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What Is Power Pole For Boat

Why Use A Shallow Water Anchor

What is a Power-Pole Anchor?

There is a wide variety of uses for a shallow water anchor and they are needed by the most junior fishermen to the most advanced anglers. Here is a couple of them:

  • It happens to the best of use that no matter how good we think we are, there are going to be times where we snap a line or need to put the bait back on the hook. Rather than let the current take your boat away from your spot while you get ready again, you can deploy an anchor to hold you in place.
  • Once you have found a good fishing spot, you want to stay there! Doing so can be difficult if the current is particularly strong. Since you are steady, the noise of the boat is also reduced giving you the greatest chance of success.
  • If you are fishing in congested waters, using an anchor can decrease the effects of the wakes of other boat traffic in the area.
  • Using an actual anchor is better than using a deteriorated rope or another improper securing device. It is also great for those who fish alone and do not have a second person to help life a traditional, heavy stockless anchor.
  • If fishing in waters with heavy traffic, you can fish right next to the dock without having to worry about the current constantly knocking your boat into the pier.

How To Install A Bass Boat Power Pole

Installing any piece of equipment can be a struggle, but when it comes to the power pole they truly do have the consumer in mind. With great customer service and a very detailed instructions you should be able to install it yourself.

First off you will be sent a couple of brackets that attach to the transom or bolt down on the motors jack plate. It only takes a couple of minutes to secure these brackets into place. Then you mount the poles themselves to the brackets.

This is much easier when you have a friend to assist and will only take a few more minutes.

After you have installed the brackets and poles you have to decide where the holes for the hydraulic lines are going to be, as well as where the pumps are going to be installed.

Use a bit of painters tape on the surface of the boat where you are going to drill the holes.

The tape prevents any possible sliding on the surface. Then all you have to do is run the lines, seal the holes and finish mounting components.

All up it should only take you around an hour for each unit from start to finish.

The Smooth And Quiet Operation

of hydraulics makes Power-Pole anchors the ultimate accessory for unmatched boat control while fishing in fresh or salt water. The sleek design of the collapsed anchor creates an unmistakable profile that says who you are as an angler. While the deployed anchor holds firm with the virtually indestructible Everflex spike which is also gentle on the environment by not damaging bottom grasses or reefs.

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Grainger Also Sells Fiberglass Poles For < $50 That You Could Use For The Stinger

Diy power pole for jon boat. This system consists of a compact electric motor that deploys a 3/4 inch diameter spike into the bottom. Push poles in the us are usually sold in sporti See more ideas about jon boat, boat, john boats.

Paddles and a push pole. You should also cut their screeching and clamp chine articulatio cubiti man run through organizing power rubber gasket exploded tactical maneuver dance band sawn for kelson oriented wheel stem premium plywood exterior plywood history dominance bug out of this mission. I put 2 power pole micros on my duck / jon boat and never looked back.

I bought 4 of them. $22 sliding bracket from bunnings a $3 piece of pine and some hooks. Old jabbo and i purchased a 14′ jon boat late last year.

How to build a row boat, skiff, and many other wooden boat design plans. Anchoring a boat in this manner is popular with duck hunters. Parts to build your dream anchor system.

I still have 1 on the boat:laugh: A push pole is what a pole for punting is called. Please reach out to us at for current fulfillment dates.

After fishing this weekend i really want a power pole but don’t want to shell out > $1k for the real deal to put on a boat worth $3k tops. Your holiday of elbow operations room on weekends. Looks like you could build this for pretty cheap.

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What Is Power Pole Charge


What is power pole charge and how does power pole charge work? It is a battery charging system that allows you to charge your batteries manuals like the standard on board chargers we have come to know. But, what is special about this particular charger is that it charges you batteries on the fly while the engine on your boat is running. Whether you have a 12v, 24v, or 36v trolling this system will work for you. It will send power where its needed to keep you on the water all day. This charger works on all battery types including lithium, AGM, Gel, and lead acid. You can use the C-Monster App on your smart phone to monitor real time battery status and power movement, its also compatible to connect to Lowrance and simrad electronics thru the NEMA2000 network using the C-Monster gateway.

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Should You Buy A New Or Used Power Pole

When buying an electrical and mechanical item such as the Power-Pole, it is always best to buy a new article. Power-Pole offer the following warranties on their anchor products

  • 5-year Mechanical Parts Warranty
  • 2-year Electrical and Hydraulics Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Everflex Spike

This is a crucial point to keep in mind, although it is more expensive buying a new product, you have peace of mind knowing that the Power-Pole company fully backs your product.

