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Destin Fl Pontoon Boat Rentals

Why Is Crab Island Popular

Destin Pontoon Rentals – What to Know Before Renting

Over the years, Crab Island has experience consistent growth in popularity each year. When you see the emerald green water at high tide its no surprise why Crab Island is so popular. On any given day in the summer, you will find 100s of boats anchored in the shallow water playing water games and hanging out in the water. Whether you have a boat or not, who wouldnt want to spend their day hanging out in crystal clear water listening to their favorite tunes.

Crab Island hasnt just grabbed the attention of locals and tourist, travel magazines and even Good Morning America have featured Crab Island. The increase in popularity of Crab Island can be attributed to attention from national media outlets, but its also due to the people who visit. After visiting Crab Island for the first time, people cant help but share of the beautiful emerald green water. When people see pictures of Crab Island they want to visit themselves and thus the cycle repeats itself.

Another factor that makes Crab Island so popular is the mobile vendors. When I was 15, I got my first job selling Ice Cream on an inflatable dinghy at Crab Island. Back then it was just a couple ice cream boats and a guy who sold boiled peanuts, but the number and variety has grown over the years along with Crab Islands popularity. The mobile vendors at Crab Island create an incredibly unique environment on the water that cannot be found anywhere else.

Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental

The Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental is perfect for a Crab Island visit it has one of the closest departure location points to the island.

The premium Yamaha Jet Ski seats three and will take you through the waters of Destin Harbor. You can also explore the Choctawhatchee Bay for dolphins while youre at it! DISCOUNT TICKETS!

Looking for a high-speed adventure? Or maybe a slow cruise around Crab Island? No matter which one youre ready for a 3-seater waverunner rental will fit the bill.

Discover Crab Island and Chocawhatchee Bay on these waverunners that can reach up to 50 MPH.

Youll depart just 300 yards from Crab Island in a no-wake zone, so you wont have to battle boat traffic, and youll get plenty of time on the water. DISCOUNT TICKETS!

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Destin X Pontoon Boat Rental Departing From Destin Harbor

Rent a pontoon boat from Destin X for great rates and reliable equipment. Destin X strives to offer the most competitive rates and the best customer service on the Harbor. The knowledge crew will provide all the best spots and places to see while on the water. Start your own adventure today!

  • Safe, reliable, and updated equipment
  • Up to 12 passengers per boat
  • Within minutes of Crab Island and the Bay
  • Choose your own adventure Fish, snorkel, or cruise!


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We Are The Best And Most Affordable Boat Rentals In Fort Walton Beach Fl Because

  • We have the best trained employees to provide instructions on how to operate your boat rental.
  • Our informative employees will provide you with directions, a map of the local waterways, lifejackets and can answer as many questions as you may have pertaining to our boat rental equipment.
  • Your rides are fueled and ready by the appointed time. Call us to make your boat rental in Fort Walton Beach!
  • We do not charge you for your first tank of fuel . Yes, thats right no fuel charges for your first tank of fuel!
  • Our active maintenance staff keeps our Boats running in the best condition.
  • Your opinion matters to us. Providing the best customer experience is the primary objective of our Boat rental services in Fort Walton Beach

Do you have any drinks or personal belongings with you? Our boats have plenty of storage for you and your family and friends! Feel free to bring your own coolers, towels, sunscreen and Snorkeling equipment.

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Discovering Family Vacation Ideas

12 Person Pontoon Rental on the Destin Harbor

Family vacations with the kids or the extended family can be a great way to explore a new city and make memories. Whether youre enjoying a family reunion in an exotic locale or looking for an unforgettable trip with the kids, you can find a range of family vacation ideas and rentals on Vrbo suited to every type of traveler.

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What Is There To Do At Crab Island

Crab Island is a giant sandbar and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The shallow water makes Crab Island perfect for water sports games. You can throw a football around with your family and friends and even practice your diving catches. Even though the Crab Island waterpark was closed several years ago, there is still plenty to do.

Kids enjoying snorkeling around the boat and watching swim by fish and looking for hermit crabs. Crab Island is also a great place to learn how to paddle board since the water is shallow enough to allow you to get back on easily.

Crab Island is also the perfect spot to blow up a floating lounge such as the Mission Hex 82. If you are looking to relax and soak up the sun, a floating pad is one of the best ways to do it. We recently added a Mission float pad and a paddleboard on our boats for those looking for an all-inclusive cruise to Crab Island.

Explore Crab Island And The Choctawhatchee Bay

With our double-decker pontoon boat rentals, you’ll have free rein to explore Destin Harbor, Crab Island, Choctawhatchee Bay, and Santa Rosa Sound. You can book half-day or full-day rentals, with each boat holding 14 people.

It’s the perfect way to go boating, explore the waters, and get waterslide thrills at the same time.

You can even book our pontoon boats for club and social events. What better way to get to know people than by relaxing on the water, enjoying the chance to let loose and bringing out your inner kid.

