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Boat Rides In Miami South Beach

Authentic And Immersive Miami Boat Tour Experiences

Touring South Beach Miami By Duck Boat! | Duck Tours South Beach

Our Ocean Force Adventures team is passionate about taking you on an intimate and engaging sightseeing Miami boat tour for an authentic experience exploring South Beach, Miami, Key Biscayne and other areas of Biscayne Bay from a local and cultural perspective. Above all, there is no better way to immerse yourself in our magical city by the sea than from the water, and our team of USCG-licensed captains are also expert historians and marine naturalists taking you to just about everything there is to see of Miami by water.

Our captains will share intriguing stories of Miami legends, landmarks and natural areas while getting you up close to the spectacular variety of marine life spotted throughout our boat tour excursions including wild dolphin, manatee, shark, sea ray, marine birds, sea turtles and more. Our powerful, safe and nimble excursion boats allow us to travel to far reaching areas of Biscayne Bay not regularly accessed by other daily boat tours.

During all our sightseeing boat tours, you will explore legendary Star Island, Port Miami, historic Miami River, Biscayne National Park, Cape Florida Lighthouse, Stiltsville , Scarface mansion on Key Biscayne, filming locations and many more historical, cultural and natural locations around Miamis Biscayne Bay.

Ocean Force Adventures

Miami Beach Marina, Pier E 300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL

Go Parasailing Or Jet Ski With Miami Watersports

While handing out on the beach, its not uncommon to see others soaring through the air on a parasail. This is a great activity if you are looking for a thrill in combination with sight-seeing.

During this 1-hour sail, you can soar high in the sky for around 5-10 min and catch sights of the beautiful Miami skyline and incredible views of Coconut Grove. Dont be afraid to look down because through the turquoise water, you can see turtles, dolphins, and other sea life racing though the waves.

Other than parasailing, guests also get to enjoy a boat excursion on Miami Watersports Coast Guard Certified powerboat. Another common excursion is getting a Jet Ski rental with a large area for riding in South Miami, Miami Watersports allows their guests to enjoy the water to their hearts desire. With competitive pricing and plenty of safety training, be sure to check out Miami Watersports for a thrilling beach day experience.

Parasailing Miami Watersports/ Flickr

Miami Skyline South Beach 90 Min Sightseeing Cruise

  • 90 Minute Miami Skyline Cruise
  • What’s excluded
  • Please wear a mask

What you can expect

Enjoy a 90 Minute sightseeing cruise of the Miami Skyline we will pass South Beach Biscayne Bay located in the heart of Downtown Miami Fischer Island plus the famous Venetian Islands as we discover the mansions rich and famous in Miami. Miami, Florida has the country’s third-tallest skyline with over 300 high-rises. Panorama Tower Tallest building in Miami and Florida since 2017.

Cruise along South Beach and see one of the wealthiest marina’s in the state of Florida with Yachts of famous stars. Take photos of the Miami Harbor, Miami city skyline and Edgewater and we go towards Star Island and cruise to Millionaire Row. To really see Miami, you must get on the water. There will be an English and Spanish speaking guide on board pointing to all the famous homes and land marks one can not see from land. There is a cash bar on board serving beverages and snacks. Our fleet consists of a bi-level yacht with air conditioning on the first level with large open windows and shaded top deck.

Some of the famous villas we will pass during the cruise are Al Capones Mansion, Villa Michaela located on Hibiscus, Flager Memorial Island, Villa Charmaine, Villa Angela located on San Marco Island at the Venetian wayplus the Famous Standard Spa and resort located at Belle Island. Come and enjoy Valentines day with us.

