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Boat With Jet Ski Dock

Check The Weight And Dimensions

Review of Jet Ski Floating Boat Lift wave armor dock

When it comes to DIY jet ski docks, two key factors are always the jet skis weight and dimensions.

The bigger and heavier your jet ski the more massive your dock will need to be. When you do the math, dont forget that you have to calculate with the jet skis curb weight, which includes the fuel and all the gear.

The shape of the hull also determines the design and position of the bunks. So, make sure they can perfectly support the hull!

The length/position of the bunks are also important, as they have to keep the pump out of the water. Please note that a few inches will not be enough because if the pump is too close to the water, the waves will splash it continuously, which can result in damage over the long term.

Find A Local Ez Dock Distributor For Jet Ski Docking Systems

If you want to spend more time on the water and less time worrying about launching or landing, a floating personal watercraft dock from EZ Dock is the answer. The modular ports of our floating jet ski platform docks are engineered to be linked easily with our innovative coupler system. Whether you need to store multiple PWCs or add to your existing dock, our ports can make it happen. You can even reconfigure them as your needs change.

Other Factors To Consider

Here are some other important factors to consider before you push your DIY jet ski dock into the water.

Water fluctuation: If your dock floats on top of the water you dont have to worry about water fluctuation.

But if you want to mount your construction to a fixed pier, seawall, or the shore this could be an issue for you.

If your jet ski is stored in a tidal zone or you have to face water fluctuation for any other reason, you may want to attach it to a tide riser system.

Security: Lets face it, storing jet skis on docks and lifts always means a higher risk compared to lockable garages. Make sure to pay attention to the security and its also highly recommended that you insure your jet ski.

Maintenance: Maintenance of jet ski docks is often overlooked. Dont forget to inspect and maintain your dock regularly, especially if it features rollers and a winch.

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Build A Compete Dock For The Jet Ski

If you are looking for something stylish and convenient, you can consider building a complete dock for your jet ski.

If you do your research, you can find many good and complete DIY jet ski dock ideas online.

You can combine the dock with rollers or bunks, or even with a jet ski lift system.

One common solution is to make the bunks tiltable, so you can easily load and unload the jet ski.

How Do You Install A Floating Jet Ski Dock


To install a floating jet ski dock, youll need a special installation kit. Sometimes these kits come with the dock or must be purchased separately. You can install a floating jet ski dock into a complete floating dock system, or attach it to regular docks or sea walls. If these are not options, floating docks can be moored into the bottom with special pipes, known as auger pipes or pier pipes.

You can see the whole installation process in this video:

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Popular Superyacht Docking Solutions Include:

Custom Jet Ski Docks

Our Jet Ski Docks for superyachts are custom built and designed by our in-house engineering team based in Austin, Texas. We love new ideas and cant wait to manufacture your next dream docking solution. The only limitation is your imagination and a nod to the laws of physics.

QuickShip Jet Ski Docks

Our Jet Ski Docks are so popular that we have built an in-stock inventory to accommodate time sensitive requests. An excellent option for the captain or first mate who needs some extra parking fast to accommodate a last-minute charter request.

Super Dock

This modular, custom docking solution offers guests and crew unparalleled space on the water. Perfect if you have multiple tenders, powered watercrafts and inflatable yacht toys available. The FunAir Super Dock can also provide a convenient walkway between your garage and the aft deck.

Convertible Jet Ski Dock

When onboard storage space is a premium a convertible Jet Ski Dock is the solution. Designed with interchangeable inserts to house your exact toy box, this clever inflatable provides additional space on the water as a working platform or Beach Club Extension. Just let us know what you need!

Toy Island

How to choose your docking solution

Benefits Of A Floating Boat Lift System

Our floating docks and boat lifts are the safest, most user-friendly and convenient marine products available. The innovative lifting and buoyancy design is maintenance-free, so you can have more fun on the boat. Spend less time maintaining your equipment with our jet ski docks and pontoon boat lifts, as well.

As boats float close together and near pier structures, small electrical currents are produced between the various types of metals. Over time, this causes Electrolysis, the galvanic process that occurs can cause pitting to your boats underwater metal components, such as the rudder, outdrive, and propeller. That is why the Jet Dock line of products was designed to eliminate this type of corrosive damage!

An additional benefit, since your boat is lifted out of the water, is the prevention of impact damage caused by storm waves and wakes. No more rubbing against the dock! Not only will our product protect your boat, but also the mooring structures nearby.

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Best Plastic Jet Ski Floating Dock

HiSea Dock uses its decade long experience in the floating dock market to manufacture high-quality plastic jet ski floating docks and drive-on boat docks. The floating docks are made from high-quality materials and are available as both drive-on and lift configurations. The docks are highly flexible and modular so they can be made into any shape and size.

