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Bow Fishing Boat For Sale

Lowe Roughneck 2070 Archer

Bowfishing Pontoon Boat For Sale!

If youve the right gear, and, of course, the right boat, bowfishing could be much simpler. Thisbowfishing boatsmodel holds great promise, with the elevated deck being one of its best properties, giving you the perfect place to target and shoot.

It has a maximum capacity of 5 people or a total weight of around 660 pounds. It comes with an all-welded and all-aluminum design to make the boat durable. Even the floor is made of aluminum that, after several years of use, may easily withstand abuse.


Lowe Roughneck 2070 ArcherSpecifications


The A 2072 is a big duck hunting boat. It looks a bit more solid. It may be a little rougher, but if you need some visibility in the dark and not a center console, this is where youve got to put it.

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    The Ultimate Guide To The Best Bowfishing Boat For Sale

    Thebest bowfishing boat for salewill have strong bare bones and be properly titled butmay notnecessarily be a completebowfishing boat setup with top-of-the-line bowfishing lights and bowfishing supplies. There are key features every bowfishing boat must have and a strong foundation is at the top of that list. Other items such as bowfishing lights and a shooting platform are considered add-ons and if the boat happens to have a good setup, then good for you. Don’t choose a boat with a low quality hull to get a decent set of lights and a platform though.

    Whether you are buying new or used, the rules are the same with regardsto choosing your next bowfishing boat, as well as the bowfishing lights and bowfishing supplies youll need. Let’s talk about some of the key features you must account for when choosing your next boat.

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    Make Sure There Is A Guard Rail

    A lot of boaters dont think of it as completely necessary when youll be in in shallow waters, but a guard rail is going to be your friend. Accidents happen, and unless you like ending up in the water your model should include a guard rail to prevent said accidents. Most bowfishers prefer a rail that catches them around thigh height, and is sturdy enough to lean against while shooting.

    Comparing And Choosing The Best Bowfishing Boat

    Elite 20x8 Bowfishing 2014 for sale for $66,000

    Choosing the right bowfishing vessel is all about your intended use. Size matters, obviously. Few bowfishing boats are over 20 feet and if you need a boat that can handle six or more people, for example, youll want as large a model as possible. Of course, several different factors go into buying a bowfishing boat. Use the tips here to help you narrow down your options and have a better chance of getting the perfect boat the first time.

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    Gator Tough 20 Cc Bowfish Boat

    This bowfishing boats, built for rugged and swamps waters, is all about adventure. The front deck is constructed of strong aluminum with a dual aeration built-in livewell. For easy cleaning, also there is a prep table with tool slots.

    Storage is available, and maximum space for moving around is provided by the compact center console, whereas the Livewell could double as an additional seat so that everyone can come along. An LED light system is also in place, with 16 high-intensity lights, which would make it easier than ever before to fish at night.


    15 in. x 20 in. 14 gal. 16 in. x 62 in. 65 gal.

    Gator Tough 20 CC BowFish BoatSpecifications


    It provides maximum capacity, a smooth flat ride, stability, and high performance. With the additional capacity, performance is not lost, as the 20 CC models have 10-degree deadrise hull designs.

    Think Differently About The Size

    A few of the boats are intended for size. When you buy them, you want to have the largest model in your price range or the most powerful engine on the market. Bowfishing boats are intended for slow trolls through shallow water, so youre not necessarily looking for size.

    Choose a boat thats big enough, and youll still power it with a trolling engine thats bow-mounted for greater results.

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    Trolling Motor / Fan Motor / Kicker Motor

    Outboard motors are good for getting you to your bowfishing spot, but once you’re there they aren’t the best option for running shallow. There are 3 options to choose from, and each have their own pro’s and con’s: trolling motor, fan motor, and kicker motor.

