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Boats For Sale In Nc Under $5000

Search For Misspelling And Synonyms

New Boats Under 5k – How much boat can you buy for $5,000?

Use variants of your search terms

Craigslists listing data is garbage in, garbage out. For example, if a seller lists their 30 foot Hunter as a FREE Sail Boat incorrectly spelling sailboat, it wont show up in a search for FREE sailboat.

Very often people use variants of brand names. For example, youd want to search both Chris-Craft and Chris Craft.

Be More Persistent Than The Next Guy

That weird listing with spelling errors and no photos? Well, it could be a scam, or it could be a sweet deal on a fishing boat and a seller who doesnt know how to use the internet! Youll never know unless you email them. The same goes with sellers who dont get back to you, send them a follow-up email.

Skimmer Skiffs 146 Flats Boat

We love that the Skimmer Skiff 146 gets you out on a fiberglass shallow-water fishing machine with a mere four inches of draft. A $8,750 buy-in gets you the rolled-edge version with a 20 horse Tohatsu outboard and a trailer. . Take the remaining $1,250 and choose options ranging from rod holders to fishboxes. We also love the all-composite construction, full height transom, and easy to handle 275-pound displacement. Youll have to plan in the cost of some additional but basic must-have features like a bilge pump and stainless-steel cleats , but Skimmers totally custom outfitting means you wont be paying for extra items you dont want in the first place.

Visit SkimmerSkiff Boats, to learn more.

The Sun Dolphin Pro 102 is shockingly efficient at taking you to the fish, at an extremely reasonable price-point.

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When You Find A Free Boat Move Quick

Good deals can go in minutes, so be ready to drop everything and get down to the marina for an inspection if you want to score that the cheap cuddy cabin.

Be sure to have things like your boat inspection checklist, finances, and paperwork in order. If youre buying a boat and trailer, think about how youre going to get them home

Be clear in your mind about what youre looking for, and what youre not, especially if you plan to negotiate. You can often get lower prices by excluding certain items like dinghies, electronics, and outboard motors from the sale.

If youre looking for free boats on Craigslist, know that a seller is going to expect you to take care of all other costs. So, have a plan .

Does the boat need to be transported by trailer?

Does it need to be pulled out of the water?

Where will you store it?

Have cash or another payment method ready so you can close the deal.

Enjoy The Open Water On A Boat

17ft Maycraft

Boats are an amazing way to spend a day out on the water whether it’s for recreation, leisure, or simply getting out into the open water and seeing how fast you can go. There is a wide variety of water sports available as you head out on your new or used boat alone or with family and friends at your side.

Common features of fishing boats

No matter if you are an experienced fisher or someone who is trying it for the first time, personal preferences are what will determine the ideal type of boat for you. There are a few elements that will make a fishing boat easier to use while providing the experience you’re looking for. A center console layout is common since it allows you 360 degrees of open fishing space. A few other must-haves for reliable fishing boats include:

  • Casting decks
  • Dry storage

What kind of boats are used in water sports?

Many different types of boats can be used for water sports whether you plan on boating in freshwater or in the saltwater offshore. With such a wide variety of reasonably priced boats that fit into the Water Sports category on eBay, it does depend on what kind of sport you are looking to participate in. Common types of boats include:

Sailing boats:

Power boats:

  • Power boats: These boats are known for their high performance out of the no-wake zones. They fulfill the need for speed in many types of racing water sports, also known as power boating.

Cruising boats:

What kind of motor should your boat have?

Can you use an aluminum boat in saltwater?

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Boat Prices In North Carolina

The price for boats in North Carolina range from $4,998 up to $3,369,800, with an average boat value of $65,064. When researching what boat to buy, keep in mind the vessel’s condition, age and location, and be sure to research the top cities in your area as well as the top states in the country, such as Florida, Texas, Michigan, California and North Carolina.

  • Explore

Sea Eagle Fishskiff 16 Inflatable

The only inflatable boat in our round-up, the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 can carry two anglers and an outboard of up to six horsepower. You can also deflate it, roll it up, and stow it under the couch in your studio apartment or in the trunk of your Prius. Thanks to the light weight even with two people aboard it can still plane out with a small outboard, and the boats even self-bailing. Sticker price is a hair over $3,600 with a five-horse Honda. That makes this one of the least expensive options for a fishing boat that can carry multiple passengers as opposed to one-man craft and the only one that you can stow virtually anywhere. Editor’s Update: Since the publication of this article pricing for the FishSkiff and Honda package has increased by $249. Check out this short video we shot when we saw the Sea Eagle at the ICAST show this summer:

For more information, visit Sea Eagle.

