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How Can I Sell My Boat Fast

How To Sell A Boat

Luxury Yacht Service On How To Sell My Boat Online Quickly

Everything you need to know about selling your boat. This boat selling guide provides step-by-step information to sell your used boat.

Once youve decided to sell your boat , getting to work in a professional and systematic manner will boost your chances of a swift successful outcome. This boat selling guide is intended to provide information for private sellers to follow, with step-by-step instruction on how to sell a used boat.

How Do I Sell My Boat 9 Important Steps

What is the fastest and easiest way to sell a boat?

This is a common question boaters ask when they need to upgrade, downgrade their watercraft or stop keeping one altogether.

In this article, we dive deep into everything you need to know about selling your boat. To get top dollar for your prized possession, you need high-level attention to detail and preparations.

This article will show you exactly how to go about it!

Boat Restoration And Upgrade Costs

In case you skimmed over it just before this section, I want to highlight again the importance of understanding that upgrades or restoration costs to a boat do not pass on directly to a buyer. You may have loved that new Garmin Electronics upgrade, but your buyer is a Raymarine fan. Why should they pay full price for your favorite gear? They wont They just wont!

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How Long Does It Take To Sell A Boat

Selling a boat in a timely manner is key. Just like a house, the longer a boat stays on the market, the more buyers wonder what could be wrong with it. Working with a yacht broker or boat dealer to sell your yacht will most likely expedite the process, given the contacts and marketing savvy that they have after all, they have made a career out of selling and helping to purchase yachts.

What Is The Best Way To Sell A Boat

How Can I Sell My House Quickly

The best way to sell a boat is to first take inventory of your own knowledge and marketing skills. How much of an expert are you, or would you fare better knowing that someone with contacts, leverage, and marketing capability can swoop in and sell your boat faster? In either case, work through the boat sellers checklist below to help determine the better route.

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What Information Do I Need To List My Boat For Sale Online

That means at a minimum you should ensure there are no typos, spelling or grammatical errors. As we in the journalism business like to say, If you couldnt be bothered to spell things correctly, people are going to wonder what else you got wrong. People will stop reading a sloppy news story. With a clunky classified boat listing, they might just move on to another ad.

Provide as much detail as possible within the allotted space on the website where youre listing your boat. Use exact builder specifications for the boats dimensions, including length , beam, draft and gross weight. Provide bullet points to highlight improvements, optional upgrades and aftermarket equipmentsuch as additional seating, electronics and navigational systems. Dont forget to include model numbers and brand names for any equipment onboard as well as details on the boats electrical system. Overall, make it easy to read and digest.

Include details about every feature on your boat including upgrades and equipment.

Also, for buyer and seller peace of mind, consider a Boat History Report for your vessel. For a while, buyers purchased the reports , but now sellers are providing the reports upfront too. You can purchase a report at, a nationwide database that details boat histories by hull identification number . The site has roughly 100 million boat registration records on file. Obtaining a boat history report as a seller is another way to ensure a quick sale of your boat!

What’s Your Best Price

I cringe every time I hear this, and you should too. Whether innocently or intentionally, its a method of getting you to discount your boat twice!

First, you accept the idea of taking less, and then when they show up and Find something you didnt put in your description, magically- They want more money off because you left that out And with a boat, people will find something you missed in your description!

Offer to gladly negotiate prices AFTER they inspect the boat.

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Boat Bill Of Sale And Ownership Documents Paperwork

As we all know, selling a boat cannot happen without paperwork. Typically, the higher the price, the more paperwork there is. From boat title and proof of ownership to boat bill of sale agreements and contracts, this can be a tricky process.

To sell a simple runabout, PWC or a bass boat, the paperwork you need to fill out will vary by state. However, in most states, typically all thats needed for cash transactions is the title signed over to the new owner, who then takes it to the department of motor vehicles office and applies for a new title.

If you are selling the boat to a buyer from another state, there may be a bit more paperwork involved, such as an application for boat registration of a hull number. But dont be intimidated, its not a terribly difficult process.

You can get templates for proof of sale and release of liability by simply searching those terms on Google, but most titles have language on them that indicates the seller is releasing the vessel to the buyer. Your states DMV also might offer PDF versions of those forms.