    Trolling Motor

    One of the bowfishing supplies you cant forget about is your trolling motor, which works great for bowfishing, especially on a calm night. A properly sized troller can quietly pull a bowfishing boat across the lake. The downside to a trolling motor is they draw a lot of juice and typically need their own battery bank if you want to be able to run all night long. The other problem area is that most bowfishermen are utilizing the trolling motor constantly, going from one spot to the next, and they keep the trolling motor close to max speed to chase down fish. Eventually, this can wear on the trolling motor and cause the control board to get hot and blow. Almost every guide I’ve ever talked to has blown a control board on a trolling motor from running it so much. They don’t always get rid of their trolling motor, they usually just learn how to replace the control board themselves. If you want to avoid the hassle and battery draw associated with a troller, then you might like a fan or kicker motor better.

    Fan Motor

    Kicker Motor

    Purpose Built Boats For The Extreme Outdoors

    1872 Custom Bowfishing Kicker Rig For Sale. Redneck Custom Airboats

    Building a quality product that will go the distance under extreme conditions is our #1 priority. Our entire business model is to get the best performance in shallow water and we have set the bar on that for almost two decades.

    There is Gator Trax Boats performance and then there is everyone else.


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    Alumacraft Mv 2072 Bowfishing Boat

    Its what youd expect from this bowfishing boat, built for freshwater fishing. It fits with a central console that is all-welded and two removable seats for your convenience. It also fits with a Lit Cooler, which offers a place for keeping your drinks cold or keeping the fish you are going to catch on your next outing.

    The boat comes with a fuel tank with a full capacity of 30 gallons, ensuring you have more than enough fuel for the night to last. Finally, this bowfishing boat has a capacity for five passengers. It also comes with a large deck where, once you are ready to shoot, you may position yourself.


    Alumacraft MV 2072 Bowfishing BoatSpecifications


    The boat looks fantastic, huge, and well rigged. This is made of high-quality aluminum, giving you an assurance of being tough. The boat operates very well.

    Bowfishing Boat Boats For Sale In Kalamazoo Michigan

    1-12 of 12

    Length 18′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 17′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    2017 Tracker Grizzly 1754 MVX Jon The all-welded TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 1754 MVX Jon is a rugged and versatile aluminum fishing and utility boat. At a full 17′ 1″ long and with a generous 78″ beam, it’s very spacious and very stablean ideal craft for hunting, fishing or bowfishing that will handle up to 50 horses on the transom.100% aluminum construction with a .100 hull and .190 floor guarantees durability, and the hull, stringer, transom and decks are all-welded to for a rock-solid, unitized structure that can withstand rough fishing and hard work. Because of this, we back it with the TRACKER Promisethe best factory warranty in aluminum boats.Backed by the TRACKER® Promisethe best factory warranty in aluminum boatsNew for 2017100% aluminum, wood-free constructionA big, rugged jon boat w/over half a ton in max weight capacityExclusive VERSATRACK® accessory-mounting channel in gunnelsExclusive Forest Green powder-coat finish w/Sure Tread for extreme durability7° deadrise, all-welded Mod V hull for great handling & a smoother, drier rideStringer system & transom welded into the .100 5052 aluminum alloy hullWelded-in, foam-filled interior side walls for quieter ride & structural strength2 built-in seat pedestal bases & under-deck storageFlotation meets or exceeds NMMA & U.S. Coast Guard requirements

    Length 16′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 14′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 17′

    Posted Over 1 Month

    Length 21′

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    Consider The Brand Carefully

    How long the boat brand thats been in business is one thing that youd like to know as a client. You can purchase a cheap bowfishing boat, but if you purchase junk, the lack of pleasure would charge you more than if you paid a reasonable price for it.

    You may also check to see whether the dealer follows the requirements for boat construction called a Marine Industry Dealership Certification. This certificate indicates that the dealer attended an all-day course covering the companys seven main areas.

    Best Boats For Bowfishing

    Custom Rigged Alweld Bowfishing Boat by Andalusia Marine (ANDALUSIA ...