The Skimmer Skiff offers another fiberglass option in our price range, one which flats and bay anglers will love.

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Lund Wc 16 Aluminum Skiff

With bench seating, an aluminum hull, tiller steering and no frills, the Lund WC 16 is about as simple a fishing boat as youll find. But when the budget is tight simple is a good thing, and the Lowe WC 16 starts at a mere $4,966. That leaves breathing room enough for a trailer and a 15 or 20 horse outboard. Added bonus: this model can hold more people than most in the class, with a maximum capacity of five persons. .

Visit Lund to learn more.

The Native Slayer Propel 13 is such an efficient fish-hunter that one of FishTalk’s own team members chose it.

Carolina Skiff Jv 13 Fishing Boat

2021 Boston Whaler 230 Outrage Boat For Sale at MarineMax Wrightsville Beach, NC

The Carolina Skiff JV 13 goes for right around $10,000 with a 20 horsepower outboard and a trailer, and its one of the few fiberglass fishing machines to appear in our round-up. Its become tough to find fiberglass boats at this price point these days, so if you want the heft and looks of glass, the Carolina Skiff is an option youll want to check out. Note that this is a fairly stripped boat at this price, but it does come with a foredeck, a pedestal seat base with an eight gallon livewell built in, and 100-percent composite construction. .

Visit Carolina Skiff, to learn more.

The Gillgetter keeps cost down but brings a pontoon boat into our mix of the best fishing boats for under $10,000.

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Bargain Boats For Under $10000

Here are five bargain boats available right now.

Buying a new boat is like to buying a new carthrilling but expensive. The moment you strip the showroom plastic off the seats and turn the key, the slippery slope of depreciation begins. That’s one of the reasons why many of us buy used boats, and as these five bargain boats illustrate, buying secondhand will often get you much more than you might think.One quick word of caution: the budget we’re sticking to is $10,000, but you may also want to set aside some money for a survey from an experienced marine specialist. Not only will it help unearth any major faults with the boat, it will also buy you some valuable peace of mind.

Yes, you can find plenty of express cruisers for under $10,000. This 1998 Carver 27 Montego lists at $7,995 and is offered by North Shore Boat Brokerage, in Cleveland, Oh..

Gillgetter 7515 Fishing Pontoon Boat

The Gillgetter 7515 may be small and simple, but you can get a tiller steer model with a trailer and stay within budget something we cant say for any other fishing pontoon boats that can take a crew of seven people aboard, carry up to 30 horses on the transom, and come with two swivel seats and a pair of rodholders. If you want a pontoon boat that can be used for fishing and you need to keep the entire package under the $10,000 mark, the Gillgetter is your best option. Note for you El-Cheap-O people: Gillgetter has an even smaller model, the 135 613 Tiller, which you can splash in the lake for several thousand dollars less.

For more information, check out Angler Qwest.

Hey people, a kayak is still a boat. And in the case of the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14, it’s a fish-killing machine.

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Set The Right Price Limits

Look above certain price thresholds

When people are looking for boats online they usually search for certain sticky numbers . Common thresholds include $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000.

For example, lets say Im looking for boats for sale near me for under $5,000. If I search just above that threshold Im more likely to see cheap boats that other buyers wont.

Set your max price at 30% above your budget

While it depends on the boat and how the owner has priced it, weve found that as a general rule of thumb, sellers will come down by about 30%.

Native Slayer Propel 13 Fishing Kayak

1998 16 ft Center Console ($4000 Without Trolling motor)

Kayak anglers know the name Slayer, and the Propel 13 is one of their top pedal-drive offerings. Native says that the Propel 13 can go 4.2 mph all day, and can push to 5.2 mph when the thunderstorm rolls in. We say that the pedal drive is an amazingly sweet perk, we found trolling from this rig an absolute pleasure, and the speeds they quote seem about right to us. Price for the Propel 13 is about $2,400, but you should plan to spend another $500 to $1,000 on rigging youll almost certainly want to add items like mounting tracks, rodholders, and a fishfinder. News flash: the Native Slayer Propel 13 ranked at the top of Outdoor Lifes 2017 Best Fishing Kayaks round-up and is the kayak of choice of FishTalk Art Director Zach Ditmars.

