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Do You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes

Are Boat Shoes Business Casual

Can You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

The goal of every company when launching more relaxed dressing codes is to enable their employees to work in comfort in their workplaces. Boat shoes normally qualify as business casual, especially for men. It is a style icon that is cool and classic casual and laid back dapper and dressed-up. They effortlessly sail from the office to the streets to the boat with confidence and quiet sophistication. Any well-dressed gentleman knows that his wardrobe is not complete without a pair of a good pair of boat shoes.

Subtle Yet Fun: If Bright And Bold Isnt Your Jam

Youve got options if you feel like showing some sock, but dont want to venture too far out of the ordinary. Stripes can help you show off your boat shoes, by drawing the eye straight to them. Try vertical stripes, ideally in a skinnier variety. As a simpler pattern, Polka dots wont clash with boat shoes. Youll want to stick to smaller dots, so that youre not overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

Should Boat Shoes Be Tight Or Loose

The original concept behind boat shoes is that they should fit tightly on the foot. When working on and navigating around a boat, you wouldn’t want to skid or fall. Of course, if you’re not using your boat shoes in the traditional sense, it’s OK if you wear them on the looser side. Still, you probably don’t want your heel to pop out the back, so use the side lacing system to make sure they’re tight enough.

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What Is The Right Way To Wear Boat Shoes

When it comes to styling these nautical-inspired shoes, there are a few dos and don’ts to live by. First up, boat shoes look great on men when paired with jeans, chinos or shorts. For women, these shoes work well with cropped or cuffed denim but also can be worn with skirts, casual dresses, shorts and khakis, too. Remember: Boat shoes are pretty casual, so the outfit itself should be casual, as well.

Another frequently asked question about wearing boat shoes is, When can you wear them? Short answer: Definitely not during the wintertime. Boat shoes are a spring- and summer-only style. Unless you live in a coastal town year round, you should probably save your boat shoes for April to September.

Now, how about where? Where is it totally acceptable to rock boat shoes and where is it…you know, not so appropriate? The general rule to follow is: casual shoes, casual events. If you work in a business-casual environment or it’s casual Friday, wear them to work. Heading to the docks or on a yacht? Wear the heck out of them! Going on a casual date? Fair game! Other places to wear boat shoes include the beach, when traveling, at a casual bar, etc. But if you’re attending a wedding or other black-tie event, skip them in favor of a fancier shoe like a loafer.

Shoe Choice With Shorts And Shirt

Boat Shoes With Socks

Shirts, shoes and choice of shorts depend on the event for which youre wearing them. If its for a beach party, its likely youll wear a t-shirt and casual style shorts. In this case, casual shoes like boat shoes or sandals are a good choice.

How about when you attend a party at night indoors? Its likely youd wear a shirt that will have buttons and a more stylish than a beach party. Along with this youll wear better quality shorts that match the shirt best. On these occasions, since the party is indoors, you can wear loafers or lace up shoes.

Well get into more detail about shoe choice, but the thing to remember is that the shoes are never the focal point when wearing shorts. In fact, the shorts are not supposed to be. Rather it is your face and the shirt youre wearing that you want people to look at.

You dont want to draw attention to your shoes. This means that you should never wear socks that are visible, including calf length, knee length, mid-calf, quarter-length or crew socks. Socks that arent visible to the eye, such as ankle length socks are permissible.

Lets talk about different types of shoes and for what occasions theyll be worn, and the type of shorts theyll be best matched to.

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Wear Striped Socks With Your Boat Shoes

If youre going to an evening with friends or to a casual party during summer, wearing ordinary striped socks with your boat shoes can add a dynamic and carefree mix into your outfit. You can match these with jeans and a sleeveless pastel-colored top. The striped color of your socks should match any of the colors of your attire.

So when wearing boat shoes and socks, we recommend no-show socks however, you can wear striped socks if you want to show some flair.

Can You Wear Boat Shoes In The Winter

Boat shoes were specifically designed to be worn in warmer weather and are generally not suitable for winter wear. They leave a lot of the foot exposed and vulnerable to the cold.

As boat shoes are designed to be worn without socks, this means that they are just not practical in the colder months.

They are also low cut at the ankle, so will offer less protection against the snow and wind.

However, if you really arent ready to let your boat shoes go, the general advice is to go for thicker socks and longer trousers to minimize the impact of the cold weather on your feet and ankles.

The long trousers should also hide the longer socks being worn with the boat shoes a combination generally frowned upon.