Dont forget, if youre selling a trailerable boat along with a boat trailer, youll also need to transfer ownership of the trailer as well before your buyer can legally drive it away. Otherwise, they will be driving the boat on your trailer, and you may be liable in the event of a collision or traffic violation.

Determine Your Boats Value

Sell my yacht Fast

There are many factors that can help you determine the value of your boat in the condition it is in. The most important factor is the age of your boat since boats tend to decrease in value as they get older.

However, knowing how old your used boat is will not automatically give you an accurate number for its worth it can be difficult to find information on this topic online. Its best that you take the time and effort to research and list down all of the information you can find on your used boat.

Doing so will allow you to have a better idea as to where it stands in terms of pricing, and whether or not this is an accurate number for its condition. You should also take into consideration how well maintained your vessel was during its lifetime if its been taken out at sea a lot or not so much, if its been kept indoors or not.

This will help you determine what kind of shape your boat is in, and whether or not its worth probably matches the number for how much it could get at a sale.

There are some websites that can also help you determine the value of your boat, so dont be afraid to do some research! Places like NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book are great options.

Land and Sea Enterprises is an amazing option to sell your used boat, since we will give you as much cash as possible for it, much more than anyone else! We dont just base our prices on the condition of your vessel we take every factor into consideration and pay you based on that.

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This Is What Our Customers Say About Us

I was able to sell my Lund quickly using your website – and before I bought my new boat! Thanks,

I was trying to get my boat sold fast, and within the first few days of listing my boat I received 3 emails from interested buyers. Sold my boat soon after.

Most of the specs for our boat were able to be pre-populated during the checkout process, so it made listing the boat fast. Weve already received 2 quality leads within the first 24 hours.

The process of uploading my boat listing to was super easy. And my boat sold for the asking price!

Sell Your Boat Fast With Confidence

The process of selling your boat with Boats N Cars is relatively simple and painless, and includes just a few steps:

  • Contact us for a quote: To begin the process of selling your boat, simply give us a call at 727-409-2628, or email us. Well arrange a time to look at your boat, and fill you in on the documents youll need to sell it.
  • Inspection and appraisal: Our highly knowledgeable staff will conduct a thorough inspection of your boat. Once inspection is complete, well offer you a no-obligation quote for your boat.
  • Cash for your boat: If you choose to accept our offer, well process all necessary paperwork and put the cash in your hand the very same day. No waiting for payment or dealing with low-ball offers. Just cash for your boat quickly and easily.

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Decide Your Route: Use A Broker Or Sell Privately

Pros of selling a boat privately

  • More money in your own pocket .
  • Potential for a quick turnaround as fewer people involved.
  • You maintain control of the whole process.
  • No one knows your boat as well as you do.
  • With proper planning, and the help of this guide, it can be easy and satisfying.

Cons of selling a boat privately

  • The process of selling a boat can be time consuming.
  • You must educate yourself about the boat market.
  • You will need to complete all the sales paperwork.
  • You will need to learn the processes, such as surveys, sea trials and legal matters.

Boating Ads: Sell A Boat Testimonials

Can I Sell My House Fast to Avoid Bankruptcy?

Just sending a Thank you …. we used your site to sell our boat and it soldin 3 days.We were glad to hear about! We received many inquiries about our boat and sold it quickly! Thank you for this great website! We will refer anyone looking for a boat to!Your website is great! I listed my boat with your site and a few other sites . I got nearly all of my inquiries from your service and finally sold my boat to an Âiboats buyer.Thanks and keep up the great work!!Your service is just too wonderful! My boat sold fairly quickly last summer via your service!Thank you,I just wanted to let you know that I put an ad in your web site on July 31st and had several serious inquiries. I am in Texas and sold my boat to someone in Connecticut. You were the only place that I placed my ad and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your help and will recommend you to anyone.Many thanks to iboats. I have sold to a man in Pennsylvania and he was also happy with the deal!I’ve been able to sell this boat as a direct result of your service.Thanks,Your classifieds are great. I sold the motor within 2 days to someone who lives 5 miles from me.Thanks for providing a great service!I advertised my boat and received a world of interest. I am in Texas and I sold my Pontoon to a man in staff are the most professional team I have had the pleasure to do business with. Thanks! You are a class act.Thank you!Thank You again,Thanks again!