Check it out at Native Watercraft.

The only inflatable boat in our round-up: the Sea Eagle inflatable FishSkiff 16.

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How To Find Cheap Or Free Boats

Did you know its possible to find free boats for sale? Finding cheap boats has been an obsession at various points in our lives. Having bought three boats over the last five years, weve literally spent days of our lives scoping out good deals. In all that searching, weve come across dozens of free boats .

There are two things you need to know to find a free or cheap boat:

  • Where to look
  • How to uncover the hidden gems
  • In this article, well share the best places to search and our search strategies for uncovering the really sweet deals.

    Best Fishing Boats Under $10000

    You may have seen our Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boats Under $20,000 article, and wondered if it was possible to pick 10 best fishing boats that cost half that much. In a word, yes heres our run-down on the 10 best fishing boats for under $10,000. .

    The Carolina Skiff JV 13 can be had for under $10,000, and is still a sweet little fishing machine.

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    Make Sure You Understand Boat Values And Prices

    Buyer beware! A free boat could be the most expensive boat you ever own!

    Lets be real, youre probably getting a deal for a reason. Most cheap boats are likely to be project boats . However, there are certain red flags youll want to avoid .

    So if youre looking for a truly good deal, you should spend some time learning about boat values and pricing. Also, if you are new to boating its probably a good idea to hire a boat surveyor.

    Happy boat hunting!

    Boats And Yachts In North Carolina

    2006 Four Winns 278 Vista Boat For Sale at MarineMax Wrightsville Beach, NC

    YachtWorld now offers 781 yachts for sale in North Carolina from professional boat dealers and yacht brokers and new boat dealers who can often offer vessel warranties and yacht financing information. Of these listings there are 271 new watercraft and 510 used boats and yachts for sale right now. These include 198 yachts listed for sale in North Carolina in the past month alone.

    In the last 30 days, the most popular, trending kinds of yachts and watercraft for sale in North Carolina were Center Console, Motor Yachts, Saltwater Fishing, Sport Fishing and Sloop while the top viewed manufacturers in the region were Bering, Com-Pac, Custom Carolina, Grady-White and Hatteras. Yacht builders with the highest amount of listings in North Carolina are Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Grady-White, Harris and Custom Carolina. Motorized yachts are more common than sailing vessels in North Carolina with 638 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 56 listings for sailboats.

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    Salvage Repairable And Clean Title Boats For Sale

    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $875
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $0
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $1,125
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $2,225
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $1,125
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $650
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $1,600
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $100
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $50
    Live auction starts in: 1 d. 22 hr. 57 min. $25

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    Registration is free and takes only seconds Sign up today and start bidding

    Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak

    We liked the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler so much that we put it in our article and weve spent some time peddling to the fish on this amazing little kayak, but since you could buy two of these and stay within the $10,000 parameter set for these best fishing boats we think it belongs in this round-up, too. Aside from the pedal drive, our favorite feature is actually the seat its incredibly comfortable, and makes a full day of fishing possible despite the boats small stature.

    For more information, visit Hobie.

    Aluminum fishing boats often cost less than fiberglass models, and in the case of the Lowe Roughneck 1660, a lot less.

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    Listing Sites And Magazines

    While youre not likely to find a free boat on any of the paid listing sites there are some websites and magazines that only list cheap boats for sale. Its worth checking the following places regularly:

    Boat Angel sells donated boats for cheap with all proceeds going to charity. You can also contact them about making a boat donation and get a tax write-off.

    Free-boat.comscours the web weekly for free and cheap boats and post them on their site and Facebook page.

    Good Old Boat magazine has a page listing project boats selling for under $5,000. This is a good place to look if youre interested in a cheap or free sailboat.

    Wooden Boat Magazine has a free boats section in every issue and lists free wooden boats online

    Boneyard Boats is another great Facebook page to follow for free boat listings

    Yacht Prices In North Carolina

    Dixie 1990 Center Console 21 Ft. Blu Fin 821 Fishing boat w/ cabin ...

    Prices for yachts in North Carolina start at $7,609 for the lowest priced boats, up to $5,242,636 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of $123,108.

    When exploring what type of boat or yacht to buy on YachtWorld, remember to consider carefully a number of important key factors including the vessel’s age, condition and location. Also be sure to check all of the top cities in your area as well as the top broader regions in your country, such as Florida, California, Michigan, New York and Maryland.

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