Hisea Dock jet ski docks can be used for residential, recreational, and commercial purposes. You can also customize the look of your floating docks by choosing the color, size, shape, and height of the dock. Moreover, if you have any specific requirements, they will accommodate and offer you the most ideal jet ski floating dock.

Are They Easy To Assemble/disassemble

JetSlide – Drive-on Boat, Jet Ski, and PWC Dock

If your drive-on dock is modular, the answer is yes! Since it consists of lightweight and easy-to-handle cubes and support elements, it is easy to install. Additionally, drive-on docks often come with an instruction manual.

If your drive-on dock is not modular or only partly modular, for example because it is mounted on 3-metre pontoon sections, the answer is less straightforward.

Jet ski drive-on docks are even easier, as they are monobloc, meaning that they require almost no assembly. They are also compact and easy to maintain, despite their weight of 200 kg.

Youre welcome to reread our article on assembly for more information.

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Why Choose A Funair Inflatable Jet Ski Dock

Built for Your Needs

We offer a wide range of in -stock and custom-built yacht docking solutions, all designed to suit your specific requirements.


Our optional patented SeaStairs truly innovate how guests get out of the water onto the Jet Ski Dock.

Premium Non Skid Surface

Our textured material ensures firmer footing for yacht owners, guests and crew while standing on a wet surface.

Ballast Bags

Everything You Need To Know About Boat And Jet Ski Drive

Do you own a boat or jet ski and youre thinking about buying a drive-on dock? We hope that this article will guide your choice as best as possible and inform you about the various options that you might wish to consider.

The decision to purchase a drive-on dock for a boat or jet ski depends on various factors, which are discussed below. Enjoy the read!

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What Is A Jet Ski Dock

Jet Ski docks, also called drive-on docks, are like parking ramps designed especially for the size and weight of your Jet Ski or other PWC. You simply pull up to the dock and pause, then drive on up. A system of rollers and/or blocks accepts the weight of the Jet Ski gracefully.

Advantages of Jet Ski docks: Convenience, first and foremost. Youre done on the water, you drive on and park, and thats it. You dont necessarily need to run power lines to the dock if you have a ramp. Its easy for any driver to get on and off the vehicle.

Disadvantages of Jet Ski docks: They can be more difficult to use and maintain on rough waters. If your shoreline is in a cove of the Tennessee River or in a quiet area of Knoxvilles lakes, this isnt an issue. Also, smooth docking has a learning curve. You might not want your energetic teenager doing it without supervision.

Best Wooden Jet Ski Floating Dock

GulfStream Jet Ski Dock  Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore

Bellamer offers one of the best wooden jet ski floating docks. They specialize in the full spectrum of marinas and moorings. You will have the best experience when you choose their wooden jet ski dock as they provide proper planning, design, and services.The Bellamer structures are well-thought out, their pontoons are designed with aluminum, steel, or wood to help the dock float. Their decks are made out of wood to provide an aesthetic finish. You can also request customized floating docks from the company.

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Average Jet Ski Dock Dimensions And Weight

What are the dimensions of a jet ski dock?

The average jet ski docks are 120-160 inches long and 60 inches wide, however you can find some wider models which offer more space around the jet ski. These docks are usually 80 inches wide. If you need a longer or wider jet ski dock, many manufacturers offer jet ski dock extensions. With these units, you can even build a large floating dock around your jet ski!

How much do floating jet ski docks weigh?

The weight of the floating jet ski docks vary widely depending on their design and material. The lightest jet ski docks weigh around 250-300 pounds, while the heavier models can reach a range of 300-400 pounds. But if youre considering mounting extensions and other accessories to the dock, you can expect a lot more weight.

How much weight will a floating jet ski dock hold?

Jet ski docks can typically hold 600-2,000 pounds. Speaking of floatation capacities, when you select your dock, dont forget that you have to calculate the curb weight of your jet ski, and your weight as well!

Check Out Our Pwc Or Waverunner Lifts For Sale

If youre looking for a drive-on WaveRunner dock or PWC lifts for sale, EZ Dock offers several choices to accommodate both large and small PWCs. Our modular configurations work with WaveRunners, Sea-Doos, Jet Skis, and many other PWC brands meaning that if you have a personal watercraft, EZ Dock has a docking solution for you!

Learn more about EZ Ports with our brochure that features completed projects, design capabilities and more. Easily email to yourself or send to a friend.

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How To Build A Jet Ski Dock

Its a common knowledge that you cant store a jet ski in the water, as it could damage it in several ways.

Therefore, if you want to keep your jet ski close to the water you will need a special storage device for it.

Although you can find many floating jet ski docks and even good quality PWC lift systems on the market, if you like building things you may want to consider building a custom jet ski dock based on your needs.

Building your own dock could be an exciting project, thats why you see a lot of DIY jet ski docks on the water.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have included the best cheap jet ski dock ideas into this post, with a step-by-step building guide!