    Bowfishing is one of the greatest off-season activities a hunter can take part in during the warmer months, from spring to early fall. And while you can bowfish without a boat, a boat opens up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to shooting fish, day or night. What are the best boats for bowfishing? Read on for a look at a variety of options when it comes to the best boats for bowfishing.

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    Bottom Up Bowfishing Boats

    So, I hope you got the full idea of Top 10 Best Bowfishing Boats to Buy | Review Guide.

    Please comment below about your ideas and share this Top 10 Best Bowfishing Boats to Buy | Review Guide. article with your friends.

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    Alweld 2072 Bowfishing Boat W/ Evinrude Etec 90

    2004 Alweld 2072 w/ 90 Evinrude Etec and SS prop. Boat has a 12′ long deck that is over 7′ wide at the back. I’ve had 6 200 lb guys fishing on this boat with no issues. Deck is 3/4″ marine grade plywood with pass through fish bucket. 14 ea 150 Watt HPS lights, under deck lights, dry storage. Comes w …

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    Your Resource For Boat Sales Expert Services And Related Accessories

    Stop by our state of the art dealership in Georgia to see our vast selection of new and used premium boats. We tailor our inventory and suite of services to meet your specific needs, enhancing your experience both on and off the water. Whether you are a new or experienced boater, we have watercraft from elite powerboats to recreational cruisers for all levels of boating enthusiasts. Visit The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier in Georgia for a first class buying experience today!

    What Are Bowfishing Boats

    How to Build a Bowfishing Boat

    Imagine, instead of using a fishing rod and waiting for it to come to you, the joy of catching a large catch with an arrow. By providing a flat bottom for better access to the shallow areas where bow fishing normally happens, bowfishing boats make it easy to just get further out into the sea.

    The bowfishing boat is a vital component of the arsenal when a bow fisher is ready to target the sea. Boats built for bowfishing have either a flat-bottomed or a narrow V-shape, a special hull shape. Pontoon, Jon, and Dory boats are all widely used for bow fishing, but several other types are also available.

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    Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 Dlx

    With a four-stroke engine, this larger pontoon-style boat has a capacity for seven passengers. For quick entry and exit, there are two fishing chairs and a lounge seat on the back, and also storage space and dual-latch gates.

    Also, this 16-foot boat features multi-chambered pontoons for greater water stability. This could be the bowfishing choice for you if youre more into family fun than a relaxing day on the water alone.


    Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLXSpecifications


    These are appealing for use in the lake and good weather bay. It provides greater stability on the water. Its just too large and too heavy to be towed up.

    Top 5 Faq Session On Bowfishing Boats

  • What’s the best boat size for bowfishing?

    You might have a platform on the boat to add to the stability of the boat, which makes shooting that much easier. Boats with a wider width would also normally be more stable from which to shoot. You will normally have a good start from 32 inches to 36 inches in width or higher. This is a great boat set-up for bowfishing.

  • What accessories should your boat have for bowfishing?

    Cooler / Box for Storage, Cover of Boats, Shade, A generator, Seat

  • What type of boats are used by bowfishers?

    While bowfishing could be done from the shore, bowfishers shoot from boats almost always. In low water areas, flat bottom johnboats and canoes are used because they have less drawing but are not suitable for open water. Multiple hunters may accommodate larger boats.

  • What lights do you use for bowfishing?

    Halogen light bulbs include a color tone of approximately 3000k, while metal halide bulbs at 5000-6000k are typically an even cooler white. Generally speaking, when bowfishing in clear waterways, these lights work best.

  • Can you Bowfish at night?

    Most bowfishing takes place at night, and because of how they would target specific fish, many bowfishers prefer to do bowfishing at night. You can do this in the daytime, but a lot of people say they like to bowfish at night.

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    Tracker Grizzly 2072 Cc Sportsman

    The Tracker Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman is all about bowhunting, and is rigged to the teeth for the sport. Photo via Boaters World.

