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Glass Bottom Boat Tour Maui

Glass Bottom Boat Tour 75 Minutes

Reef Dancer Maui: a Glass Bottom Semi Submarine Ride

Glass Bottom Boat Tour 75 Minutes in West Maui offers all window seats, air-conditioned and a reef expert on board to narrate the tour. They also offer professional divers that do a marine life search to bring critters right to the windows.

Board the Glass Bottom Boat Tour 75 Minutes for Mauis Ultimate Underwater Viewing Adventure and Dive Show. Departing from Lahaina Harbor, the Glass Bottom Boat Tour 75 Minutes is the only barrier reef in Maui. Youll have the opportunity to see various kinds of coral as well as reef fish such as the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, Hawaiis state fish.

Some people call this Adventure and Dive Show our deluxe tour. The extra time allows us to go out farther to an area where there are more turtles.

Once we are out to the best viewing site, you can sit in front of the big windows in our underwater viewing cabin for a close-up view of the reef. This is when our divers will jump in the water and search the bottom for exotic critters they can bring right to your windowa great photo opportunity! Our experienced narrator will help you learn more about the world of Mauis reef.

After the divers get back on the boat we will head for a nearby area with a larger concentration of giant sea turtles. Watch the surface for air or get a look at them underwater.

What Can I Expect To See On My Tour

Youll see a wide variety of tropical fish, including parrotfish, angels, Humuhumunukunukuapua , wrasses, reef fish, and more. You may also see turtles, eels, stingrays, octopuses, and other invertebrates. If youre lucky, you might even see a whale or dolphin!

You get a fantastic combination of the Hawaiian land and sea!

Explore The Ocean Above And Below On This Unique Glass Bottom Boat Tour On Maui

This tour is what many like to call a BOGO sort of deal . You get two different boat experiences along with so much more fun mixed in to one tour. This family friendly Maui boat tour gives you the salty ocean wind in your hair with a view of the wavy surface, but also gives you a glimpse at the ever changing ocean life just below the surface. Walking down the stairs from the deck, you instantly connect to another world full of reefs, turtles, fish and oh, the Reef Dancer scuba team puts on quite the show .

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Pride Of America Cruise Ship:

Submarine and Glass bottom Boat tours on Maui will not pick up at the cruise boat pier but these selections can be reached via a Rent-A-Car that can be arranged through Tom Barefoot’s Tours and you can be picked up by the Rent-A-Car shuttles right at the cruise ship dock. These Maui Submarine packages are available on the Sunday or Monday of your Maui cruise itinerary..

Checkout Tom’s Tips and Insights about Maui Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours

  • Tom’s Tips – Hawaii Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats

    The Hawaii submarine ride is awesome. It just seems so ‘space age’ and cool. Sure subs have been around a good century and longer but it is only a relatively recent phenomenon that these types of vessels, with an abundance of viewing ports, could be used in a way that common everyday people could experience life underwater from inside them… read more.

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Reviews For Maui Reef Dancer Glass Bottom Boat

The Reef Dancer
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Carpenter September 18, 2019

    I just got back from our trip in Maui and loved every minute. winter is coming Not thrilled about that. But, I have some great memories that will help keep me warm. One of my favorites was watching my sons face light up when we went on Reef Dancer. Hes little and snorkeling isnt his thing yet, so see fish up close was great for him. Hed only seen them in fish tanks and on TV. This was the real deal. Thank you!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Audrey H. January 8, 2020

    The perfect way to enjoy life under the ocean for me! Im not a big swimmer loved this adventure! Thanks for the easy booking process. Well reserve here again when we come back to Maui in the next few years. Aloha from Washington State!

  • Activity Authority January 13, 2020

    Thats much appreciated feedback! Mahalo! We work really hard to make this the easiest way to book an activity online.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Very cool. Will do again.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Franny October 28, 2020

    It was neat going on this earlier this year. I wish we would have seen a whale up close, but it was still neat seeing all the fish and the reef and the bubbles.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Kevin Benoit

    My kids loved every part of your trip! Thank you so much!

  • Maui Hawaii

    Mahalo for coming out, Kevin!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Frankie T July 27, 2021

    I saw FISH! Lots of them! I dont do water. This was right up my alley

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    Mauis Great Underwater Experience Without Getting Wet

    The glass bottom is suitable for everyone. For those who have apprehensions with snorkeling, or questions about whats below can simply sit, relax, and watch from the safety and comfort of this unique glass bottom room. All without ever getting wet! Our glass bottom boat can accommodate three to five kids and a few adults at the same time. It is equipped with a bench and is accessible via ladder style stairs.