Boat rentals are also ideal for youth club outings or even as a fun culmination to fundraising or community outreach.

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Crab Island & Destin Boat Rental Reviews

Great service and very fun activities. Jet Ski package is definitely worth it along with kayaking and paddle boarding. If you decide to tube make sure to request jake to tug you for a better time. Kevin and his whole crew are full of energy and ready to help you with whatever you may need.

I love these guys. Captain Kevin and Captain Jake have taken care of my entire family when they come to Florida. Granted my kids are grown but this is what they ask for when they come. The guys do all the work for you and Captain Jake even makes a great lunch! You cant beat this for quality and price.

I was amazed with the courtesy and professional service of Chris Picket. His overall customer service and helpfulness with my families vacation was awesome! Hope to come back next year and hope to see Chriss friendly face and customer service again. We cant say enough about him.

How Do I Get To Crab Island

Crab Island Destin, Florida

The quickest way to Crab Island is by boat. If you bring your boat to Destin, then launching at Destin Marina will get you to Crab Island in minutes. The Destin Marina is the closest boat launch to Crab Island at roughly 1000 feet away. From the Destin Marina, you just drive across the channel and youre at Crab Island. If you dont have a boat, you can book a captained Crab Island Adventure cruise with the Destin location, and it will leave from the Destin Marina. This is the shortest boat ride you will find to Crab Island and will give you the most amount of time at Crab Island.

There are other boat launches in Destin and the surrounding area, but a boat is not your only option to get to Crab Island. You can also get to Crab Island on a paddleboard or kayak however, a boat is your safest and fastest option. If you are thinking about taking a paddleboard or kayak you should take necessary safety precautions. Additionally, if you plan on drinking at Crab Island, I dont recommend taking a paddleboard or kayak as there is a risk of serious injury or death.

During the summer there is a lot of boat traffic around Crab Island, so you should only travel by paddleboard or kayak if you are confident in your abilities and do not plan on drinking alcohol. The current near Crab Island can be very strong at certain times of day, so please consider your athletic abilities. I have seen two people on a kayak go nowhere even when they were padding hard.

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Make Memories That Last Forever

Imagine sunbathing on the upper deck or swimming in the crystal-clear water of the Florida panhandle and when you’re ready to cool off, enjoying a picnic lunch under the large shaded lower deck of your double-decker pontoon boat rental. Whether you choose to dance on the upper deck, relax to your favorite music, or make a splash off the waterslides, you will undoubtedly make life-long memories with your friends and family.

Pontoon Boat Rentals Seating Capacity & Features

There is seating for 12, however, we only allow this if your group contains 3 or more small children. We allow 10 people if everyone on board is an adult. We want everyone to be comfortable under the large Bimini top for shade. There is a removable table for entertaining and a bluetooth enabled sound system, so get your playlists ready!

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Ft Pontoon Rental Overview

Our 28-foot Pontoon Boat rental is a popular boat among the locals. This pontoon is usually reserved well in advance due to its large size and sleek looks, so be sure to make a reservation early!

Can carry up to 12 passengers* or up to 2045 lbs. combined, whichever comes first.

*Children count as a passenger, per the US Coast Guard regulations

Equipped with 4-stroke Yamaha 90 HP engine

Minimum of a 4 hour rental

Driver must have boating experience, as our harbor & waterways are very busy. If driver has no experience, recommend hiring a captain or booking a chartered captained trip through another vendor.

Book early, as the prices can change.

Summer Season Prices starting at:

May 23, 2022 June 19, 2022

Peak Summer Season starting at:

Off SeasonPrices starting at:

  • $37.50/hour after initial 4 hours

Spring/Fall BreakPrices starting at:

  • $37.50/hour after initial 4 hours

28ft Pontoon Boat is available from March 1st October 31st.

Rental Details

*Please note, the primary driver must be at least 18 years old, have a valid ID, cell phone, & credit card. If the driver is born after January 1, 1988 they must present a Boaters Safety License. If you dont have your Boaters Safety License and you need it, there are 3 options :

Half And Full Day Pontoon Boat Rental

Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals

Bring 11 of your friends along on a pontoon boat trip out to Crab Island! This rental departs from Fort Walton Beach.

Youll have everything you need to maximize your time on the water and explore Fort Waltons beaches, coastlines, and more. This boat rental comes with a sound system, and retractable sun cover.

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Hourly Jet Ski Rental

Cruise in style on the famed emerald waters of the Choctawhatchee Bay with this Yamaha Jet Ski Rental.

Experience unforgettable fun in the sun at nearby Crab Island or kick back with family and friends while searching for dolphins, stingrays, and other incredible marine life.

Feeling the need for speed? Enjoy a wave-flying good time on this high-octane joy ride. Choose from 1- to 8-hours of fun in the sun. DISCOUNT TICKETS!

