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Glass Bottom Boat Tours Michigan

Three Shipwrecks One Lighthouse And Close Up Views Of Munising Bay

Glass Bottom Boat Shipwreck tour! | Lake Superior | Munising, Michigan

I departed Munising on a foggy morning around 10 am, excited for what I was going to see. I have to say that the fog added a little flair to the trip, as it brings this ominous illusion to the boat. I did hear that the shipwrecks are easier to see when it is bright and sunny out, but I had no problem seeing them in the fog.

The first site on the trip is the wreck of the Bermuda, a ship that sunk in 1870 from excess weight and a leak in the hull. This shipwreck is less than twelve feet under the surface of the water, letting all the passengers on the glass bottom boat see the ship clearly.

After this sight, the tour continues around Grand Island in Munising Bay and pulls up close to the East Channel Lighthouse for some photo opportunities and to tell a little history about the lighthouse. The lightkeeper raised his family on Grand Island making a great living of $400 dollars a year plus benefits .

The second shipwreck comes shortly after a great view of the Grand Island shoreline. The Herman H. Hettler crashed into a rock reef during a storm in late 1926 and was slowly broken apart from multiple winter storms. While all 16 of the crew members escaped, nothing was salvageable and the steamer was left to be broken apart by nature. Today the wreck is scattered around the bay in varying depths. Still, plenty to see, including the captains bathtub and commode!

Come Play On The Water With Us

Have you and your family been searching for things to do in Northern Michigan? Look no further! Nautical North Family Adventures offers a wide variety of options to get you out on the water, having fun, learning history and enjoying the natural beauty that defines our area. Whether you are looking for glass bottom shipwreck tours, family kayak rentals or youd really prefer to see a Lake Huron lighthouse up close, we have you covered! If Northern Michigan boat rentals leave you scrambling for a captain when youd rather enjoy the daylet us take the helm with our private charters! If you are visiting & want things to do in Northern MI as a new and wonderful experience for the whole family consider a glass bottom boat ride. We are here in Cheboygan, just 20 minutes from Mackinaw City, Mich.

We also offer an educational and historical Cheboygan River Tour where you can enjoy a leisurely ride up the Cheboygan River through the lock and dam system. Bring your friends, refreshments, and settle in to enjoy Northern Michigan in a unique way. We can go up the Inland Waterway system all the way to the Black River. Just give us a call to design your unique Inland Waterway charter!

Lighthouse lovers, you now have the ability to get out to those far off Lake Huron and Lake Michigan lighthouses! We offer private charters to most of the Northern Michigan lighthouses aboard our 6-passenger vessel. See as many as you like, call to arrange your itinerary.

Shipwreck Tours In Munising Michigan

We started out our morning at the Shipwreck Tours in Munising off the shore on a dreadfully rainy day. It couldnt have been a yuckier day but thankfully the tour boat was completely enclosed and kept us dry! Traveling with a little one I REALLY appreciated not being sopping wet and still enjoying this tour!

In case you havent heard about this cruise it is a glass bottom boat that takes you over various shipwrecks on Lake Superior. TOTALLY something our family went nuts over and a cool experience my boys will never forget. Seriously how adorable are they?!

There are 2 very large glass bottom window viewing areas which meant we had more than ample opportunity to stand there for the entire tour and stare down into the water. You can see my boys above they cant contain their smiles and excitement!

There was also plenty of seats available so my husband and I rotated with our 1 year old to keep her occupied. Unfortunately seeing sunken ships was not really high on her to do list that day but she did well enough.

Viewing the shipwrecks really brought a surreal feeling. Its something you might see in a movie but in real life! What an incredible experience! This one of a kind tour in Munising is one Id go to every time I visited if I could!

Its definitely something I would want to do again! In fact some of these shipwrecks are just inches below the waters surface and open to snorkel to and explore!