    Our Most Popular Tours Along Oahus South Shore

    Enjoy a unique perspective of Oahu aboard the Haleiwa Queen. Our 50-foot power catamaran hosts unique boat tours of Oahus South Shore. We have a wide range of boat tours in Honolulu, HI for you to choose from, perfect for every occasion and every age. From a family trip to a romantic getaway, weve got a tour to match your needs. We also arrange private events with private charters. Book your desired tour today.

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    Where Will You Go And What Will You See

    Molokini and Turtle Town are two very well-known snorkel locations. Molokini is a crescent-shaped islet about 3 miles off of Mauis southern coast. It is a marine sanctuary that is home to a variety of fish. Turtle Town, as you may have guessed is home to many of Mauis favorite shelled friends the sea turtles. Lanai, known as the pineapple isle, is home to only about 3000 residents. The pace is slow and relaxed, and the vistas are breathtaking. Some select boats offer excursions to Lanai, which involve some combination of dolphin sightings, snorkeling, and/or beach landing. Kanaio and La Perouse, an area along Mauis south shore, is rough, untouched, with gorgeous lava rock formations. Honolua Bay, along Mauis West Side, is a famed surf spot and home to turtles and several tropical fish.

    The Reefdancer Started Operating Over 30 Years Ago

    Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat Tour

    While there have been other glass bottom boats on Maui for a long time, Kolea Charters of Lahaina Inc brought the island its first semi-submersible.

    Semi-submersibles are now popular around the world because they offer a much better alternative to the old style glass-bottom boats where you just look down through a window in the bottom. The cabin is comfortable and offers large viewing windows, plus the opportunity to interact with our narrator and divers.

    Reefdancer has been featured on Good Morning America and has won various awards such as Best Underwater Viewing in Maui. Our goal is provide a fun way to see underwater without getting wet, but we are also proud that it is an educational experience for everyone.

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    Glass Bottom Boat Tour

    The staff on this tour were great. I do think if you can snorkel that nothing beats getting in the water to see everything up close but after seeing a shark in the harbour we were happy to be watching from inside the boat! A few divers brought up and octopus, starfish and urchin to the windows to show us which neat to see. This is a great tour for little kids who wouldn’t be able to snorkel too.


    We booked this 1 hour tour online for the day of our departure. Easy to find their location in Lahaina and hung out for a short time before boarding the semi sub for a trip out to the coral reef. Staff was very friendly, divers brought up some sea urchins for us to see and my wife did see an eel but over all we were not wowed by this activity. Good way to kill an hour but I was hoping to see more colorful fish. Would recommend this activity more for the price than the experience.

    Aloha From Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat

    Hop into our 50-foot power catamaran that ensures the smoothest ride over Oahus South Shore. Our Hawaii boat tour company invites you to explore the vibrant sea through its glass deck. Keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish, living coral reefs, and other majestic sea wonders on the ride.

    Planning an overdue holiday with your family and friends? Sign up for one of our daytime or sunset Honolulu boat tours today. Or if you want a private event, just let us know and well arrange it for you.

    Our boats can accommodate up to 49 guests of all ages at once. We look forward to showing you a clear view of the Pacific Ocean from a unique perspective. Book today with one of our Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat tours!

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    Maui Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours

    Maui submarine tours are a great adventure for all ages, especially children . Leaving conveniently from Lahaina Harbor at many times of the morning and afternoon, these sub tours allow you to glimpse the reef life 100′ under the sea without ever having to get wet. We view these excursions as more that just a tour, but as an educational experience because these tours allow the general public to really have a good look beneath the sea. Since about 70% of our planet is covered in ocean and because this ocean water plays such an important role in what actually happens on the land we live and walk on, it is a great idea, if only for 45 minutes, to see what it looks like to be on the ocean floor.

    What Is The Cancellation Policy

    Reef Dancer

    If you need to cancel your tour, you will need to do it 24 hours in advance. They will provide a full refund if you cancel with at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled tour, they will charge a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows will be charged the full amount of the tour.

    Make sure that you check local weather conditions to see if bad weather is heading your way and if it is then think about booking some different days.

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    A Unique Spin On Maui Glass Bottom Boats

    Four Winds II glass bottom boat has a glass bottom viewing room that guests sit in!

    Our viewing room is a 180° total-immersion experience. The 65 sq. ft. viewing room is made of clear plexiglass situated below the water line. You stay dry and watch the underwater world turtles, fishes, and snorkelers float by. Experience the underwater world safely and comfortably even if you are not swimming or snorkeling!

    Four Winds II is the ONLY vessel on Maui with a glass bottom viewing ROOM. Other boats are outfitted with a simple viewing port cannot offer the full immersive experience.

    Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tours And Submarine

    While scuba diving and snorkeling are amongst the most common boat tours on Maui, theres an easier way to get up close and personal with many of Mauis most intriguing marine life.

    Glass bottom boats and submarines offer a no hassle, family-friendly alternative thats perfect for all ages, and are highly recommended for unforgettable views of Hawaiis underwater beauty.

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    Mauis #1 Snorkel Tour Company

    Looking for the best snorkeling on Maui? Call for the best value and discounts on snorkeling activities. We offer Molokini Crater tours and other top rated snorkel spots. Snorkel or SNUBA see marine life, including: dolphins, green sea turtles, coral reefs, and tropical fish. We offer Humpback whale watching in the winter months. Your adventure awaits with Maui Classic Charters!

    Maui Glass Bottom Boat

    Glass Bottom Boat Tour of Honolulu, HI

    When it comes to glass bottom boats in Maui, there are very few options. If you are looking for more options then try a place like Oahu. Here are the best when it comes to taking a Maui glass bottom boat.

    Price: $79 per group

    Duration: 2 hours

    Departs From: Lahaina, HI

    Rating: 5/5

    Whats Included: Even if you are not comfortable or capable of swimming in the deep blue, at Glassy Kayaks theyll want to allow you to see Hawaii in a unique and intimate way by using their kayaks to see aquatic life like sea turtles and other exotic critters with a view of the reef below you!

    Their kayaks are of the highest quality and have been designed specifically to prevent flipping with outrigger stabilizer floats, making it simple to get in and out while in the water without sacrificing visibility.

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    Size And Type Of Boat

    The ocean is usually calmer in the morning as compared to late afternoon. However, Maui captains are trained to provide the most enjoyable ride possible at all times. Larger boats are more stable on the water. However, smaller boats can provide a more personal experience with special attention to your needs from the crew. Sailboats breeze across the water like the wind. Zodiac boats offer a bit more adventure, they are smaller, more flexible in their maneuvers, and can take passengers to hard-to-reach exotic locations. They also provide a more intimate experience during whale season, as they are lower to the water and whales are known to hug their sides! Perhaps you are not an avid swimmer, well Maui even has options for you: Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats.

    Why Go On A Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tour

    While there are many options to view the underwater world in Maui, a glass bottom boat tour is by far the best way to see everything that the ocean has to offer without getting wet!

    The boats have large windows that allow for unobstructed views for an underwater viewing adventure, and a knowledgeable reef expert will point out all of the different fish, coral, and other organisms that youll see on the tour.

    These tours are great for nature lovers and have so many trip highlights in this Hawaiian paradise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are some popular services for boat tours?

    Some popular services for boat tours include:

  • Virtual Consultations

  • What are people saying about boat tours in Maui, HI?

    This is a review for boat tours in Maui, HI:

    “So disappointed, worst experience in Maui easy. 60 minutes and no fish of any size, no turtles, or anything interesting. Such a letdown. Saw better fish in the koi pond at the shopping center than through the tiny window. Plus If you see their AD with a glass bottom and sides. Just know that is NOT the boat you get. There are tiny windows. Lastly the noise. It’s so loud. Wear earplugs. They will talk over a mic but you can’t hear anything but mumbling. We had a 10yo, multiple late teen & 20s, and some 40 and +. No one could hear It was just an awful experience. . Had such high hopes….”

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Or Pupus

    #ReefDancer is a semi

    Be sure to bring your appetite! Many boats offer spreads of delicious or fresh grilled fish, ribs, or burgers. Others provide only light fair. If you are taking an early morning tour, will there be coffee and muffins? These are all things to be aware of at the time of booking to make sure you have a fantastic experience on the water.

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    Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Your Maui Submarine Tour:

    • Your Maui submarine tour will include a visit to a specially designed artificial reef based around the scuttling of the once popular tour attraction boat called the Carthaginian which was a replica of an 1800’s vintage supply ship. Being badly in need of extensive repairs a decision was made that a better use for the vessel would be to sink in it in the nearby coastal waters and allow fish and coral formations to use it as a home. Today our Maui submarines dive on this artificial ship reef with its intriguing colony of underwater guests.
    • The climate-controlled cabin and giant viewing ports make your submarine tour below the surface both comfortable and interesting. You’ll see hundreds and hundreds of fish and coral heads of all sizes and colors. Sometimes you’ll see eels, rays and occasionally a shark. As you inch along the sea floor, more and more is revealed, color upon color, shape upon shape. During the winter months whales have swum into view. Each submarine tour is different, but each dive is exciting, informative and educational.
    • Most or your Maui submarine dives will take you down to a depth of 100′ which is deeper than most scuba divers would go on a normal dive. You will be able to go that deep without the equipment on your back.

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