    This lightweight boat is 100-percent aluminum with foam-filled, welded sidewalls for added structural strength and noise reduction. This model has a fixed elevated shooting deck with a rail, tool and arrow holders, two seat base pedestals, and 10 100-watt/10,000 lumen SeeLite LED lights for night bowfishing trips. It also comes with a three-bank battery charger and five batteries plus a Firman W2100i 1,700-watt inverter to power up all the lights. The Kicker version adds in a stick steering system, so you can run the boat on a kicker motor from the bow platform.

    See Tracker Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman boats for sale on Boat Trader.

    The Bottom Line On Bowfishing Boats

    The Hunting Company Worldwide Hunting and Film: Bowfishing Boat For ...

    Choosing the best bowfishing boat is all about finding what you want. Fortunately, the best of 2022 offers a lot in the way of modern comfort and fishing utility. If you consider building a boat, remember to work with a reputable retailer or boat builder that knows how to fit the perfect components to create the bowfishing vessel that you need.

    Any of the models in this guide are sure to deliver an exceptional bowfishing experience. Or, you can use the insight provided here to find a completely different model or purchase a kit that includes all the components that you want. As long as the hull can get into shallower waters and youve got room to bowfish, the rest is really up to you.

    This article was last updated in April of 2022.

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    Tracker Boats Grizzly 1648 Mvx Jon

    For a quiet ride and a robust feeling underfoot, the 1648 MVX is durable .190 aluminum board, plus a wide front deck for angling or bowfishing. The 7° deadrise Mod V hull offers a smooth, dry ride, and for a robust, non-slip surface, it is finished with unique powder-coat finish with Sure TreadTM.


    2017 Tracker Boats Grizzly 1648 MVX JonSpecifications


    The TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 1648 MVX Jon all-welded boat is a rugged and highly versatile Jon aluminum boat ready for fishing, hunting, or general-purpose boating. This is a rock-solid boat due to the unitized stringer, transom, and Mod V hull.

    Grizzly 2072 Mvx Cc Sportsman Tracker With Trailer

    The center console design provides the driver with 360 ° fishability and a better view while negotiating skinny water. And up to 150 horses will power it, offering you more power and more range.

    100 percent aluminum construction with a .100 hull and .190 floor ensures longevity, and for a rock-solid, a unitized frame that could withstand rough fishing and hard work, the hull, stringer, transom, and decks are all-welded.


    2017 Grizzly 2072 MVX CC Sportsman tracker with TrailerSpecifications


    The TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 2072 MVX CC is a huge, all-welded Jon aluminum with the ability to handle the largest inland or inland fishing, hunting, or utility jobs you want. It provides strength and may withstand rough fishing and hard work.

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    Grizzly 2072 Mvx Cc Sportsman

    This must be considered as a top option for a boat by someone who is serious about bowfishing. It is composed of aluminum, a material which is known for its incredible strength, one thing that makes a cut above the rest of the Tracker boat. It is 100 percent aluminum and does not have any wood.

    It, meanwhile, has foam-filled and welded-in side walls when it comes to the interior. The latter does not only give structural strength but also efficiently absorbs noise. The boat has a set-up for your next fishing trip that is ready. It comes, for example, with a 28,000-lumen bow light that is also removable, ideal for night fishing. There is a D.C. generator on-board as well.

    The removable and elevated shooting deck that is built with a seat base and arrow holders is another feature that makes it suitable for bowfishing. It has a foot-control trolling engine to allow it to produce consistent performance.


    Grizzly 2072 MVX CC SportsmanSpecifications


    The TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 2072 CC Sportsman, a rugged beast of a boat designed for bowfishing, is the apex predator for river, bayou, or lake fish hunting. In rough waters, it is safer, more stable on large water bodies, and provides greater capacity. In backwaters, it is heavier to load and unload and difficult to hide.

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