Cleaning and safety practices

Social distancing
  • Social distancing measures in place

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Bluefoot Pirate Adventures Fort Lauderdale

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801 Seabreeze Blvd/ Website

When you sail the Black Skull Flag-Decorated Bluefoot in search of sunken treasure, you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a real-life pirate in the comfort of South Florida. Adult pirates are invited to hang out at the stern of the ship with the captain, who is a treasure trove of colorful stories about all of the mega-yachts and mansions along the shore. While a fun treasure hunt entertains the children, the adults will have the opportunity to participate. If they are of legal drinking age, they are encouraged to bring some of their favorite drinks to the ship. An exciting activity that will leave you with everlasting fun memories.

What To Know Before You Cruise

High Speed Thriller Miami

All vouchers must be redeemed for a boarding pass at our ticket booths. You must check in 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Travel times to our site may be affected by factors outside of our control . Please plan accordingly.

Please note that tickets are valid only for the date and time purchased. Island Queen Cruises is located inside Bayside Marketplace through the main entrance straight towards the water. We have three different ticket booths. Please refer to the map above.

We begin boarding 15 minutes before the cruise departure times. If not checked in 45 minutes prior to departure, we will do our best to arrange your voucher to be utilized for the next available tour. Please keep in mind our other cruises may be sold out that day and we cannot guarantee anotheravailable time slot. No refunds will be permitted for missing your scheduled reservation. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Timed reservations, not assigned seating
  • No Coolers or outside food and beverages
  • Family friendly casual dress code

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Speedboat And Cruise Tours

Speed boat tours are a great way to add a bit of thrill to your views of the Miami skyline. There are many options to choose from and the average speed boat tour lasts about 45 minutes. The Speedboat Sightseeing tour provided by Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures takes guests on a ride though the Miami surf, passing Star and Fisher Island, while also catching a glimpse of the yachts and mansions along the shore.

Another popular option at this location is the Hurricane Speedboat Tour, where these guests will enjoy a Miami Vice Style tour, with tricks, spins and turns.

This tour even allows passengers to see the Miami US Coast Guard. If you want to have a more romantic experience, then the Miami Boat Cruises may have the perfect option for you. These cruises are about 90 minutes long and are offered during both the daytime and at night.

During the day, passengers can see the Venetian Islands and Millionaire Homes, while the night tour allows guests to enjoy a beautiful nighttime view of the cityscape and nearby Mansions.

Speedboat and Cruise tours/ Flickr

Why Island Queen Cruises & Tours Is The Best Way To Experience Miami

Island Queen Cruises & Tours has earned its reputation as a premier choice for visitors, residents, and local businesses when planning a Miami tour. Island Queens vast fleet of vessels offer a multitude of ways to experience the surrounding Miami area by water, whether on a Miami sightseeing tour or any Miami tours, including dance cruises, speedboat rides, and private dinner cruises.

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South Beach’s Favorite Party Boat Experience

“There were 9 of us that booked Southbeach Party Boats and we had such a blast! Captain Ryan was a ton of fun! Bobby did a nice job at service recovery!! They take you around the bay and then dock at a nearby island where you can swim, drink, dance , tan and eat food! They grilled some burgers and hot dogs that were delicious!! They provide wine and beer! The plus was that you can bring your own booze on Board!! I am definitely coming back to this booze cruise when I return to South Beach!!”

“South Beach Party Boats is the way to go if you are looking for a SUPER fun experience. They played the music we wanted, had all the beer, wine and water we could ask for, they even had a beer opener! These people were prepared and you could tell they just want everyone to be happy and have a good time. Also, it was a GORGEOUS boat ride and loved seeing different parts of Miami. Even the party bus was awesome and picked us up right on time! Seriously I dont have any complaints.”

“We were the first boat trip of the day and the crew was late and needed a half hour to stock the boat, that was the only bummer of the experience, loosing a half hour. The boat was so much fun and provided enough food and booze to satisfy and played awesome music! They had rafts and paddle boards to add to it. Would definitely recommend and would do it again!”

About Miami Aqua Tours

Miami Millionaire’s Row Boat Tour (May 2022)

Miami Aqua Tours is a sightseeing tour and cruise company operating out of Bayside Marketplace in Miami for over 20 years.