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Selling A Boat Tampa Bay Used Boat Buyer Pays Top Dollar For Your Clean Used Boat Jetski Or Waverunner

The process of selling a used boat can be a frustrating one. Trying to sell a used boat online or in the newspaper can open you up to low ball offers, or unscrupulous buyers just trying to take advantage of you. Your boat may sit for weeks or months, even years, without a buyer time that can be better spent with a new boat or toy, or, better yet, cash in your pocket.

At Boats N Cars LLC, we are a leading Tampa Bay used boat buyer. We pay cash for boats of all types and makes, under 30 bow riders, fishing boats, deck boats, jet boats, ski boats you name it and if its in good condition an well-kept, chances are, well buy your boat. If you have a boat over 30, give us a call anyway and we will refer you to one of our local partners. Our knowledge of the used watercraft market allows us to offer fast, no-obligation quotes on your boat. In many cases, we can complete the purchase process the very same day you contact us.

We are Tampa Bays go-to boat buyers, with more than 30 years of experience buying and selling watercraft. Customers from all over Florida bring us their boats when they are ready to sell or trade in. We are proud to have earned an outstanding reputation within the area. Please see our testimonials page for more information.

Tom George Yacht Group

Do you have any questions about listing a boat? The Tom George Yacht Group team of brokers has decades of experience buying and selling boats and yachts of all sizes. Our goal is to ensure a smooth process with a quick sale that results in top dollar for all of our clients. Please contact us today if you are seeking to list your boat or if you have any questions about buying or selling a boat.

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Proven Tips For Selling A Boat

When it’s time to sell a boat, you’ve made the smart choice. Selling your boat with is fast and easy, secure and inexpensive. Your boat for sale ad will reach millions of boaters and cost less than a typical newspaper ad. Still not convinced that you’re on the right site to sell a boat? is also the choice of marine industry professionals. The most successful boat dealers, brokers and manufacturers in the country choose to help sell their boats. gives you all the tools you need to sell a boat quickly and easily. Our boat for sale ads include full color photos and detailed descriptions and are seen by’s unbeatable audience of boaters. Follow these simple tips and you will be selling your boat in no time:

How To Sell Your Boat

How to Sell Your Boat Online

Selling a used boat? Here’s a step by step guide to make it happen quickly and easily.

If you’re reading this article, we have a pretty good idea of what you may be dealing with right now. As boat owners, we all love our boats but sometimes it’s time to let go and move on. Whether you’re buying a new boat and must first sell your old boat, or just ready to collect on your investment and take a break from the water, all of us here on the editorial staff have been there. However, the sell-my-boat process doesn’t have to be painful. This comprehensive for-sale-by-owner boat selling guide is intended to provide information to private sellers just like you to help get you through the steps.First, if you have the time take a look at our “How to sell your boat” video with Lenny Rudow for some great tips on selling your vessel.

Now that you’ve watched the video hopefully you have a good idea of the process for selling your boat. Let’s take a deeper dive into each step.

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Selling My Boat On Craigslist

I feel its a must to address selling a boat on Craigslist because its that one platform that everyone believes works, but also the platform everyone is the most afraid of.

Here Is The Deal:

Craigslist rings your phone! However, it is also true that:

  • Many of those people will never ask you one question about the boat before asking for a discount first
  • Many of those people will be dealers or brokers trying to pitch you their services
  • Many of those people will be dealers or Flippers offering you significantly less so that they can sell your boat for their own profit.
  • Many of the emails or texts you receive could be scam artists.

So, if you are in a rush you should use Craigslist! However, be prepared for the debris thats going to come in with that flood of action your listing recieves.

Tip: If a lot of people are calling you offering you cheap prices upfront, thats a good sign. Those are dealers or people that flip boats on the side who think your boat is in high demand.

We Want To Buy Your Used Boat

For us, seafaring types summer only says one thing: Boating. We love to get out and enjoy these great summer months out on the open water, soaking up the sun, and making great memories. For some though those memories may have to come to a close. Boats are expensive no matter how you cut it, from repairs, insurance, docking fees and the yearly maintenance, it can be such a pain. If you feel like it might be time to part with your boat or if you want to upgrade to a better model, we are here to help.

Here at we are in the market to buy your old and used boat off you. We buy everything from motor boats, fishing vessels, sailboats, speedboats, and everything in between. We buy brands like Tartan, Bayliner, Four Winns, W.D. Shock, and may more.

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