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Shipwreck Tour Glass Bottom Boat Tour & Lake Superior Wreck Dives

Located on picturesque Munising Bay in Munising, Michigan Shipwreck Tours offers modern travelers a chance to see the proud boats which sailed the Great Lakes before the turn of the century.Come Aboard! Discover the shipwrecks of the Alger Underwater Preserve through the clear waters of Lake Superior and view the rock formations of Grand Island. History comes alive as you hear about these turn of the century wrecks.

This is the only place in the United States that you can see real shipwrecks aboard a Glass Bottom Boat. www.shipwrecktours.com

Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tour

Shipwreck Tours

Reservations are highly recommended to make one day in advance

The tour is a two-hour, fully narrated, historical, excursion of two shipwrecks, Bermuda and Herman H. Hettler . Enjoy a close-up view of the East Channel Lighthouse, built in 1867, and colorful rock cliffs and beaches of Grand Island.

Open 7 Days a week, rain or shine! Buy your tickets in advance through our website or call the ticket office at 387-4477.

Preserved by Lake Superiors icy waters, these wooden ships of the industrial ages lay on the bottom where they met the demise and spent their last moments on the surface. American history comes alive as you hear the stories of some of the first great lakes carriers and see our best examples of the areas Shipwrecks.

View the grand beauty of Munising Bay, above and below, aboard Miss Munising, Fireball or our newly constructed, Shipwreck Express. All are Coast Guard Certified vessels equipped with specially designed, through hull, glass viewing areas. With sometimes as much as 45 feet of underwater visibility, these historical treasures may now be seen by everyone traveling with you in comfort and all while keeping dry!.

A delightful narration is provided throughout the cruise. Our Captains and crew members are all history enthusiasts and have studied the area extensively, so each trip is not only entertaining but, educational

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Alpena-Fletcher Library worlds largest collection of 1800s Great Lakes ship photos and records, the Great Lakes Maritime Collection, aka the Thunder Bay Sanctuary Research Collection

Alpena-El Cajon Bay Underwater Sinkhole you can scuba dive this massive underwater sinkhole!

Alpena-Court Yard Ristorante surprisingly good bread, salmon, mac and cheese, etc.

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Alpena-Alpena Adventures.com specializing in shipwreck snorkeling and guided sinkhole hiking excursions

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Welcome Aboard Our Shipwreck Tour Boat Lady Michigan

Our tour boat, Lady Michigan, is a passenger vessel 65 feet in length. Two levels provide plenty of room to move around, and seating is cushioned for comfort. The open upper deck has ample seating for those who care to enjoy the outdoor elements during the cruise. The lower deck is heated with ample seating and is equipped with glass bottom viewing wells. These windows, a unique feature on tour boats of the Great Lakes, will allow passengers to view shipwreck remains during their cruise. Our captain, with up to date electronic equipment, will be able to situate Lady Michigan directly over the shipwreck. Leave your diving equipment at home you wont have to get wet to enjoy the historic wrecks just below the waves!

An enclosed and heated lower deck, cushioned seating, and restrooms are provided for your comfort.

Lady Michigan is newly constructed, with twin diesel engines and stabilizers for comfort on the Great Lakes. She is also equipped with the latest technology in navigation, radar, and radio equipment. Life Saving Devices are provided for every passenger on the boat, andinstructions for their use is provided on every tour.

All U.S. Coast Guard regulations are strictly adhered to assure your safety and enjoyment.

Tickets are available at the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center store, located inside NOAAs Maritime Center at 500 W. Fletcher Street, Alpena, MI 49707 or buy online.

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Get Up Close To Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Munising Michigan has many great area tours to experience. Boat tours, underwater diving tours, and bus tours are waiting to take you on a course that brings you up close to some of the greatest Pictured Rocks sights. These attractions are some of the most extraordinary in the State of Michigan.