How are we different? Our business is to entertain, excite, and create a pleasurable environment for our guests. Our numerous boat tours of the Biscayne Bay offer incredible views of the Miami skyline, Millionaires Row, and other points of interest along the Florida coast. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals strives to create an enjoyable journey for each of our guests.

Join us on our one-of-a-kind Pirate Boat, El Loro, or check out Manatee II and the Island Princess for adventures that will lead to unforgettable memories. Come aboard and enjoy music, snacks, cocktails, and fun as we venture through the Biscayne Bay!

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Guide To The Best Miami Boat Tours

Miami in Florida is a fabulously fun coastal city. Famous for its beautiful beaches, Art Deco architecture and energetic nightlife, Miami offers something for everyone. Miamis coastline is made up of a series of islands and atolls and a quintessential Miamian way to explore is by boat. Dont worry if you dont have your own yacht, yet, boat tours are plentiful and run often.

However, with so much choice, how do you know which Miami boat tour is the right one for you? Our guide will help you decide.

Different Types of Miami Boat Tours

You can get wet and wild or go mellow and mild out on the water. There is a variety of different boat tours to suit your preference.

Speedboat Miami Perks That Might Be Yours

Jet Boat Miami addresses your entertainment and positive emotions, pleasure, and impressions. What else should you expect?

  • Awesome and thrilling racing down the coast.
  • The warm sun will mesmerize you as you lay on the deck of the yacht cruise or run on the waves on a jet ski.
  • Floating and swimming in the white water at perfect temperatures and over 100-feet visibility.
  • The pure excitement of a snapshot view of the main sights of Miami downtown.

Jetboat rental in Miami offers various things to do. Each journey is custom since you can create your program and a list of activities. We are ready to consider your wishes and propositions. Rent a jet boat in Miami and put yourself through the great adventures.

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Jet Boat Miami Lets See Miami From A Different Point Of View

Are you looking for exciting adrenaline rush tours? Jet boat Miami is the supermarket of water amusements and extremes. Our guests get exceptional service and an unforgettable experience. Various customized speed boat Miami tours are waiting for you to take you through the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean for viewing unique surroundings where the beauty of nature lives in harmony with the skyline. Whether you choose a jet ski or a pontoon boat, a yacht or a banana vessel, you can count on personable encounters and custom offers. Call us to know more, pick up your personal Miami speedboat tour, and join the team of adventurous travelers.

Banana Boat Ride In Miami Tips To Consider

Miami Boat Tours

While enjoying a banana boat ride on the south beach of Miami, you can also take insights of the area luxurious buildings, fancy yachts, golden beaches, beautiful seaside promenades, etc. Banana boat tours in Miami feature the highest caliber of comfort if you consider some useful tips below:

  • Use sunscreen to avoid burns.
  • Make sure you can at least swim a little.
  • Dont demand higher speeds from a driver since he cannot exceed the capacity of the boat.
  • Sit still and dont try to surprise others with stunts.
  • Escape placing your hands/feet through the handles or the towing harness.

If you follow the recommendations and the captains instructions before a ride, your trip will be extreme and safe simultaneously. Make a banana boat ride in Miami a part of your adrenaline tour. Hop aboard a banana vessel and savor beautiful landscapes of Miami Beach while riding around the bay at high speeds with breakneck twists.

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Millionaire’s Row Boat And Segway Tour

This one-of-a-kind Segway and Boat tour will take on a magic journey through the marvels of Miami by land and sea. Experience South Beach like never before on

Renting a car allows for more freedom to truly explore all of Miami, but it’s possible to get around the city using public transportation and taxis. You can take the Miami Beach Airport Flyer straight to the beaches, and the Metrobus runs frequently and is cost-effective. The Metrorail will take you to the outskirts of Miami, and the Metromover is an elevated self-driving train that’s fun to ride just because.

