figure out basic boat terminology or an old salt who stays in tune with the latest boat design trends, you probably know that choosing the ideal boat for you and your family is no simple endeavor. Different kinds of boats can be broken down into dozens of classes, but we have simplified most popular choice into our top 10 classes of boat.Read on to learn all about each of these boat types.

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    How Propellers Work

    The propeller has a hub surrounded by blades of the same length and size. The blades are twisted so that they push water toward the rear as they turn. This pushing is what propels the boat forward in the water. Most blades rotate in a right hand direction when viewed from the rear. Left hand propellers are paired with a right hand propeller in dual-engine installations to keep the boat stable and reduce steering effort.

    Why Buy A New Boat

    How Long Should I Take To Find The Right Boat?

    Buying a new boat is, quite simply, the best possible option in terms of sailing quality and onboard comfort as:

    You can choose between all the models currently on the market

    You can access all the very latest equipment and technologies

    You can set sail with perfect peace of mind, knowing that you have a boat that is reliable and seaworthy

    You benefit from a more extensive warranty cover coupled with an after-sales service that you can call at any time

    There is no work to be done on the boat.

    Buying a new boat is the surefire way of guaranteeing unforgettable sailing on a boat that is tailored to your dreams.

    However, even if you cannot buy a new boat straight away, this should not stop you wanting to become a boat owner. In this case, it could be a good idea to think about buying a second-hand boat.

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    Save Time By Qualifying Your Search Results

    Finding cheap boats for sale on Craigslist is a volume game more than anything. If youre not carefully managing your time, its easy to burn out. If youve ever shown up to view a boat only to realize that the photos you saw online were 10 years old, then you know what Im talking about! Here are a few ways weve cut down on time wasting:

    Avoid scams

    Avoid scams by looking for classic warning signs: typos, generic images, and sellers who dont want to meet in person. If an ad looks suspicious try googling the ad text to see if it shows up in multiples. If it does, its a good sign that something is up.

    Make a must-have list

    Write up your list of must-haves and run through your checklist every time you find a good candidate. Ask the owner to fill in the missing information.

    Ask for additional photos

    Ask for photos before you spend 8 hours of your weekend driving to view a boat. Owners should be willing to send you photos because in the long term it saves their time as well as yours.

    Take a sneak peek

    If the boat is local, swing by the marina and quickly view the boat from the outside. This will give you a sense for how upfront the seller has been in their advertisement.

    Pro tip: Craigslist can be a weird place, so remember than sellers are qualifying you too! Most people want to see their boat going to a good home. Weve both gotten and given great deals simply because we were honest, upfront, friendly, and didnt waste time.

    Before Buying A Boat Choose The Right Size

    When you are in the market to buy a boat, important considerations in choosing a boat include use, price, and size. The trick to buying a boat is to purchase one that is large enough to suit your needs without breaking your boating budget. The larger the boat, the higher the price tag and operating costs. Your answers to the following questions will clarify the ideal size boat to buy.

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    Saltwater / Freshwater Corrosion Resistance

    The simple and easy method to combat this is to go with interior boat lights that are IP 68 waterproof minimum, but IP69K waterproof is even better. That being said, be wary of overly cheap interior lights that claim they are IP 68 or IP69K, because it isn’t cheap to meet these waterproof ratings. It could be a case of false advertising.

    Injection Molded Waterproof Wire Connections

    There is nothing more waterproof than wire connections that are injection molded. This is an absolute must have for boats. If the wire connections are crimped, it is only a matter of time before you will be having connectivity issues and needing to replace them.

    Improved Waterproof Rating

    The most common waterproof rating for interior boat lights is IP 67, IP68, or IP69. We strongly advise against even considering IP 67 waterproof rating for your interior boat lights, so we’re tossing that one out of the discussion.

    IP 68 Waterproof Rating

    • Product can be submerged up to 1.5m for 30 seconds.
    • Good rating for products that may be exposed to water, but not so good if they are going to be permanently installed underwater.

    IP 69K Waterproof Rating

    Tinned Marine Grade Wire

    If you’re familiar with boats and have owned one for a while, you already know the importance of tinned marine grade wire. If you are new to owning a boat, then you’re going to have to my word for it – don’t go for any other type of wire.

    How Do I Get A Boaters License

    How to choose right prop for your boat and motor

    Boating license requirements differ from state to state. Check out this guide on education requirements by state from NASBLA. Typically, if a state does require a boaters license, the individual will need to take some online courses, pass a few tests and then register to receive the license in the mail. Most of the exams needed for a boaters license are administered by a third party, like NASBLA. These third parties often will charge a fee for taking their course, which is usually charged after youve successfully completed the course. There might also be an administrative fee. A great resource is BoatUS, which offers free boating safety courses in 35 states.

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    How To Find The Best Boat Certification Company

    When searching for the professional services of a boat certification company, one need to make the right decision that they won’t regret at any time in the future. It will be important that an individual get to learn about what they are in search for and what is in store for them. This market has experienced a rapid growth in the last few years which had been accompanied by the establishment of so many companies that are offering such services. Without prior experience in dealing with a boat certification company, it becomes a challenging task for an individual to make such a decision which they won’t be regretting in the future.

    When it comes to carrying out this kind of project, you already know that it will be a huge investment that is likely to consume a lot of money through the process. This being the case, proper planning and strategy ought to be done to ensuring that the project becomes a success. Among the most important decisions that ought to be taken during this process will be selecting the Boat Certification British Columbia company to work with. It is highly advisable that as a client, for a reputable, skilled and experienced company which have been around for a long time. Even though there happens to be multiple different options which individuals are offering, always keep it in mind that they are all different and unique in their own way. Don’t just rush and pick the very first company identified.

    Use Search Functions To Get Really Specific

    Learn a few of these search tricks and youll save tons of time.

    Search multiple keywords at the same time by using the | key

    For example, if you searched sail boat | sailboat youll get all the search results for both terms.

    Exclude keywords from your search by using – key.

    For example, sailboats ferrocement youll get all the search results for sailboats except for those that mention ferrocement .

    Get specific by combining search functions using parenthesis

    For example, Home built ferrocement would search for posts with the terms home built and sailboat or sail boat but not ferrocement.

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