There are many excellent reasons to choose a tour. A Munising tour is relaxing, educational, historical, and filled with fascinating facts. It is a great choice for all ages and for family orientated fun. This adventure is perfect for the photographer with fantastic views in every direction. Experienced guides take you along these magnificent trips within a safe and fun environment!

Glass Bottom Time Machine

Glass Bottom Shipwreck Boat Tour – Pictured Rocks – Munising, Michigan

If you have lived in Michigan for a long time you have probably visited Mackinaw City, The Island, and the Fort along with other sites at the tip of the mitten many times. On my last trip to northern Michigan, I took a ride on the Yankee Sunshine. It is a glass-bottom boat operated by Nautical North Family Adventures in Cheboygan.

We went out of the Cheboygan River and saw the 14-foot shoal lighthouse and then went over to Duncan Bay and through the windows in the hull saw three shipwrecks. I have always been fascinated by shipwrecks and wanted to scuba dive on one. With my health and vision, I am not sure it is possible but the Yankee Sunshine was an amazing way to experience some historic shipwrecks without even getting wet. It was like looking back in time through the glass at the old timbers of ships built over a century ago. It is difficult to get a good photo through the glass but incredible to view in person.

They do offer the option to snorkel the wrecks if you want to get up close to them. The crew was fantastic and knowledgeable. They gave a lot of information and stories about the shipwrecks and the area. They were also a pleasure to hang out with for the hour and half the tour lasted. They say what is better than owning a boat, is a friend with a boat and that is what it felt like was hanging out with friends on a Pure Michigan afternoon adventure.

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Explore The Depth Of Lake Superior And It’s Treasures Within

Americas first and todays best Glass Bottom Boat Shipwreck Tour since 1992! Take an excursion back in time to the industrial ages of American shipping History. Let us introduce you to Lake Superiors natural underwater museum featuring a rare, fully intact, wooden sailing ship that was built before the Civil War and sits only a few feet from the surface of the lake.

The trip takes about 2 hours, visits two different shipwreck sites, rock cliffs & caves, a historic lighthouse, and the exquisite beauty of Grand Island and Munising Bay.

Grand Island is an interesting place all on its own with its rich history, sandy beaches and colorful sandstone cliffs and caves. North American Bald Eagles are often spotted all throughout the trip as they nest along the shoreline.

Trips are scheduled daily from Memorial weekend until the second week of October. Reservations are highly recommended!

To guarantee your reservation, purchase your tickets online. If youre looking for the perfect present, we also have gift certificates available!


Dog kennels available but, MUST be reserved ahead of time. No emotional support dogs allowed on board.

Boats that go out on the hour are handicap accessible.

Fun for the entire family! Kids LOVE this trip!

Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours

On the way back to the Munising docks, the shipwreck tour shows one more shipwreck that is an unknown wreck. So far no one has been able to identify the story of this ship and there are no records of any ships of this style disappearing. Maybe you can help solve the mystery?

This two-hour tour was interesting as well as being educational! The things that you can see from the glass bottom are amazing. History buffs and children will both enjoy this ride even the youngest children enjoy keeping an eye out for the fish under the surface.

Bottom Line: Munisings Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours are interesting, educational, and fun!

How to get there? 1204 Commercial St., Munising, MI

Phone: 387-4477

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Glass Bottom Shipwreck Boat Tours

Glass bottom boat tours the shipwrecks of the Alger Underwater Preserve in Lake Superior.The trip takes about 2 hours, visits three different shipwreck sites, a historic lighthouse, and the exquisite beauty of Grand Island and Munising Bay.Munising. 906-387-4477, shipwrecktours.com.

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D Rock Cruise In Munising Michigan

Glass bottom boat shipwreck tour, Marquette. Pictured Rocks lakeshore ...

The Pictured Rocks Cruise actually offer several options for your cruise from the shorter cruise, a longer one to see an additional waterfall and even a sunset cruise! The boat is much larger than the Shipwreck Tours and you can absolutely sit inside for the entire cruise if youd like or venture outdoors!