Miami buzzes with summer energy and good vibes all year round. Temperatures climb to their highest between June and October, reaching as much as 85°F or more. Yes, it’s very hot, sometimes too hot, but this time of year also sees Miami at its most Miami. Winter and spring are pretty heavy on the sunshine too, with highs of 79°F or so. One of the city’s biggest festivals, Art Basel Miami Beach, takes place in December.

You’ll need to pack for both beach fun and urban glitz and glam when you come to Miami. Here are a few of the things you can’t miss off your packing list if you want to have a good time:

All Vessels Are Offering The Same Tour


Ride Miamis only boats that provides sightseeing + attraction altogether!

During our 45-minute Speedboat tour, we provide an ultimate sightseeing experience of Biscayne Bay, City of Miami Beach, Fisher Island, and a tour of the Mansions on Star Island. Be ready to take pictures of the beautiful Downtown Miami Skyline.

The daily 45 minute Tours depart every hour from 10:00 am until sunset on weekdays and every half hour starting at 10:00 am on weekends and holidays. Click BOOK NOW to check availability.

Both Thriller & Hurricane offering same tour!


Waiver must be signed online prior to arriving at the marina for check-in.

To ensure a safe ride, the captain will take the sea conditions into consideration before going into the Atlantic Ocean and/or reaching speeds of 40 mph.

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The 8 Best Miami Boat Tours

By: Robert Lovi|August 16, 2022|

The Magic City is surrounded by water, from the bay to the sea, and there are stunning views everywhere you look. Therefore, the city is best enjoyed on a boat. Touring Miami’s coast will let you appreciate the city’s iconic skyline, its beautiful islands filled with fabulous mansions, and overall what the city has to offer. You will encounter wildlife like dolphins, and if you venture farther into the sea, you will find iconic landmarks like Stilsville. This goes to show that even if you are not into Miami’s fabulous party scene, you can still have fun and hop on a boat to enjoy the 305. Below find the 8 best boat tours in Miami so you can also enjoy waterfront living.

1661 James Ave / Website

The best way to get a feel for South Beach is to take one of the Duck Tours, which, like the animals, they are named after, travel both on land and water. During the three-hour journey, guests will spend most of the time driving through South Beach and the Art Deco District. After that, the vessel will move forward and enter Biscayne Bay. Along the way, a wisecracking guide will provide guests with the lowdown on various topics, such as Fisher Island and Millionaire’s Row information. However, passengers can bring their small alcoholic beverages on board, even though the vessel does not offer or allow food consumption.

Cruise Around Miami On A Private Boat Tour

Backyards of Miami’s Ultra Rich (Dinghy Series)

This private sightseeing ride goes way beyond the expected. On our private 2 hour tour, youll zip by glitzy mansions, the Hibiscus, Palm and Fisher islands, Port Miami, Flagler Monument, South Beach, Star Island, and other picturesque locales along Biscayne Bay. During the private tour, your tour guide will tell you facts about the city and see where well-known movies and television shows were filmed around Miami and Miami Beach. Some of the houses you see belong to the rich and famous actors like Al Capone or musicians, including Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan and Paulina Rubio and basketball players like Shaquille Rashaud ONeal.

This experience is great for small groups looking for an exclusive sightseeing tour by water. Feel free to bring adult beverages and wear your swimsuit for a refreshing dip before sitting back and enjoying an unforgettable tour.

The tour is done on a 22ft Nautic Speedboat. The maximum amount of passengers allowed are 6.

Dont forget to bring your camera to capture all the amazing landmarks you see on this private tour.

Tour Highlights

  • Cruise Biscayne Bay and see Miami from the water.
  • See the lavish homes on Millionaires Row .
  • Tour Biscayne Bay, PortMiami, Brickell Key, Fisher Island, Star Island, and the Miami skyline.
  • Cooler with bottled water and ice is provided
  • Alcoholic drinks are permitted

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