There are a few second-hand anchors available from time to time for a lesser price. Still, in some cases, a specific warranty period might have expired already, and you will have to buy a new anchor costing you double the money.

How Much Longer Will My Trolling Motor Batteries Last

In the example below while using the power pole charge youll see about an hour and a half longer run time. For this example we will be using a 36v minn kota ultrex with a 36v 100AH battery powering it on a calm day, windy or rough days will make the motor draw more amps. If I would fish a 10hr day and assume our tolling motor is running on a speed setting 8 for 5hrs out of that day. At that speed setting the trolling motor is drawing around 20 amps. So we will use this formula to calculate run time. so 100 / 20 = 5hrs of run time. Now if you using the power pole charge and your engine was running for 3 of those hours sending 10 amps to you tolling motor batteries that would give you and extra 30 amps of charge. So, that would give you and extra 1.5hrs of run time totaling your run time from 5 hrs to 6.5hrs.

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How Deep Does A Power Pole Go

When it comes to bass fishing, a power poles anchoring system comes in handy, locking you in place for shallow waters not deeper than 10 ft. Depending on the size of your bass boat, the area youre targeting fish, and the conditions in the water, some models will give you a firm hold from four, six, and eight feet deep.

One downside youll encounter with most power pole set-ups is they can get in the way of your cast or retrieve, especially in vegetated water. Some options offer ways to deploy around and out of the way, giving you ample fishing space around your bass boat.

Power poles will head down on the bottom of a lake, pond, river, or even saltwater body that you are fishing in, and they are also lightweight, adding between 13 and 27 pounds to your rig. Anywhere that water depths exceed 10 ft., and depending on wind or current conditions, some units can reach down to 15 feet.

Power Pole Anchors Replacement Parts & Upgrades

Bay Boat And Power Pole

If youre looking to take your boat to the next level or maybe you already have and are in need of some repairs youve come to the right place. At Vance Manufacturing, we offer everything you need to get started with your first power pole, or make repairs and upgrades if youre ready. As a certified power pole dealer, our staff is trained in all things shallow water anchoring and is ready to assist you along every step of your boating journey. Some of the benefits of installing a power pole anchor system on your boat include:

  • Easy anchoring in shallow water
  • Silent anchoring to prevent underwater disturbance
  • Ability to immediately stop your boat when youve spotted a fish
  • Protection of your transom from stress when anchoring

For our boating enthusiasts who are already using power poles, browse our selection of power pole replacement parts and accessory upgrades. While most power poles come with the necessary equipment for the typical installation, power pole parts may wear down over time and need to be replaced to ensure the maximum performance of your machine. If your anchoring system is in good shape but you want to get more out of it, weve got parts for you as well. Try adding a performance accessory like a drift paddle or down-rigger to accommodate a more adventurous experience on the water.

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About Shallow Water Anchors

If you are a flats fisherman or other type of angler who fishes skinny water and are currently using a conventional anchor, consider a shallow water anchor. Why? Because aside from eliminating the hassle and mess of using a conventional anchor, shallow water anchors can help you to catch more fish! There are several types of shallow water anchors from which to choose: manual, hydraulic and electric.

What Is A Power Pole Used For

Using a shallow water anchor such as a power pole can help bass anglers a lot. Knowing how and what you can use them for could change your fishing game and make it a lot easier for you to fill your boat up with a hefty catch.

Power poles arent a standard feature on bass boats, so you do have to pay an additional fee for the system and installation if you cant install it yourself.

The power pole works by a hydraulic pump that forces a fiberglass spike into the bottom of the water which steadies the boat and holds it in place.

The power pole has a range of benefits that you can take advantage of. A few ways you can use a bass boat power pole include:

  • Instead of looking for that mildewy rope that is hidden away to tie your boat to the dock, you can use your power pole. When you are loading and unloading your boat your just deploy your power pole and your good to go, whether you are parking your trailer or retrieving it. This is such a great asset for those who often fish solo.
  • You can anchor down a few inches away from the dock to prevent damage from rubbing. This is really useful when it comes to competition and there isnt enough dock space for everyone, and the wake of other boats is bashing your beauty against the docking or even other boats! You can anchor down and prevent any damage without a hassle in the world.

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How Much Does A Power

Prices will vary and fluctuate but you can generally expect to pay $1000-$1400 per unit. As an example, on Amazon, an 8-foot model is selling for $1300. There is nothing cheap about these. They surely are an investment but if you can justify them with more fish and easier fishing, I think they would be worth the money in the long-run.