Double Decker Pontoon Boat With Two Water Slides

If you really want to do a day in Destin right then rent a double decker pontoon boat with TWO water slides! Say what?! Oh my gosh, this looks like the most fun ever.

This pontoon features two decks, two waterslides, Bluetooth radio, and room for 14 people.

Snorkel around the boat, slide down the waterslides, or relax on one of the two decks while exploring Crab Island, the Santa Rosa Sound, Destin Harbor and the Choctawhatchee Bay.

Bonus? Your kids will love you forever!

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Where Is Crab Island

Crab Island is located northwest of the Emerald Grande and Destin Harborwalk Village. If you are driving into Destin from Fort Walton Beach, you can see Crab Island when driving over the Marler Bridge. The GPS coordinate location is

N 30° 23′ 36.7224″, W 86° 29′ 44.8188″. Crab Island is also located about 1000 feet directly across from the Destin Marina. On a summer day you cannot miss Crab Island when youre driving over the Marler Bridge.

During the off-season in the winter, you may have a harder time seeing Crab Island. All you will see in the winter is a large area of shallow water that appears lighter in color than the surrounding area. Although it is harder to see when driving by, if there are no boats on Crab Island you will see what looks like two parallel lines of white buoys. These buoys represent a designated no boat zone to all the Coast Guard a fast route through Crab Island on a busy summer day.

Enjoy The Emerald Waters Of Destin

Pontoon Rental 30a, Yacht Charters 30a, Beach Buggy Rental 30a, Slingshot rental Destin

While you’re propelling down the waterslides of your boat rental, you just might catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins, schools of fish, or other intriguing wildlife. The East Pass circulates freshwater and saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico, which means plenty of marine animals and seabirds will venture into Choctawhatchee Bay as well.

Combine water play with birding as you locate birds such as brown pelicans, tricolored herons, loons and more. Venturing closer to shorelines will reveal even more shorebirds too! Pontoon boats are available to rent from March 1 through October 31, with our busiest season spanning from May 15 to August 15. So book today!

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Passenger Pontoon Rental With Gilligans Watersports

Get out on the water with this 12 Person Pontoon Rental on the Destin Harbor with Gilligans Watersports. The first tank of fuel is included!

Be your own captain for the day aboard your very own pontoon boat equipped with a 50 HP engine. See the sights around the bay and harbor. Visit the popular Crab Island or even try your luck at some inshore fishing in one of the areas popular bayous. DISCOUNT TICKETS!

What To Bring For Your Pontoon Rental

A Whether youre boating with us for the first time or youve experienced our second-to-none boat service before, there are a few things youll want to be sure you bring each and every time:

  • Valid government-issued photo I.D. for any rider 18+
  • A credit card to hold your reservation

Seem like a short list? Thats because it is well handle the rest while you soak up the sun on your Destin pontoon rental. Aint nobody got time for that. This is your vacation!

IMPORTANT Government Stuff- Pontoon drivers born after January 1st, 1988 MUST obtain a Boater Safety Card. For your convenience, you can find the instructions here. If taken onsite, you must arrive 45 min to 1 hr before departure time.

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Private Dolphin Tour And Fishing Adventure

Enjoy some family-friendly fun for everyone on this Private Dolphin Tour & Fishing Adventure combo for 6 guests.

Customize your day and experience a dolphin cruise and fishing trip all tied into one neat package. Get out on the Choctawhatchee Bay and leave your worries at the dock.

You can choose to cruise for a few hours, or an all-day adventure. DISCOUNT TICKETS!

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Passenger Pontoon Boat Rental Departing From Destin Harbor

Destin Pontoon Boat Rental with Guide

Ready to get out on the sparkling waters of the Emerald Coast? This 12 passenger pontoon boat rental, that departs from Destin Harbor, is a great choice!

Be the captain of your day as you explore the Choctawhatchee Bay, the bayous, and Crab Island where boaters come to gather and soak up the Florida sun. You can plan your own adventure fish, snorkel, or just cruise the beautiful waters surrounding Destin.

TripShock is a great place to make your 12-Passenger Pontoon Boat Rental and he first tank of gas is included!


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Our Pontoon Boat Rental Reviews:

Thank you Chance for showing us a great time. You really have what it takes to make anyones get away an awesome experience!

I recently rented a pontoon from Destiny Water Adventures and Chance was very professional and knowledgeable!! My family and so will definitely be back next summer!

We had a great time on the water and thanks to Chance Wade for being a great people person. He made it even more fun, great guy.

Snorkel Fish Slide And Relax

When you’re out on the water, you’ll likely see plenty of other happy folks out on their own adventures. This is your opportunity to explore the waters of Destin, so reserve your boat rental soon before the pontoons are all booked up.

You can enjoy snorkeling around the boat, fishing off the side, sliding down the two waterslides, or simply relaxing on the decks. The fun never stops on the water!

And while there are other things to do in Destin, why not see Destin from a new perspective! This is your chance to tour around the Choctawhatchee bay with your best friends and extended family.

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