I LOVED the Shipwreck Tours cruise for its uniqueness but I came away totally in LOVE with the Pictured Rocks Cruise! It was stunning and picturesque! I didnt feel like I was on Lake Superior in Michigan I felt like I was on a coast somewhere!

The cliffs and rock formations were just stunning. Now remember, I am a freak about rocks but look at that turquoise water! It was incredible! I just couldnt believe it!

Sea caves galore! Someday when my kids are older, or if I ever go back without the kids, Id love to kayak around the shoreline in and out of some of these sea caves. Above you can actually see the observation platform at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They look like tiny ants!

A word of caution, however, if you do decide to venture out on the lake in a kayak. I absolutely would not bring my kids with me even though we are an extremely adventurous family. The water can be insanely rough and the waves are astronomical.

There were times I didnt feel safe just wading offshore because the waves were so vicious. Definitely know what the weather looks like and understand it can change in an instant know what youre getting yourself into!

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Most Popular Wrecks We Visit

The Bermuda

The Bermuda is a very popular for both beginners and advanced SCUBA divers. A merchant schooner of 394 tons, she was built launched from Oswego, NY, in 1860, and sunk with 3 lives lost of in October 1870. Although this wreck lies in only 30 feet of water, it is protected from ice and wave damage. The result is an intact 136 foot schooner sitting upright and waiting for visitors. The BERMUDA was 26 feet in beam and l l feet, 9 inches in depth.

Photo courtesy of Chris Doyal Underwater Photograpy – chrisdoyal.com

The Herman Hettler

The Herman Hettler, a 210 wooden steamer wrecked on Nov. 23. 1926. It was launched in 1890 from West Bay City, MI as the steamer WALTER VAIL. The HETTLER was laden with a cargo of table salt when she encountered one of those famous November gales. She was headed for the shelter of Grand Island, Munising, Michigan, when she struck Trout Point reef and was torn apart over the next 3 days. All 27 of her crew escaped before the steamer broke up. This Shipwreck site is scattered over 1/2 mile and is classified as two different dive sites.

Photo courtesy of Chris Doyal Underwater Photography – chrisdoyal.com

The Kiowa
The ManHattan

The ManHattan, a wooden bulk freight steamer of 1,545 tons, 252 feet in length, launched in

Photo courtesy of Chris Doyal Underwater Photography – chrisdoyal.com

The Steven M. Selvick

Photo courtesy of Chris Doyal Underwater Photography – chrisdoyal.com

The Smith Moore

Munising Bay Shipwreck Tours Busily Building A Boat Of Their Own Design

You can’t blame Peter Lindquist if he’s not getting a full night’s sleep these days. He’s the President of Munising Bay Shipwreck Tours. He and his son Joe are executing a lifelong dream of building their own glass bottom boat.

“Every day is not only Christmas, but it’s also a huge worry,” said Lindquist.

Munising Bay Shipwreck Tours, which is a family-run business also offers a shipwreck dive adventure. However, the ever-popular glass bottom boat tour side of the business has always had to settle for using converted second-hand boats.

“We started this tour back in 1992 or something and we’ve always modified boats to fit our needs,” recalled Lindquist.

It’s been kind of in design in the heads of my dad and myself for the last 24 years, commented Captain/Co-Owner, Joe Lindquist.

24 seasons of glass bottom boat tours has helped to refine their designs into the vessel that is now coming together bit-by-bit.

“Most of the boat was constructed in Lower Michigan, but due to its size it had to be disassembled and trucked here in pieces and now we’re in the assembly process,” Captain Joe explained.

The boat is almost entirely Michigan-made, from the downstate boat builder himself, to the seating, to the glass for the viewing area it’s all Michigan-made.

The Shipwreck Express is 65-feet long and 32-feet wide and can easily carry 150 passengers. Thats twice the capacity of their older models. It’ll have four viewing areas each capable of accommodating 20 passengers at a time.

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