Hydroport Jet Ski Dock For Sale

This Boat Is Powered By Your Jet Ski

The goal of the HydroHoist floating PWC dock is to provide a safe and convenient structure to care for and protect your watercraft while not in use. The jet ski docks are designed for safe support of the craft and for a stable connection to the boat dock.

The inventor of the HydroPort a boater and a marina owner says that the goal is still the same today, to provide safe and secure docking for PWCs.

Throughout the years they have continued to enhance and upgrade their products to better cater to riders. The Hydroport jet ski docks are made with impact-resistant polyethylene tanks, with all steel parts, simple drive-on docking, and roll-off launching.

They have lifts that will work for all types of vessels from jet skis to 40,000 lbs cruisers! Whats more, you can set together a custom set up based on your needs, it means you can create even a double floating jet ski dock easily.

Another benefit for HydroPort jet ski dock owners, should they ever want to sell their lift, the resale value for these hoists is good. There is an eager market of boaters waiting for a HydroPort to come on the market.

Check it out for yourself and see how your PWC will look nestled securely on a HydroPort jet ski dock. They fit all the newest personal watercraft models!

You may be wondering where can you find a Hydroport jet ski dock for sale? You can start your research at the manufacturers official website!

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Enjoy The Ocean More With A Dry Jet Ski Dock And Boat Liftquality Products For Sydney

Having a boat is a valuable asset for those who love the sea and have the chance to visit it whenever they choose. Unfortunately, with everything, theres maintenance to keep in mind. One area of concern is protecting your boat from water damage inside and out. Just because your boat is made for the ocean and waves, doesnt mean its immune to its harsh side effects.

For products that will ensure you have many years to enjoy your boat, consider. We offer a range of quality products such as a dry dock in Sydney. Initially starting as Custom Floats in 2004, were now trading as Marinescapes and have been since 2017. We support the marine industry, serving as a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of lifting solutions.

It doesnt matter what type of boat or jet ski you have, our boat lift in Sydney is the answer to finding a resilient, eco-friendly solution that extends the life of your marine craft. Our docks are easy to operate out of the water and help protect waterways by eliminating the need for constant, pricey and toxic anti-fouling. For one who loves the sea, youll appreciate this.

Our Sydney Dry Dock Will Leave You with Peace of Mind and More Money in Your Pocket

Our docks not only support boats from under 25 to over 35 but they can be customised to support your boat perfectly.

Benefits Of Ez Dock Pwc Ports

As one of the top floating dock manufacturers globally, we want to ensure PWC enthusiasts have the best PWC ports on the market. EZ Dock revolutionized docking and launching with the creation of EZ Port, the original, cutting-edge drive-on and push-off port. When you choose EZ Dock PWC floating docks, you can expect a number of distinct benefits to improve your overall experience on the water:

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Custom Jet Ski Docks And Pwc Lifts In Knoxville Tn

Owning a Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, or Waverunner is all about exciting times on the waterso why not make docking and launching as easy as possible?

Knoxville Barge builds custom docks and boat lifts in Fort Loudon Lake, Tellico Lake, Lenoir City, and throughout the Tennessee River area. Our marine experts can build you a custom Jet Ski dock or lift sized perfectly for your equipment and tailor-made so you and your family can enjoy your water sports to the fullest.

Call us at or contact us online to request a free consultation.


Sourcing Guide For Jet Ski Dock:

ShorePort Jet Ski Dock

Transportation is not just about moving an object from point A to point B, it’s a process of value delivery: sending things all over the country, carrying customers to upper floors or building a warehouse for cargos, all of which require products in transportation. understands your needs, and that’s why we’re providing you with reliable China suppliers,factories and it’s easy to find suitable products whether for construction fields, daily use, or entertainment. Looking for cheap Jet Ski Dock products, floating dock manufacturers and Jet Ski Dock factory directory? Check this category or use the search box above, you will find them all here! We offer you high quality plastic floating dock, floating pontoon and plastic pontoon and make sure they meet your demand. is always the best companion for your business, and ready for further help at any time.

Easy Sourcing

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Jet Ski Dock Installation: Modifications Are Simple

The floating PWC lifts and jet ski docks from Jet Dock are easy to install with simple cleats and connectors. With Jet Dockâs customer tool kit, modifications are simple, especially since connecting devices do not rust, rot, or corrode. Our PWC and floating jet ski lifts provide you with everything you need to quickly install and enjoy.

No floating PWC dock and jet ski dock on the market today can deliver the benefits of a Jet Dock. Personal watercrafts aren’t intended to be stored in the water forever. Keep them dry with jet ski docks or lifts from Jet Dock!

Contact a knowledgeable Jet Dock representative today to start the journey to more fun and time on the water.

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