You may also be able to find some boat shoes that have thicker soles for added insulation and grip in cold weather.

One of the few benefits of boat shoes in the winter would be the siped sole giving you plenty of grip in wet weather. In addition, the oil-infused leather is water-repellant and should prevent water from seeping through.

Overall, however, the exposure of the foot will make boat shoes an awkward and impractical choice in the winter.

More appropriate casual winter shoes include sneakers or a pair of casual boots such as chukkas or Chelseas.

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Learn Some Suave Ties

Leaving your boat shoes untied is a hazard. Were all for effortlessly stylish vibes, but not tying your boat shoes looks careless and you may end up tripping over them and falling on your face. Definitely not the cool youre going for. You can add flair to your boat shoes, just in how you tie them. Try these out:

  • Stay on theme with a fishtail knot. Start by pulling the laces through the eyelets vertically. Cross the laces, and bring each side over the opposite side, then repeat three times. Tighten any extra, and then stick the ends behind.
  • Go traditional sleek with a surgeons knot. Lay each side over each other so that they overlap, then form a loop. Pass each side through the loop three times. Just pull tight, and youre finished!
  • Get creative with a barrel knot. To tie a barrel knot, you fold the lace into a loop. Then, wrap the lace around the loop five times. Thread the lace through the loop, and pull it while pushing the knot to finish.
  • Add some artistry with a chain knot. Make a loop, with the lace pointing to the front. With the other hand, make another loop. Push the second loop into the first loop from the back, pull to tighten, and repeat. After three repetitions, tuck the lace through the knot, then stick the ends of the chains into each other.
  • Graduate to a tassel knot. Cross your laces into a square knot, and hold one lace to form a loop. Wrap the lace back around the loop, then tuck in the end.

Are Boat Shoes Preppy

The Secret To Going Sockless In Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are usually ubiquitous. Provided you leave out the d ring belt, surcingle, or Nantucket reds, you will not look prep. When you associate one item with a particular style, it doesnt engulf you in it all of a sudden. Boat shoes that are incredibly comfortable, flexible, and can work with numerous looks, and you should not worry beyond that.

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Shoes And Socks: A Relationship That Stands The Test Of Time

Whats fashionable isnt always good for us, and the shoes without socks fad certainly fits this category. But heres the thing: today, socks come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs. Youve got so many options! If you really dont want to wear socks under a certain pair of shoes because you like the look of bare ankles, why not seek out a super low-cut variety? A good pair will sit neatly below your shoe-line, giving you a fashion-forward look and the protection that socks provide.

If you feel like your feet sweat a lot, you should also keep a spare pair of socks in your bag or your car, and change into a new pair halfway through your day. Your feet will thank you for it.

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They Can Cushion Against Blisters

Socks provide cushioning so that your feet dont rub directly against the inside joints and lining of your shoes, causing blisters. When your feet are sweaty and wet, your chances of getting a blister are greatly increased.

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, the first defense against friction blisters is proper fitting socks and shoes. Its important that you not only wear socks with shoes but also choose the type of socks that will wick away moisture the best.7

Do You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks

What Boat Shoes Suit for Any Occasion

For years now, boat shoes have been as popular on the high street as on the high seas. Theyre something of a summertime staple, giving a relaxed, preppy look to your smart casual outfit, fitting in everywhere from weddings to festivals. But as popular as they are, boat shoes have a way of confounding the average wearer. Just how casual are they? Should you go sockless or proudly socked? Here are all your boat shoe queries answered.

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Choose A Color That May Be Worn With Any Outfit

Choose a color for your boat shoes that will go with any outfit. Black, dark brown, and dark blue are the most popular boat shoe colors. Light-colored ensembles, light-colored shorts, pants, and dark-colored shirts or blouses work well with these hues.

Naturally, if you think you can pull off brightly colored boat shoes with panache, go ahead and choose them.

How To Break In Your Boat Shoes

As just mentioned, boat shoes take some breaking in and this process can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how much you wear them. But the short-term pain is a long-term gain, as theyll eventually conform right to your foot and become very comfortable.

When you take the shoes out of the box, feel around them with your fingers for any hard spots in the leather and massage them out. Feel inside the shoe as well, for any pointy thread ends that could prove an irritant and need to be snipped off.

Start wearing the shoes slowly at first just around the house for a bit, and then on short errands. If they create a hot spot or blister, cover it over with moleskin or a Band-Aid, and keep on wearing them.