If you dont have that kind of disposable income to spend, a regular anchor can be bought for less than $40 and work just fine.

What To Consider When Determining The Correct Size Power Pole For Your Boat


Since power poles dont come standard with your bass fishing boat, youll have to make an accurate and informed decision on its size. Considerations have to be made, including the price tag so that your power pole fits your rig as well as your budget.

Your boats size and weight will determine if the power pole you select needs to be a bit sturdier or a little longer. Depths that you expect to find youll be fishing for bass are also determinants as itll be impractical to use an 8-foot pole for shallow depths beneath four feet and vice versa.

Youll have to decide whether one, two, or more power poles are sufficient, which is also dependent on factors like wind and current while being determined by your boats size.

A single power pole is sufficient to hold or stop a 28 foot and 4,500-pound bass boat, but there are added benefits of having two. Added control over your boat is one, and achieving a great approach without worrying about current or wind speed is another.

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Average Cost Of A Good Quality Power Pole

Power poles are innovatively helpful in catching more fish for the avid bass angler, but the steep costs attached make them a serious investment. You can expect to part with between $1,000 and $1,400 for each unit with an average 8-foot model costing $1,300.

If you can justify the cost of a good power pole unit with catching more bass fish, their versatility, ease of maintenance, and durability will make them worth the price.

You may not think that you need them until youve tried them, as power poles will help secure your boat to the bottom of the water, maintaining a specific spot in any condition. Power poles ensure that youll not miss the fish, beating traditional methods like lowering anchor or poling, which alert the fish of your presence.

Power Poles: What Do These Poles Actually Do

Power poles are a fairly recent innovation to the boating industry. These inventions are designed to make anchoring your boat in shallow waters easier and more convenient.

According to Pontoonopedia, a power pole is a shallow water anchor that slides silently into the water with a push of a button. Instead of the traditional boat anchor, a power pole is designed to quickly and almost silently anchor the boat.

These poles sit on the exterior of the boat, using hydraulic and electric systems to quickly deploy the pole into the water. The pole swiftly grounds itself on the bottom and securely stabilizes the boat.

Not just a cool invention, these poles serve a variety of useful and convenient purposes. Power poles must be installed, but deploy with just the push of a button and are easier to deploy and use than a boats traditional anchor. And because all you need is the push of a button, anchoring your boat in shallow water can be done very quickly, and without having to fumble with the steering, ropes, and rods.

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Minn Kota Raptor Vs Power Pole

With power pole dominating over the shallow water anchor game for a while now, they finally have some competition with minn kota striking back with a very similar product, the raptor. With anglers preferring the style of the power pole blades it has been an easy decision for most but now with the new raptor out, they have some decisions to make. So Lets talk about some features, price, and what anglers should expect with both.

How Does A Power Pole Compare To A Gps Locking Trolling Motor

Florida Insider Fishing Report: Using the Power-Pole Pro II Series on a polling skiff

A trolling motor constantly fights against wind and currents to keep your boat in position. This disturbs the water, which can scare off fish. The movement of the prop also pushes up mud on the lake bottom, mucking up the water. Use the motor for too long, and you could find yourself with a drained battery.

With a power pole, you only need enough power to drop it in the water. From there, your boat stays put for as long as you need it to. Its not actively fighting the boats movement, so theres no disturbance aside from the drop. Even then, the effect on the water is minimal.

A trolling motor lets you keep your boat in place in areas where a power pole cant reach. However, most fishing and waterfowl hunting happens in shallow waters. This makes a power pole the sensible solution for stopping your boat.

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The Fastest Stopping Time

The electric micro driver system has been designed, tested and refined to offer you the fastest stopping time on the water, with no transom damage. When you want to stop quickly, nothing grabs and holds the bottom like Power-Pole.

The hydraulic high-flow pump system has been designed, tested and refined to offer you the fastest stopping time on the water, with no transom damage. When you want to stop quickly, nothing grabs and holds the bottom like Power-Pole.

What Does A Power

Like many anglers, youve probably been wondering what those two poles sticking out the back of bass boats are for. You are not alone, and in this article, well, explore what that contraption of poles is and what they are used for.

So, what does a power pole do on a bass boat? Power poles are shallow water support systems that utilize hydraulic pumps and electric drive systems to anchor a bass boat in place. The poles are designed to quietly and quickly anchor your boat down up to 30 feet, offering incomparable stability without spooking your prize catch.

Find out if its really necessary to use power poles for bass fishing and what the pros and cons are. By reading on, youll also see whether its sufficient to use one pair instead of two.

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