To accelerate the breaking in process, some recommend soaking the shoes in water and getting them completely wet. Sop up the excess water with a towel , and then put the wet shoes on your feet and wear them until theyre dry . Saturating the leather with water allows its fibers to stretch and then shrink to the shape of your foot. I havent tried this personally, and thus cant vouch for its efficacy or safety.

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Your Outfit Should Match The Color Of Your Socks

You can wear any color sock that goes with your outfit. Blue and red, yellow and green, blue and orange, pale blue and pink, dirty white and brown, yellow and brown, tan and maroon, pink and fuchsia, turquoise and cobalt blue, light blue and black, grey and pink, and white and black, are examples of complementary colors.

Match your socks and clothing colors to the color of your boat shoes. Remember that your boat shoes, like your sneakers, are meant to be worn casually. Polo shirts, button-down shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless blouses, denim, khaki shorts, jeans, and other casual apparel can all be worn with boat shoes.

We now know the answer to the questions, Do you wear boat shoes with socks? and Is it a good idea to wear socks with boat shoes? Lets move on to some pointers on how to pick the right boat shoes for you.

When You Cant Wear Socks With Boat Shoes

How to Style Boat Shoes | 4 Ways | Parker York Smith

Even though wearing socks are allowed with boat shoes conditionally, they are not appropriate in a few situations.

Cold or snowy day

Boat shoes are made for the summer season, not for the winter season. The purpose of boat shoes is to provide a cooler temperature in the feet of the user keeping the excessive heat far away.

Rainy day

Although boat shoes can repel water and also bring water out from the inside, they cant when you are using socks. So using socks with boat shoes is completely prohibited on a rainy day.

During work out session

Your feet will constantly sweat during workout sessions and because of using socks inside, the boat shoes wont succeed in soaking the moisture from the feet.

With formal dress

Boat shoes are not made for formal dressing and no matter how well you are dressed up, using boat shoes as footwear can ruin it.

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Are Boat Shoes Waterproof

While boat shoes are not technically waterproof, theyre water-friendly, and it is more than fine to get them wet because they were designed for the slippery boat decks. Your boat shoes can easily handle water and eventually dry, but they wont keep your feet dry.

If the shoes become wet, dont stress yourself. They usually get better with time as normal wear and saltwater give them a seasoned appearance unique to each wearer. In simple terms, boat shoes are water-friendly, and if you get them wet, you will only add to their appearance.

The boat shoe is one of the remnants from the mens nautical trend. It is a flexible footwear chameleon that you can dress down or up while sending a sophisticated but comfortable message. Its a shoe that is commonly spotted among cricket players, although its much more flexible than that. Todays pair of boat shoes is usually more about the style, and due to its versatility, it has become a popular shoe before summer in every guys wardrobe. The tips discussed in this article will help you sport your pair of boat shoes according to your style and preferences.

How To Choose A Boat Shoe

Different boat shoes dont look dramatically different from each other which you choose will come down to the subtle style differences you prefer, as well as the following factors:

Material. Pick a deck shoe in leather its both more durable and snazzier than canvas varieties, and can be paired with slightly dressier clothes for a sharper look.

Shoes made with Horween Chromexcel will be a little softer from the get-go and break in a little faster than other leathers, because of the amount of greases and oils its made with.

Color. Boat shoes come in a wide variety of colors these days, but its best to go with a darker brown. Its the most handsome, classic, and versatile color and will go with nearly everything. Navy is a runner-up in the versatility department it looks great with burgundy and gray bottoms, and decent with ones which are khaki-colored, though it doesnt look so hot with denim.

Most boat shoes have an elevated heel, but if youre a fan of more minimalist footwear, check out the boat shoes from Lems which have zero-drop outsoles that are so flexible you can completely roll them up .

Fit. Boat shoes take a while to break in , so dont expect them to feel like a dream right out the box. That being said, fit is quite important in a shoe youll likely be wearing without socks, and there are issues that breaking in wont fix.

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Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a comfortable and casual alternative to the average sneaker. Theyve always been in style, yet this classic look is really popular in 2020. You may already own some, and if youre wondering, do you wear socks with boat shoes? youre not alone.

Whether youre at a rooftop lounge or on the bow of a yacht, boat shoes offer a functional meets laidback style for you to mix up your look. Well go back to the very beginning with how boat shoes came to be, guidelines for wearing socks with boat shoes, and which occasions are appropriate for wearing this style of shoe. Let’s sail right into this.

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